What's more useful: printed wedding planner books or online planning tools? The answer is you need both in your wedding-planning life!

That's because the two things fulfil different functions. Online planning tools or apps are about practicality - you get a simple way to sort out the logistics of your big day, such as tracking your budget and managing your guest list. 

With wedding planning books, it's about inspiration and emotion. Inspiration, because your bride-to-be notebook is a useful place to jot down those on-the-go ideas and thoughts, from the name of a wedding dress designer you want to investigate to a couple of colour schemes that came to you on your lunch break. Emotion, because as any stationery-lover knows, it's easy to form a real connection with a much-used notebook; it's a real thing you hold in your hands; it starts to feel special.

What's more, your wedding planner book will become a lovely memento of the big day that you can refer back to when you're feeling nostalgic.

That's why we've rounded up the wedding planner books that are as pretty as they are practical - the most stylish designs to help you organise your thoughts. Some contain prompts and advice, to get you thinking about the planning process, while others have just blank pages waiting to be filled with your ideas.

NB: We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy life’s biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

1. Ultimate Wedding Planner – from £19.95, Illustries

Chic on the outside, open the cover and this planner is packed with personality. As well as themed sections for wedding elements such as dress inspiration and menu tasting notes, there are fun pages for recording 'bridezilla moments' and dropping hints for the hen do.

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2. Wedding Organiser – £9.60, Kikki K

Kikki K always come through on the pretty-but-practical stationery front, and this wedding organiser is no exception. There are tabs so you can easily navigate between sections, and you can add plastic wallets for storing important documents.

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3. Wedding Planner List Book – £10, Paperchase

This wedding organiser is genius. As well as a notebook, you get sticky tabs for marking particularly important pages, a venue pad and an envelope for storage.

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4. Wedding Planner – £14.99, Rachel Ellen

This wedding planning book certainly fulfils our practical-and-pretty criterion. The cover is enchanting, and inside you'll find all kinds of useful prompts, including a step-by-step planner, as well as plastic storage pockets.

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5. Our Wedding Day Planner – £39.99, Katie Loxton

Looking for a luxury wedding organiser? This Katie Loxton design is just gorgeous, crafted from vegan leather with a pearlescent finish. It'll be a joy to pull this out to make notes at supplier appointments.

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6. Luxury Marble Wedding Planner Book – £22.50, Blush & Gold

Marble is a lovely cover design for a wedding planner, as you can see from this elegant Blush & Gold design. There are over 150 pages of worksheets and moodboards to get you inspired and organised.

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7. Luxury Pink & Gold Wedding Planner Book – £14.99, Ginger Ray

This pink and gold-foiled planner is great for giving prompts of what you need to organise next, and the spiral binding makes it easy to use.

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8. Personalised Wedding Planner – £22, Etsy

How pretty is this wedding planner book? That watercolour cover is just delightful. Inside, you'll find information and advice, as well as space for your plans.

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9. Personalised Same Sex Wedding Planner Notebook – from £12, Etsy

We just love the cute design of this wedding planner, as well as the fact that it's highly customisable. For starters, you can choose the inside page style, including an option to add wedding headings for organisation. You can also have the cover personalised with your name.

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10. 'I Do' Bridal Planner – £46, Kate Spade

This organiser is a high-style option for anyone planning a wedding who loves a bit of luxury. Inside, you'll find 48 planning pages, sticker tabs to mark your place and some pockets.

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11. Sloane Stationery Love Wedding Planner – £40, Liberty

If you're looking for a cool, alternative wedding planner, this notebook is it. Handmade in England, it features a lizard-embossed cover in a notice-me hue; so chic, and also gender neutral.

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12. Apricot Wedding Notes – £34.99, Papier

Simple and elegant, this leather notebook contains 96 lined pages for jotting down your wedding dreams, and has a ribbon to mark your place. For extra style points, you can have it monogrammed.

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13. Kraft Wedding Planner – £10, Hobbycraft

This Kraft wedding planner will definitely help you get organised, with checklists to ensure you don't miss a thing, as well as blank pages for your ideas.

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14. Tying the Knot Panama Notebook – £55, Smythson

When it comes to classic, high-quality stationery, it has to be Smythson. Their Tying The Knot notebook features a textured white leather cover, and inside there are themed tabs for easy planning.

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Ultimate Wedding Planner Book – from £17.99, Etsy

This wedding planner book contains lots of prompts and advice, so it's great if you're right at the start of your planning process and aren't sure how to proceed.

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16. White Moon & Stars Leather Notebook – £34.99, Papier

This pretty notebook is ideal if you don't want your wedding planner book to look too, well, wedding-y. We love the design, and inside there are no planning prompts, just blank pages for noting down your ideas and to-dos.

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17. Wedding Plans Notepad – £8, Not On the High Street

Want a scrapbook-style wedding planner so you can create a printed moodboard? This fun notepad is a good option, with sturdy paper and a spiral binding that makes it easy to browse your ideas.

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18. Personalised Notebook – from £7.99, Getting Personal

This wedding planner book is a great budget option, and you can make it feel more special by having it personalised with your initials (or the couple's initials if this is a present).

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19. Sunflowers Wedding Planner – £35.99, Paper Bound Love

We love this planner for any kind of wedding, but the cover design would be particularly apt for a rustic country celebration. Inside, you'll find a planning calendar with daily to-do lists as well as pages for making notes.

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20. Sloane Stationery 'The Big Day' Wedding Planner – £39, Amara

Another contemporary-cool design from Sloane Stationery, this A5 notebook features 192 pages of gilded, quality paper for your ideas - jotting down your thoughts never felt so luxurious.

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21. Wedding Plans Personalised Notebook – £22, Norma & Dorothy

This charming wedding planner comes in a variety of colours, from blush pink to pastel blue and white. To really gild the lily, you can add a premium pen.

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22. Personalised Wedding Plans Scrapbook – £25, Not On the High Street

If you're more a visual person than a words person, this scrapbook-style wedding planner could be right up your street. Simply stick in images, sketches and fabric samples for inspiration for the look of your day.

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23. Passion Journal Wedding – £26.99, Moleskine

Great news for Moleskin fans - they've brought out a wedding version of their iconic notebooks. It's divided into tabbed sections, and has a 12-month calendar, stickers and a pocket - the perfect marriage of style and substance.

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24. Candy Mustard Lay Flat Notebook – £21.95, Katie Leamon

It's not specifically a wedding planner, but this Katie Leamon notebook is still one of your top picks. That's partly because of the 'lay flat' binding, which makes it easier to write in (particularly if you're left-handed), plus the fact that for the quality of the paper, it's a very good price indeed.

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25. Leather Wedding Organiser – £47, Not On the High Street

This leather wedding planner is an excellent organiser. It’s sectioned out into handy segments such as venue ideas and menu ideas, and even has a pull-out two-year wedding planner. It’s incredibly efficient and has been made in a handbag-appropriate size so you can carry it around with you wherever you go.

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26. Wedding Planner Book Eucalyptus – £29.95, Not On the High Street


This pretty wedding planner has a range of sections that any bride or groom will find useful, from mood boards and checklists to vow planning and even honeymoons research.

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27. Personalised Wedding Planner – from £27.50, Etsy


This pastel wedding planner book has plenty of useful worksheets and themed pages to get you thinking about different elements of the day. The colours are very chic, and it's available in sizes A4 and A5.

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28. Wedding Planning Notebook – £12.99, Not On the High Street


This gold and white notebook is ideal if you prefer free-form planning - there are no themed sections, just 40 blank pages to fill with your ideas. It's also a lovely gift, as the notebook can be personalised with the bride-to-be's name on the front and a message on the back.

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29. Rose Gold Foiled Wedding Planner – £9.95, Not On the High Street


Want a pretty bride-to-be notebook? This rose gold wedding planner is a lovely choice, with themed pages to get you thinking as well as blank spaces for your ideas.

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30. Personalised 'I Do' Wedding Planner Book – £24.99, Not On the High Street


If your personal tastes run more towards clean and contemporary than pretty, this wedding planning notebook could be for you. There’s a choice of six different font colours to pick from., and you can personalise it further by adding your names and wedding date.

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