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Wedding Nails: 53 Classy Wedding Nail Ideas for Every Style of Bride

From trendy ombre colours and wild nail art, to classy and elegant nails for a more natural look, there's a wedding nail design here for every type of bride

Nude wedding nails with swirly white tip lined with gold polish

As well as deciding on your wedding hairstyle and what kind of bridal makeup look you're going to have, choosing which wedding nails you go for on the big day is another pretty important decision if you ask us! It's more than just your regular mani, this is wedding nails for a bride we're talking about.

You want to opt for classy wedding nails that are going to emulate your usual style, whilst also feeling special enough to rock at a wedding. To help you choose what nail colour to have for your wedding, and what style you want, we have 53 of the most elegant wedding day nail ideas you've ever seen.

Whilst most nearlyweds - 82% to be specific - opt for a nude nail or classic French tip (we ran a whole survey on this - more details below!), we know that now more than ever, people are getting seriously creative with their nail ideas for a wedding.

Wedding Nails: 53 Classy Wedding Nail Ideas for Every Style of Bride

To ensure there's wedding nail inspo for every type of bride, we've included fun and unique wedding nail art designs, a section on the ever-popular ombre nail trend, and of course, plenty of simple wedding nails, embracing classy and elegant designs and styles.

With ideas for short wedding nails, and acrylic designs as long as they get, there truly is something for everyone in this roundup. Now the only problem you have is deciding which one to go for - but because we're lovely, we've enlisted tips from industry experts who advise when to get your wedding nails done and offer insight into how to choose the perfect style for you. 

Simple & Classy Wedding Nails

When it comes to choosing between the best wedding nail ideas, there's no category we love more than the simple and classy designs. Simple wedding nails can still be absolute showstoppers, with pearly designs and French tip wedding nails that have unique twists, the options are endless!

1. Pearl Wedding Nails With French Manicure

Model with a pearl studded French manicure

If you want wedding nails that are classy with a pretty modern touch to them, get your hands on some pearls and nail glue then get crafty with your nails as your tiny canvas. If you're considering a pearl wedding dress they'll match perfectly, and we love when its paired with a classic French tip like OPI have done here.

2. Simple Wedding Nails in Warm Nude

simple nude long rounded wedding nails painted in two nude tones

If you're a less is more type of person, why not opt for simple wedding nails using two very similar nude tones. At a first glance, these elegant wedding nails by The Hot Blend are all one shade of nude, but if you look closely, a slightly lighter shade ha been used to add round borders to each nail. It's such a subtle design and so classy, too.  

3. Nude Wedding Nails With Gold Detail

nude wedding nails long and rounded with a glitter white tip and gold dot

Giving a twist to your classic French tip wedding nails is this design which features a pinky nude nail with sparkly white tip and a simple gold circle in the centre of each nail. The speckles of gold in the tip of these nails by nail artist Musta really bring this design together. Style with gold jewellery or a gold bridal clutch to complete the look. 

4. Rose Gold Wedding Nails With Cuticle Detail

Short natural length nude wedding nails with white cuticle reverse french tip

Give your reverse French tip wedding nails a glow up by opting for a sumptuous rose gold base colour, like nail artist Charlotte Knight has used here. This particular shade of rose gold has a pearlescent finish to it, which contrasts beautifully against the stark white cuticle detail. 

5. Classy Wedding Nails With Gold Tip

nude wedding nails with gold tips

If you want gold wedding nails, but aren't a fan of all-over colouring, why not use this design by The Hot Blend as inspo and opt for a gold French tip design. Gold and nude are two colours which work perfectly together and they look particularly beautiful when styled as a French manicure. 

6. Monochrome French Tip Wedding Nails

Two hands with nude wedding nails, one hand has white french tips and the other has black french tips

We actually love black wedding nails, especially if you're opting for an on-trend black wedding dress. But even if you're going more traditional with your outfit, black is a super cool colour to wear on your nails, especially when used in a French tip design.

You can go for all-black French tips, or contrast it with the classic white tips for a monochrome look like the one above by The Hot Blend

7. White Bride Wedding Nails

Long rounded white wedding nails with the fourth finger in white and nude stripes

Nothing says bridal wedding nails than white, and there's lots you can do with white polish if plain nails aren't for you. Here, the nail artist has kept simple wedding nail designs on four of the five nails, and opted for a striped design on the fourth finger.

The contrast on these nails by Nails by Alsn is so pretty, and having both of your fourth fingers in a different design will bring even more attention to the sparkler on the other hand!

8. Nude Wedding Nails With Glitter

Model with a pink and silver manicure

Celebrity manicurist and Mylee senior brand ambassador, Tinu Bello, explains why these nails by Townhouse are super on trend, "A trend that has been huge this year is the milky mani and the shimmering white nails are so fittingly bridal. It's a softer It's a softer version of a stark white manicure but adds a bit more colour than a sheer nude.

"Plus, you don't need to grow out your natural nails, or sign up for extensions for milky nails to look great. For a DIY look, I'd recommend Mylee's sheer nudes range, the Mylee nudes gel polish trio. A top tip from me would be to mix some of your colour with base coat to sheer it out and give a milkier effect."

9. Gold Wedding Nails With Tip & Cuticle Detail

Model with a gold foil manicure

Gold foil is used minimally, but to mighty effect on this manicure by Dryby. We love the way the nail technician has alternated the tip and cuticle detail, mixing it up on each nail. Layer it with a neutral polish that matches your skin tone so that it just catches the light.

10. Natural Wedding Nails With Diamond Tips

Model with a crystal tipped manicure

If you're wearing a diamond dazzler on your finger, why not match your manicure to it? Using this design by Betina Goldstein as inspiration, arm yourself with rhinestones, nail glue and a steady hand and you're good to go - and it looks particularly good on natural wedding nails, as opposed to pairing with a super bright colour. 

11. Milk-Coloured Classy Wedding Nails

Model with plain wedding nails

When your engagement ring is as special as this, simple wedding nails will do the job. As mentioned by Mylee, the milky nail trend is a really popular choice and we can see why - it's so simple but choosing a pearly colour adds a sheen that still makes the nails stand out. 

We couldn't help but include this nail-ring combo we spotted on the James Allen Rings insta - so pretty!

12. Pink Wedding Nails with Glitter Heart

long rounded wedding nails with pink glitter all over, and one nude cut out heart on the fourth finger

If you want pink wedding nails that feel really romantic and special, ask your nail artist to use this design created by Nails by Alsn as inspiration. The glitter polish has been used solidly on all of the nails. leaving just one with a nude cut-out heart - very apt for the day you marry the love of your life, don't you think?

13. Heart Wedding Nail Art

Nude wedding nails with white love hearts painted on them with gold outlines

Sticking with the theme of love and hearts is this simple wedding design by The Hot Blend adorned with white and gold love hearts. Classy wedding nails have never looked so good, and the scattering of the hearts being different on each nail makes it even more interesting to look at. 

14. Floral French Tip Wedding Nails

rounded pink wedding nails with white tip and small painted flowers

Link your wedding flowers and nail design together with a pretty design like this one by Nails by Alsn. We love the idea of wedding nails with a French tip, but adding cute flowers on top is genius. You can have your nail artist personalise the design to match whichever blooms you pick for your special day. See which wedding flowers are in season here. 

Tinu adds, "Floral for weddings may not be ground-breaking, but they are a gorgeous nod to all things bridal and this blushed version is a beautiful way to add a pop of colour to nails.

"To create this sweet and joyful nail look at home, you can add length with Fix n Flash in Long CoffinBlush Builder Gel, Break The Ice and the beautiful blush shade, Candy Girl."

15. Dark Nude Wedding Nails with Double Tip

Hand with three nails painted in dark nude, and two with a dark nude tip

If you prefer a darker nude colour for your wedding nail design, consider this shade or a similar mink colour for the day. Opting for some solid nails and some with tips helps to break up the colour so it feels more wedding-appropriate. We love this Nails by Alsn design for a winter wedding!

16. Natural Wedding Nails With Swirl Art

Natural length nude wedding nails with yellow swirl on each one

Pastel yellow is one of our favourite wedding nail colours, but if you want a more natural look on the day, do what Charlotte Knight has done and swirl thin lines of white and yellow across a shiny nude base for a really pretty finish. 

17. Nude Glitter Wedding Nails

Rounded wedding nails in nude with silver glitter polished on top

Glitter wedding nails can still be subtle and elegant, as shown here with this sparkly design from Nails by Annabel M. A shiny silver glitter has been rubbed on top of a pastel pink to create a beautiful shine that isn't too overpowering. If you're wearing a wedding dress with lots of beading or jewels, these will match perfectly.

18. Pink Wedding Nails With Diamantes

Long rounded pale pink wedding nails with scattered diamantes glued on to them

Another way to spice up pink wedding nails is to add diamantes to them. By spreading the gems out instead of having them everywhere, both the pretty pink colour and the sparkling jewels get to stand out in equal measure. These nails by Over Glowed It would also make pretty bridesmaid nails if the crew are wearing pink bridesmaid dresses

19. Bride Wedding Acrylic Nails With White Lines

Model with white lined wedding nails

You can't go wrong with a French tip wedding nail design, but if you want something a little different from your go-to salon request, consider this unique design by Bham B Nails instead. The striking white lines add a really interesting finish and look amazing when painted onto a coffin-shaped acrylic nail. 

20. Silver Wedding Nails With French Tip

Long silver rounded wedding nails with white tip

We love silver nails for a wedding day look, especially when they're designed using a sheer silver. Semi-translucent silver polish gives a pearly effect when applied lightly. Pairing that with a French tip, like Nails by Alsn has done here, is a fail-safe wedding nail design that would look good on any nail shape or length. 

21. Elegant Sage Green Wedding Nails

Sage green coffin shaped wedding nails with stark white borders

Classy wedding nails don't have to be nude, as proved here by nail technician Musta. Green wedding nails can work for super elegant wedding themes when done in the right shade, and hear us when we say sage green is the right shade. It's particularly good to use if you're having a botanical wedding theme - we do love a bit of matchy-matchy. 

22. Regal Gold French Tip Nail Art

Nude wedding nails with swirly white tip lined with gold polish

If you're getting married at a historic wedding venue, or just love nail art with a regal feel to it, use this gold French tip by The Hot Blend as inspiration. Each nail has its own unique design and French tip shape to it, which is bordered beautifully by thick gold lining. 

23. Glitter Wedding Nails With White Art

Model with a white sheer shimmery manicure

For a subtle touch of shimmer look to this swirly white set by Over Glowed It. The nature of the white lines give an icicle effect, making them perfect for a winter wedding, or any bash taking place somewhere super elegant and fancy, and it will pair perfectly with a diamond engagement ring!

24. Marble Wedding Nail Design

Model with a white and pink marble manicure

This dreamy set by Nails by Paulin is perfect if you want simple wedding nails with a trendy twist. Ask your local nail bar for a marble manicure and they'll know exactly what you're talking about. It's an even better choice if you're planning on having a marble wedding cake and want everything to be cohesive.

25. Asymmetric Glitter Wedding Nails

Model with a glittery manicure

For minimalists who still want their wedding manicure to make an impact, this modern style by Duck and Dry is ideal. The glittery tips will sparkle and shine under fairy lights and camera flashes, and having it on just one side of the nail makes it different from regular glitter French tips.

26. Ring Finger Love Heart Natural Nails

Model with a heart manicure

Temu says, "The current clean girl trend celebrates the simplicity of a natural nail. This is perfect for those brides or those in the bridal party that want healthy looking nails that are understated," and we couldn't agree more.

We love the clean, natural nail look on these nails by Iram Shelton, and it works particularly well when adding a simple-yet-fun element like this single glitter heart. So cute!

Fun Wedding Nail Designs

If you want to inject a little fun into your wedding nails, you'll love these designs. Filled with wedding nail art and unique ideas you won't have seen before, these are our favourite bride wedding nails for fun chicks. 

27. Pink Wedding Nail Art With Hearts

Model with a pink heart manicure

We couldn't think of a better theme for bride wedding nails than love and hearts, and this design by OPI does it so well. The swirls keep things romantic and cute while the love hearts add a playful element to the design. We also love the contrast of shades, too. One pink just isn't enough, right?

28. Red Wedding Nails With Polka Dots

one red wedding nail with the rest painted in nude with red pola dot tips

Red is such a striking colour, and a popular one for those choosing to wear a red wedding lipstick, too. Red wedding nails are meant to stand out, but if you'd prefer a slightly more subtle look, consider a design like this one by Nails by Sandra B which combines block red polish with polka dot tips.

29. Pink Wedding Nails With Glitter Rainbow

Model with a metallic glitter manicure

If there’s a time to glitter bomb your nails, your wedding day is surely it. We recommend opting for a single coat of glittery polish for a sheer effect, building up to three for pure disco inferno like these Colour Camp nails. It’s one to save if you’ve got a festive wedding planned in particular.

30. Blue Wedding Nails With Gold Star Detail

Model with a pale blue and gold star manicure

Baby blue wedding nails are elevated here with the addition of a central gold star on each nail. If your wedding ring is also gold, this look by Over Glowed It would tie in wonderfully – source gold nail art trinkets from a local haberdashery or craft shops. It can also count as your 'something blue' as well!

31. Bright Blue Wedding Nails With Inverse Cuticle

wedding nails with natural cuticle area and bright blue polish everywhere else

From pastel blue to bright blue wedding nails - we love them all. Especially this vibrant blue wedding nail art by technician Musta - the inverse cuticle is so striking and the contrast between nude and blue just make the bright shade pop even more. Love, love, love. 

32. Nude Wedding Nails With Gold Décor

nude wedding nails with gold stars, hearts and gems scattered all over them

The thing we love about these elegant bridal nails is the fact that you could personalise them to make them so bespoke to you. Nails by Annabel M have chosen to go with stars, hearts and gems for their design, but you could choose literally anything! Pick gems and colours that match your theme for a totally personalised look.

33. Lilac Wedding Nails With Gems

nude wedding nails with asymmetrical drip lilac tips and diamonds in the middle

Purple wedding nails may not be the first shade that come to mind for you, but what about a pastel version? We love these lilac wedding nails by Nails by Sandra B - the hue is so light and subtle, and has been painted on in such a unique way to create a drip effect in lieu of traditional tips. We also like that there are glitter and gems involved. 

34. Cute White & Black Wedding Nails

Model with black heart decorated wedding nails

A black heart motif brings a playful touch to an otherwise minimalist manicure. It’s also incredibly simple to achieve – just use a nail dotting tool to create the hearts like Nails Best Nails have done here.

Pale shades can be tricky to paint on evenly, however, so heed nail expert Leighton Denny MBE’s advice: “Roll the nail polish bottle between your hands to mix it up before you apply. Don’t shake the bottle – this creates those annoying air bubbles that ruin a perfectly good paint job.”

35. Pastel Polka Dot Wedding Nail Design

Model with colourful polka dot wedding nails

At first glance this manicure looks like a simple wash of nude but upon closer inspection it's adorned with colourful pastel polka dots! Use a different colour for each finger like this nearlywed, or keep the colour theme cohesive. We absolutely love the subtlety of this design on Charlotte Emily Beauty, and how small the dots are, but you could go bigger for a more impactful look.

36. Gold & Blue Wedding Nail Art

Model with blue wedding nails

If you're looking for classy wedding nails that have something unique about them, these nails by The Hot Blend are all the inspiration you need. Blue wedding nails have never looked as good as they do here - there's so much to love. The thick gold lining elevates the design and also gives it a three dimensional feel that is super dynamic.

37. Seashell Classy Wedding Nails

pink nude wedding nails with a pearl in the middle and sea shell acrylic detail

Getting married at a beachy coastal wedding venue? If so, you absolutely need themed nails - and what better theme than seashells? These elegant, classy wedding nails by Musta have the most beautiful pearlescent, neutral colour scheme to them, which works perfectly with the theme - and we love the addition of the pearl as well as it really completes the sea theme. 

38. Gold Confetti Nude Nails

nude wedding nails with gold confetti detail towards the tip

Confetti pictures are one of our fave shots on the day, so why not get the celebrations started early with confetti nails like these ones by Nails by Alsn? It's the perfect way to show everyone you're ready to celebrate, and it's a great way to embrace the glamour that comes with gold wedding nails. But if gold isn't your colour, it would also work well with other metallic colours like silver or rose gold. 

39. Gold Celestial Wedding Nail Art

Model with a gold star manicure

Whether you’ve already planned a star-themed wedding or have a celestial wedding dress on your radar, this twinkling option is an understated way to add a scattering of stars to your wedding day styling.

Nail technician Charlotte Knight has used a deep copper gold to create this design, which works so well with a pinkier nude base, but if you went for a cooler milky base, a bright gold or silver would look amazing, too.

40. Red & Pink Wedding Nails With Heart Tips

Model with a pink and red heart manicure

Can’t decide between red wedding nails or a bright pink mani on your big day? You don’t need to add more decision-making-tasks to your plate – wear both and use these Leighton Denny Nails as your inspo!

Keep the colour lighter at the base of the nail and block it off with a vibrant red halfway up. If you want to add an extra bit of va-va-voom, add some gold along the line of the heart to make it stand out even more.

41. Pink, Red & Nude Wedding Nail Art

rounded wedding nails with pink, nude and red heart shapes

Another take on heart wedding nails is to paint two or three heart silhouettes on top of one another, in shades that work well together. This style by Musta works particularly well on coffin or almond shaped nails as the rounded tip makes the heart shape feel more natural. Pink, nude and red all work well together, but shake up the order to go from nude, to pink, to red to create an ombre nail feel. 

42. Gold & Nude Butterfly Nail Art

Model with butterfly gold wedding nails

If you love long acrylic nails for a wedding, a style like this butterfly tip will suit you perfectly - it's a pretty intricate design so we recommend heading to the nail pros like The Hot Blend if you want this for your special day.

Butterflies are such a beautiful animal to have on your wedding nails, but this could act as inspiration for ways to incorporate other animals. We could see golden bees perhaps, or cute kittens - the possibilities are endless!

43. Yellow Lemon Bridal Wedding Nail Art 

Model with a lemon manicure

Getting married abroad? These cute wedding nails by Imarni Nails were simply made for nuptials in sunnier climes - particularly if you're planning on tying the knot among glorious lemon trees. If yellow isn't your colour, why not replicate a similar design with oranges or apples for an orange or red wedding nail design?

44. Dark Navy Wedding Nails With White Detail

Blue and navy wedding nails with a bright white spot on each one

If all these bright and nude nail designs aren't for you, why not consider a darker look, like this wavy navy and black wedding nail design by Musta? Black and navy wedding nails have a really classy and elegant feel to them, and particularly suit winter weddings and special occasions with glamorous themes. Ask all your guests to wear black tie attire for a truly glam occasion. 

Ombre Wedding Nails

Although bride wedding nails don't tend to follow trends per se, there is one nail trend which is so versatile, it's managed to stick. Ombre wedding nails are such a popular trend, and for good reason, too. There's two ways to rock ombre nails, you can either have the ombre effect on one nail, or have nails in ombre shades, going from light to dark, or vice versa. 

45. Coffin Acrylic Nails With Sage Green Tip

nude pointy coffin wedding nails with green ombre tips going from dark to light from left to righ

Green wedding nails are a vibe if you're planning a rustic wedding and want colours that'll go with your venue and overall vibe, and why choose just one shade when you can have them all as an ombre wedding nail set? Using these The Hot Blend nails, you get to enjoy pastel, sage and deep forest greens all in one nail set - dreamy no?

46. Nude to Brown Ombre Wedding Nails

Model with nude long manicure

Paint nails a different shade within a tonal colour palette for an easy twist on the ombré nail trend. These classy wedding nails by Styled by Nana are ideal for those that find choosing a nail polish shade excruciating and the contrast of matte and shine finish is dreamy. 

47. Inside-Out Pink & White Ombre Nails

Long coffin shaped acrylic nails with pink on the inside, leading to a white ombre on the outside

For a fairy-tale look, we love this ombre pink wedding nail idea by Over Glowed It. Having the burst of colour in the middle and working the ombre effect from the inside out is so unique and gives off such a different feel in comparison other ombre designs.

If pink wedding nails aren't your vibe, why not swap the colour out for something that's better suited to you? We think this look would look so classy with blue or lilac as the middle colour. 

48. Peachy Orange Ombre Wedding Nail Designs

ombre wedding nails that goes from nude at the cuticle to orange at the tip

We love it when nail technicians bring colour into their wedding nail ideas - and there's no prettier shade than this peachy orange used by Imarni Nails. Perfect for summer weddings and destination celebrations alike, bright pops of colour are the perfect way to liven up your wedding day look whilst still feeling classically bridal. 

49. Glitter Cuticle Wedding Nails With Ombre Effect

nude wedding nails that ombre from white to nude with black glitter along the cuticles

This could be the most subtle ombre wedding nail design we've ever seen, but we absolutely love it. Sometimes the more subdued a nail design is, the more beautiful it appears and that's definitely the case with this design by Imarni Nails. And as far as wedding nail ideas go, decorating your cuticle line with black glitter has to be one of the best ones out there, don't you agree?

What better way to add glamour to your bridal nails than black glitter, and if you'd prefer something more neutral, nude, silver or pastel pink glitter would all work perfectly, too. 

50. Gold Wedding Nails With Ombre Tone

ombre wedding nails that are rounded and go from silver to gold

Another subtle ombre example is this gold wedding nail set by Charlotte Knight. Ombre nails don't have to have a huge colour transition to stand out and this design proves it. The metallic sheen is so eye-catching and we love that it transcends from a silvery metallic shade to a warm golden hue. Those who love shiny nail designs should definitely bank this one for inspo.

51. Squared Black Ombre Bridal Nails

black wedding nails that are long and squared that go from light grey to black

One of our favourite wedding nail ideas of all has to be this black ombre design. You already know we're a fan of black wedding nails - it's a vibe - so why not combine one trend with another and style them in an ombre fashion?

This style by Nails by Alsn has black covering the majority of the nail, with a small fraction of light grey ombre by the cuticle, but you could always introduce more light into your own nails by having a half and half ombre instead. 

52. Classy Bridal Nails With Glitter Ombre

white shiny wedding nails that have glitter ombre from the cuticles

If two block colours feel a bit harsh for your personal style, combine simple, natural wedding nails with ombre techniques by opting for a nude or neutral base and using fine glitter to create the ombre effect. Imarni Nails has demonstrated this technique perfectly here.

By having the glitter more concentrated at the start of the nail, and making it more sparse as it moves up, you create the same ombre feel that you'd get with block colours - genius!

53. Nude to Pink Ombre Wedding Nails

long rounded nude wedding nails that ombre into a pink tip

To end our journey through the best wedding nail ideas - sorry, it's almost over - we thought we'd go full circle and finish things off with with a simple, elegant and classy wedding nail design that merges simplistic design with our fave ombre trend. So here it is, the nude to pink ombre wedding nails by Over Glowed It - aren't they stunning!? 

How Long Before a Wedding Do You Get Nails Done?

If you're wondering how many days before a wedding you should get nails done, you've come to the right place. Along with advice from UK nail experts, we also asked our Hitched users what they thought was the perfect amount of time before a wedding to perfect your mani. 

The team at Duck & Dry advise, "We'd say as a rule, get your bridal nails three or four days before the wedding, but if you know that your nails grow extra fast, we'd suggest keeping it as close to your wedding as possible. There's nothing better than fresh nails for your special day."

And the public agree, with very similar opinions coming out of a recent poll* we ran on the Hitched Instagram account. When asking users how long before a wedding to get nails done, giving the options of two weeks, one week, two days and the morning of, a staggering 82% said two days before the wedding. 

17% opted for one week before, 1% said the morning of (we agree - you don't need a nail app the morning of your wedding guys!), and no one voted for two weeks before. So there you have it, it seems between two and four days is the perfect time to get your nails done before a wedding. 

But there is another option. The team at MeAmora, who produce stunning press-on nails in a number of styles including a bridal-specific range, explain, "The beauty of press-on nails is that they only take minutes to apply from home and they won’t chip!

"MeAmora’s Nail On feature an exclusive natural fit technology which makes them fit perfectly, feel ultra-comfortable and will stay on for up to seven days so brides can pop them on anytime during their beauty prep. As with any nail product, ideally brides should apply their press-on nails after applying fake tan to ensure their nails remain stain free."

What Nail Colour Should You Choose for a Wedding?

So, after viewing all of these gorgeous classy wedding nails, how do you know what nail colour to choose for a wedding?

Here with expert advice is MyLee's senior brand ambassador Tuny Bello, who says, "When choosing your nails it's best to go for a manicure that's timeless but that matches the wedding and your own personal aesthetic - whether that's the wedding colour theme, your dress or the setting."

We couldn't agree more. For your wedding, you want something that feels like a blend between your usual nail style, your wedding theme and the overall vibe. Choosing your colour will very much depend on this, but when it comes to shape and length, we'd say stick to nails you know you'll be comfortable in.

If you usually rock short natural nails, going for an extreme acrylic coffin shape will feel strange to you. Similarly, if you always rock a red nail, or are loyal to nude, going for something too different may not feel natural to you. Feeling the best version of yourself on your wedding day is so important, but emphasis on yourself - choose wedding nails that still make you feel like you.

Once you've decided on a colour, shape and vibe, speak to a professional nail technician who will be able to show you ideas and similar styles - one of which will hopefully be the one for you!

Speaking about specific styles, the MeAmora team say, "Wedding guests can have so much fun completing an outfit with their nail designs. Whilst guests can embrace the latest nail trends, it’s no surprise that many or our brides remain loyal to the more muted tones but will add a touch of sparkle with embellished designs"

Adding to this, nail guru Leighton Denny MBE says, "Try out different shapes and shades in the months leading up to the big day so you'll be confident in your choice. You should have your nails however you want on your wedding day - regardless of tradition or trends. The general consensus for bridal nails is pale, neutral, nude shades. A timeless, soft look that gives you that ‘your nails but better’ effect."

What Are the Most Popular Wedding Nail Colours & Shapes? 

As part of our Instagram poll*, as well as asking users when to get nails done for a wedding, we also asked them about their preferred style and length. The experts are pretty set on the fact that most nearlyweds opt for nude and classic nails ahead of their wedding day, but what do the public think?

When asked what style they had, or are planning to have on their wedding day, 43% said they prefer neutral and nude. Next up - and not far off - was the classic French tip, with 39% of users saying that'd be their preferred choice of style. That means that a whopping 82% of the entire vote went to nude, natural and French tip wedding nails.

Sharing the remaining 18% were colourful patterns and colours to match the wedding theme. 14% of users said they'd choose colours that matched their wedding theme, leaving just 2% who opted for colourful patterns instead. 

With regards to shape and length, the vote was a bit more spread out, but one option still took the majority of the vote, with 53% of users saying they'd opt for their natural length wedding nails on the big day.

19% said they'd go short and cute, and an equal 19% voted for medium length square nails. The smallest percentage of the vote went to long pointy wedding nails, which 10% of users voted for.

*Instagram poll of 441 users on Wednesday 14th June 2023 on Hitched UK account.