How to Propose in 5 Easy Steps: An Expert Proposal Planner Reveals Their Top Tips

Thinking of popping the question sometime soon? The Proposers' Daisy Amodio knows all there is to know about making sure you get it right…


If you’re thinking of popping the question to your partner, you’re probably feeling just as overwhelmed about how to propose as you are excited.


There is so much to consider, and thanks to celebrities showing off their proposals on Instagram, engagements are getting bigger and better every year. It can be tough to know how to blow all others out of the water!

The Proposers are the ones leading the way in the impressive proposal movement, so we thought it only right to catch up with founder Daisy Amodio to rack her brains about what makes the perfect moment.

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The Proposers was born when Daisy helped her brother plan his proposal to his now-wife, and realised no one had created a dedicated proposal planning agency.

“Weddings are getting more and more creative these days, so the proposals needed to match,” says Daisy. “Lots of people have these amazing ideas, but they just don’t know how to plan them.”

She continues: “I think you should pull out all of the stops. It’s your one chance to pop the question to the person that you love and it’s a story that’s going to be told time and time again.

“The first question is always, ‘How did they do it?!’, so you want a nice story! You don’t want to be embarrassed by it, so people come to us and want to know what they can get for their budget.”

With a 100% yes success rate, we were keen to know the secret to Daisy’s proposal successes, so whether you want an elaborate proposal or something more low-key, here are the five steps to follow if you’re hoping to pop the question.

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1. Make it Personal


The biggest thing to bear in mind when planning your proposal is to make sure it’s personal. “There’s no point in proposing to your partner if it’s not thoughtful,” Daisy tells us.

It is so important to consider the person you’re proposing to – what they like and what they don’t – and to think about how you could incorporate the best bits of your relationship into what you’re doing. The proposal won’t make any sense if it isn’t tailored to your other half.

“It doesn’t have to cost loads of money – in fact, it doesn’t have to cost any money – it just needs to represent the two of you as a couple,” says Daisy.

There are loads of ways to make your proposal personalised. If your partner’s favourite colour is purple, you could simply buy a few bunches of long-stemmed purple roses and use them to spell out “Will you marry me?” on your living room floor!

How Daisy Did It:

“My first proposal was in an art gallery. The bride loved art, and when we looked at her Pinterest she’d posted loads of hearts that she’d made; they were really cute.

“We sent her a fake invite to an art gallery – it was a beautiful building in Richmond with the Thames right beside it – and she came in. We introduced her to the exhibition and told her to look around. Their song was playing in the background, and each piece of art represented their relationship from the start to the end.

“The last one had purple velvet over it because purple was her favourite colour, and as he whipped off the purple velvet, there was a picture of her heart which we’d taken from Pinterest with ‘Will you marry me?’ in front of it.”

If you and your partner love to visit art galleries and museums on your weekends, this could be the proposal for you!

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2. Private or Public?


It’s important to think about whether you want to propose in front of others or in a totally private setting. Of course, either is fine – just make sure you opt for the one your partner will feel most comfortable with!

Whilst some love the idea of crowds, cheering and confetti, others would prefer no one else to be around.

How Daisy Did It:

“He was quite a public person and wanted to propose in the middle of Covent Garden. He organised a flash mob – he had 40 dancers and about 1,000 people watching!

“They watched and held hands, then half way through the flash mob, he jumped in and started doing the dance routine which we had choreographed beforehand.

“She was so embarrassed that after she said yes and the confetti went up, she ran off! She still says it was the best day ever, though.”

This proposal would be great for London lovers and theatre goers… just be sure your other half would enjoy the attention!

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3. Think About the Location


Once you’ve decided whether you want your proposal to be private or public, you’ll need to choose a specific location.

“Don’t do it somewhere that doesn’t mean something to them,” Daisy warns. “It’s a story that will be told time and time again, so it needs to be something nice!”

If you and your partner have a dog and love to go on dog walks, it would be lovely to pick the woodland area that means a lot to you and pop the question on the top of a hill at sunset.

Alternatively, if you and your other half are happiest when eating breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning, there’s nothing to say you can’t do it there!

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We wondered how wrong proposals can go when you don’t think carefully about where you’ll pop the question… “I have a great story for this,”says Daisy. “I had a friend who wanted to do it in a pub on a Friday night. He got to the pub and it was packed so he didn’t want to do it!

“The problem was, he had his friends and family back at the house waiting to celebrate, so after bottling out of doing it in the pub, he pulled over into Tesco’s car park and just proposed there!” If that doesn’t show how important your proposal location is, we don’t know what will.

How Daisy Did It:

“Proposing at London landmarks is such a big trend at the moment,” Daisy says. “We do loads of proposals in the London Eye pods, in the Shard and at the Tower of London.

“We decorate the spaces with balloons, candles and flowers, and it’s amazing for the couples to have such lovely city views.”

4. Capture it On Film!


You’ve thought about making your proposal personal and chose the perfect spot, but now you need to make sure your memories last a lifetime.

“A proposal is actually very overwhelming, and half the time the couple can’t remember exactly what happened,” Daisy tells us.  “It’s a really nice idea to capture the moment on camera, and out of the 1,200 proposals we’ve planned, about 900 have had photos or video.”

These days, the first thing people do is make an engagement announcement on social media, so it’s lovely to have something professionally shot to share.

Daisy continues: “If you do have the budget, I would definitely recommend having some pictures taken of that moment.”

As well as having something to share on social media, it’s lovely to be able to show a film at your wedding – your guests will love to see the moment your journey to the big day began!

If you don’t have the budget for a photographer or videographer, consider propping your phone up in the corner of the room and capturing a time lapse.

It’s a totally free way to capture the special moment!

How Daisy Did It:

“We had a couple’s faces beamed onto the Disneyland Castle,” beams Daisy. “We hired it exclusively for them, their faces went up and it was so stunning.

“After that, he didn’t want to end it there – he wanted to play a prank on her.” What a gent!

She continues: “We hired out all of the screens in Times Square, had a fake NYPD arrest and just as she was about to get man-handled into the car, all of the screens flashed up with their faces on it, and from there we flew them to Canada where there was a beautiful event opposite Niagra Falls. The whole thing was caught on camera and it was just beautiful.” Something like that just couldn’t go upcatured.

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5. Think About Your Friends and Family


Last but not least, you’ll want to think about how to incorporate your nearest and dearest. Do you want them there to celebrate after? Do you want to announce it to them privately a few days later? Do you want them to find out from your social media post at the same time as everyone else? There is so much to consider!

As exciting as it is to involve your loved ones, Daisy does have one top tip: be careful that you don’t tell your friends and family too much. “Sometimes they can let it out the bag!”

How Daisy Did It:

“I often get asked whether I should have my friends and family at the proposal or not – it’s an interesting one,” Daisy says. “I would say it should be private between you guys as a couple. It’s about your relationship and you moving forward into the future, and as much as a family is involved in that, it should be you two.

“Quite often we do a proposal and then bring the champagne and friends and family in afterwards. They’ll have all these amazing decorations so it’s quite nice that they get to utilise it for more than that 5 minutes.”

If you’re after the perfect proposal, make sure you follow Daisy’s tips – or even better, get Daisy to set the whole thing up!

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