32 Gorgeous Wedding Nail Ideas (That Aren’t Just ‘Nude’)

From delicate nail art to subtle accent nails and statement shades you might not have thought of, these unique bridal manicure ideas will offset that new wedding ring perfectly…



A classic nude polish worn on your wedding day is a timeless option, but how about if you’re more of a neon nail lover or nail art devotee day to day?

Whether you want to reflect your usual style, fancy incorporating ‘something blue’ into your wedding day beauty routine or are simply craving a seriously memorable mani to team with your box-fresh wedding ring, we’ve got all of the wedding day nail ideas you could dream of.

Take your cues from the nail pros in the know…

1. Gold Foil Tips and Cuticles

Beauty guru Alessandra Steinherr’s bridal nail collection for London’s DryBy salon is still going strong two years after launch thanks to its ever-chic aesthetic. Think interesting touches over trend-led nail art and beautiful detail added to a simple nude or red base.
Here, gold foil is used minimally but to mighty effect. Layer it with a neutral polish that matches your skin tone so that it just catches the light (CND Shellac in Negligee and Beau are used here to create a creamy nude).

2. Something Blue

A baby blue manicure is elevated with a central gold star added to each nail. If your wedding ring is also gold, this look would tie in wonderfully – source gold nail art trinkets from a local haberdashers or craft shop.

3. Olive You

Pardon the pun, but if your default daily wardrobe consists of neutrals and earthy hues, this olive toned mani will be just your vibe. It’ll chime especially well with foliage heavy, boho wedding styling.

4. The Talismanic Mani

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Warding off that bad Corona juju ????

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An evil eye talisman is said to protect you from harm and ward off malevolent forces, which seems like an apt token to take with you into the beginning of married life. (Opt for long lasting gel nails and its positive omens will carry over into your honeymoon too).

5. Neon on Nude

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Throwback ???????? #nails #tbt #nailart

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Fancy being a hi-vis bride? This electric orange French manicure fuses the simplicity of a nude manicure with a zingy orange ‘rind’. It’s elegant yet unexpected and an easy one to achieve at home – a bright orange nail pen will help you to achieve those electric tips. Just don’t forget to ‘cap’ the top of the nail by taking polish vertically over the tip to prevent chipping.

6. Blue Cuticles

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It’s electric! Neon Blue #electric accent #nailart using @nailsinc #brightambition in #notinvited #nailsinc Base coat @essie #gossamergarments #essielove

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A similar idea but in reverse – drawing a thin blue line at your cuticles is another way to incorporate ‘something blue’ in a low-key manner. For ultimate sheen, regularly buff and apply cuticle oil to your nail bed in the run up to your wedding for a healthy ‘naked nail’ finish. Then all you need is a lick of transparent nail polish and a shot of bright blue as the focus – nail artist Betina Goldstein used Nails Inc Bright Ambition in Not Invited at the cuticle for this look.

7. Girl with a Pearl

Get your hands on a clutch of pearls (probably not the real deal unless you’re feeling extra extravagant) and some nail glue then get crafty with your nails at your tiny canvas. Silver tips add even more glimmer.

8. Honeymoon Hands

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“To have and to hold” a play on sheer and opaque white with echoing moons. New on

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Graphic white half moons painted onto a pale pink base colour make this ‘to have and to hold’ mani pleasingly symmetrical. It’s nude nails, but not as you know them. Practice with an eyeliner brush and a steady hand or reserve it for in-salon inspiration.

9. Earn Your Stripes

Glittery gold lines on a nearly naked base achieve an ethereal finish that’ll suit every dress style and wedding aesthetic. A striping tool will help you to nail those straight lines if you’re going DIY.

10. Half and Half

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Keeping it short and simple (#colorcamp nails and pic by @mini.nailstudio)

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Can’t decide between nude nails or a bright red mani on your big day? You don’t need to add more decision making tasks to your plate – wear both. Keep colour close to your skin tone at the base of the nail and block it off with a raspberry red halfway up the nail. It’s bold without being too ‘out there’.

11. Lace Effect Nails

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Who else is currently living in their oversized jumpers? ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️ @ninanailedit

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Like a floral veil for your nails, this dainty floral design is far easier than you’d think – it was achieved using nail wraps. If you’re especially dexterous you could recreate this lace-like masterpiece with a small nail brush or alternatively order Scratch wraps online. Bridal manicures don’t come simpler.

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12. Disco Manicure

If there’s a time to glitter bomb your nails, your wedding day is surely it. Shared by What’s On My Nails, the artist recommends opting for a single coat of glittery polish for a sheer effect, building up to three for pure disco inferno. It’s one to save if you’ve got a festive wedding planned in particular.

13. On Cloud 9

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Pink sky at night…… using Angela and Whitney EVO ☁️????????

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If you’re praying for a dreamy pink sunset on your wedding night you may as well set the scene on your hands first. This is a bridal mani straight from the heavens – you could mix up the base colour to powder blue for ‘day’ or navy for ‘dead of night’ style nails. It adds a whole new meaning to ‘always take the weather with you’.

14. Take It of Leaf It

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A little bit Roman goddess, a lot boho bride, this twisting vine leaf manicure pops thanks to a pale base coat and tiny sequins that mimic water droplets on leaves. One for gardening fans and spring weddings.

15. Wild Thing

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Let's start the day!!! minimal nails @justlikesushi

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A leopard print accent nail brings a playful touch to an otherwise minimalist manicure. It’s also incredibly simple to achieve – just use a nail polish dotter to splodge on spots. No worries if they’re uneven – Mother Nature would approve.

16. Red, White and Blue

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Simply celebrating ????????

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Whether you’re feeling patriotic or have a weak spot for a colour-blocked manicure, this creative ‘cuticle and tip’ nail art idea is uncomplicated yet oh so cool. Perfect for an American bride too, who wants to make a subtle hark to her heritage.

17. Ahead of the Curve

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Shift into neutral with our limited-edition Labor Day manicure.

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Combine a neutral hue and lighter cream shade to art deco effect with this curved nail art idea. Valentino clutch optional. A small stencil will help you paint on clean outlines if you’re going down the DIY route.

18. Cherry on Top

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For Margarita ????????

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Another easy on the eye (and piece of cake to paint) nail art idea that puts plain white and cherry red side by side. Wear the same shade on your lips for seamless wedding beauty cohesion.

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19. Paint the Rainbow

This is one for the pros among you, or you can buy these rainbow stickers from the US if you really have your heart set on achieving this joyful manicure at home. The pale pink base coat makes the rainbows all the brighter.

20. Heart of Darkness

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Black dainty hearts! ???? Featuring "Amour" from our new SS20 Collection. Love, Team T x #TOWNHOUSECLASSIC

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Neat black hearts prevent this romantic manicure from veering into overly saccharine territory. Visit London’s Townhouse salon and ask for ‘Amour’ from the SS20 collection – these dark hearts on a ballet shoe pink base will be yours in no time. All designs are also customisable to your preferred colourway and style so don’t be afraid to go off-menu or ask for inspiration (if you need more after reading this that this…).

21. On the Dot

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Done at @mahashspain

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Even if you don’t arrive at the wedding ceremony precisely on time, your mani will be spot on. Blue and white is always right on your wedding day and this simple nail art look is child’s play to paint yourself – start with an opaque white base and blob on a bright blue with a dotter. Pale shades can be tricky to paint on evenly, however, so heed nail expert Leighton Denny MBE’s advice:

“Roll the nail polish bottle between your hands to mix it up before you apply. Don’t shake the bottle – this creates those annoying air bubbles that ruin a perfectly good paint job.”

22. Scalloped Edges

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#Snow Capped // #Holiday #Nails week 3 // tag me if you recreate!

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Got a scallop edged wedding dress or clutch? This bridal manicure will be the perfect match. Combine polka dots with a chic scalloped tip over a neutral base for a sartorial spin on the traditional French manicure.

23. Fresh as a Daisy

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2 in 1 day? This is what happens during #socialdistancing ???? ring by @doublemossjewelry #handpainted #daisy #negativespacenails #nailart

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Another fresh idea for spring wedding nails, this floral nail art idea puts daisies front and centre but you could swap it out to focus on a key bloom in your wedding bouquet. Peonies on your pinky?

24. Pastel Paintwork

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Spring is almost here. Sign up to be the first to meet Spring 2020 – waitlist open now.

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A spring fling for those more into graphic shapes than florals – team a grey blue with a clean line of light pink and the tip on the nails for muted statement nails.

25. Count Your Lucky Stars

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Party-perfect manicure! Book your Christmas nails with us at ???? Featuring "Wish Upon A Star" from our new and exclusive Festive Nail Collection. Love, Team T x #TOWNHOUSEMANI

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Whether you’ve already planned a star-themed wedding or simply fancy some celestial details for your bridal manicure, this ‘red on nude’ option is an understated way to add a scattering of stars to your wedding day styling.

26. Naked Hearts

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Heart cut outs *inserts ASMR scissor sounds* ♥️✂️♥️for Valentines Day ???? #valentinesday #vday #nails #nailart #love #hearts

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Wear your heart on your sleeve with this burgundy heart nail art – alternate cut-outs keep things cool, not sickly.

27. Silver Linings

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May your nails be ????Merry & Bright ????

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A metallic manicure that would shine even brighter when teamed with silver jewellery, this colour-blocked nail art is no sweat to DIY – a small nail art brush and a deep breath will do it. The fact that metallic polish dries quicker than other formulas is a nail art blessing too.

28. Walk the Line

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For Toma ????????

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Draw a white seam across nude nails for a minimalist nail art addition – if you thought that nail art was too ‘cutesy’ for you, this one will change your mind.

29. French Glitter

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Half basic / Half @Beyonce this #labordayweekend for Bey's bday. #VirgoSeason

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Nail artist Jessica Washick dedicated this nail art look to Beyoncé and if that’s not a wedding day mood we’re not sure what is. A spangly upgrade of the time-honoured French manicure, it fuses basic with Queen B and we’re here for it.

30. L.O.V.E.

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A sunday kind of love ????

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Alphabet nail art that spells out what your day is all about – use clear, black typography over shiny nude nails to show the love on your hands. Nail stickers make this look a cinch to achieve at home and you could mix it up to spell your partner’s name (or choose another word that’s meaningful to you both).


31. Pick ‘n’ Mix Nudes

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There’s a reason she’s the ombré queen. Went live with @thisislaurendavis and she showed us one of our fave manis yet. ????????

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Paint nails a different shade within a tonal colour palette for an easy twist on the ombré nail trend. This bridal manicure is ideal for those that find choosing a nail polish shade excruciating – decision paralysis no more!

32. Gold Stars

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It’s all in the stars ✨ using “seeing stars duo” from @nailsinc available at @sephora #sponsored #nailsinc #nailart #starnails

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Sprinkle gold stars on one side on your nail plate for instant star power that requires no arty expertise on your part – nail pro Betina used Nails Inc Seeing Stars Nail Polish Duo to get the look.

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