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Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes: 7 Retro Style Heart Cakes

After a heart shaped wedding cake? Love will be in the air and on your dessert table with these adorable heart shaped cakes

Retro style heart shaped wedding cake decorated with black ribbon bows and ruffled piped icing

The heart shaped wedding cake is a trend sweeping social media at the moment - you can’t open a single app without getting heart eyes from all the heart shaped cakes!

If you’re obsessed with heart wedding cakes - and why wouldn’t you be? - we’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful heart cakes available from some of our favourite wedding cake makers on Hitched.

A heart shaped cake will look amazing in your wedding photos, as a cake with a heart shape is so indicative of love, and what more could you ask for from your wedding cake?

Heart Shaped Cakes to Give You Heart Eyes

So let’s take a look at some of our favourite heart shaped wedding cakes, from vintage style heart cakes to fresh, modern takes. Prepare to be inspired by all these heart shaped wedding cake ideas!

Sideways Heart Shaped Cake - Hartt Cakes

A rustic style heart shaped wedding cake positioned on its side on a cake stand, decorated with dried flowers to the side

It’s no surprise that a cake making business named Hartt Cakes has created a heart shaped wedding cake. What we really love about this love-inspired cake is how it is a little different to the more traditional heart cakes - and the fact it says Hitched on it, of course.

This cake is positioned on its side, so the heart shape is easily visible to everyone, and will create an amazing wedding photo when you’re cutting it. It's also a great take on a simple heart shaped wedding cake idea.

  • Deals: 5% discount for Hitched couples

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Vintage Style Heart Cake - Meet Cute Cakes

White iced retro style single tier heart shaped wedding cake decorated with black ribbon bows and 'just married' iced on top

If you love the vintage style wedding cakes that are popular now - also known as Lambeth cakes - your obsession is about to go to the next level, with these vintage style heart shaped cakes.

Meet Cute Cakes specialise in adorable, kitsch style wedding cakes - but it is there beautiful heart shaped single tier wedding cakes that truly have our heart.

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Multi-Tiered Heart Shaped Cake - Luxe Cakes

A three tiered purple and white heart shaped cake decorated with purple flowers

Think a heart shaped wedding cake has to be a single tier? Think again. You can still have a two or even three tiered heart shaped cake - just look at this example by Luxe Cakes

This cake consists of three tiers in differing sizes, made of iced, heart shaped sponges. It’s a great compromise if you still want a more traditional tiered wedding cake, but you love the cute heart shapes. A 2 tier heart shaped wedding cake, or even a three tier one, means you'll still be able to serve a larger wedding party too. 

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Retro Heart Cake - One Cake Street

Vintage style single tier heart shaped wedding cake with 'always and forever' on top in silver

Another vintage inspired heart shaped wedding cake - how gorgeous is this creation by One Cake Street?

The intricately piped icing, the cute bows, and even the wording on top: ‘Always & Forever’. It’s a cake you’ll not want to cut into…

  • Deals: 3% discount available to Hitched couples

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Heart Vintage Cake - Let Them Eat Cakes

White heart shaped mini wedding cake decorated with vintage style ruffled icing

Another gorgeously ruffled, vintage inspired wedding cake. This heart cake from Let Them Eat Cakes is created by a three-times Hitched Award Winner, 

And not only has this vendor created a beautiful heart shaped wedding cake but they’ve also currently got three deals on their listing for Hitched couples…

  • Deals: Three deals available, including options for off-peak and budget weddings. Check their listing for more details.

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Double Heart Cakes - CK Bakes

two mini heart shaped birthday cakes, one in black and one in white

Admittedly, these retro-inspired heart cakes are for a birthday - but there’s no reason why you can’t be inspired by these creations by CK Bakes for your wedding! These simple heart shaped wedding cakes are still so striking.

We love the idea of both of you having a cake each - perhaps in your favourite flavours. Take note of which one is more popular to see who picked the winning cake.

  • Deals: There are three deals available for Hitched couples, including free delivery, 25% off cakes and late availability. Head to their listing for more info.

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Mini White Vintage Cake - Eckle’s The Cakehouse 

Single tier vintage style heart shaped cake with ruffled icing

Just after a small wedding cake? Whether you’re planning a small wedding or you just want a little cake to cut into, this vintage inspired mini cake from Eckle’s The Cakehouse is perfect.

Check out more of their images on their listing to see how they display this cake as part of an arrangement with other mini cakes too - we love the idea!

  • Deals: Discount is available for last minute bookings - see their listing for more details

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How to Get a Heart-Shaped Cake?

If you want a heart shaped wedding cake, you have two options. You could speak to a wedding cake maker and ask if they create heart shaped cakes - the list above is a good place to start! Or you could invest in some heart shaped cake tins and get baking - but be warned, it's not an easy task to make a wedding cake. 

If you're not particularly skilled at home baking and cake decoration, we'd always recommended enlisting a professional - especially for something as important as a wedding.

Are Heart-Shaped Cakes Trending?

Heart shaped cakes - for weddings and other occasions - are definitely on trend right now. After Pinterest named heart shaped cakes as a rising search in their Pinterest Predicts report, we've definitely noticed an increase in couples opting for heart shaped bakes.

It's easy to see why they're so popular - they're the perfect mix of kitsch and cute!

How Many Do Heart Shaped Cakes Serve?

How many people you can serve with a heart shaped wedding cake will depend entirely on how big your cake is! We'd recommend speaking to your baker about the number of guests you need to serve - and you can always go slightly under with your numbers, as not everyone will eat the cake - and they'll advise you on how big your heart shaped cake needs to be.

You can go for a multi-tiered heart shaped wedding cake if you need to serve more people, or another option for those who love the mini cake look, is to have a small cake to display and cut into, and a larger sheet cake out the back for the venue team to serve. No one will ever know!

Looking for more ways to make your wedding cake stand out? Don't miss our round up of the most unique wedding cake flavours!