The Best Lipsticks: Tried & Tested Lipsticks For Your Wedding Day

Choosing the perfect lipstick to finish off your make-up look can be tricky with so many options so we've tried and tested the best for you!


When it comes to your wedding day hair and beauty, the finishing touches are what really completes your bridal look.


Choosing your wedding lipstick can be one of the trickiest parts of picking your make-up look. Will it last all day? Does it go clumpy after five minutes? So many questions!

Here at Hitched we’ve been testing the best wedding day lipsticks for you so that you don’t have the hassle of trial and error – find out what we thought here…

Sleek Make-Up Lip VIP – Buzz and Reserve Lip

Sleek Make-Up are very good at providing gorgeous make-up at a really competitive price which works so well for brides planning a wedding on a budget. Both of the below shades, Reserve Lip and Buzz (£5.49 each) were tried and tested and this is what our tester thought:

“I loved these lipsticks! They were moisturising and lasted really well. It’s semi-matte which I liked as I’m a fan of matte lip. Matte lipsticks can sometimes dry lips out but this brand use shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E in their lip products so the finishing touch was super hydrating. The colours both stayed on for ages, making it perfect for the wedding day.”


Milani Amore Matte Lip Créme – Devotion

When it comes to liquid lipsticks, it’s really hard to get the perfect finish, drying time and overall look. At just £9.95 a piece, Milani offer a competitive range of quick-dry matte lipsticks including the striking Devotion shade.

“It was love at first swatch! The formula is so smooth it literally glides on and was completely dry within around 20 seconds of application. It is one of the most long lasting products I’ve applied which was amazing although it did need touching up a few times to maintain that fresh look.”


Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipstick – Camellia

We love the shades that Arbonne lipsticks come in, especially Camellia. It is such a gorgeous wedding day lip colour so we couldn’t resist when the chance arose to try it.

“I really liked the vibrant pink shade of this lipstick. It has a rich, creamy texture, enhanced with moisturising fruit extracts and a satin-glossy finish. Brides looking for a pop of colour on their wedding day should definitely consider wearing Camellia on their wedding day, it is well-worth the £21 price tag.”


We were also lucky enough to get to test a darker shade of this to-die-for lipstick brand – Dahlia. (Also £21.)

“This lipstick has a gorgeous black cherry scent to it which matched its vampy colour. It has the cleanest edge which means you can be super precise and get a really clean finish. Brides who don’t usually like darker colours shouldn’t be discouraged from this shade – it has a sheer finish so you can go as dark as you are comfortable with.”


ILIA – Lucy’s Party, Madam Mina & The Brides

Sleek packaging goes a long way here at Hitched, and the ILIA lipsticks definitely pass the test for looking amazing, but how did they perform? At £22 each, these lipsticks are mid-range and worth every penny – according to their testers…

Tester 1: “Lucy’s Party is a lipstick shade which I would never usually go for, I don’t wear shades as bright or rich as this – but the smooth and soft texture that it’s made with left such a tempting finish, it made the lipstick really hard not to love. The deepness of the red was actually a really flattering shade and even when my friends tried it, no matter what their complexion or hair colour, it seemed to suit us all – now we’re all fighting over who gets to keep it! This is the perfect lipstick for a retro make-up look.”

Tester 2: “Madam Mina has a prominent and bold colour to it which is enough to make your lips stand out, but soft enough to also work with more natural make-up looks. The Brides is a lighter shade of pink and I would even go as far as to say it falls into the nude category of lipsticks – my personal favourite. These lipsticks contain beeswax which helps moisturise the lips which is why they never crumble or dry up, making them perfect for an all-day look.”


Tropic Lipsticks

One of the most enjoyable parts for all of our testers when they tried Tropic Lipsticks was the ever satisfying ‘pop’ that you felt as you flick the lipstick out of its packaging. It’s modern and before you have even tried the lipsticks (£14 each) we can guarantee you spend at least five minutes popping it in and out, and in, and out, and in and ou….you get the picture!

Tropic – Rosehip

“Using a heavenly combination of ingredients, Tropic created the shade Rosehip. As a matte lipstick lover, I was very surprised when I realised just how much I loved testing this product. Rosehip is the perfect shade to join a natural make up look and looks amazing paired with a Hollywood red lip liner for a more dramatic finish.”


Tropic – Jazzberry Jam

“Brides who are seeking a lipstick shade that is subtle will just adore Jazzberry Jam. It is a deep raspberry colour with plum undertones which to me, acts as a fantastic transitional lipstick which can easily take you from the daytime ceremony straight through to the evening reception”


Tropic – Peach Perfect

“The peachy pink colour of this lipstick was perfect for me. I rarely wear much make up and it was the idea product for brides who are very natural. It adds just enough colour on the lips and will never have you feeling ‘too made up’ – not a look I enjoy going for.”


Tropic – Poppy

“The colour of Poppy was very rich in pigment and had a real glowing orange undertone which really brought the red colour to life. The coverage was very smooth and even and would last even better with a thin layer of Vaseline applied beforehand to add moisture.”


Leighton Denny Lip Duals – Ravishing Red

Here at Hitched we know that lipstick isn’t for every bride, and some will prefer a gloss. Leighton Denny Lip Duals provide the perfect solution for this with their two-in-one duals priced at £12.50 each.

“The lipstick has a very matte finish which I am a huge fan of – but I also like a glossy finish which is what I love most about the product, you really do get the best of both worlds. The lip stain was incredibly shiny and really made the colour look even more beautiful. I even wore the gloss on its own in the day time to give my day-to-day makeup a re-vamp!”


We were also lucky enough to try shade In The Nude.

“This product was so light and easy to apply which goes a long way with me – I like a quick application with minimal fussiness so that automatically brought me to like In The Nude. The shade, when applied, wasn’t as prominent in its colour as I would have expected but this actually worked out better for me as it blended really well with the natural pigment of my lips and lasted for ages.”


Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Devine Lips – Bella and Suzy Star

The legendary Joan Collins has released a range of fabulous lipsticks priced at just £18 each that the Hitched team couldn’t wait to get their hands on and try!

“These lipsticks are so Joan Collins – from the shade to the names to the gorgeous gold casing – they scream 80’s glamour! Bella is a pale coral colour and Suzy Star, a much brighter shade and both of these lipsticks went on like a dream. They are super creamy and moisturising which meant no horrible lumps or clumps formed on my lips at all. The lipsticks are great quality and have a shimmery finish that is to-die-for. If you don’t love these for yourself, I think they could also be a great choice for mother of the bride make-up!”


Vincent Longo Thickstick Lipstick – Sugar

Unlike the usual short and thick lipstick shapes we’re used to in the beauty world, Vincent Longo’s Thickstick Lipstick defies all the rules of make-up and we kind of like it.

“I was a little sceptical about the thinness of this lipstick, but it actually makes it easier to apply as the thin stick allows you to be really precise. It acts as both a lip liner and lipstick which gives its £18 price tag amazing value for money. The Sugar shade is great if you want a subtle touch of pink that keeps your wedding make-up natural and it’s even waterproof so if you have rain on your wedding day, your lipstick will still look incredible.”


Kiko Milano Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick – Shade 304

The modern look of this lipstick seriously tempted the team to see what was beneath the fruity shade and sleek packaging of Kiki Milano’s Velvet Passion Lipstick which is priced at just £10.90.

“I’m a big fan of matte lipsticks and this cute pink shade is perfect for a summer wedding or simple girly make-up look for a wedding at any time of year. The lipstick has a slightly square edge which makes the application process easy and I waited hours before reapplying – winner!”


Urban Decay – Bad Blood

The very popular lipstick brand Urban Decay offer plenty of choice when it comes to shades and finishes, but there was one which caught our eye, and that was Bad Blood (£15.50).

“Although the packaging doesn’t effect the finish of a lipstick, how nice would it be for your wedding photographer to snap a shot of your make-up artist applying this sleek product to your lips?! The deep red colour couldn’t be further from my normal taste, but I can honestly say I was impressed. I usually veer away from red lipsticks as they tend to make my skin look paler, but the warmth in this shade brought out my olive skin tones and left the most precise line around the shape of my lips which makes it well worthy of a wedding selfie or two!”


Lord and Berry – Red Carpet and Smarten Nude

Strong contenders for best wedding lipsticks was Lord and Berry’s Red Carpet and Smarten Nude (£15 each) – and here’s why…

“I love the sleep packaging of the Lord and Berry lipsticks, the smooth shiny black case will look amazing in your getting ready photos. If you’re prefer a subtle wedding make-up look then Smarten Nude could be the lipstick for you – it would look incredible with god and bronze colours infused into your eye palette. Red Carpet is also a great shade and I would highly recommend it if you are thinking of a quick make-up change for the evening – it will give you such a dramatic look at your wedding reception.”


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