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The Best Vegetarian & Vegan Wedding Catering Options

Planning a meat-free feast at your wedding? Don't miss our roundup of the top vegan and vegetarian wedding caterers in the UK, as well as expert advice and tips to help you

People cheers champagne while others tuck into a vegan plate on a table with a navy tablecloth and a floral display

Veganism and vegetarianism has soared in popularity over the last few years, so it's no wonder that wedding couples are looking for vegetarian and vegan wedding catering for their special day.

Whether you and your partner are vegetarian or vegan, or you have wedding guests who are, it's pretty rare now to have a wedding guest list which doesn't have someone who requires a vegan or veggie meal.

Thanks to its rise in popularity, vegan and vegetarian food options have never been better, and that goes for wedding catering, too! It's safe to say vegetarian and vegan catering has had a massive glow-up in the past few years and we're totally here for it. 

Vegetarian & Vegan Wedding Catering Options Explained

To whet your appetite and get you feeling inspired, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best vegan wedding caterers in the UK who offer mouth-watering vegan wedding food that even the biggest of meat-lovers would snap up in a second. We also have advice on how to cater a vegan wedding and quotes from expert vegan wedding caterers from across the UK. 

Whether you’re vegan, have vegan guests attending, want to host an eco-friendly wedding day, fancy giving your guests something different (or all of the above!) you’re in luck. There's plenty of delicious and varied vegan wedding catering in the UK, including everything from tacos to salads and even burgers.

The 12 Best Vegetarian & Vegan Wedding Catering in the UK

Here's our top 12, but full transparency, this article will make you hungry...

1. The Bearded Taco – Cardiff

A man wearing sunglasses is handed a taco from a food truck

Cardiff-based food truck The Bearded Taco is a great choice for couples looking to serve up both non-vegan and vegan wedding food thanks to the taco experts’ varied menu. Founded by travel-loving duo Jake and Sian, The Bearded Taco’s offering is inspired by tastes from around the world, working from a Mexican base, creating a unique take on the street food favourite.

Menu highlights include The Nutty Vegan, a spiced walnut and cashew mince taco with guacamole, vegan sour cream and crunchy lettuce, and the Falawesome Taco, packed full of Middle Eastern falafel, hummus, tabouleh, tzatziki and fresh parsley – yum!

Owner Sian Miguel says, "We have lots of delicious veggie and vegan taco options on our menu, all served up on hand-rolled gluten free corn tortillas from a converted ex police riot van. Our menu has a Mexican foundation, but we fuse this with other cuisines from across the globe.

"Our most popular dish is the 'Let's Avo Cwtch' which is a gin and tonic tempura avocado with lemon and agave slaw, smothered in vegan chipotle aioli and fresh coriander - it's so good it just won us the best vegetarian dish at the British Street food awards in London!"

So there you have it, vegan wedding catering with gluten-free and non-veggie options, too.

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2. Vegan Vybes ­­– West Midlands

A plate of cucumber wraps on burlap on a wooden table with herbs and tomatoes

This not-for-profit organisation is formed from a local community group that champions a cruelty-free and creative way of living (and eating!). The Earth Food leg of the community aims to bring fresh ingredients, diversity and creativity to weddings and events.

Vegan Vybes create their menus with love and an aim to share nutritious food at a reasonable price with the hope that it will promote healing, happiness and health and inspired others to eat well. This is a great choice for couples looking for wedding vendors who give back.

A vegan wedding caterer with a great message too - what's not to love about that?

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3. Your Healthy Options – Leicestershire

Table cluttered with a wooden spoon, chopped ginger, sprigs, a chopping board powder and tissue paper

This Leicestershire-based mobile catering company offer a healthy take on vegan wedding catering with non-vegan options available as well. As well as food, Your Healthy Options also provide delicious healthy beverages such as fresh fruit smoothies bursting with flavour.

Your Healthy Options are also focussed on sustainability and give couples the option to order biodegradable tableware along with their menu. Food from this team is relaxed, fun and far from traditional, a perfect accompaniment to an eco-friendly wedding venue

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4. Rainbo – East London

A table of dumpling dishes with chopsticks, sriracha, soy sauce and chillis

Rainbo may be a London wedding caterer but their flavours are straight from the streets of Tokyo thanks to the incredible Japanese menu with an affectionate focus on gyoza. Tasty, vibrant and healthy are the key buzzwords here.

Rainbo provide both non-vegan and vegan wedding food, as well as gluten-free options, which means that you can provide for a range of dietary requirements all with one wedding caterer. The team are happy to fix you up with some wedding canapés or cater for the entire day with a full street food offering or Japanese small plates.

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5. En Root – South West London

A colourful variety plate is held up in front of a mural of a blue face with green hair

Specialising in Indian vegan food, En Root is a food truck with a difference. Made with an array of authentic Gujarati spices, the menu here focuses on health, plants and, of course, flavour. A wide range of vegetables from all corners of the world, plus a selection of pulses, fuse together to create an unforgettable culinary experience and an overall sense of wellbeing – we love that.

The En Root team are happy to prepare nut-free, organic, gluten and lactose free dishes if required, and they pride themselves on their flexible approach that means every couple gets to serve up the vegan wedding food of their dreams.

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6. Rupert’s Street – Surrey

Vegan burger with lettuce and a seeded brown bun

Rupert’s are a vegan wedding caterer who specialise in serving sustainable, flavour-packed food that’s naturally good for you. The team work with local producers specialising in seasonal, organic, fair trade and local ingredients, ensuring that everything that ends up on your plate has come from the very best source.

Rupert’s Street can create anything from a canapé reception to a lavish sit-down meal, or a laid-back family-style dinner – it’s totally up to you. The team will also provide you with sustainably sourced plates, cutlery and cups that decompose in less than 12 weeks.

Weddings with less waste? That's what we're talking about.

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7. The Parsnipship – Mid Glamorgan

Three tarts wrapped in greaseproof paper arranged with herbs and pink decor

With over 20 years’ experience in the wedding catering industry, founder Ben has developed a signature style of cooking and is passionate about creating delicious vegetarian and vegan wedding food. Ben and his team focus on sourcing the finest ingredients and pack their dishes with big, punchy flavours that are guaranteed to wow even the most meat-loving of your guests.

Parsnipship food is prepared and delivered on the morning of your event, ready to be heated by your venue or served cold, depending on the options you choose. We’ll take a Moroccan cashew and walnut roast please!=...

Director Flo Ticehurst says, "We love offering something different and giving couples the chance to offer their guests variety and choice so everyone's taste buds are happy. Our offerings include flavours from South Asia and North Africa as well as tastes from closer to home.

"Recently people have really loved sharing boards for maximum variety and our DIY option (we deliver the food but wedding family and friends cover the heating and serving) to keep the costs down."

What a great way to save on your wedding and still serve incredible vegan food!

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8. Vegan Junkies Wedding Caterer - Shropshire

Several trays of batata hara decorated with sprigs

Vegan Junkies may be based in Shropshire, but they're a UK vegan wedding catering company who will happily serve their deliciously addictive wedding breakfasts far and wide.

These thoughtful and attentive caterers will let you have it your way, designing your own bespoke menu after discussing your favourite vegan dishes, from batata hara to bean chilli nachos. They'll even give you an invite to their home for a free tasting session.

And the perks don't stop there. Vegan Junkies also offers a mobile bar service for any outdoor wedding venues or even simply a wedding venue without a bar. Prepare to celebrate with all your favourite drinks, including cask ales and champagne.

Owner Dave says "“We are natural vegan foodies, we love cheffing and we prep and cook everything from scratch. From a traditional British pie to an Asian-fusion extravaganza we take pride in conjuring fab looking dishes that taste delicious.

"Our favourite style is an exciting tapas, family sharing approach with lots of tasty dishes being served every few minutes, as this creates a wonderful buzz for the whole wedding party”

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9. Holy Carrot Events - South West London

A row of colourful vegan puddings in white pots that says

If you're searching for elegant free-from and plant-based food for your wedding, then you're in luck. Knightsbridge-based restaurant Holy Carrot is now bringing their entirely plant-based, gluten-free and refined sugar-free menu to wedding events across the UK. If you're catering for gluten-intolerant guests, or guests with allergies, Holy Carrot could just be the answer to your prayers. 

Innovation and sustainability come together here, not least of all in the company's vegan wine menu. You'll also have the opportunity to try some of the cocktails and mocktails served at Holy Carrot's adjoining Holy Bar. And if you really want to go the extra mile, you can also make the most of their project management and event management options. 

Do we hear a wedding caterer and wedding planner all rolled into one?

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10. Lettice Events - South West London

Sharing table with plates of pasta, greens, prosciutto and cocktails

Sustainable wedding caterers Lettice Events are a family-run business with over thirty years of experience. Their delicious food is sourced locally and you can count on the fact that their bespoke menus are created with seasonal ingredients. 

All dietary requirements are catered for here, and there's a completely vegan wedding menu on offer for plant-based eaters. From canapes to three course meals, your guests are guaranteed to be blown away. Tastings are available before the big day, helping you to ensure that every little detail is perfect. 

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11. Rainbow Grazing Co. - Dorset

Brightly coloured grazing platter with cured meats, cheese, flowers, fresh fruit, sprigs and veg

Wedding grazing tables are one of the biggest wedding trends right now - and it's easy to see why. Just check out these delicious grazing boards from Rainbow Grazing Co. They even use colourful flowers to create a feast for the eyes, as well as the stomach. 

Their signature platter feeds between four and six people and is packed full of cured meats, antipasti, locally baked bread, chutney, crackers, nut, fruit and veg, and more! Vegetarian and vegan options of the platter are also available, making them the perfect wedding caterers for couples who want vegan and vegetarian options as well as meat ones, too. 

If you have more of a sweet tooth, be sure to consider their brunch platter - what could be better than bagels, croissants and fresh fruit?

Company Director Hannah Lines says, "Our personal favourite vegan offering would be either our vegan cheese and pesto straws as they're the perfect nibble to go alongside drinks after the ceremony, or one of our vegan chocolate cookies we make for our dessert tables.

"We often find that, as there are just so many vegan options out there that are so delicious and interesting, that even people who don't usually follow a plant-based lifestyle still enjoy tucking in and trying something new."

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12. Vegan Magda - Dorset

Wooden board with a variety of vegan snacks including bread, tomatoes, cornichons and vegan meats

The clue is in the name at Vegan Magda. This vegan wedding catering company is based out of Chef Magda's home and her handmade cuisine is packed full of Asian and Polish flavours. Vegan or not, your guests are going to love her flavoursome feasts. 

Traditional dishes are combined with dishes invented by Magda herself. Couples are welcome to work with her to design their own bespoke wedding menu, from canapes and sharing plates to main courses and sides. The vegan Korean sushi and the truffle and cashew flatbread are a sure-fire way to get mouths watering.

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How to Cater a Vegan Wedding

Catering a wedding where the guests have different dietary requirements can be tricky. If you're planning some vegan wedding catering and you and your partner aren't vegan yourselves, don't worry! Expert catering Nish Modasia from En Root has provided some top tips for catering for vegan wedding guests.

  • Don't be afraid of seasoning and be sure to spice it up! Nish says: "Flavour is key! Make extra effort to season & spice oh so nice."
  • Be sure that your vegan dishes have a simple yet filling base ingredient - we don't want any rumbling bellies. Nish advises to "Keep it simples! Vegetables, pulses & grains for the win."
  • Good news for anyone planning a wedding on a budget - despite fairly popular belief, vegan alternatives to meat can actually work out cheaper than using meat itself. Nish agrees: "Eating plant-based food is cost effective! Vegan is cheaper than meat as long as you keep it natural, simple & non-processed."
  • Colour is key. According to Nish, "Some of your meal is enjoyed with the eyes, and vegetables come in many varieties, shapes, sizes & colours." 

If you're new to the world of plant-based eating, don't be afraid to ask for advice, whether that's from your vegan friends and family or from the experts like Nish, who says "If in doubt, get some inspiration online, from a friend or by En Root who have been keeping it Plant Powered since 2016!"

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