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40 Fun Double Date Ideas You'll Actually Enjoy

Double dates as a couple can be seriously fun and actually improve your relationship! From city farms and pub quizzes to street food markets and comedy clubs, these are the best double date ideas (and lots are free!)

Double Date Ideas

Forget the idea of an awkward first date where you bring along a friend for moral support; double dates when you're a couple are incredibly fun. You get to spend quality time with your other half while also hanging out with your friends. It's a win-win.

It can be easy to let date night slide when you're in a long-term relationship or in the middle of wedding planning. Life always seems to get in the way, right? But it's so important to make time to date your partner and getting another couple involved with your plans can be a great way to make sure you stick to them.

If you're a couple that find the only photos you have of you are selfies, double dates are the perfect opportunity for your friends to take some romantic snaps of you and your other half.  Additionally, with four people, there are lots of date activities that work better than as a two - and we've hand-picked the best double date ideas so you can get lots of inspiration.

Keep the spark alive by planning one of these a month to do. Choose a steady couple to double date with or switch it up every month with another set of couple friends. You'll make so many memories and strengthen your friendship and relationship bonds. Here are 40 double date ideas to get you started.

Unusual Double Date Ideas

Double Date Ideas

1. Outdoor Cinema Trip

Outdoor cinemas make amazing summer dates, especially the immersive ones! They show cult classics and new releases so you'll definitely be able to find a film you all like. If it's a chillier time of year, look for independent cinemas near you. Lots of them have movie marathons, sing-a-long screenings or even host small film festivals. It's a great double date for movie buffs.

2. Beat an Escape Room

Escape rooms are one of those activities that are better as a four than a a two. Put your combined brain power together and solve the clues to get out the room in the time limit. You'll each have different strengths and together it'll be a seriously fun, interactive, brain-teasing date idea.

3. Try a Paint and Wine Night

Whether you're a modern-day Picasso or couldn't tell a 2B pencil from a PS 2, these are art classes with a difference! You'll find paint and wine nights across the UK where a talented tutor will lead you through a painting while you sip on wine and laugh at your disastrous attempts to draw. It's a relaxed, fun environment to let out some creativity and absolutely no experience is required. Paint Vine have classes in London, Liverpool and Manchester as well as virtual kits you can do at home.

4. Listen to a Live Podcast

If you all love the same podcast or share common interests like true crime, sports, comedy, travel, history, celebrities, films - anything really - there'll be a podcast for it. Often podcasts do live recordings with an audience and it's such a fun experience to get tickets. There are also podcast festivals around the country so you could just book into something random!

5. Swing Into Trapeze School

If you all love the idea of learning some aerial acrobatics, sign up as a foursome to a trapeze school. Lots of them take place at circus schools across the country so anyone who isn't as keen on high heights could try a circus skill instead, like silks, ropes and hoops.

Double Date Ideas

6. Go to a Comedy Club

Did you know laughter is said to strengthen your immune system and boost your mood by triggering the release of endorphins, the body's natural feel-good hormones? Reportedly, laughter increases attraction between partners too. So what better place to spend an evening than belly laughing with your other half and your pals at a comedy club?

7. Head to a Late Night Zoo Visit

Zoos across the UK offer adults-only Twilight entry in summer where the zoos stay open late with food, drink, music and special talks. Animal lovers will adore seeing the nocturnal animals and fulfilling those childhood fantasies of being in your favourite place after dark. 

8. Go Geocaching

Geocaching is basically treasure hunting. You use GPS to search for hidden boxes of objects and can combine it with a beautiful walk in the countryside or hunt around your local area. You can even register your own caches, so if the group of you have a favourite place to visit, you can hide a box there and invite others to find it!

9. Play Doubles in Ping Pong

Eat pizza, drink cocktails and dance to live DJs at the cool new table tennis clubs that have popped up across the UK. Get yourself a table to play a few games of doubles and make a night of it. 

Double Date Ideas

10. Do a Food Crawl

Head to a street food market and assign each dater a course of the meal. One gets starter, another main, someone's on sides, and finally one of you chooses dessert. It's a great way to try loads of different kinds of food and push your taste buds because you *have* to taste each dish. 

11. Attend a Drag Brunch

Drag brunches are seriously good fun, with free-flowing booze, nostalgic '90s music, disco dancing, quizzes and games, and the cheekiest drag queens running the show. Any Drag Race fans will adore a drag brunch, but they're just as good fun if you've never seen it. 

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12. Take a Walking Tour

Be tourists in your own town with a walking tour. It could be a spooky ghost tour, informative history tour, literary tour, tour of famous film spots - whatever takes your fancy, you'll find one on Google. A lot of student led tours are free too, you just pay them a tip at the end of the tour.

13. See a Concert in a Different City

Your favourite band + exploring a new city = best date ever. Book an Airbnb as a four, drive or take the train to see a band you all like and spend the rest of your time trying new restaurants, bar-hopping and sightseeing for the ultimate weekend away. If you can't afford the night away part, it's equally as fun to see a band in your town and go out dancing afterwards.

Daytime Double Date Ideas

14. Head to the Coast

Bring a picnic, your swimwear (if you're brave enough) and some wine and spend a fun day at the beach. There's so much to do that you'll satisfy everyone's tastes, whether that's fish and chips on the pier, games in the arcade, hiring a boat or playing beach games on the sand. It can be as chill or adventurous as you want and couples can split for a few hours to do something different if they want one-on-one time. Stay until sunset and bring blankets for an unforgettable day by the sea.

15. Go Antiquing

Forget thinking about antiquing as an old person's activity; there's so many hidden treasures to find at the likes of flea markets, car boot sales and antique shops. If you're looking for something for one of your homes, like a new bedside table, you can divide and conquer, or you could play Bargain Hunt and set yourselves a price limit and see who can get the best deal for their cash. If you're trying to do a free date, it can simply be fun to browse the stalls or shops and see what's on offer or who can find the weirdest thing.

16. Scream at a Theme Park

Four is the best number for a theme park day out. You either get to sit next to each other in groups of two, in a row of four or, if you don't want to go on the ride, you can skip it and there's always someone else who's up for it! We'll leave the G-Force roller coasters, thanks....

17. Visit a Museum Exhibit

Google local museums and you'll find SO many exhibitions and cool events on that you can sign up for - lots of them for free. Check out if there are any special evening events like the 'Lates' at London museums including the V&A and Science Museum; at these you can buy booze and take part in activities that aren't on during the day so they're perfect for date nights.

If you're up for going a little further afield, the UK is full of quirky museums, such as the Pencil Museum in Keswick, Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Cornwall, Blists Hill Victorian Town in Shropshire, and the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London.

Double Date Ideas

18. Pick Fruit

Pick-your-own farms are open for most of the year and make an awesome day date idea. Obviously the best time of year to go is summer when you can keep your fingers crossed for a sunny day full of strawberry, cherry and peach picking, but autumn brings pumpkins and squashes, sweetcorn, apples, pears and plums. 

19. Embark on a Scavenger Hunt

Across the country, there are companies that run scavenger hunts, giving you maps and clues to follow that might lead to your solving a murder mystery or discovering hidden sights in your city. It's pretty easy to find free apps and websites that offer them too or one of you could even create your own!

20. See a Free Park Concert

Local parks and town centres will often put on free music and arts events during the summer months. You'll find Halloween and Bonfire Night events in autumn and lots of free carol concerts as you move into winter. The best place to find out about what's going on is on council Instagram or Twitter accounts, local libraries, community newsletters and websites, and local newspapers.

21. Play Mini Golf

Pitch-and-putt courses are cheap, fun and encourage some healthy competition! If you want to take crazy gold a bit further, go to a venue like Swingers where you can buy drinks and street food as you make your way round cool courses.

Double Date Ideas

22. Visit a City Farm

If you live in the countryside, feel free to go to a real farm! But if you live in a city, a city farm is a close second. You'll find all the best farmyard animals - goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, donkeys - and often a few odd additions like guinea pigs, llamas and hedgehogs. Most of them allow you to feed the animals with their special food and have great cafes to fill you up too.

23. Go Rock Climbing

Rock climbing or bouldering is a fun activity that helps you break a sweat. It's great to do it in a group as you can race against each other to the top. It's a really nice trust-building exercise to spot for your partner so you might find it inadvertently builds your bond too.

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24. Sit on a Whole Bus Route

Bear with us on this. There's often one or two bus routes through every city that take in all the best sights and are the cheapest and easiest way to see all the best bits. For example, the 24 bus in London passes Westminster Cathedral, Downing Street, Trafalgar Square and goes all the way through Camden before ending at Hampstead Heath. 

Double Date Ideas

25. Dog Date

If both couples have dogs, make it a triple date: you, them and the doggos. Take your furry friends on a special dog walk, whether that's somewhere you haven't been before or even to a doggy meet-up.

26. Fun Run Time

Sporty couples will love signing up for a charity fun run or doing a Saturday morning park run before brunch. It's not the idea of a dream date for everyone, but, for athletic pairs, pulling on a pair of trainers is the start of a good day.

 Cheap Double Date Ideas

Double Date Ideas

27. Pub Quiz Night

The trick to the best pub quiz double date is to choose a couple that has different areas of knowledge to you. A winning team will have people with good knowledge of sports, history, geography, celebrities and current affairs. Choose your fellow teammates wisely!

28. See a Play or Musical

From a West End musical to a student production at your local theatre, there's no end of shows and plays to watch any night of the week for every budget. Look for bargains on ticket sale sites like TodayTix for cheap seats to the biggest shows, often with A-list names in the cast.

29. Take a New Class

Voucher websites always have classes on offer so bag yourself a cheap sushi-making, chess, self defence, salsa dancing or pottery class. Even if it's not your thing, go in with an open mind and you'll learn something and laugh your heads off with your friends. You might even find a new hobby you and your partner love!

Double Date Ideas

30. Sup Cool Cocktails

Secret speakeasys, 1940s tube carriages, Bletchley Park-themed spy spots, amazing games arcades, Breaking Bad and Harry Potter bars: you can literally find it all. Book a table and order a few craft cocktails; you'll feel so fancy and might discover a new flavour you love.

If there's four of you, we love the speakeasys where you bring your own bottle of alcohol and mixologists will whip you up some insane creations with their mixers. You can afford a fancy, top tier brand if you're all splitting the cost.

31. Go Bowling

Hire a lane and take each other one in the ultimate bowling championship. Best of three games wins.

32. Try a New Cuisine

Everyone loves a Chinese or Indian meal, but perhaps it's time to push the culinary boat out. As part of a group of four, you can order lots of dishes to share, especially if it's new flavours you haven't tried before. Maybe you want to try Korean BBQ, spicy Balkan, Persian grill, Peruvian ceviche, authentic Ethiopian tibs, and Afghani stews?

Double Date Ideas

33. Go Ice Skating

It's not just us who thinks ice skating is the perfect romantic winter date, right? The only downside is that you can't take cute couple photos while you're skating. The solution? Bring another couple along! You can skate, drink mulled wine and take loads of cosy photos in front of the fairy lights.

34. Cook Korean BBQ

In our opinion, Korean BBQ deserves it's own date slot because it's so much fun. You get to cook your own meal on a smoking hot grill and feel like you're on Netflix's Chef's Table.

35. Buy Books

Head to a bookshop, pick out names from a hat and then buy that person a book you love or one you think they should read. It's a cute, literary day date that means you all get to go home with a present!

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At Home Double Date Ideas

Double Date Ideas

36. Host a Games Night

Invest in a new board game or play a beloved classic with your pals. There's so many great four player games that you can't do as a couple. Make sure there's wine, snacks and all the game pieces before you begin!

37. Throw a 'Come Dine With Me' Contest

One couple are in charge of starter and dessert, the other couple provide the main and sides. If you live within walking distance of each other then you can move between houses, but if not, then the starter and dessert are easy to bring cold and reheat. The night is even better if you nominate one of you as a sarcastic narrator.

38. Try Wine or Gin Tasting

You can buy an at-home wine or gin tasting for pretty cheap on lots of voucher websites but it's actually super easy to host your own. Go to a local wine or spirits shop and pick up a few bottles with tasting notes, or order a wine box from the likes of Savage Vines which comes with tasting notes and a podcast to talk you through each wine.

Double Date Ideas

39. Play Back Garden Olympics

A bit of healthy competition is a great way to get the heart pumping. Go for a classic sports day vibe - sack race, egg and spoon, bean bag throw - or make your own version of real Olympic games like limbo instead of the high jump, a flipper relay race instead of a swim, frisbee discus, a gymnastic competition with the best handstands and forward rolls, and a medal ceremony at the end of the day.

Combine with a BBQ to celebrate your hard work.

40. Start a Book Club

Couples who love reading can make a regular date night in the form of a book club. Meet at one of your homes, drink wine and discuss your book of the month. You'll get to read books you might never have bought for yourself and it's a more 'educational' kind of date night than just heading out for drinks.

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