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Sapphire Engagement Rings: 42 Sparkling Styles to Buy Now

If you're considering a sapphire engagement ring for your partner, check out these stunning styles

Sapphire oval ring

Sapphire oval ring

Sapphires carry a sense of sophistication and luxury and have long been associated with romantic love, making them ideal for engagement rings. Worn by the likes of the ever-stylish Kate Middleton, this blue stone is an elegant alternative to a diamond.

If blue is your partner’s favourite colour, why not pop the question with a beautiful sapphire engagement ring? A gorgeous sapphire sparkler is the perfect way to spoil that special person in your life. Its vibrant colour is sure to dazzle and, as a unique ring choice, it can serve as a fitting reflection of you and your partner’s one-of-a-kind bond.

Sapphire gemstones are also traditionally the birthstone for those born in September. If your beloved was born in this month, then a sapphire ring is one of the best ways to propose.

1. White Gold and Sapphire Ring Set – £725, Not On the High Street

If your intended loves rustic style, then this white gold and sapphire ring set from Caroline Brook could be the rustic style engagement ring they have been dreaming of. Cast from a real twig, the detailed band shows all the grooves and knots of the wood and a pretty sapphire completes the ring beautifully.

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2. Gold Sapphire and Diamond Stacking Rings – £1,585, Not On The High Street

Gold stacking rings

If your partner loves a bit of bling, these stackable rings by Amulette at Not On The High Street might just be the perfect way to propose. With a sapphire ring in the centre and two diamond rings encircling it on either side, the set glitters in an elegant way. They can also be mixed and matched, letting your partner get creative with how they wear them.

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3. Vanilla Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Ring – £1,299, Ernest Jones

If you know your other half loves engagement rings with a vintage twist then this vanilla gold, sapphire and diamond ring from Ernest Jones could be the antique-style piece you have been searching for. An oval cut sapphire is surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds, all held in a white gold setting.

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4. 'Cyra' Oval Sapphire And Diamond Engagement Ring – £675, Not On the High Street

We adore this delicate sapphire engagement ring from Anvil and Ivy Jewellery. It draws inspiration from antique jewellery but with a fresh approach. Using a modern rub-over technique to set the stones, the ring is made to be durable. It is also made with ethically sourced diamonds and recycled gold, making it perfect for the environmentally and socially conscious couple.

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5. Vanilla Gold and Sapphire Ombre Ring – £999, Ernest Jones

If you are looking for a truly unusual engagement ring then this ombre sapphire engagement ring from Le Vian collection at Ernest Jones could be just what you have been searching for. A swirl of ombre sapphires cascade around a diamond band to create a stunning wave effect.

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6. Elma 9ct Gold White And Blue Sapphire Cluster Ring - £210, Not On The High Street

Elma white and blue cluster

This elegant sparkler by Amelia May at Not On The High Street is great as a stand-in ring or if your partner likes dainty jewellery. Featuring a white sapphire and two in blue, this ring is sure to catch the eye. 

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7. 9ct Gold Handmade Ianthe Star Blue Sapphire Ring – £750, Liberty London

Sapphire Engagement Rings

If you want an engagement ring that really goes against the trends, then this sapphire ring by Liberty is sure to make a statement. With sapphire stones set in stars, the ring shows off an Art Nouveau flair sure to complement your love’s artsy side.

If you're not sure where to turn for your partner’s engagement ring, it may be time to reach for the stars! 

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8. 9ct White Gold Sapphire Emerald Cut Halo Ring – £600, Goldsmiths

A striking emerald-cut sapphire is the feature point on this beautiful engagement ring from Goldsmiths. The central stone is surrounded by a halo of brilliant-cut diamonds and set onto a polished 9 carat white gold band that maintains an overall sense of understatement that is simply stunning.

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9. 18ct White Gold, Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring – £1,499, Ernest Jones

For a contemporary take on a sapphire engagement ring, this 18-carat white gold design from Ernest Jones is perfect. An emerald-cut sapphire is flanked by sparkling diamonds and mounted onto a modern polished white gold band. It’s an ideal choice if you know your other half wants something different to everyone else.

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10. White Gold Pear Cut Sapphire & Diamond Ring – £425, Goldsmiths

Pear-shaped ring

This design from Goldsmiths is simple but makes a great impact. A nine-carat white gold band features a pear-shaped sapphire at the centre. This style would work just as beautifully with a simple white gold wedding band as it would with a diamond-encrusted wedding band – so if your other half wants to add some serious sparkle then they can!

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11. Oval-Cut Royal Blue Sapphire Solitaire Ring - £1,895, Etsy

Oval cut sapphire

Sometimes, simple is best! This handmade ring from Gem Arts Co on Etsy has an 18-carat gold band with a platinum setting featuring a dazzling sapphire. The understated design is sure to be stylish no matter the decade and promises to be as timeless as your love!

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12. Teal Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring - £3,500, Etsy

Sophia Perez

This handmade 18-carat gold ring by Sophia Perez Jewellery is ethically and sustainably made, perfect for showing your love in a socially and environmentally conscious way. Not to mention the timeless style is sure to make this a treasured heirloom!

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13. Vintage Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring – £2,000, Etsy

This ring by Forever For Love takes its inspiration from Princess Diana’s engagement ring, which was later worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. This timeless style is sure to dazzle now and for years to come.

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14. Art Nouveau Style Sapphire & Diamond Half Eternity Ring - £159, Etsy

Sapphire and diamond band

While technically an eternity ring, this vintage-inspired sparkler features diamonds and sapphires in an exquisite row. The subtle wave in the design provides added visual interest that is sure to take your partner’s breath away. 

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15. Marquise Blue Sapphire Art Deco Ring with Grey Diamonds – £597.01, Etsy

Art deco ring

Looking for a vintage ring to pop the question with? This glittering array of sapphires and diamonds might just do the trick. It has a sense of timeless sophistication and is a one-of-a-kind beauty; perfect to help you show your partner just how much marrying them would mean to you.

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16. DAMIANI Anima White Gold Diamond Aquamarine And Sapphire Ring - £6,700, Goldsmiths

Aquamarine and sapphire

This ring features stunning diamonds, sparkling aquamarine, and, of course, brilliant sapphires for a showstopping display. Arranged in a whimsical and unique way, this ring is sure to speak volumes when you pop the magical question!

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17. 0.76-Carat Round Sapphire Engagement Ring - £1,418.71, Etsy

Round engagement ring

An elegant sapphire is accented by a string of diamonds along the gold band of this exquisite and memorable ring. It glitters with a classic air and is made with recycled and ethically sourced materials, so you and your partner can feel good about buying it too.

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18. Sapphire And Diamond Engagement Ring – £1,875, Not On The High Street

square diamonds and sapphire

There is something both modern and classic about this ring that makes it so pleasing to the eye and a range of personal styles. With a sapphire in the middle and two diamonds on either side, it carries a sense of luxury while remaining understated. 

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19. Twig and Leaf Engagement Ring - £1,631, Etsy

Branch and leaf ring

Those that love nature will adore this elegant ring. A delicate leaf contrasts the bright blue sapphire, all along a band that resembles a branch. Your partner, and the birds, are sure to be singing its praises!

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20. Neil Lane White Gold and Sapphire Engagement Ring – £1,499, Ernest Jones

A gorgeous oval sapphire is surrounded by a halo of diamonds on this impressive engagement ring from the Neil Lane collection at Ernest Jones, with diamond twisted shoulders adding a unique finish to the style. This 14-carat white gold engagement ring is perfect for those who love vintage style and want a ring that is timeless.

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21. Queen of Hearts Polished Gold Blue Sapphire Halo Ring – £2,379, Chupi

There is something very regal about this sapphire ring from Chupi. With a halo of diamonds, this ring takes inspiration from vintage jewellery. Something tells us you’ll want to pass it down!

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22. Londia Jewellery Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring - £827, Etsy

Londia ceylon blue

This ring is made to order and features a chic sapphire surrounded by a halo of diamonds and pave diamonds along the band. The light is sure to shine brilliantly against this stunning design and we have to admit, we can’t stop staring at it.

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23. DAMIANI White Gold Diamond And Sapphire Ring - £6,900, Goldsmiths

Damiani White gold

Looking for a memorable way to show your love to your partner? This unique ring has sapphire bursts accented by diamonds, a design that won’t soon be forgotten. If your partner is always looking to start new trends or likes something a little out of the ordinary, this dazzling piece by Goldsmiths may be just the ticket.

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24. Sapphire Engagement Ring with Tanzanite and Multi-Coloured Sapphires - £1,801.80, Etsy

Multi-coloured sapphire ring

If your partner loves colour then they are bound to be excited about this unique dazzler by William White on Etsy. The sapphire in the centre is perfectly accented by an array of smaller gems in a vivid palette. A piece of artwork for your love!

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25. Kojis White Gold and Sapphire Engagement Ring – £4,750, Liberty London

This stunning sapphire engagement ring from Kojis at Liberty London just epitomises elegance. An oval sapphire stone is surrounded by a cluster of 10 brilliant-cut diamonds, all set on a white gold band. It’s the perfect statement engagement ring with plenty of sparkle – we think this is a dreamy choice.

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26. 'Elara' Montana Sapphire Engagement Ring – £675, Not On the High Street

Montana sapphire ring

This gorgeous engagement ring has an understated sapphire setting with a gold band. The organic shape and simple look create a rustic and refined vibe. It is crafted from recycled gold and is available in yellow, white, and rose gold.

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27. Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring - from £590, Etsy

Ceylon blue sapphire

This understated ring by Diorah Jewellery showcases the brilliant sapphire at its centre beautifully thanks to the striking shape. On either side, the diamonds sparkle for a glittery finish. The ring is ideal for those that want a classic ring with a little unique pop to it!

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28. POLLY WALES Gold Floret Blue and Black Sapphire Ring - £1,820, Liberty London

Floret blue and black

There is something whimsical about this ring by Polly Wales at Liberty London and we are here for it. Blue and black sapphires dance on this yellow gold band, forming a glittering trio. It has an artistic look that is perfect if your partner has a bit of a creative side.

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29. Yellow Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Ring – £2,750, Ernest Jones

If you love the Duchess of Cambridge’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring, then this glittering style from Ernest Jones is simply perfect. A statement oval sapphire is surrounded by round cut diamonds and mounted onto an 18-carat yellow gold band.

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30. 9 Carat White Gold Sapphire & Diamond Ring – £650, Ernest Jones

This engagement ring by Ernest Jones is swirling with sophistication. Featuring a sapphire in the centre with gentle curves throughout the design, it has a vintage quality that makes it a timeless piece. The classic style can serve as a perfect expression of your everlasting love. 

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31. East West Emerald Blue Sapphire Platinum Ring – from £2,200, Fenton

If you are looking for a classic engagement ring, then this elegant design from Fenton & Co could be perfect. A brilliant sapphire is set within a diamond frame on a platinum band. The contrast is visually striking in this modern masterpiece.

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32. 9 Carat Yellow Gold Sapphire & Diamond Ring – £650, Ernest Jones

The gorgeous design of this sapphire ring from Ernest Jones weaves yellow and white gold together, giving it romantic undertones. This asymmetrical design is so stylish and it’s a perfect option for nearly weds who are looking for something a little bit different.

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33. Dinny Hall Gold Ellie Cornflower Blue Sapphire Crown Ring - £750, Liberty London

Sapphire Engagement Rings

With a bit of vintage inspiration, this ring by Dinny Hall at Liberty London features a Georgian-influenced design with three sapphires. It might be just the ring for your love if they are a big fan of the Jane Austen novels and that era!

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34. Agathe Rose Gold and Blue Sapphire Ring – £150, Not On the High Street

This lab grown sapphire engagement ring from Amelia May would be a perfect placeholder ring to propose with – priced at just £150! We love the romantic rose gold band and the unusual pear-shaped sapphire.

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35. Seb Brown 9-carat Gold Neapolitan Blue Sapphire and Aquamarine Signet Ring – £670, Liberty London

Gold organic sapphire

We can’t stop staring at this 9 carat gold ring by Seb Brown from Liberty London. The handmade ring has sapphire and aquamarine stones that glitter in a stunning and complementary way. Its unusual shape has a fashion-forward sensibility, great if your partner loves to start trends!

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36. Luna Polished Gold Oval Halo Sapphire and Diamond Ring - £4,989, Chupi

Luna sapphire

There is something about this ring by Chupi that evokes another era. It conjures up images of Hollywood red carpets and vintage styles that makes it a classic piece.

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37. Kojis Platinum 1900s Belle Epoch Sapphire and Diamond Ring - £7,500, Liberty London

Belle Epoch sapphire

For those that love vintage, this ring from Kojis at Liberty London is the perfect choice. The antique band glitters with sophistication thanks to its large sapphire set amongst an exquisite arrangement of diamonds. It’s a piece you'll want to hand down as an heirloom.

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38. By Request White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring - £2,100, Goldsmiths

White gold emerald cut

This engagement ring from Goldsmiths is a sure showstopper, with a bold sapphire in a large emerald cut. With 18 carat gold in white and yellow as well as a halo of diamonds, it’ll easily show how much you care.

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39. Sapphire And Diamond Three Stone Ring In 9 Carat White Gold - £1,000, Goldsmiths

Three sapphire emerald cut

Three emerald-cut sapphires glitter along this 9 carat white gold band, encircled by diamonds. The overall look of this ring by Goldsmiths is luxurious, ideal for your partner if they love a bit of glamour.

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40. Blue Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring - £990, Etsy

Etsy star ring

Show your commitment with this elegant gold ring by Diorah Jewellery! The glittering sapphire is accented by diamonds on each side for a sense of style that is hard to beat. Yesterday, today, or tomorrow, this classic ring is sure to be trendy.

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41. Astley Clarke 14-Carat Gold Blue Sapphire Stacking Ring - £325, Liberty London

Stackable ring

If sapphires are your partner’s favourite gem, then you can’t go wrong with this elegant ring by Astley Clarke at Liberty London. The 14-carat gold ring is made for stacking, making it simple to pair with the wedding band. It also suits as a placeholder ring, with its slim look and seven dazzling sapphires.

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42. White Gold Sapphire & Diamond Ring - £1,499, Ernest Jones

Silver Ernest Jones

When in doubt, it’s hard to go wrong with a simple and classic design. This ring by Ernest Jones shows the power of a timeless look and, with a sparkling sapphire flanked by diamonds, it’ll let your love shine through.

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Once you’ve got the engagement ring, now all you need are some perfect proposal ideas! Once your partner has said yes and the wedding planning has begun, you may want to read our tips on choosing your wedding rings.