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25 Beautiful Ruby Engagement Rings & The Meaning Behind Them

Add a splash of colour to your proposal with a ruby engagement ring - here's 25 of the best sparkling styles to buy now

Ruby and diamond engagement ring

Rich and decadent, the ruby is often referred to as 'the King of precious stones', so it seems only right that they take pride of place at your proposal in the form of a ruby engagement ring

Coming up trumps as the most durable gemstone (measuring eight out of 10 on the scale of mineral hardness), they also make the perfect choice for an engagement ring as they'll withstand everyday wear, giving you the opportunity to pass this special piece of jewellery down through generations.

Better yet, "Rubies are considerably less costly than natural diamonds, meaning you can usually achieve a much higher carat weight for your budget," explains Eddi Norris, director and design consultant at Queensmith

Typically red, rubies come in a wide range of differing hues, meaning they have lots of scope to suit all styles. "Rubies are found in a number of shades of red, from pink-red, to pigeon blood red and orange-red. Pigeon blood is widely recognised as the most desirable ruby shade by jewellers and jewellery lovers alike; it is rich, with a beautiful balance of depth and vibrancy," says Eddi. 

If you have your heart set on a ruby engagement ring or perhaps have a soft spot for coloured stones but aren't quite sure which jewel to settle on, we're predicting our round-up of the best ruby engagement rings might just have you sold.

Ruby and Diamond Engagement Rings

1. Oval Ruby and Round Diamond Halo Ring - £7,344, Blue Nile

Oval ruby and diamond halo engagement ring

We're starting off our round-up with this showstopper from Blue Nile that features a stunning ruby surrounded by a halo of diamonds. Chic and timeless, you can't go wrong with this classic engagement ring look.

Sizing: L1/2

Pros & Cons: This is one of the more expensive ruby engagement rings in this edit, but as it is adorned with sparkling diamonds, we can see why! It's a breath-taking piece. 

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2. Pear Shape Halo Ruby Engagement Ring - £580, Abelini 

Pear ruby engagement ring with a rose gold band and diamond halo

A pear cut ruby and rose gold engagement ring is a glamorous style that ticks off two trends in one! This design from ABELNI is also adorned with a halo and band of glittering diamonds giving it a magnificent sparkle. 

Sizing: H-V

Pros & Cons: You can choose from white, yellow, rose gold or platinum in different carats to suit your budget, but we think the rose gold gives a gorgeous warm tone that matches the red ruby. 

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3. O.30ct Cushion Ruby Bespoke Halo Engagement Ring - £2,000, Queensmith

Ruby and diamond engagement ring

Eddi advices that ruby lovers consider a yellow gold ring setting like the above style. " The contrast between a red ruby and yellow gold allows the gemstone to really pop, while the similar undertones of the two colours creates a harmoniously warm look." 

Sizing: Custom

Pros & Cons: Queensmith ethically source all their rubies from countries such as Australia, Sri Lanka, India and Madagascar. 

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4. Star Cushion Ruby Platinum Ring - from £3,150, Fenton

Star diamond and ruby engagement ring

Fenton are one of our go-to jewellery brands when it comes to coloured stones and you can see why with this gorgeous star cushion cut ruby platinum ring. We adore its vintage design but you can choose from a number of different styles, cuts and metals depending on your taste and budget. 

Sizing: H-O

Pros & Cons: This is a timeless design that will never go out of style. You can pay for it in instalments, or as a one off fee. 

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5. 18ct Yellow Gold Ruby & Diamond Three Stone Ring - £1,800, Goldsmiths

Gold three stone diamond and ruby engagement ring

A beautiful piece from Goldsmiths is this 18ct yellow gold ruby and diamond trilogy engagement ring. It's a statement number that will sparkle so beautifully on your partner's finger. Why stick to just one ruby when you can have three...

Sizing: J-P

Pros & Cons: We adore the deep tone of these rubies - this is a lovely ruby engagement ring for a Christmas proposal

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6. 18ct White Gold Ruby Halo Ring - £1,250, Chisholm Hunter

White gold diamond and ruby engagement ring

Chisholm Hunter never disappoint with their engagement ring offerings - think lots of sparkle, statement pieces and trend-led designs. We're obsessed with this 18ct white gold ruby halo ring and reckon your partner will be over the moon with it too!

Sizing: L

Pros & Cons: If your partner is into glamorous designs, Chisholm Hunter is the jeweller for you. 

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7. Platinum Oval Ruby & Diamond Halo Ring - £8,500, Steven Stone

Diamond and ruby engagement ring

Another halo ruby engagement ring is this beauty from Steven Stone. The gold prongs add a unique vintage twist to the otherwise contemporary fashion-forward design and we love the effect the two-tone metal gives. 

Sizing: G-R3/4

Pros & Cons: Seven Stone provide discreet packaging for all postage orders on engagement rings so the secret can stay in the bag! 

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8. Dainty Birthstone and Diamond Ring - £80, Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery 

Dainty diamond and ruby birthstone engagement ring

Ruby is the birthstone for July so if your partner was born in that month it would be a lovely idea to propose with this dainty birthstone ring by Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery. It will also easily stack next to a wedding band! 

Sizing: XS-XL

Pros & Cons: This is a beautiful and affordable ring so it could even work as a temporary proposal ring. It's a really thoughtful pick thanks to the birthstone symbolism. 

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9. Vintage Inspired Two Stone Ruby Ring - £920, Angara

Three stone ruby engagement ring with a diamond band

Angara offers couples the flexibility to purchase an engagement ring like this ruby wonder that fits within their budget by giving the option to choose the gemstone quality, metal type and carat weight. You can also pay in easy instalments! 

Sizing: F-Z+2

Pros & Cons: We haven't seen a ruby engagement ring quite like this one - the unusual ruby setting is fabulous. Reviews state the the band is dainty and delicate. 

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10. Vintage Ruby Engagement Ring - from £437.98, Etsy

Vintage ruby and diamond engagement ring

This rose gold and ruby engagement ring from Etsy has nearly 100 five-star reviews and if you want to be their next one, we recommend you purchase pronto, as this is one of their best-selling styles. Choose from yellow, white or rose gold. 

Sizing: US3-9 

Pros & Cons: This is a lab-made ruby which is a beautiful and affordable alternative that allows you to get a lot more bling for your buck! 

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11. Vintage Style Oval Ruby Ring - £3,240, Angara

Vintage ruby and diamond engagement ring with a gold band

A ruby gemstone lends itself perfectly to a natural leaf design as it'll look just like a romantic red rose upon your partner's finger. This style from Angara boasts a 14ct white gold band which adds to its elegant appeal.  

Sizing: F-Z+2

Pros & Cons: This decadent design is pretty and sophisticated - ideal if your partner loves detailed jewellery and something a little bit different. 

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12. Ruby & CZ Gallery Ring - £170, Ruby & Oscar 

Ruby and diamond engagement ring

For a ruby engagement ring that doesn't scrimp on sparkles, a cluster ring is a brilliant choice and this Ruby & Oscar creation will certainly catch the light. It's perfect for anyone who loves a statement-making ring. 

Sizing: J-R

Pros & Cons: Be mindful that this engagement ring is on the bigger side as it has a layered setting. It'll shout 'I'm engaged!'. 

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13. Ruby & Diamond Flank Ring - £269, QP Jewellers 

Ruby and diamond engagement ring

This ring from QP Jewellers is available with a number of other gemstones including emerald and peridot as the centre piece but we definitely have a soft spot for this pear cut Burmese ruby. Choose from sterling silver, yellow, white or rose gold. 

Sizing: H-Z

Pros & Cons: The decadent prongs that have a diamond on each end look spectacular - be careful they don't catch on any clothing. 

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14. 9ct Gold Ruby And Diamond Cluster Ring - £499, F. Hinds

best engagement rings

This beautiful ruby and diamond ring is reminiscent of Princess Eugenie's gorgeous coral-coloured halo engagement ring. The illusion set diamonds look larger than they are, creating a really sparkling eye-catcher. For those who want a durable coloured stone, ruby is a fantastic choice.

Sizing: J-S

Pros & Cons: This engagement ring has matching accessories available which would make a lovely wedding anniversary gift in years to come. 

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Ruby Engagement Rings

15. 18 Carat Gold Tension Ruby Ring - £1,400, Anthony Blakeney 

Gold and ruby engagement ring

This delightful design from Anthony Blakeney is clean and minimalistic, allowing the beautiful Burmese ruby stone to take centre stage. Choose from a nine or 18ct white gold, platinum and palladium, or 9ct yellow gold band. 

Sizing: I-S

Pros & Cons: A rounded band provides a super comfortable fit - perfect for everyday wear. 

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16. Solitaire Ruby Engagement Ring - £551.61, Etsy

Solitaire ruby engagement ring

Bold and beautiful, this solitaire engagement ring has a dazzling centre jewel cut in a clean baguette. It offers glitz and glamour without the high price point. White, yellow or rose gold is available. 

Sizing: US3-11

Pros & Cons: As this ruby engagement is handmade, allow for at least three weeks before the planned proposal date to ensure it arrives. 

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17. 14K Rose Gold Ruby Engagement Ring - £2,240, Brilliant Earth 

Rose gold band and ruby engagement ring

As stunning as the round ruby on this design is, our eyes are instantly drawn to the intricate rose gold band. It adds a really luxurious look to the overall style and provides a quirky finishing touch for a unique proposal. 

Sizing: 3-9

Pros & Cons: The engraving doesn't go all the way around the band which means it won't feel uncomfortable when worn everyday. 

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18. Emerald Cut Ruby Solitaire Ring - £7,700, Angara

Solitaire ruby white gold engagement ring

Another solitaire ruby engagement ring is this beauty from Angara. It is wonderfully simply and which really allows the ruby to take centre stage. We adore the filigree cutwork and milgrain band edging that will look amazing from all angles. 

Sizing: F-Z+2

Pros & Cons: Reviews state that Angara's packaging is an extra special touch - it will arrive in a beautiful case that resembles a treasure chest, with a leather jewellery box inside. 

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19. Heart Shape Ruby Engagement Ring - from £209.00, Etsy

  Stunning heart-shaped ruby engagement ring

A ruby cut into the shape of a heart is an undeniably romantic choice for an engagement ring - this design from Etsy will look lovely no matter if you go for yellow, rose, white gold or platinum. The simple band is the ideal accompaniment to the stand-out ruby style. 

Sizing: US4-14

Pros & Cons: For maximum luster, this jeweller only uses top-quality lab-grown gemstones. This would make a super cute promise ring.

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20. 9ct Yellow Gold Ruby Ring - £299, H. Samuel

Yellow gold ruby engagement ring

Featuring a stunning red ruby in a classic claw setting, this yellow gold engagement ring is a gorgeous alternative to a solitaire style. It is an emerald cut which will look fabulous on the finger and sit wonderfully next to a wedding band. 

Sizing: I-S

Pros & Cons: At less than £300, this is an affordable pick but it certainly doesn't look it! Your partner is bound to be impressed. 

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21. 9ct Yellow Gold Ruby Half Eternity Ring - £520, Goldsmiths

Ruby eternity engagement ring

Have you considered an eternity design for your engagement ring? It has beautiful meaning behind it, symbolising that you and your partner will be together forever, and it looks amazing as well. This style from Goldsmiths features seven sparkling rubies on a yellow gold band. 

Sizing: A-Z

Pros & Cons: Part of the Goldsmiths By Request collection, each piece is ordered directly and made bespoke to each order. It'll be completely unique to you! 

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22. Three Stone Amethyst & Ruby Ring - £1,805.40, Blue Nile

Ruby and amethyst engagement rin

Ruby and amethysts are gorgeous companions - as you can see by this beautiful Blue Nile engagement ring. The gradient of pinks to purples, finished with a warm rose gold band, looks truly heavenly. 

Sizing: J1/2-L1/2

Pros & Cons: This pretty design will stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons - the cut, colour and finish is superb. 

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23. Semi-Bezel Solitaire Ruby Engagement Ring - £2,189, Angara

Gold band and ruby engagement ring

Consider an unusual band for a ruby engagement ring with a difference. The clean, effortless way this ring will wrap around your partner's finger will look sophisticated, chic and stylish. Like all Angara rings, you can choose your gemstone quality, carat and metal type. 

Sizing: F-Z+2

Pros & Cons: This ring is so chic - it gives the illusion that the round ruby is simply floating. 

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24. Flora Ruby 18K Yellow Gold Ring - £1,150, Lark & Berry 

Ruby solitaire gold engagement ring

Designed to embrace your hands with warmth and magnetism, this vintage inspired ring by Lark & Berry is set with double talon claws for a contemporary finish. It can be made to order in yellow or rose gold. 

Sizing: L-P 

Pros & Cons: For each purchase made, trees will be planted to make your shipping 100% carbon neutral. 

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25. 14K Rose Gold Willow Ruby Engagement Ring - £1,840, Brilliant Earth

Rose ruby engagement ring

This ruby engagement ring has us thinking of Beauty and the Beast. Perfect for Disney-loving couples, it'll look as if a pretty red rose has wrapped itself around the finger. This style is one-of-a-kind and is ideal for popping the question at Disneyland itself!

Sizing: 3-9

Pros & Cons: The pairing of rubies and emeralds is a lovely take on a coloured engagement ring

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What Month Has a Ruby Engagement Ring?

Ruby is the birthstone of July, so if your partner was born in that month it could be a really lovely touch to propose with this stone. Rich and red in colour, it's a classic and timeless choice if you are searching for a coloured gem. 

Are Rubies Good for Engagement Rings?

There are a number of reasons which made rubies a wonderful choice for an engagement ring. Eddi Norris, director and design consultant at Queensmith explains: "Aside from their obvious fiery, red, lustrous charm, they are also an incredibly practical choice. As we all know, diamonds are the hardest and most durable gem - resistant to chipping and scratching. Rubies come in as a close second, measuring eight on the Mohs scale of hardness - that’s just one below diamonds. Rubies are also extremely lustrous and emit a strong sparkle when light passes through them."

Are Ruby Engagement Rings Popular?

"Before the 19th century, rubies were a go-to choice for engagement jewellery. Then, we saw the demand for diamond engagement rings soar, which meant rubies were somewhat pushed to the side-lines. Diamonds were heavily marketed in the 20th century and became the new go-to engagement ring gem," explains Eddi. 

"Today, a ruby engagement ring is quite rare - less than 5% of the rings we create with couples at Queensmith are ruby. So if you’re after something unique that you’re unlikely to see other people wearing, a ruby could be the perfect choice."

What Does a Ruby Engagement Ring Mean?

Red is a typically romantic colour - often associated with warmth, passion, love, lust. "A ruby engagement ring is a beautiful way for couples to encapsulate these feelings. It is also an incredibly bold colour; strong and enduring and exactly what we want from our marriages" says Eddi. 

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