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30 Chic Wedding Updos You'll Want to Copy

Whether you're more boho and relaxed, or glamorous and elegant, there's a gorgeous wedding updo here for you

A back view of a bride's hair styled into a messy wedding updo with braided sections and loose strands coming down to frame her face

Choosing how to have your hair at your wedding can be tricky when there are so many beautiful wedding hairstyles to choose from. 

You can go down and proud, half up half down, or (one of our personal favourites) a wedding hair updo

It's a common misconception that wearing your wedding hair up means having it scraped back with everything off of your face. Of course, that's a look in itself, but nowadays there are so many different ways to wear updos for a wedding.

30 Best Wedding Hair Updos

From boho braided wedding updos with flowers and plaits, to chic, low buns with pearl accessories, there's a wedding updo for every style of nearlywed and we reckon you'll find your perfect look right here. 

Below are 30 of our favourite wedding hair updos that range in style from clean and sleek, to glamorous and elegant, to whimsical and bohemian. 

Ready to dive into the inspo?

1. Twisted Wedding Hair Updo With Pearls

curled hair pinned back into a neat twisted bun with pearl clips

If you're looking for chic updo hairdos for wedding celebrations, this twisted pearl style by Emma Forlettas is a real contender. The hair has been curled before being pinned up, adding texture to this gorgeous twisted bun, and we love the pearl clips. What a pretty detail!

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2. Loose High Bun With Star Clips

a beachy tousled updo with star clips and some hair strands left loose

Those looking for a wedding hair updo that doesn't sit too low will love this high bun styled by Rachael Capocci. High buns are usually styled tight and sleek, making this one quite unique.

The tousled texture and loose hair adds to the boho feel. The star clips are optional, but we think they fully complete the look. 

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3. Curly Sleek Bun With Hair Clip

a hair stylist applying finishing touches to a bride with a slicked back large bun updo

From loose and tousled to sleek and glamorous, this wedding hair updo is just beautiful. Brides by Aina M have carefully segmented the hair before pinning it up, giving the nearlywed a super snatched look. The curly hair gives the bun a lovely texture and it's been elevated even further with a pretty clip. 

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4. Twisted Bohemian Hair Crown

a braided hair crown on blonde hair shot from the back

Love the idea of a flower crown without the flowers? If you have long, luscious locks, let your hair do the talking and use it to craft a hair crown. Wildflower Hair Company have shown just how amazing a wedding hair updo can look when you use the hair as the accessory. No flowers are needed here, but adding a few will give this updo a summery boho feel. 

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5. Low Bun Updo & Tiara

bride looks to the side with blonde hair in a bun updo and a tiara

Wondering how to style a wedding updo with your hair accessories? If so, this chic wedding bun, accompanied by makeup from LoisCora, is the perfect example of how well a low bun pairs with curled bangs and a jewelled tiara. 

The wavy bangs help to frame the face, while the tiara adds height to the hairstyle. 

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6. Low Wedding Updo With Mini Beehive

a 90s style blowdried fringe and updo bun

This wedding hair updo by Rachel Capocci has a retro feel to it that we're really loving. The combination of 60s curtain bangs and 90s blow dry volume gives this hairdo lots of character from the front, and the backcombed crown gives height to the top of the look, pairing perfectly with a low messy bun. 

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7. Boho Plaited Wedding Updo

boho braided updo using multiple braids

For the ultimate boho wedding updo, look to this style by wedding hair stylists French Avenue. The stylists have combined small, tight plaits with bigger, pulled-apart braids to create an undone feel which works so well for boho brides. 

Leaving hair out at the front adds to the overall look and feel. This updo is perfect for those with shorter hair, as the pulled-apart braids give the illusion of thicker hair and work well with a smaller bun. 

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8. Sleek Side Bun With Hair Accessories

a bride to be with thick black hair swept into a neat large side bun

From undone and bohemian, to sleek and glamorous, this side bun, styled by Hair by Chris Becks is as far removed from boho as you can get. 

Glamorous nearlyweds looking for glamorous wedding updo hairstyles with a wow factor should use this look as inspiration. 

The hairstyle works well both with or without the addition of accessories - it all depends how sparkly you want to go!

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9. Simple Folded Wedding Bun

thick brunette hair swept and folded into a large neat bun

Another sleek and understated wedding updo is this bun styled by Emma Forlettas. The bun has a uniform shape and is made up of carefully folded hair, and can be replicated using hair extensions or hair pieces if you have shorter or thinner hair.

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10. Neat Folded Bun Updo

blonde hair with some lowlights pinned into a neat wedding updo bun

Those who love wedding updos that are satisfying to look at will adore this design by Bridal Hair by Leanne. The hair has been meticulously folded inwards to create one of the neatest wedding updos we've ever seen. It would look gorgeous on all hair types, but even more so on nearlyweds with highlighted hair or hair with multiple tones. 

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11. Twisted 90s Chignon Wedding Updo

brunette hair swept back into a 90s style wedding updo with fringe out

Another Bridal Hair by Leanne look we're obsessing over is this twisted wedding updo replicating that 90s twist-and-clip chignon hair style we all loved so much. 

Leaving a loosely curled fringe down at the front adds to the nostalgic aesthetic, but if you prefer no hair on your face, you could sweep all of the hair back into the clip. 

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12. Wedding Updo With Naturally Curly Fringe

a bride looks to the right with her hair pinned back in a natural wedding updo whilst wearing a wedding dress and veil

Nearlyweds who want a wedding updo that looks and feels effortless should consider a style similar to this one created by Jessica Short. The hair stylist has loosely pinned the hair and veil up at the back, but let the nearlywed's naturally curly fringe stay loose at the front. We also love the way the bun hasn't been slicked back too tightly, allowing the natural texture of the hair to show. 

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13. Natural Wedding Updo With Curls

bride with brunette curly hair pinned back into a natural updo

Another wedding updo that celebrates naturally curly hair is this one by Ruby Peacock. The naturally curly texture of the hair has been used to create height and body at the top of the head, and we love the curly strands that the stylist has left out. 

Pulling the hair away from the face lets that red wedding lipstick really pop!

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14. Retro Vintage Wedding Updo

a bride with red lipstick and a vintage Old Hollywood wedding updo

Embrace Old Hollywood glamour by opting for a vintage-inspired wedding updo. Stylists Lipstick and Curls have created an amazing updo here, using pin curls and vintage makeup to match. 

If you want something even more on-theme, finger waves would take this look to the next level.

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15. High Bun With Curly Strands

a bride with curly brunette hair and blonde tips pinned up high with loose curls left out at the front

From low buns to high updos - we love this bride's updo, paired with glow from The Brides Makeup.

The hair has been loosely pinned nice and high, proving that loose, effortless looking updos outside of low buns and ponytails can work perfectly too.

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16. Curly Wedding Updo 

a bride with curly blonde hair pinned up loosely

Embrace naturally curly hair with an updo like this one crafted by Bridal Hairstyles. The stylists have used this nearlywed's long curly hair to their advantage by carefully pinning it up to create a voluminous updo with texture all over. If you have naturally straight or wavy hair, a pair of tongs can help you to recreate this look. 

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17. Low Updo With Loose Curls

a curly loose wedding updo on a red head bride

Another of our favourite wedding hair updo designs by Bridal Hairstyles is this beautiful look. Showcasing a different way to embrace curly hair, this updo shows how pretty hair can look when it's pinned in a loose low bun instead of something that sits a little higher. What's more, low buns like this allow you to naturally frame the front of the face with bangs or a fringe. 

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18. Pretty Floral Twisted Updo

neat bun updo with small flower detail and curled bangs

Incorporate your wedding flowers into your wedding hair like Barassi Beautique have done with this chic updo. 

The hair stylists have used small, dainty flowers to add pretty details to this cute low bun. The hair has been twisted into the bun to add volume at the side, and curled at the front to frame the face. Though these flowers are dainty, you can always go bigger and bolder if that's more suited to your style. 

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19. Twisted Triple Bun Updo

intricate twisted updo on blonde hair

How stunning is this Hair Creations by Collette hairdo? There are so many details to spy here, our eyes are spoilt for choice. The hair has been twisted and manipulated to create three buns on top of each other and in doing so, has created such a beautiful texture. 

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20. Plaited & Twisted Low Bun Wedding Updo

a bride looking side on showcasing her plaited low bun updo with waved fringe

We're beyond obsessed with Hair by Chris Becks and this wedding updo in particular. 

The plaits and twists really stand out and help to add volume to the look, and we love the fact that the whole bun is plaited too.

The curls that frame the face are a pretty detail, but you could always opt for a larger plaited crown or headband instead. 

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21. Elegant Large Low Bun Updo

large elegant updo with pretty hair acessory

This large low bun styled by Ieva Genovesi is the epitome of elegance and would suit all hair colours and types. The sleek nature of the hairstyle suits glamorous, timeless nearlyweds, especially when paired with jewelled or pearl accessories. 

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22. Braided Hair Crown Updo With Flowers

an intricate twisted updo with babys breath and curly loose strands of hair

This wedding updo by Sarah Wray combines the plaited hair crown with loose curls to create a really pretty updo. 

This updo is a great way to make your hair the accessory, but the stylists have added flowers to give it an extra pretty touch. Match the flowers to the ones in your bouquet for the ultimate coordinated look. 

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23. Low Simple Bun & Headband

simple bun updo on a redhead wearing a wedding alice band

This Rachel Eveline low bun updo is chic and simple. The stylist has combined the look with a tiara, but you could keep things simple with a plain headband or no accessory at all. 

This is the perfect updo if you want all hair off of your face. 

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24. Intricate Twisted Updo With Foliage

twisted hair with foliage wrapped into it

From super simple to intricate and detailed, this twisted updo from The Bridal Stylists spares nothing.

Each layer of hair has been twisted from front to back, leading to a small bun at the bottom, and the whole look has been adorned with greenery and foliage, perfect if you're having a botanical theme 

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25. Curly Wedding Updo

a bride looking to the side with a high curly updo and tiara

How regal is this high curly updo by Hair by James WIlson? We can see this on the set of Bridgerton or another period drama, but it could easily suit more modern nearlyweds too with a different hair accessory. 

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26. French Plait Boho Updo With Flowers

braided boho updo done on blonde hair with flowers to accessorise

Boho lovers everywhere, stop looking for the perfect wedding updo, because we've found it right here with this look from Wildflower Hair Company

The thick braid is so gorgeous and we love how tousled the bun is. It looks so effortless, though we're sure tonnes of work went into creating it! 

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27. Middle Parting Sleek Bun

blonde model with middle parting and sleek bun with pearl headband

Natural hair and makeup your thing? If so, consider a clean, sleek middle parting and simple pearl headband, as styled here by Ieva Genovesi

Summer nearlyweds can replace the pearl headband for flowers - real or faux! 

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28. Tight Knot Bun & Headband Combo

the back of a bride's head who has a sleek knotted bun and oversized headband

Ieva Genovesi strikes again with a simple bun that steals the show. Those opting for a simple updo, who want do add something to jazz it up should consider an oversized headband. 

We also love how the bun is knotted, adding an extra detail. 

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29. Sleek Twisted Wedding Updo

a sleek wedding bun updo where the hair sweeps to the left

Those who want a wedding hair updo that's sleek and sophisticated should look to styles like this one by Lorraine Newark. The hair has been beautifully swept into an understated bun. The hairdo looks so effortless, but don't let that fool you. This isn't one of those do it yourself wedding updos - it requires serious skill!

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30. Twisted Pin Up Wedding Updo

a blonde wedding updo showing the bride's hair twisted around a hidden claw clip

You know that 90s look where you pin your hair up and back with a big claw clip? This look by Francesca Bridal Hair is the elevated version, and we're totally obsessed with it. The stylists have carefully twisted the hair to combine the 90s twist with a loose bun - genius right?

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