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Wedding Flowers by Season: Which Flowers Are in Season & When?

Not sure which flowers to choose for your wedding? Check out our guide to wedding flowers by season to see what'll work best for your ceremony, no matter what time of year it is.

A woman in a red dress holds a bouquet of red, and orange flowers with ferns and greenery

Spring, summer, autumn or winter – whatever time of year you’re planning your wedding, choosing your wedding flowers by season is the best way to capture the beauty, fragrance and atmosphere of the time of year.

And a seasonal theme isn't the only advantage. If you're planning an eco-conscious wedding, choosing flowers that are in season is essential. This environmentally friendly option means that your flowers have fewer miles to travel, as they can come from a local florist or a nearby field. 

From the delicate pastel toned blooms of spring to the rich colour palette of a winter bouquet, we've gathered some expert advice to create the ultimate wedding flowers by seasons guide to show you the most popular seasonal wedding flowers and the ways in which you can incorporate them into your day.

Seasonal Wedding Flowers

We've sought the expert advice of wedding florist Salina Koleva from Flower Station to help explain which flowers are in season and when. Read on to discover her seasonal recommendations!

Fresh Spring Wedding Flowers

Cutlery and tableware on a table decorated with blush pink roses

Spring is a fantastic time for flowers as they start growing in abundance after the dreary winter is over. During this cheery season you can find plenty of blooms including tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, narcissus, anemones and grape hyacinths to name but a few.

Don’t forget to ask your wedding florist which flowers they are able to source and which blooms would work best with your wedding outfit and colour scheme.

Salina Koleva from Flower Station offers some advice: "The star in my opinion is lily of the valley, highly scented, extremely delicate with tiny bell-shaped flowers, visible from late March and blooming for just a few weeks in May.

"More flowers to choose in spring are peonies, roses (many varieties available), viburnum, muscari, jasmine, gardenia; these are just a few of the many flower types available for spring weddings."

If you're designing a seasonal spring wedding bouquet, Salina has even more tips: "Mix and match different textures. Most of the seasonal favourites are highly scented, pastel coloured and complement each other fantastically well."

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Soft Summer Wedding Flowers

Bride holding a summer wedding bouquet with rose, white and blue colours and trailing greens

If you're planning a summer wedding, sticking to gentle, romantic flowers in light colours like pinks and lilacs to keep things seasonal. Salina’s list of summertime flowers goes “from classic roses to English garden roses, sunflowers, sweet pea, freesia, lavender, poppy, aster, zinnia, calla lily, Queen Anne's lace…there are endless options."

Most outdoor wedding ceremonies tend to take place during summer, giving you the space to get creative with your floral arrangements and wedding decoration ideas. Why not try adding some seasonal herbs, such as dill, mint or lavender? These won't just be a visual treat, but will also give off a lovely scent. 

Foliage is a great way to break up an arrangement of flowers and it can provide the base colour for your wedding bouquet. According to Salina "rosemary, myrtle, olive branches, eucalyptus and fern sprigs" are all in season in the summertime and can add some real depth to your summer floral arrangements

There are plenty of options when it comes to arranging a summer bouquet. Salina advises "Contrast and harmony are key here! Choose vibrant colours, fresh fragrances and add some dry elements for a boho effect."

Any couples planning a rustic wedding might want to consider a sunflower wedding bouquet - these beloved blooms are great for adding some countryside charm to your day. 

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Rich Autumn Wedding Flowers

Bride with a long-sleeved dress standing in front of greenery holding a vibrant bouquet with fuchsia, yellow, blue and green colours

Autumn isn't just pumpkin spice latte season; it's also harvest season, meaning that you'll find a variety of beautifully deep and rich flowers in bloom then. Salina agrees: "Autumn is our ultimate winner for weddings. Leaves are changing and falling and flowers are blooming. Autumn just offers an abundance of stunning blooms and a colour palette full of warm colours.”

We love the idea of using vibrant warm colours such as red and orange in your autumn floral arrangements. Salina says "We love a forest-inspired bouquet, combining red dahlias with golden lilies and some trailing amaranthus, as filler. More blooms in season are pincushions, celosia, cornflowers, cymbidium orchids, honeysuckle and orange-toned leaves."

Don't just limit yourself to flowers when you're decorating your autumn wedding venue. Seasonal fruit such as pumpkins, plums and blackberries will tie in beautifully with your seasonal flowers and other autumn wedding ideas

When it comes to your bouquet, the wilder the better! Salina says "Our go-to bouquet in autumn is a wild-looking one; add fall leaves to give an extra volume and autumnal feel." You can even go the extra mile and design a complete wildflower wedding bouquet

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Wonderful Winter Wedding Flowers

A groom in a kilt stands beside a bride holding a winter bouquet with white roses and blue flowers

There are many ways to create an enchanting atmosphere at your winter wedding venue. Using lots of candles and tea lights in your décor will make the space look magical, and winter wedding flowers will look stunning in this low light.

White or ivory toned flowers are perfect for a winter wedding and a posy of white flowers would complement a fairy-tale wedding dress, especially if romantic roses are used. Red is also a key colour in the winter season and can be found in roses, amaryllis and hellebore. 

Another key colour is blue - perfect for complementing your something old, something new and something borrowed. When it comes to your winter wedding bouquet, Salina advises you to "add blue hydrangea, delphinium or thistle."

"Seasonal, wintery and festive flowers are ranunculus, anemones, poinsettias, amaryllis and an assortment of foliage such as ilex berries, blue pine, brunia, dusty miller, silver dollar eucalyptus, etc."

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