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37 Best Engagement Rings: Where to Buy the Best Engagement Rings Online in the UK

From the chic and classic to the truly contemporary, these are the best engagement rings for 2023, with something to suit every style and budget.

Salt and pepper diamond engagement ring

Thinking of popping the question this year? We’ve made things easier for you by whittling down where to buy an engagement ring. Buying an engagement ring is one of the most exciting yet nerve-racking things you’ll ever do, and there are hundreds of factors to consider before you make your final choice. 

Of course, there are engagement ring trends to consider – and we’re all more aware of sustainability and ethical purchasing than ever before. There’s also the celebrity engagement ring influence: one look at Lily Collins' unique rose-cut diamond, Kourtney Kardashian's dazzling oval diamond ring or Emma Stone’s shiny pearl engagement ring and a lookalike band will be top of your list. However, a good engagement ring never goes out of style.

The engagement ring that's ultimately going to get the biggest 'yes!' is one that suits your partner’s style and taste, so keep this at the forefront of your mind when shopping. We've picked out our favourite rings from the best places to buy engagement rings with something for everyone. We've split them into different price points too to suit all budgets.

The Best Engagement Rings Over £1,000

1. The Regal Tanzanite Teardrop Engagement Ring - £1,979.67, InfinityXinfinity

Tanzanite teardrop halo engagement ring

As you continue to grow your empire together, this stunning teardrop tanzanite ring by InfinityXinfinity is the perfect salute to your leading partner. Crafted with a rare natural gemstone, its striking blue brilliance adds a regal appeal enhanced by a halo and shoulder stones of the best white diamonds.

For a price tag as spectacular as this show stopping design, just enter "Hitched67" at the checkout to receive a 67% discount on any jewellery item from the multi-award-winning site. 

Offer ends 30th April 2023. 

Sizing: US5-US9

Pros & Cons: If you use the code, you can nab this £6,000 engagement ring for less than £2,000! As this is a custom order, be mindful that it may take eight weeks to arrive. 

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2. 18ct Rose Gold Round Brilliant Diamond & Oval Cut Morganite Halo Cluster – £1,250, Chisholm Hunter

Rose gold and diamond halo cluster engagement ring

Rose gold engagement rings have been growing in popularity over the last few years and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. This feminine Chisholm Hunter option is incredibly pretty from all angles, combining an oval-cut morganite with a halo cluster of round brilliant diamonds.

Sizing: I-Q

Pros & Cons: You can virtually try this ring on if your partner is playing a part in picking the engagement ring. This rose gold beauty is a warm and glamorous option. 

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3. Blue Sapphire Ring with Diamond Halo – £1,569, Angara

Blue sapphire and diamond halo engagement ring

Ever caught your partner admiring the Princess of Wales’s engagement ring? A sapphire engagement ring could be the one for them. This vintage-looking Angara number channels some of the same royal style with its own twist (and it’s a fraction of the price of Kate’s, too).

Sizing: F-Z+2

Pros & Cons: Angara give you the option to customise your ring to fit your budget - choose gemstone quality, carat weight and metal type. This is a traditional pick that is iconic in style. 

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4. Vintage Inspired Oval Emerald Ring with Engraved Shank - from £1,840, Angara

best engagement rings

Angara have a clever system where you can choose the quality of your gem - going from good to heirloom - as well as the carat weight and the metal type. You can get this ring from under £600 to over £7,000 depending on what you choose - and you can still get a 'best quality' gem for under £1,000. We love the on-trend vintage engraved shaft and the milgrain detailing on the edges, plus we wouldn't say no to that lush green emerald in the centre.

Sizing: F-Z+2

Pros & Cons: Reviews state that they were very pleased with the look and quality of this emerald. It was packaged beautifully in an engagement ring box

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5. Platinum 0.95 Carat Goldsmiths Brightest Diamond Ring - £6,000, Goldsmiths

Platinum diamond engagement ring

Dead on £6,000 is this incredible halo ring. It features one of Goldsmiths' exclusive 'Brightest Diamonds', one of the most brilliant cut diamonds in the world with a unique 88-facet pattern that creates an immense flow of light for maximum sparkle. We love this stunning design, which will definitely stand the test of time. 

Sizing: H-Q

Pros & Cons: Goldsmiths offer live expert advice if you need any further guidance. This halo design is one of the most sparkly styles we've seen! 

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6. Aerides Diamond Dress Ring – £3,500, Lark & Berry

Diamond dress engagement ring

Lark and Berry specialises in ethically and sustainably made rings; the perfect choice for the eco-conscious couple. This dress ring combines diamonds and white sapphires for a stunning octagon-shaped centrepiece. This piece can be made-to-order in white or rose gold. 

Sizing: K-M

Pros & Cons: For each purchase Lark & Berry will be planting trees and making your shipping 100% carbon neutral. They also offer lifetime cleaning if you bring your engagement ring into one of their shops. 

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7. Hexagon Salt Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring - from £1,813.87, Etsy

Hexagon salt and pepper diamond engagement ring

A salt and pepper diamond makes for a true one-of-a-kind ring; it will speak to brides who want something original and cool. This modern ring has a geometric, hexagonal central stone that feels super contemporary, while the diamonds at the side add that timeless shine. See more salt and pepper diamond engagement rings here. 

Sizing: US2-8 

Pros & Cons: Each salt and pepper diamond will look uniquely its own. This is a more affordable alternative to white diamonds meaning you can get a larger stone for less. 

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8. Contra Emerald Ring – £5,400, Rachel Boston

This horizontal, emerald cut ring is playful and fun, and will stack beautifully with wedding and eternity bands further down the line. It's finished with a white or grey diamond micropavé band for added shine. Perfect for quirky, cool couples. 

Sizing: Custom

Pros & Cons: Rachel Boston have a fun feature that allows you to drop a hint to your partner. It is one of the more expensive picks but the quality is sublime and will last a lifetime. 

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9. Signature Bezel Ring – from £1,320, VRAI

Marquise diamond engagement ring

VRAI is known for it's timeless rings, but this incredible marquise-cut diamond ring has a modern feel with its minimal gold rim and knife-edge bezel setting. If you want something a bit more classic, you can add a pavé diamond band which looks insanely beautiful.

Sizing: Custom

Pros & Cons: VRAI diamonds are of upmost quality and they are the world's first diamonds produced with zero carbon footprint. 

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10. Aspen Diamond Ring - from £3,000, Lark & Berry

best engagement rings

The princess cut diamond takes centre stage here; by turning it on its side, it makes the timeless style modern and contemporary. Delicate paved diamonds lead up the shoulders of the band and add to the dazzling sparkle of that main gem.

Sizing: Custom

Pros & Cons: Minimum spend for a bespoke Lark & Berry ring start at £3,000, but you can personalise rings under this amount depending on the diamond and metal choice. 

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11. Classic Halo Diamond Engagement Ring – from £2,019.60, Blue Nile

The only downside to this Blue Nile ring is that it’s so covered in bling that it might start to weigh down your other half’s hand! If you know they’ve got their heart set on a ring that twinkles from every conceivable angle, you’re onto a winner here.

Sizing: F.5-S

Pros & Cons: One reviewer commented that this design was mesmerising. This style is perfect for glamorous couples. 

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12. 1.36ct Oval Cut Diamond Halo in 18ct Yellow and White Gold – from £5,859, Purely Diamonds

The moment you pull out this ring is one your partner will remember forever. Oval cut stones have boomed in popularity since Kourtney Kardashian's oval engagement ring and this timeless design shows exactly why. It's a dazzling and sophisticated ring. 

Sizing: H-S.5

Pros & Cons: Purely Diamonds have tons of information of diamond clarity, carat weight and colour so you can be in the know before you buy. You can add a personalised engraving for an additional fee. 

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13. Boscobel Platinum Diamond Ring in Platinum – £8,500, Goldsmiths

Inspired by the Boscobel English rose, this sophisticated platinum band teams luxury with modern femininity and romance – the result is something to treasure for generations to come. A true heirloom engagement ring.

Sizing: H-Q

Pros & Cons: This is an expensive pick but Goldsmiths gives you the option to pay in monthly instalments. This is a truly special diamond engagement ring. 

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14. Jessie Thomas Sculptural Pear Diamond Ring – £3,900, Finematter 

Pear diamond engagement ring

This unique pear diamond ring by Jessie Thomas is a design we've never seen before - ideal if you are looking for a ring that is as special as your partner is. Made from solid 18 karat yellow gold and a pear shaped diamond set in platinum claws, the band twists upwards creating a gorgeous statement. 

Sizing: K-R

Pros & Cons: The warm metal is considering the most classic gold so although this is a quirky style, it maintains elements of tradition. 

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15. Bespoke Engagement Ring – £POA, Emma Clarkson Webb

Gold and green bespoke engagement ring

For an engagement ring that you know no-one else will have, consider something bespoke. Emma Clarkson Webb specialises in sourcing diamonds and semi-precious gemstones to create beautiful designs. During your consultation, she will draw a sketch for your approval before it gets sent to the workshop and is handcrafted by skilled jewellers. 

Sizing: Custom

Pros & Cons: The price of your engagement ring will really vary depending on the metal and stones chosen, but you are guaranteed to receive a piece that is completely bespoke to you and your partner. 

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16. Cartier Etincelle De Cartier Ring – £2,780, Selfridges

Cartier jewellery has been synonymous with excellence for centuries, and this understated Etincelle De Cartier ring is the ideal way to own a little slice of its legacy. The emerald-cut central diamond is flanked by a staggering 22 brilliant-cut stones on the gold band.

Sizing: 46mm-54mm

Pros & Cons: This is a truly spectacular engagement ring - you can't go wrong with Cartier! Sizes of this style are likely to sell out so add it to your basket pronto if you want to impress.

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The Best Engagement Rings £999 - £500

17. Astral Ring - from £810, Taylor & Hart

Like this stellar name suggests, this hexagonal step-cut diamond commands attention. The facets catch the light for a dazzling, unique cut that anyone who wants something a little different will love. Even if you choose the platinum band, this ring comes in under £1,000 which is exceptional value for such a breath-taking look.

Sizing: A-Z+6

Pros & Cons: This engagement ring is iconic to Taylor & Hart, featuring their signature Greenland ruby set inside the band. We adore the hexagonal cut but you can enquire to have another shape. 

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18. Hope Radiant Diamond Four-Claw Solitaire in Platinum – £840, Taylor & Hart

Diamond solitaire engagement ring

Taylor Heart has every shape, size and clarity of diamond you could dream of for very impressive prices, like this four-claw Hope solitaire style. The icy platinum matches the diamond perfectly and that little red dot at the back is a complimentary ruby - ideal if your partner has a ruby birthstone.

Sizing: A-+6

Pros & Cons: This design does not have a underbezel or gallery rail which allows more light to reach the diamond centre. Talk about super sparkle! 

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19. 14ct Gold Interstellar Cluster Diamond Ring - £995, Astley Clarke

Gold diamond cluster engagement ring

Not everyone wants a raised engagement ring, for example, if you work in a job where you often have to wear gloves and the ring would catch. A great alternative is this shimmering cluster ring featuring a range of brilliant cut white diamonds for optimal light reflection. 

Sizing: L & N

Pros & Cons: This ring has a gorgeous vintage feel to it, without the hefty price tag. It is inspired by celestial imagery meaning so it radiates light. 

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20. Vintage Pearl Engagement Ring – from £995.79, Etsy

This unique pearl ring is a great investment. Pearls are having a big moment in engagement rings at the moment, so this ring is perfect for modern, on-trend brides. You can pick your choice of band, from rose gold to platinum. See more pearl engagement rings here. 

Sizing: US3-9

Pros & Cons: There's something seriously romantic about this pearl ring. Be mindful that is made to order so allow for at least four weeks. 

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21. Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring - from £975, Etsy

Salt and pepper diamond engagement ring

For a stunning alternative ring, a salt and pepper diamond is the way to go. Despite being a soft grey shade, the diamond is cut in a rose style which makes it catch the light and shine just as brightly as a clear diamond. The little marquise and round diamonds on the mount make that gorgeous stone really stand out.

Sizing: Custom

Pros & Cons: Salt and pepper diamond engagement rings are a trendy choice but their chic look means they'll never go out of style. You can often get a much larger stone if you opt for salt and pepper over white diamonds. 

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22. 1.5ct Round Cut Moissanite Ring - from £695, Etsy

Rose gold diamond engagement ring

This vintage-inspired, Art Deco ring will make your partner smile from ear to ear. It almost has a floral feel to the shoulder stone detailing but it's that 1.5ct moissanite that they won't be able to take their eyes off.

Moissanite is a man-made diamond simulant which means it's not a real diamond but looks exactly like one and is a fantastic ethical alternative (at a much more affordable price). We have even more bargain moissanite engagement ring designs here...

Sizing: I-Q

Pros & Cons: Reviews state that the quality, design and even packaging of this ring is stunning. Moissanite is a gemstone with its own unique beauty.

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23. Ruth Tomlinson Green & Blue Sapphire Cluster Band – £980, Fortnum & Mason

Coloured engagement ring

Some couples want a sparkling white stone, but others want colour, and lots of it. If that’s the case and a coloured engagement ring is right up your street, we’d suggest this unconventional Ruth Tomlinson ring, with four pastel-coloured sapphires sat side by side. 

Sizing: L

Pros & Cons: This engagement ring is only available in one size but it is the most common ring size. It can also potentially be re-sized at a jewellers. 

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The Best Engagement Rings £499 - £100

24. 9ct Gold Ruby And Diamond Cluster Ring - £499, F. Hinds

best engagement rings

This beautiful ruby and diamond ring is reminiscent of Princess Eugenie's gorgeous coral-coloured halo engagement ring. The illusion set diamonds look larger than they are, creating a really sparkling eye-catcher. For those who want a durable coloured stone, ruby is a fantastic choice.

Sizing: J-S

Pros & Cons: This engagement ring has matching accessories available which would make a lovely wedding anniversary gift in years to come. 

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25. Teresa Silver Blue Topaz and White Topaz Ring - £475, Dinny Hall

Blue topaz and white topaz engagement ring

The star of the show is this semi-precious blue topaz, which is a fantastic value alternative to aquamarine. It is set next to two white topaz rings in a classic trilogy arrangement that looks so much more expensive than the price tag. Dinny Hall is a fantastic sustainable jeweller, using recycled metal and stones across their jewellery and a nearly carbon-neutral supply chain.

Sizing: K-O

Pros & Cons: This topaz setting is a large stone that'll make a huge statement. It's a super affordable pick if you still want something that'll take centre stage. 

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26. Solid Gold and Simulated Diamond Engagement Ring – from £146.12, Etsy

A square cubic zironia diamond with little gems clustered around it on a solid gold band

If you know your other half wants the look of a traditional diamond, then you could consider a simulated diamond. It'll look just as gorgeous without a hefty price tag. We adore this modern square-shaped stone mounted onto a solid gold band.

Sizing: US2-11

Pros & Cons: Reviews state that it looks just like a real diamond - sparkling, delicate and high quality. The simplicity of this design actually makes more of a statement.

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27. Nine-Carat Yellow Gold Diamond Solitaire Ring – £229, H Samuel 

Yellow gold and diamond wishbone engagement ring

Choosing a 9ct gold ring like this H Samuel offering instead of 18ct gold or platinum is a great way to save some money but still get a lovely ring - the quality is different but 9ct gold is still hard-wearing and will last a lifetime (just like your marriage!). We adore how unique this band is. 

Sizing: I-S

Pros & Cons: This style looks a lot more expensive than it is. It is ideal if your partner loves quirky and original jewellery. 

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28. White Gold and Diamond Illusion Set Solitaire Ring – £499, Ernest Jones

Solitaire engagement ring

For a simple and elegant engagement ring under £500, this design from Ernest Jones could be exactly what you're searching for. A dainty 9ct white gold band leads to a single solitaire diamond in a delicately designed four claw setting that really helps the diamond sparkle in the light.

Sizing: I-S

Pros & Cons: If you are unsure of your partner's ring preferences, you can't go wrong with this classic choice. It is sophisticated and chic. 

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29. White Sapphire Gold Entwined Engagement Ring – £405, Alison Moore Designs

Gold entwined engagement ring

Practical but still incredibly pretty, this Alison Moore Designs ring uses a solid gold setting and a white sapphire. It features branches that will beautifully twist around the finger - ideal if you are planning an outdoor proposal. Everything is handmade in Alison's workshop in Orkney, which means each ring is one of a kind. 

Sizing: H-Q

Pros & Cons: You can have this ring beautifully gift wrapped so all you'll have to do is get down on one knee! Each ring is made to order so be confident on your sizing. 

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30. Diamond Bamboo Ring – £145, Otiumberg

The simplicity of this Otiumberg ring is what makes it so beautiful – and the fact it actually contains a real diamond. Minimalists will love this super-thin demi-fine proposal ring so much.
Sizing: E-P
Pros & Cons: The stone choices for this engagement ring are based on birthstones, so you can make it even more meaningful. Plus, its slim design makes it perfect for stacking with other pieces.

The Best Engagement Rings Under £100

31. Oval Gold Moissanite Diamond Ring – £32.63, Etsy

Oval diamond engagement ring

Moissanite is another word for a simulated diamond, so be sure to include this in your search terms too. You'll stumble across lots of lovely options like this elegant ring, which has a moissanite stone in a hammered three-carat gold band. See more moissanite engagement rings here. 

Sizing: US4-11

Pros & Cons: The price of this beautiful ring is amazing. Reviews state to be mindful of shipping time - we recommend allowing at least a month before you plan on popping the question. 

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32. Silver and Cubic Zirconia Ring – £65, Ernest Jones

We adore the fairy-tale look of this silver and cubic zirconia cushion cut ring from Ernest Jones. With sparkling stones up to the shoulders, it looks a lot more expensive than the price tag would have you believe.

Sizing: I-S

Pros & Cons: The simple cubic zirconia stones don't have as much sparkle as a diamond, so they're perfect for those who prefer a more understated look. Zirconias are highly resistant to wear and tear though, so your ring will stay looking its best for longer.

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33. Silver Cubic Zirconia Ring – £60, Beaverbrooks

Silver proposal ring with cubic zirconia and embellished shoulders

This ring from Beaverbrooks really captures that classic engagement ring look. We love that the sparkle continues onto the shoulders of the ring for a truly dazzling look.

Sizing: I-T

Pros & Cons: The size range for this cubic zirconia engagement ring includes several half sizes for an extra secure fit.

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34. Sunshine Ring – £95, Swarovski

We can’t help but smile when we see this vibrant ring from Swarovski. It has an eye-catching central crystal surrounded by beams of crystals that capture the light; especially lovely if, in the vein of Johnny Cash, you refer to your other half as your 'sunshine.'

Sizing: 50-60

Pros & Cons: Swarovski crystals can be delicate, so treat your ring with care to keep the stones from getting chipped or scratched. There are three different colourways for you to choose from.

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35. Mini Stilla Moonstone Ring – £75, Astley Clarke

Moonstone and gold temporary engagement ring

A milky moonstone makes a tasteful alternative for a diamond in this Astley Clarke design. It's also available in Pink Rhodolite or Blue Topaz if you suspect they'd prefer a coloured stone. If you prefer statement jewellery, this brand also offers a larger moonstone ring.

Sizing: J-P

Pros & Cons: This ring might have an affordable price tag, but the gold plating and hand-polished finish give it a luxe touch you'll love. It'll look great stacked with other rings too.

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36. Silver Willow Twig Ring – £99, Caroline Brook

Proposal ring fashioned to look like a silver tree branch encircling the stone

The nature-inspired aesthetic of this Caroline Brook ring is particularly poignant if you're plotting a proposal in the great outdoors. As it's custom-made, there's also a choice of precious stones, so you could consider upgrading to ruby, emerald or white sapphire. The tree-inspired design is perfect for showing how your love will grow and flourish in the future.

Sizing: H-Q½ 

Pros & Cons: If you want a more striking ring, you can opt to add a simple willow twig band, which will sit neatly on top of the stone of your ring. This does cost an extra £75 but it can also make for a meaningful wedding band. If you're into symbolism, you'll appreciate the choice to use a willow tree - they're often associated with the flow of life and love, embodying the concepts of harmony and growth.

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37. Gold Ring with White Stone Gold – £44, Thomas Sabo

Gold and white stone temporary engagement ring

You can't go wrong with a classic style. This gold-plated engagement ring from Thomas Sabo is more understated than our earlier pick from the brand, but it's every bit as lovely. This ring comes in both gold-plated and simple sterling silver.

Sizing: 48-58

Pros & Cons: This ring has various delicate touches that make an impression, from the sparkling cubic zirconia stone to the simple prong setting. It also comes with free jewellery packaging, perfect if you want to make the ring feel even more special.

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Where To Buy An Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring is likely to be one of the biggest purchases of your life, whether you’re secretly buying one for your partner or selecting the perfect ring together. As one of very few accessories you or your partner will wear every day, it’s kind of essential that you get it right.

With so much importance placed on the engagement ring, it can be tempting to shy away from online ring shopping. After all, you don’t want to part with (potentially) thousands for something you can’t even see in person, right?

Well, kind of. While we totally get that online engagement ring shopping can be intimidating, we also think there are some major upsides – mainly the huge savings to be had.

Feeling tempted? Don’t do a thing until you’ve read our guide below. From what to look out for and the questions you should be asking, with the help of The Diamond Store CEO Gary Ingram and jewellery designers Rachel Boston and Emma Clarkson Webb, we give you the lowdown on how to buy an engagement ring online.

1. Check the Returns Policy

Check if you can return the ring if it’s not right and how long you have to return it. It’s also worth checking if you’re responsible for return costs or if the retailer will cover them as high value items can be expensive to ship. If the ring can’t be returned, find out if you can exchange it or get a credit note.

It’s also essential to check if they’ll cover the cost of resizing and if the ring has a warranty as, although rare, occasionally small halo diamonds or prongs can become loose.

2. Choose a Design or Design Your Own

Many online retailers will offer their own range of engagement ring designs that can be selected and added straight to your basket. If you see a design like this, often the store will guarantee a diamond within a set colour and clarity range and with a set carat weight, but you may not be able to see the diamond you’ll be getting in advance.

Many retailers now offer customers the chance to select a setting from a wide range of designs and choose their diamond separately. This gives you the opportunity to really personalise the ring and choose the diamond you’re most drawn to. It also means you can select the carat weight of the central stone within your budget.

You should be able to view the diamond or gemstone up-close and in 3D, rotating the stone so that you can see how it catches the light and if any inclusions – small marks or shadows within the diamond – are visible.

3. Remember the Four Cs but Don’t Obsess Over Them

While a round diamond has an ideal cut, fancy shaped stones don’t and while colourless diamonds are considered the most coveted, many people prefer warm coloured stones. Consider the expert advice on cut and colour but don’t let it put you off the stone you’re drawn to if the stone in question fails to meet the highest standards on paper. Gary agrees: “The four Cs (clarity, cut, colour and carat) of diamond grading are important to understand but they are there to give you a guide to a diamond, each diamond has its own attraction and fire.”

To give you an idea, the ideal cut for a round diamond will have a table size of approximately 54-57% and a depth of 61-62.5%. There is no ideal cut for an oval, for example, but a table of 53-63% and a depth of 58-62% is thought to be very good.

When it comes to colour, it’s worth noting that diamonds with a slight tint will look whiter when set in yellow gold and warmer when set in white gold or platinum. So, if you’re thinking of buying a yellow gold diamond engagement ring, you can afford to look in the much cheaper G-I colour graded diamond range.

4. Ask to See the Diamond Certificate

“Larger diamonds should have independent certificates (for example GIA or IGI laboratories) to attest to advertised quality,” explains Gary. Online retailers typically have digital copies of the certificates available for customers to view and if the diamond you’re eyeing up doesn’t have one on the page, ask the retailer to send you a copy. A certificate ensures you’re getting the real deal and will be a valuable asset when it comes to insuring the ring.

"Serious businesses will always be happy to accommodate your requests," says Rachel. 

The certificate also gives you all the dimensions, colour grading and carat weight information you need. This can come in handy when attempting to gauge the size of the stone/s and how it will look on the finger. A large carat weight doesn’t necessarily guarantee a stone with a large spread – the amount of area it covers when looking at it face down – in fact sometimes stones can carry their weight in their depth, making the diamond or gemstone look small for its weight. Make sure you check the measurements carefully on the certificate and ask the retailer to interpret them for you if you’re unsure.

5. Get Advice from the Retailer

Online engagement ring retailers should be trained in what to look for in a diamond or gemstone ring and how to get the best for your budget. “Even if they are online, live chat, email or call them with any questions. A good retailer will always give you honest advice and point you to the very best diamond ring for your budget” Gary advises.

Many retailers will offer a live chat option and it’s always worth double checking your choice with them before popping anything in your basket. If you’re choosing an individual stone, ask them if they think it’s a good choice or if there are any other stones that they recommend that are better value. If it’s fire – that’s sparkle to most of us! - that’s most important to you, ask them if the diamond you have in mind is the best in your price range for this and if you’d like a diamond that looks large for its weight, ask them to recommend the diamond with the best spread.

6. Think Carefully Before Ordering a Ring from Overseas

While diamonds and diamond rings can generally be found for a little less in the USA, you will need to pay import tax which can run into the hundreds of pounds, depending on the cost of the ring or diamond. If you see a diamond you like on a US website, check how much the import tax would be and compare it with a similar sized diamond in the UK to make sure you’re getting the best deal with all costs considered.

It’s also worth considering that if the ring doesn’t fit and needs resizing or if a halo stone or prong becomes loose, you will most likely need to send it back to where it came from to be fixed or altered, which can mean a long time without your ring. If you decide to resize or repair elsewhere, you run the risk of invalidating the warranty on the ring.

With that said, if you have your eye on a diamond or ring overseas and you’ve checked out their returns policy and reviews and are keen to take the plunge, go for it. You could end up with more bling for your buck, making any inconvenience a small price to pay.

Do You Buy a Wedding and Engagement Ring Together?

"Not usually - the wedding band comes after the proposal and is normally designed during the wedding planning period. It’s a fun thing to do together after you’ve got engaged. I would always recommend picking something that sits well and compliments your engagement ring," suggests Emma. 

Rachel agrees, commenting: "I personally recommend purchasing an engagement ring first, and then getting used to wearing it, so you can see what sort of band you picture alongside it. If you're not sure what band style you might like, opt for a 'stackable' or 'wed-fit' engagement ring: this means that its setting will be slightly elevated to accommodate your wedding band, so that the bands of both rings can sit snuggly together, with no gaps. This will give you much more freedom down the line when it comes to choosing a wedding band, as most styles will look smart and part of a harmonious whole when worn in this way."

Is it Safe to Buy an Engagement Ring Online?

It goes without saying that you don’t want to fork out money without knowing if your purchase is secure but how can you tell if an online retailer is trustworthy? We recommend checking out our list of retailers above first, each one is a tried and trusted supplier with returns policies and verified customer reviews.

"I would always suggest doing your research on the company you intend to buy from. Serious businesses will always be happy to accommodate your requests and answer your questions, and most designers, including ourselves, offer virtual consultations to discuss both recreating existing designs and designing bespoke pieces together," says Rachel. 

Secondly, examine their website carefully and look for FAQs with details of their returns policy, insurance policy should anything happen to your ring in transit and any other important information. Checking out customer reviews is also essential, according to Gary: “Look for a retailer that helps you to make informed choices, has a good range of options and judge them on their independent customer reviews, for example on Trustpilot.” If you’re struggling to find any reviews, we’d see that as a red flag and steer clear.  

Fell for a pearl ring? Here’s our pick of the 35 best pearl engagement rings you can buy – it’s one of our favourite timeless looks for 2022 and beyond