Something Blue: 35 Unique Ideas & Everything You Need to Know About the Tradition

It’s a custom that most couples will be familiar with, but where did ‘something blue’ come from and what are the best ways to include something blue into your day? Read on for inspo aplenty…


Close up of white bride in a white wedding dress wearing royal blue heels with a crystal clasp at the front

It’s only when you begin planning a wedding that you realise how many traditions, customs and superstitions are linked to getting married. From who walks the bride down the aisle to wearing white and whether or not you see your partner before the ceremony, it can seem that almost every element of a wedding day has a traditional blueprint.

The good news is that you can take or leave most wedding traditions (legalities aside) or put a fresh twist on an old custom to make it your own. Before you decide on this particular wedding tradition, here’s everything you need to know about the origins and meaning of ‘something blue’, with modern ways to weave it into your wedding day if you so desire.

Where Does ‘Something Blue’ Come From?

‘Something blue’ originates from a rhyme that’s said to bring brides good luck – ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’. The idea dates back to ancient folklore, but it was popularised by the Victorians, who also added an extra ‘and a sixpence in her shoe’ line to attract prosperity. Each line of the rhyme is said to bestow blessings on different elements of the upcoming marriage. 

The bride wears ‘something old’ (often a family heirloom) to give the marriage strength and continuity and ‘something new’ for a happy future. ‘Something borrowed’ was originally intended to be something loaned from a content married couple – in the 1800s, this meant undergarments from a female friend or family member with children to impart fertility on the newlyweds. This element of the custom has been replaced with borrowing something imbued with meaning or that the bride can treasure on the day – we’ve got plenty of ‘something borrowed’ ideas to consider that don’t involve loaning a pair of pants.

As for ‘something blue’, blue is a colour associated with purity and fidelity and traditionally worn by the bride in the form of a garter. Blue is also thought to ward off the ‘evil eye’. Whether you believe in malevolent spirits or not, there’s plenty of ways to weave the shade into your big day (as the below edit proves).   

Can Something Be Borrowed and Blue?

We say why not? We love efficiency! In fact, you could choose something that is new and blue, old and blue or borrowed and blue for a four-in-one nod to the tradition. In need of some inspo? These ‘something blue’ ideas cater to every need, whether you’d prefer a subtle take on the tradition or favour something bold and blue. 

35 Unique Something Blue Ideas for Every Kind of Bride

1. Wear Blue Wedding Shoes

Royal Blue Satin Manolo Blahnik heels with a crystal clasp

If you’re a Sex and The City fan, you’ll recognise these Royal Blue Manolo Blahnik Satin Mules instantly. Carrie wore them to her City Hall wedding to Mr Big, and while the ceremony itself wasn’t exactly fairytale material, these iconic crystal embellished blue mules are still beloved by brides the world over. The mid heel height and buttery leather interior ensure that they’re comfy to wear all day and night too, which is essential wedding day shoe criteria. 

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2. Go Trad with a Blue Garter

Close up of white woman's leg wearing a sky blue tulle garter against a white background

If you’re doing the blue garter thing, they don’t come prettier than this sky blue tulle wedding garter. Buy it early and wear it to your hen do to really give it legs (apologies)

3. Splash Out on Luxe Blue Socks 

Person wearing light blue striped cashmere socks with blue lined white pyjamas against a white duvet

You’ll adore these light blue cashmere bed socks if you’ve got a winter wedding planned. There will be zero chances of getting cold feet before you say ‘I do’. 

4. Send Blue Wedding Invitations

White wedding invitations with a blue floral watercolour style border

Get your ‘something blue’ in from the very start with blue-themed wedding invitations. These watercolour blue floral invitations are especially beautiful, or go graphic for a contemporary feel.

5. Ask for Blue in Your Bouquet

White bride in a white dress holding a blue and white bouquet in the foreground

Ask your florist to include blue flowers in your wedding bouquet. This garden style bouquet by Michelle Buabin Flowers is a gorgeous example of how to make blue stems pop. 

6. Choose Blue Décor 

Outdoor table surrounded by greenery with a sky blue tulle tablecloth, French style chairs, blue and white floral runners and white candles with glassware

Bring blue into your wedding day colour palette with blue centrepieces, plates, glassware or other design touches. This ethereal blue tablecloth will make your wedding tables look dreamy. 

7. Plan your Wedding in a Blue Notebook

Light blue lined notebook with a royal blue pen on the right hand page

This light blue leather textured Smythson notebook ticks off all four elements of the wedding rhyme in one – the front cover is embossed with ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue’ in gold lettering. 

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8. Throw on a ‘Something Blue’ Sweatshirt

Tanned woman with brown hair laughing wearing a light blue jumper with something blue embroidered onto the front

Ideal for weekend wedding planning or wear it to keep warm on your wedding morning – this ‘something blue’ embroidered sweatshirt is a subtle keeper. Just be sure to remove it before getting your hair done to avoid ruffled hair catastrophes. 

9. Personalise a Blue Ring Box

Light blue velvet personalised ring boxes with Katie written in gold on the lit and a white opal gold ring in the left hand box

Keep your wedding ring in this personalised blue velvet ring box. Make sure that your photographer includes it in their shotlist, slip it to the Best Man before the ceremony then use it to keep your rings safe forever. 

10. Give your Ring Bearer a Blue Ring Pillow

Light blue ring pillow embroidered with a calendar with a love heart around the wedding date with a silver ring tied into a hoop at the bottom of the pillow with a white ribbon

If you’d prefer to present your wedding rings on a ring pillow, this light blue embroidered ring pillow can be tailored to the two of you for a personal spin on tradition. The pillow is lightweight and the hoops will keep both of your rings safe until the big moment. 

11. Consider a Blue Wedding Band

Close-up of white woman's hand with a nude manicure wearing a gold band, sapphire and diamond band and a wishbone shaped sapphire studded gold ring

Whether you favour a deep blue sapphire, sparkling aquamarine, blue topaz, blue opal, tanzanite or even a blue pearl, including a blue gemstone in your wedding band will give you ‘something blue’ to wear forever. Fenton specialises in bespoke and ready-to-wear rings and bands made with vibrant gemstones – you could add to your blue hued ring collection with a blue eternity band in the future too.

12. Get a Blue Manicure

Close up of white woman's hand with a white sleeve wearing a sky blue manicure and gold diamond studded ring on her index finger

Wear your ‘something blue’ on your fingertips for a chic take on tradition. Pick a shade, opt for an accent nail or make a full blue nail art moodboard – you can go as ‘extra’ as you wish. Consider choosing gel polish (such as The Gel Bottle here) for mirror-like shine and a mani that’ll last into your honeymoon and beyond. 

13. Invest in Blue Lingerie

Blue and cream lacy tulle bra with floral stitching

Who says that bridal lingerie needs to be white or ivory? Light blue lace or silk is luxurious and provides an ‘undercover’ way to include something blue – only your partner (and likely your bridal party) will know. This Blue Petal Bloom Embroidered Tulle Underwired Balconette Bra is especially elegant.

14. Choose Blue Bridesmaids Dresses

White woman with wavy dark blonde hair wearing a high neck column shaped sky blue dress

Another supportive ‘something blue’ idea – this time for your best women. From navy to turquoise, there’s a blue bridesmaids outfit to suit every season and style of wedding. This Pale Blue Tie Back Maxi Dress by Whistles is effortlessly stylish – the minimalist style would look particularly cool for a city wedding.

15. Make a Statement with a Blue Wedding Dress 

Olive skinned woman with long black hair a fringe wearing a light blue and white tulle strapless wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline and a sheer blue and white tulle jacket

Break one wedding convention while honouring another – steer away from white and try a blue wedding dress on for size. Amora in Blue from Suzanne Neville’s Modern Love 2021 collection is one such blue beauty. Top the strapless gown with a matching jacket for extra magic. 

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16. ...Or Blue Bridal Separates

White woman wearing a flowing blue and white bridal skirt with a split and a sheer long sleeved blue and white blouse tucked in at the waistband

A dramatic skirt teamed with a sleek, simple top is an ever more popular bridal look. Opt for a short or long sleeved top depending on the season and team with this flowing, painterly Dubois Skirt by Leanne Marshall.

17. Sew Something Blue Into Your Dress

Close up of black woman wearing a lace wedding dress with a split, blue strappy shoes and a blue label reading 'Love You, Dad' inside the skirt of the dress

A customised blue label worn inside your dress is a touching way to honour a loved one who can’t be with you on your big day. Send a picture of a card or note written by someone special and their message and handwriting can be meticulously replicated and sewn onto the label. Then ask your seamstress to sew the label into the inside of your dress, or do it yourself if you’re handy with a needle and thread. This makes something blue seriously sentimental. 

18. Wear a Blue Suit

Asian woman with black hair slicked into a bun photographed from behind wearing chunky pearl hoop earrings and a lavender blue trouser suit with strappy heels

Whether you need an outfit for your registry office wedding or just prefer tailoring to tulle, a blue suit would suit an alternative bride down to the ground. This slick blue ASOS Design trouser suit is both eye-catching and affordable, plus the jersey material won’t crease. 

19. Pick a Blue Veil

White bride with copper ombre hair wearing a white tulle skirt, silky white camisole and a sky blue sheer tulle veil

A sheer sky blue wedding veil is a whimsical way to wear ‘something blue’. It’s barely there yet bold all at once. Embroider both of your initials, the date of your wedding or a heartfelt message (or in-joke, it’s your call) into the train. 

20. Shimmy Down the Aisle in a Blue Jacket

Olive skinned woman with freckles and curly brown ombre hair wearing a light blue and gold embellished dress with a matching jacket reaching the elbows

Not feeling a veil? This embellished Celia Jacket by Needle & Thread is a spangly alternative that’s sure to get the party started. It’s got it all going on – ruched blue tulle, iridescent sequins and intricate floral gold artwork. 

21. Stay Toasty in Blue Faux Fur 

White woman with dark hair in a low bun wearing a low v necked strappy wedding dress with a neutral toned bouquet and mid blue slim fur stole around her lower arms

Winter weddings and elopements demand a cover-up and this blue faux fur slim stole will keep you cosy while doubling up as your ‘something blue’. The faux fur is oh-so-soft and the interior is satin lined – this is a wedding accessory you’ll wear again and again. 

22. Customise a Denim Jacket

Light blue denim jacket with 'P & M' and purple and green florals painted onto the back

This ‘something blue’ idea is made for boho brides. Find a denim jacket in a vintage shop and go DIY with fabric paint or commission your very own hand painted blue denim jacket from a pro, complete with messages, monograms, florals and motifs of your choosing. Tie your jacket in with your wedding colours or go for blue on blue – it’s totally up to you.

23. Keep a Blue Hanky Handy

Light blue linen handkerchief with a 'Q' embroidered in navy thread next to a spring of dried flowers on a light wooden tablecloth

Whether tucked into the pocket of your denim jacket or wedding dress (the best ones have pockets), you’ll likely appreciate having a hanky to hand on your wedding day. Make it your ‘something blue’ – this monogrammed blue linen handkerchief will mop up happy tears in style.

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24. Slip on Some Blue Sunglasses

Royal blue acetate Bottega Veneta cat's eye shaped sunglasses with gold hinges

Whether to recover from those happy tears or to shield your eyes in style during a spring or summer wedding, a pair of flashy blue sunglasses adds Hollywood glamour to the ‘something blue’ idea. These Bottega Veneta Cat’s Eye Acetate Sunglasses will up the ante as soon as you put them on.

25. Try a Blue Smokey Eye

Long gold and mirrored eyeshadow palette with nude, light blue, navy blue and bold electric blue eyeshadows on a marble table

Bear with us – this look may sound bold but remixing a grey or black smokey eye with tonal blue shadows gives a classic make-up look an edge. Blue shades also make the whites of your eyes look brighter, making them a very tempting option if you anticipate a few sleepless nights in the run-up to your wedding. Dip your brush in Victoria Beckham Beauty Smoky Eye Brick in Royal for a high fashion make-up statement.

26. Spritz on Something Blue

Blue rectangular Jo Loves Cobalt Patchouli & Cedar fragrance bottle on a white bedside table next to a vase of red and white flowers, a gold watch and a glass of white wine

Fresh, crisp and full of fizz, Jo Loves Cobalt Patchouli & Cedar Fragrance is a celebratory scent in every way. Jo Malone created this peppy fragrance out of admiration for the resilience and energy shown by communities and the NHS during the pandemic, with zesty grapefruit top notes for ‘get up and go’ and grounding cedarwood for depth. It’s “blue sky thinking” in a bottle according to Jo, which is an excellent frame of mind in which to enter marriage too we say. 

27. Cut a Blue Cake

Close up of multi tiered royal blue and white marble cake with pale pink peony appliqué and copper leaves

A blue wedding cake will delight your senses too, just in a slightly different way. Choose a single blue tier, gothic midnight blue icing or a blue tonal tiered wedding cake. This copper embellished blue marble cake by Little Cake Garden is a real beauty – the sugar peonies will complement a peony based bouquet in particular. 

28. Wear a Blue Necklace (in an Iconic Blue Box)

Black woman with short hair wearing a v-necked white top and delicate silver and aquamarine pendant necklace

Tiffany & Co isn’t just the most popular jewellery in the world when it comes to buying an engagement ring – this delicate aquamarine pendant presents the brand’s signature shade of blue in an understated new way. Wear it on your wedding day and hold onto that legendary blue box as a keepsake. 

29. Embrace Big Blue Earrings

White woman with light brown hair wearing a high necked white dress, low bun, chunky gold ring and large oval sapphire earrings

An opulent drop earring looks especially striking with a modern bridal updo. These sapphire earrings by Soru have a regal feel. 

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30. ...Or a Delicate Blue Bracelet

White woman in a light pink suit with a small V tattoo at her wrist wearing a blue aquamarine gold chain bracelet and different gold rings on each finger

The translucent natural aquamarine stone in the centre of this dainty recycled gold Monica Vinader chain bracelet is especially apt for your wedding day – as well as counting as your ‘something blue’, aquamarine stones have long been associated with trust. 

31. Rent a Blue Bag

White woman with flowing wavy blonde hair in a white bathroom wearing a white high necked Victorian style gown earring a light blue beaded bag in her left hand

Shrimps founder and designer Hannah Weiland designed the Antonia bag to carry on her own wedding day. Rent your very own ‘something blue’ arm candy at Hurr. 

32. Tie Your Hair in a Blue Bow

Tanned woman with highlights wearing a strapless top photographed from behind with her hair tied into a large blue silk bow

An oversized blue hair bow would look polished with a minimalist wedding dress or jumpsuit. This blue silk hair bow was made in France and will look magnifique at post-wedding parties too. 

33. Wear a Blue Headband

Light blue ruched silk headband shot on a grey piece of fabric printed with white bees

This ruched satin headband is equally chic as a sartorial something blue idea – it’s made by craftswomen in Italy and handy as a wedding guest accessory later down the line too.

34. Eat by Blue Candlelight

Two baby blue tall candles with Bon Appetite in light pink wax relief illustrated with red love hearts

The quirky candle trend is showing no signs of burning out and with cute options like these baby blue Bon Appetit candles on offer, why would it? Keep this ‘something blue’ for the top table or incorporate the candles into your wedding centrepieces for a kitsch effect. This blue glass candle holder will complement them perfectly.

35. Hit the Hay in Blue PJs

White woman with brown hair wearing a tie die blue and white long sleeved pyjama short set

End the dream-like day in silky blue tie dye – this lightweight pajama set is ideal for lounging around in the next morning and comes in a wide range of sizes. 

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