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Wedding Cake Stands: 19 Brilliant Ideas

Take your wedding cake up a level with our edit of the 19 best wedding cake stands! From chic glass creations to rustic wooden styles, you're sure to find a unique way to display your wedding day dessert here

Glass wedding cake stand with daisies

lt's highly likely your wedding cake is a work of art on its own, but you can really enhance how it looks by displaying it on the right wedding cake stand. As well as fitting into the theme of your wedding, there are a couple of things you'll need to keep in mind when choosing the perfect wedding cake stand.

To start with, a tall, multiple layered bake is going to need support to avoid any toppling towers of cake and icing on the big day, so a wider base is essential.

If you're planning a lighter cake, such as a single sponge or a pretty pavlova, you can afford to opt for a daintier, pedestal-style wedding cake stand. Or perhaps you're decorating the dessert table with fun mini cupcakes? A traditional, afternoon tea tiered stand will work a treat. 

No matter what wedding cake you choose, you're going to need a wedding cake stand or two to display it on, so we've compiled an edit of the very best options available to buy now. From modern marble to rustic wood, there's a style to suit every kind of bake. 

NB: We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy life’s biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

1. Clear Wedding Cake Stand - from £31, Prop Options

Clear wedding cake stand filled with flowers

Add some height to your wedding cake with a clever clear acrylic wedding cake stand filled with florals and foliage. It's brilliant as you can match it to the theme you're going for and we bet your guests won't have seen anything like it before!

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2. Log Slice Wedding Cake Stand - £27.99, Amazon

Log slice wedding cake stand

Rustic weddings are all the rage and it’s easy to see why – they’re so pretty and perfect for nature loving couples. To really channel a woodland vibe, consider a cake stand made from tree slices!

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3. Gold Wedding Cupcake Stand - £10, Hitched Shop

Gold wedding cupcake stand

A tower of cupcakes will look even more charming displayed on this triple tiered stand complete with a gorgeous gold finish. If you’re having afternoon tea, why not put one on each table?

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4. Hexagon Wedding Cake Stand - from £85, Bramblesky

Hexagon wedding cake stand with a white and navy cake

This hexagon wedding cake stand is a showstopper! We love how this example has been decorated with greenery, but it would make just as much of an impact kept plain. 

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5. Hybrid Leandra Bone China Wedding Cake Stand - £87, Seletti at Selfridges

Bone china colourful wedding cake stand

Italian designer Seletti creates glorious pieces with quirky and unique finishes. This wedding cake stand is the best of both worlds, a geometric modern motif on one side and a floral vintage design on the other.

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6. Glass Wedding Cake Stand - £50, The White Company

Glass clear wedding cake stand

A classic wedding cake stand made from glass will always look stunning, and it can be used time and time again at home too. This one is hand crafted by skilled artisans in Poland and you can even buy the matching glass cloche too - ideal if you're having an outside reception. 

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7. Wooden Globe Wedding Cake Stand - £150, Cairn Wood Design

Wooden globe wedding cake stand

Elegant and unusual, this white oak wood pedestal wedding cake stand mixes traditional materials with a contemporary design. It'll look fantastic with any cake, whether it's simple or ornate. 

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8. Hand Blown Glass Wedding Cake Stand - £42, Anthropologie

Coloured glass wedding cake stand

More couples are picking a wedding cake that reflects their personality so don’t leave your cake stand out with this cool and quirky option from Anthropologie. It will definitely add some fun colour to your cake. 

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9. Circular Wedding Cake Stand - from £25, Bramblesky

Black circular and wood wedding cake stand

If you can't go a little (or a lot) extra on your wedding day then when can you?! This gorgeous hoop wedding cake stand from Bramblesky can be finished in multiple colours including black, gold and white. 

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10. Porcelain Wedding Cake Stand - £48, Linda Bloomfield

Porcelain wedding cake stand

Let your cake do the talking by displaying it on this simple but stylish wedding cake stand, handmade from porcelain in Linda Bloomfield's London studio. This style would work beautifully teamed with a naked buttercream cake and was even featured on The Great British Bake Off!

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11. Flute Holder Rose Gold Wedding Cake Stand - £14.99, Ginger Ray

Rose gold flute glass holder wedding cake stand

Calling all party loving couples, we think we've found the perfect wedding cake stand to get the celebrations started! Each pack comes with six flutes and can be easily folded away - a must if you have to travel for the big day. 

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12. Copper Wedding Cake Stand - £33, Cu Living

Copper wedding cake stand

This gorgeous floral wedding cake looks even more wonderful thanks to the copper cake stand from Cu Living. Handcrafted from copper piping, it adds a cool industrial edge to an otherwise feminine bake.

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13. Wooden Circle Wedding Cake Stand - from £27, Prop Options

Mini cakes on a wooden wedding cake stand

Perfect for smaller treats, this wooden wedding cake stand has a low profile meaning you could mix and match it with other taller styles on your dessert table. It's also available in varying wood grains and sizes, making it easily stackable. 

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14. Mirrored Wedding Cake Stand - £19.99, Rapid Ship

Mirrored white lace style wedding cake stand

This delicate lace trimmed wedding cake stand is a beautifully subtle way to include a vintage theme into your dessert table. Plus, having a mirrored stand is a great trick to create the illusion that your cake is bigger. 

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15. Floating Wedding Cake Stand - from £65, Prop Options

Floating wedding cake stand surrounded by flowers, balloons and candles

A floating wedding cake stand is a cool way to make your cake look as though it can defy gravity! Simply place the spacer in between the two cake tiers to achieve a floating illusion and expect some seriously impressed guests. 

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16. Simple Wedding Cake Stand - £42, Standing Sweet

Pavlova on a simple wedding cake stand

Not only is this wedding cake stand crafted from sustainable reclaimed wood but for every order made a tree is planted, thereby further reducing its environmental impact. Chic, stylish and elegant, any cake displayed on this beauty will look wonderful. 

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17. Personalised Wooden Box Wedding Cake Stand - £35, The Ivy Cottage Homeware Company

Personalised rustic wooden box cake stand

This personalised wooden stand will be such a special platform to place your wedding cake on. Crafted in Yorkshire, each wedding cake stand is hand cut, sanded and painted, making each one completely unique. It'll be a lovely keepsake to remember your wedding day. 

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18. Marble & Brass Wedding Cake Stand - £40, West Elm

Pink cake on a marble and brass wedding cake stand

Presentation is key, and this glam marble and brass wedding cake stand elevates your wedding cake with height and elegance without taking away from the bake itself.

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19. Geometric Wedding Cake Stand - from £60, Bramblesky

White geometric wedding cake stand

We adore how this white, geometric stand matches the contemporary and cool cake its holding. It almost looks like an extension of the cake itself and will look amazing in your 'cutting the cake' snapshots. 

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Once you’ve found the perfect wedding cake stand, why not explore some wedding cake topper ideas to add even more personality to your cake?