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15 Beautiful Wedding Cakes with Flowers

Discover our favourite wedding cakes with flowers, from rustic naked styles to chic white-iced creations - they're all here!

Three tier white wedding cake with cascading roses on a silver cake stand and table in front of a window and bench with mustard cushions

There are many things to take into consideration when you're choosing your wedding cake. Do you want it to be single tier or multi tier? Do you want to add on some extras, such as a cake stand or cake knife? Which design style or cake trend should I go for? All these questions may seem daunting, but there's one thing you can be sure of: wedding cakes with flowers are timeless. 

Wedding cake flowers come in a variety of forms, from hand-crafted sugar flowers to artificial flowers to freshly picked real flowers. These can be incorporated into your cake in a number of different ways and with such a wide variety of flowers available, you can be sure that your wedding cake will be uniquely yours. 

If you're ready to inject some flower power into your day, check out our inspiring roundup of flower wedding cakes. 

Wedding Cakes With Flowers

1. Rose Gold Rose Cake - Wedding Cakes by Lisa Broughton

Three tier pink cake with gold foil and two large flowers with pink boxes and wedding cupcakes

We absolutely love a rose gold wedding cake, and the three tier rose gold cake from Wedding Cakes by Lisa Broughton makes it easy to see why. Gorgeous blush tiers are punctuated with eye-catching gold foil for a mesmerising effect. Add some large floral detail and you've got yourself a masterpiece!

This flower wedding cake also comes complete with wedding cupcakes topped with macarons. What more could you ask for?

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2. Blue and White Marble Tiered Cake - Cocoa and Whey

Blue and white tiered marble cake with cascading flowers on a table with a grand piano and mounted moose heads in the background

Marble wedding cakes have been a popular wedding cake trend for a long time - and it's easy to see why. These swirling patterns are a visual feast and a great way of blending several colours together. 

This blue and white tiered marble cake by Cocoa and Whey also includes some gorgeous sugar flower details in blue and white cascading down the side of the four tiers. Combine this with a classy cake stand for a display your guests won't be able to keep their eyes off. 

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3. Birch Effect Tiered Cake With Flowers - Not Just Cake

Three tier cake with sugar roses and birch effect

How cool is this birch effect cake by Not Just Cake? The wood effect is super realistic, especially when complemented by the log detail at the bottom. Carving you and your lovers initials into a tree is a practice as old as time, and incorporating this into your wedding cake is a great way to add a personalised and romantic touch. 

Even more romantic detail is added by the roses on each tier of the cake. Roses are the flowers of love, and are the perfect finishing touch to this delicious creation, which would look perfectly at home at a rustic wedding

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4. Three Tier Black Wedding Cake with Bright Flowers - Hartt Cakes

Three tier black wedding cake with bright flowers in front of an ornate background

It's official; black wedding dresses are in. There are absolutely no rules when it comes to planning your own wedding ceremony, and a black dress could be the perfect choice for any non-traditional couples. And what's the perfect complement to a black wedding dress? A black wedding cake, of course!

This dreamy concoction from Hartt Cakes really takes things to the next level. The smooth black finish is perfectly contrasted with the gorgeous display of brightly coloured flowers splashed across all three tiers. It looks almost too good to eat!

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5. Autumnal Woodland Wedding Cake - Olivia Bakes

Three tier textured wedding cake in bright blue and pink, with an imitation forest floor layer and multiple different coloured flowers seemingly growing from it7

This three tier cake from Olivia Bakes is the perfect fit for your woodland wedding venue. The three tiers are topped with all kinds of interesting textures and details, including gold foil and bright colours. 

The bottom layer is where the magic really happens. Designed to look like a mossy forest floor, here you'll find a range of different types of flowers seemingly growing up from the grounds. They're mismatched, random and wild - just like in a real forest. 

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Naked Wedding Cakes With Flowers

6. Four Tier Naked Cake with Roses - The Reading Cake Company

Four tier naked cake with real roses and berries dusted with powdered sugar with a bunting cake topper reading

This daring four tier naked cake from The Reading Cake Company isn't scared to bear it all. The exposed sponge is lightly dusted with powdered sugar - our mouths are watering just by looking at it!

And the details don't stop there. Light-coloured roses give this cake a timeless romantic feel, not to mention the white sprigs tucked behind them. Finally, seasonal berries such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries make this the perfect cake for a late summer or early autumn ceremony. 

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7. Semi-Naked Two-Tier Cake With Exotic Flowers - Northern Lights Cakery

Two tier semi-naked cake with white icing and a brightly coloured variety of flowers

Naked and semi-naked wedding cakes are another huge wedding cake trend, perfect for adding some rustic charm to your wedding reception. These delicious cakes leave little to the imagination, and work best when topped with fruit or flowers. 

This Northern Lights Cakery semi-naked cake is packed full of colourful flowers, adding some crazy pops of colour. Pink, burgundy, yellow, purple, green, orange - when it comes to designing your wedding cake, this cake proves that there are no limits!

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8. Rustic Sunflower Semi-Naked Cake - Cocoa and Whey

Three tier semi-naked cake on a log-style stand with cake knife, butterfly cake toppers and piles of flowers with prominent sunflowers

Who doesn't love sunflowers? These beautiful flowers are in season in the UK in summertime, making a sunflower bouquet the perfect choice for a summer wedding. But why stop there? Sunflowers are perfect for adding some summer vibes to your wedding cake too. 

This show stopping semi-naked cake from Cocoa and Whey is the perfect late summer/early autumn creation. Deep oranges, yellows and greens give a rustic feel, while splashes of blue and pink create interesting pops of colour. To top it all off, the tree-style cake stand gives a great woodland wedding vibe. 

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9. Three-Tiered Semi-Naked Cake - Not Just Cake

Three tier semi-naked cake with pink and blue flowers and wooden cake topper

Decorating a wedding cake with real flowers is a great way to create an authentic and fresh cake that can also act as a centrepiece - just look at this fabulous concoction from Not Just Cake. Baby pink, sky blue and white flowers are fun accents to the white semi-naked base, and collections of sprigs really add to the forest feel. 

Add a fun wedding cake topper for the perfect finishing touch!

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10. Blush Pink Rose Naked Cake - Nicky's Buttercup Bakery

Three tier naked cake with blush pink and white roses

We're obsessed with roses - and so, it seems, are the lovely team at Nicky Tesler Cakes. Their stunning three tier semi-naked cake is topped with and surrounded by what can only be described as a mountain of pink roses, as well as plenty of greenery. We love it!

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White Wedding Cakes With Flowers

11. White Cake with Buttercream Icing and Flowers - Kake Bakery


The buttercream icing on this gorgeous Kake Bakery cake has our mouths watering just from looking at it - those palette knife strokes look like they've been painted by Van Gogh himself! Rust-coloured real flowers, sprigs and leaves are the perfect finisher for this work of art. 

Also, we just love a single tier wedding cake - after all, good things come in small packages! Opting for a single tier cake like this one can help to avoid overspending and waste. 

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12. Buttercream and Roses Three-Tiered Cake - Angela Keil

Three tiered buttercream cake with pink and purple roses in front of an exposed brick wall

The Buttercream and Roses cake by Angela Keil is elegance personified. The luxuriously thick buttercream is spread so thickly it almost looks like ruffles, while the pink and purple roses have been perfectly crafted with sprigs to look graceful and stylish. 

A cake this classy deserves to be shown off - check out our wedding cake stand inspiration to find the perfect accompaniment. 

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13. Vegan Yellow Floral Cake - Kake Bakery

Three tier white wedding cake with yellow flowers and green stems in the icing in front of an exposed brick wall

If you, your partner or your wedding guests follow a plant-based diet, or if you're planning an eco-conscious wedding, it's important to check out a range of vegan wedding caterers. There are also plenty of options for vegan wedding cakes, including this cheery cake from Kake Bakery. It doesn't just taste delicious - it's a treat for the eyes too!

A wedding cake with flower doesn't necessarily have to have real or sugar flowers placed on top; you can also incorporate 2D floral designs into your icing, just like the bright yellow flowers and green stems above. 

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14. Fuchsia Stencil White Wedding Cake - Hartt Cakes

Two tier white wedding cake with fuchsia stencil design and flowers in front of a neon sign that says

The tattoo-style flower stencils on this Hartt Cakes two tier cake are amazing - the rich fuchsia colour stands out clearly against the white background. This cake is a floral double whammy, with real roses and leaves displayed in a cascade beside the floral stencils. Wow!

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15. Three Tier Lace and Tulle Rose Cake - Leading Lady Cakes

Three tier white wedding cake on blue cake stand with lace and tulle detail and pink sugar roses with leaves

Lace wedding cakes will never go out of style. These classy creations are a sure fire way to create an elegant atmosphere at your wedding reception, as well as being the perfect complement to any venue or ceremony, no matter the wedding theme. 

This three tier cake from Leading Lady Cakes also adds tulle and two beautiful pale pink sugar roses - two classic wedding details which add to the feeling of timelessness. 

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How to Decorate a Wedding Cake With Fresh Flowers?

Using fresh flowers on wedding cakes is a great way to create a fresh and authentic look for your wedding cake ideal for a garden wedding or country style wedding. However, navigating which flowers are non-toxic and suitable for your cake can be tricky. Serena Chin from Cobi and Coco supplies some expert insight: "Fresh flowers add colour and impact to your wedding cake for a lower cost than traditionally handmade sugar flowers. They are naturally beautiful and smell incredible; however, not all flowers are suitable to be used on your wedding cake.

"Some are edible, some are non-toxic including flowers that are edible but haven’t been grown in food safety conditions and some are toxic and poisonous and should not come anywhere near your wedding cake.

"Edible flowers grown specifically for human consumption look stunning placed around a buttercream style cake, they are easily available to buy online or from larger supermarkets. A variety of pansies, violas, cornflowers and primroses are often pressed or dried to help keep their vibrancy of colour and are safe to eat.

"Some flowers despite being labelled as edible, only the petals are safe to eat, roses fall into this category. Plants such as daffodils, poppies, gypsophila, calla lily, hydrangea and foxgloves are poisonous, and should not be used on your wedding cake at all.

"Flowers used on your wedding cake should ideally be purchased from a reputable organic source that don’t used harmful chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides to help them grow big and beautiful. 

"Couples would usually like all their wedding flowers to coordinate, to complement and to create the biggest impact at their wedding. Your florist may supply the fresh flowers to use on the cake, but they are not trained in food safety and may not know which ones are toxic. Your cake maker should work ahead with your florist to understand which flowers have been selected to avoid any toxic varieties."

Once you've chosen appropriate flowers for your wedding cake, it's important to prepare them properly. Flower stems and florist tape should never come into contact with your cake; Serena advises on how to avoid this: "Most cake makers will use specifically designed flower pics or straws to put flowers into before putting them onto your wedding cake. I like using the cocktail stick method as I find it more flexible and it is less intrusive to the cake. Give the flower a little upside-down shake to remove any loose pollen or petals, remove any large stamens and leaves from the flower.

"Cut the stem around 2 cm from the base and insert a cocktail stick securely into the flower stem. To create a barrier between the flower and the cake, push a small piece of cling film up the cocktail stick securing it tightly around the stem. The cocktail stick can now be safely inserted into the cake with the flower on display."

How to Decorate a Wedding Cake With Artificial Flowers?

If you'd prefer to use a floral option that involves less prep work, then using artificial flowers could be the way to go. Better still; as artificial flowers don't wilt, you can save these and keep them as a memento of your day. 

Serena says: "Be selective with your artificial flowers, use a colour palette to help you select the flowers and always purchase a few stems more then you need as a backup. Each flower must be cleaned from debris, dirt and dust. The flower should be washed and dried a day before to allow the flowers to fully air dry.

"Cut the stem to a suitable length depending on the design of the arrangement. If the flowers are to be place on top of the cake, the stem can be fully removed and attached to the cake with a dot of royal icing or buttercream.

"If you wish to have a cascading flow of flowers down the cake, the flowers may need to be embedded in to the cake to form stability. Wrap each cut stem with a thing layer of cling film before inserting the stem into the cake. A dap of royal icing will secure the flower in place."

How to Decorate a Wedding Cake With Sugar Flowers?

If you have a larger wedding budget, you might want to consider opting for a wedding cake with sugar flowers. These intricately crafted delicacies are made petal by petal and are truly impressive. 

Serena advises: "Sugar flowers are all handmade, petal by petal and therefore come at a premium cost. Good cake designers will make their sugar flowers to look like the real flowers, often studying the real flower in detail before rolling out their flower paste. Sugar flowers are customizable without any limitation on nature and seasons. They can be made in any colours and size to your liking.

"They allow the cake designer to be more creative with the overall cake design to creates a wow factor on your wedding cake. Each handmade flower will be made unique for your wedding cake."

Wondering which seasonal flowers you should incorporate into your wedding cake? Check out our complete guide to seasonal wedding flowers for all the necessary expert advice.