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34 Perfect Proposal Rings to Pop the Question With (Starting from Just £15!)

Want to propose but choose the engagement ring together? These temporary engagement rings will hold its place until you find the band they'll want to wear forever.

Rose gold temporary proposal ring in a pink box

Tradition dictates that when you propose, you do so with an engagement ring in tow – but if you don't know what type of band your partner would like, or you'd much prefer to choose it together, then consider a proposal ring – also known as placeholder rings or temporary engagement rings.

Proposal rings are becoming increasingly popular among those who still want to pull out the obligatory ring box when they pop the question, but also want to select a permanent engagement ring with their other half's input after they've got that all-important yes.

The benefits of using a dummy engagement ring are numerous – they alleviate the anxiety of investing in a pricey piece that your partner might not actually like, help you cut down on the chances of having to get the actual ring resized or altered, and allow you to take your time and discuss your preference as a couple.

If you think a proposal ring might be the right route for you, we’ve rounded up our favourite placeholder engagement rings that can be used for the proposal and keep your real engagement ring’s place on your finger warm until you’ve found The One (again!).

Browse our edit of the best proposal rings below - including a budget-friendly edit of cheap placeholder engagement rings under £100! Now it's just a case of deciding how to propose...

34 of the Best Placeholder Proposal Rings

1. Rose Gold Love Knot Ring – £190, Kirsty Taylor Goldsmiths

This ring from Kirsty Taylor Goldsmiths is a romantic on-the-nose nod to 'tying the knot'. There's a choice of rose gold, yellow gold or white gold – look at their existing jewellery collection for clues! The ring's simple finish is ideal if you prefer more minimalistic styles.

Sizing: G-Z½ 

Pros & Cons: With such a wide array of sizes, this ring is hugely versatile. Be aware that certain larger sizes do require an additional fee of £10, though. Each ring is lovingly handmade, so no two knots will be alike, making this an extra-special proposal ring.

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2. Silver Bobble and Twinkle Ring – £157, Lily McCallin

This temporary engagement ring from Lily McCallin is made from silver and white gold featuring a tiny twinkling diamond in the centre. It’s the perfect budget-friendly option if you want your temporary engagement ring to have a little touch of luxury.

Sizing: L, N, P, Bespoke sizing available

Pros & Cons: This proposal ring has an antique vibe, thanks to the granulation technique used by the artist. Plus, not only can you have complete control over the size, you can even choose your preferred precious petal or semi-precious gemstone.

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3. Skinny Gold and Blue Sapphire Ring – £395, Alexandra Flynn Jewellery

This skinny gold ring from Alexandra Flynn Jewellery has a single sapphire in the centre – it would be perfect for September brides or grooms who have a sapphire birthstone or to then be worn on the other hand on the big day as something blue. It's also ideal if you're not fond of larger stones and are more comfortable wearing more subtle designs.

Sizing: I-P

Pros & Cons: The slim style of this temporary engagement ring makes it perfect for stacking alongside other bands, while still having that all-important sparkle. Since each ring is made to order, you can also request that the blue sapphire be swapped out for a sapphire or stone of a different colour. 

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4. Diamond Bamboo Ring – £145, Otiumberg

The simplicity of this Otiumberg ring is what makes it so beautiful – and the fact it actually contains a real diamond. Minimalists will love this super-thin demi-fine proposal ring so much they might not even want to replace it. 
Sizing: E-P
Pros & Cons: The stone choices for this temporary engagement ring are based on birthstones, so you can make it even more meaningful. Plus, its slim design makes it perfect for stacking with other pieces.

5. Millenia Cocktail Ring – £135, Swarovski

Swarovski emerald proposal ring

Got your heart set on an emerald ring for the forever band? Showcase that intention in your temporary engagement ring with this stunning Swarovski piece – the way the green stone is cut and surrounded by matching crystals ensures maximum sparkle from all angles. 

Sizing: 52-60

Pros & Cons: Swarovski crystals are quite delicate and require some dedicated TLC to keep them looking their best. If you opt for gift wrapping, you can rest assured that the material has been carefully chosen in the interest of sustainability.

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6. Riviera Pavé Sapphire Eternity Ring – £822.53, Blue Nile

Blue sapphire temporary proposal ring

Temporary engagement rings can still be worth investing in. This stunning eternity ring from Blue Nile will set the scene for a showstopper at a later point. With its slim, embellished band, it'll look perfect alongside the engagement ring or by itself.

Sizing: H½-P½

Pros & Cons: Made from 18k white gold, this ring is designed to be as long-lasting as your love. If blue sapphires aren't your style, pink and yellow sapphires are on offer instead.

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7. Petite Solitaire Ring – from £510.45, Blue Nile

Heart diamond and gold temporary engagement ring

We're head over heels for this heart-shaped ring – the simplicity of the band really lets the striking cut of the diamond shine. Its unembellished finish is ideal for those who prefer to keep the rest of their jewellery understated. Between this, and the timeless symbolism behind the heart shape, this ring could be a perfect keepsake of your relationship pre-engagement.

Sizing: 48-60

Pros & Cons: Be aware that with this listing, you choose the diamond separately – this means the price could jump up quite dramatically, so it's worth sitting down to talk about your preferences for clarity and size. For reference, the image shows what a 1CT diamond looks like on the band. Thanks to this level of customisation, though, you have a range of metals to choose from, letting you create your own perfect placeholder engagement ring.

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8. Shimmering Pink Opal Ring – £119, Thomas Sabo

Pink opal temporary engagement ring

If it's maximum bling for your buck that you're after, check out Thomas Sabo, where you'll find lots of heavily embellished cocktail-esque designs. Our personal favourite is this opal ring, set in not one but two halos of sparkling surrounding gemstones. It's a great way to test the water if you think they want an opal engagement ring but you're not sure.

Sizing: 48-58

Pros & Cons: The sparkle and colour-changing effect of this ring are sure to elevate the simplest outfit and act as a stylish nod to the 70s. It's made from 925 sterling silver, which is nickel-free and suitable for those with allergies. The cubic zirconia stones of the halo, meanwhile, are highly resistant to scratches. Some say opals are unlucky, but we say they've never had opal jewellery as special as this!

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9. Round Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring Snowflake Design – from £154, Stuart Treesr

Moissanite snowflake proposal ring in black ring box. The ring has an Art Deco-inspired band

How amazing would this handmade ring be for a Christmas proposal? With a proposal ring you're typically freer to have fun with shapes and styles than a traditional engagement ring, so don't be afraid to be a little more creative with your pick. This particular placeholder ring has an Art Deco vibe that vintage lovers are sure to appreciate, but it's handmade to suit your size and metal preference. See more moissanite engagement rings here.

Sizing: US 3-US 12

Pros & Cons: With a moissanite ring, you can have the sparkle and durability of a diamond at a fraction of the cost. As it's a lab-grown gemstone, moissanite is also a more environmentally sustainable option for your proposal ring. As if that wasn't enough, it's incredibly durable and will hold up to everyday wear and tear without getting scratched or losing its lustre.

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10. Contemporary Criss-Cross Diamond Ring – £1,560.60, Blue Nile 

Criss-cross gold and diamond proposal ring

If you're after a conventional engagement ring look, Blue Nile has you covered. We love this criss-cross diamond ring, which has just the right amount of sparkle to make an impact. This is a temporary engagement ring that you'll still love wearing well into your marriage.

Sizing: H½-P½

Pros & Cons: As with all Blue Nile rings, this proposal ring is on the pricier side but with that cost comes incredibly high quality. You can choose from various metals including platinum, 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold, and 14k rose gold. Plus, with all-over pavé diamonds rather than one large stone in the centre, it'll nestle neatly alongside an engagement or wedding ring.

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11. Citrine Halo Crest Ring in Sterling Silver – £165, Ruby & Oscar

sterling silver ring with a halo pear-cut citrine stone in the centre

Fans of a pear-shaped stone, we've got you covered. We're particularly taken with the citrine stone of this sterling silver halo ring, which really stands out from the crowd. Not a fan of yellow? You're in luck - this ring gives you a choice of eight other stones.

Sizing: J, L, N, P, R

Pros & Cons: You're going to be wearing your proposal ring every day, so you can keep this sterling silver option looking its best with regular polishing. It's also hypoallergenic if allergies are a concern as you're browsing temporary engagement rings.

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12. Pearl Eternity Ring - £265, Edge Of Ember

Pearl and gold temporary engagement ring

Pearls are a timeless classic that never go out of style and this 14K solid band with freshwater pearls definitely says that you hope you'll spend eternity together. How romantic! 

Sizing: J-S

Pros & Cons: This pearl engagement ring is made from solid 14k recycled gold. Reviewers love how dainty it looks, so this placeholder ring could become part of a stack and would complement your engagement ring without stealing the show.

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13. 14k Solid Gold Bee Ring - from £127.46, Norm Jewels

Three identical rings with a small honeybee design with cubic zirconia wings, with one ring with a rose gold band, one ring with a yellow gold band, and one ring with a white gold band

This honeybee-inspired ring is perfect for a special someone who loves all things nature and wildlife. Nothing says 'I love you' more than a proposal ring that represents your other half's greatest passions. 

Sizing: US 2-US 11

Pros & Cons: This ring has a huge range of sizes, with half sizes and quarter sizes also available. You can also choose between three different metals, while the stones used in the wings of the bee are AAA-grade white cubic zirconia. 

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14. Ruby Ring in Sterling Silver - £149, Ruby & Oscar

Sterling silver ring with radiant-cut ruby and intricate shoulders leading up to the stone

Sultry and romantic, this ruby gemstone ring is a stunning proposal ring if you know they'll want a pop of colour on their finger. Furthermore, rubies represent passion and are used as the symbol of the heart chakra. 

Sizing: J, N

Pros & Cons: This placeholder ring is made of durable sterling silver, which can be kept looking its best with quick at-home polishes. If ruby feels like too bold a colour, you can also choose between green amethyst, alexandrite, and sapphire stones.

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15. Blue Topaz Gradient Ring - £155, Edge Of Ember

Topaz and diamond gold temporary engagement ring

If your intended loves dainty things with a hint of colour, this delicate topaz ring is a lovely placeholder for the real deal. Multi-stone rings are really on-trend right now and this pale blue gemstone is most known as a symbol of love and affection. Perfect for your sweetheart!

Sizing: J, M, O, Q, S

Pros & Cons: This ring is sure to retain its charm for years to come, as it's made from solid 14k recycled gold. Some reviews mention that it can be easy to bend out of shape due to the slim band and dainty design, so take care when removing the ring.

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Cheap Temporary Engagement Rings Under £100

16. Silver and Cubic Zirconia Ring – £65, Ernest Jones

We adore the fairy-tale look of this silver and cubic zirconia cushion cut ring from Ernest Jones. With sparkling stones up to the shoulders, it looks a lot more expensive than the price tag would have you believe. If your other half loves the style too, you can have the real ring made to this design. It would also be a great dummy engagement ring if you were nervous about taking the real thing on holiday with you, for example!

Sizing: I-S

Pros & Cons: The simple cubic zirconia stones don't have as much sparkle as a diamond, so they're perfect for those who prefer a more understated look. Zirconias are highly resistant to wear and tear though, so your placeholder ring will stay looking its best for longer.

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17. Sunshine Ring – £95, Swarovski

We can’t help but smile when we see this vibrant ring from Swarovski. It has an eye-catching central crystal surrounded by beams of crystals that capture the light; especially lovely if, in the vein of Johnny Cash, you refer to your other half as your 'sunshine.'  If you're planning on having a sparkler for an engagement ring, this placeholder ring will help you get used to the feeling.

Sizing: 50-60

Pros & Cons: Swarovski crystals can be delicate, so treat your ring with care to keep the stones from getting chipped or scratched. There are three different colourways for you to choose from, so you can make sure that you end up with a temporary engagement ring you'll love to wear every day.

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18. Wooden Proposal Ring – £17, Create Gift Love

Make it known from the second you propose that the engagement ring is just a placeholder by using this wooden proposal ring from Create Gift Love – it can even be personalised with your loved one’s name. Wondering if you can propose without a ring? This temporary engagement ring is a fun alternative to the tradition.

Pros & Cons: This cheap temporary ring is the perfect token of your love if you want to save up for the proper engagement ring. Plus, you don't need to worry about getting the ring size right, so you can surprise your partner with it. Looking for an environmentally conscious ring? This option is made from FSC-certified oak, while the store itself is a member of The Woodland Trust.

19. Silver Cubic Zirconia Ring – £60, Beaverbrooks

Silver proposal ring with cubic zirconia and embellished shoulders

This proposal ring from Beaverbrooks really captures that classic engagement ring look – plus, if you go on to choose your diamond engagement ring with the brand within 60 days, they’ll refund the cost of this one. We love that the sparkle continues onto the shoulders of the ring for a truly dazzling look.

Sizing: I-T

Pros & Cons: The size range for this cubic zirconia temporary engagement ring includes several half sizes for an extra secure fit.

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20. Revere Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring – £14.99, Argos

Simple sterling silver temporary engagement ring with single round cubic zirconia stone

No, your eyes are not deceiving you – that really does say Argos! It might not be the first place you'd think to look for your engagement ring, but this £15 ring is a classic, sleek replica of a conventional solitaire engagement ring with lots of positive reviews.  Again, it's a great dummy engagement ring as it looks like the real deal!

Sizing: H-V

Pros & Cons: The huge array of sizes for this simple temporary engagement ring, not to mention that price tag, makes this an attractive option for anyone on a budget. Plus, it's made from sterling silver so you know it'll hold up to everyday wear. You'll need to stay on top of polishing it, though, to make sure it keeps its sparkle.

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21. Mini Stilla Moonstone Ring – £75, Astley Clarke

Moonstone and gold temporary engagement ring

A milky moonstone makes a tasteful placeholder for a diamond in this Astley Clarke design. It's also available in Pink Rhodolite or Blue Topaz if you suspect they'd prefer a coloured stone. If you prefer statement jewellery, this brand also offers a larger moonstone ring.

Sizing: J-P

Pros & Cons: This ring might have an affordable price tag, but the gold plating and hand-polished finish give it a luxe touch you'll love. It'll look great stacked with other rings too, once it's time to replace it with the actual engagement ring.

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22. Ultra Thin Floating Eternity Band in Gold Vermeil – £53.91, Trove Company

Hand wearing a slim gold ring with six spaced out single cubic zirconia stones

Slimline stacking rings and multi-stone rings are big engagement ring trends – channel them both with this dainty pick from Trove Company (you might even decide to base the actual ring on these principles too).

Sizing: US 3.5-US 10

Pros & Cons: Thanks to its minimalist style, this ring has a more subdued sparkle than other options on the market. Some reviewers mention that this makes it the perfect complement to both engagement and wedding rings down the road.

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23. Personalised Proposal Diamond Ring – £95, Posh Totty Designs

Proposal ring in yellow, white, and rose gold

The fact that you can inscribe this proposal ring with a date or word of your choice makes it all the more intimate and thoughtful. You've got up to 10 characters to play with to share your chosen message. Plus, like a lot of the styles on this list, it's ideal for stacking, so you can use it to accessorise a new engagement ring.

Sizing: H-Z

Pros & Cons: The standout feature of this temporary engagement ring has to be its customisable features. You have several metals to choose from—although be aware that this might add to the overall cost—and can choose between black or clean text. You can print up to 10 characters on the band, so you can use it as a physical promise to your love.

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24. Personalised Moon and Starburst Diamond Ring – from £80, Posh Totty Designs

Gold ring on pink textured fabric. The ring features three small diamonds, as well as an engraved crescent moon and several small stars. Inside the band, the date '1-9-2017' is engraved.

This dainty engraved ring is ideal if your other half is obsessed with all things celestial, or if you always joke that your love was 'written in the stars.' The icing on the cake? The fact that you can engrave the inside of the band with a special date or message. With space for up to 15 characters, you can really get creative.

Sizing: H-Z

Pros & Cons: This temporary engagement ring is handmade with sterling silver, but you can choose to elevate it with rose gold or yellow gold plating—be ready to pay extra for this option, though. You can also choose to add up to three diamonds for a bit of added sparkle. 

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25. Tiny Love Heart Stacking Ring – £15, Tesoro London

Dainty ring with small love heart design

The cute heart shape of this dainty ring makes it a superb candidate for an affordable temporary engagement ring. What clearer way is there to show someone that you love them? Plus, it's handmade, which makes it feel extra special. 

Sizing: J-S

Pros & Cons: This sterling silver ring is free from nickel and lead, for your peace of mind. Multiple reviewers mention its small design, so it's ideal if you're looking for a simple piece you can wear every day without drawing too much attention.

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26. Silver Willow Twig Ring – £99, Caroline Brook

Proposal ring fashioned to look like a silver tree branch encircling the stone

The nature-inspired aesthetic of this Caroline Brook ring is particularly poignant if you're plotting a proposal in the great outdoors. As it's custom-made, there's also a choice of precious stones, so you could consider upgrading to ruby, emerald or white sapphire. The tree-inspired design is perfect for showing how your love will grow and flourish in the future.

Sizing: H-Q½ 

Pros & Cons: If you want a more striking placeholder ring, you can opt to add a simple willow twig band, which will sit neatly on top of the stone of your ring. This does cost an extra £75 but it can also make for a meaningful wedding band. If you're into symbolism, you'll appreciate the choice to use a willow tree - they're often associated with the flow of life and love, embodying the concepts of harmony and growth.

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27. Sterling Silver Moonstone Deco Ring – £85, Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery

Moonstone deco placeholder engagement ring

How this Carrie Elizabeth ring is priced at less than £100, we'll never know, but we highly suggest you take advantage of it! The central emerald-cut gem is surrounded by four elongated baguette-cut stones which will make your partner's fingers look even longer and more elegant when they slip it on. 

Sizing: XS-XL

Pros & Cons: When it comes to packaging, you have a choice of a gift box or pouch. If sterling silver isn't your style, you can also opt for a gold vermeil finish. This temporary engagement ring will come with a year-long warranty for even more peace of mind as you shop.

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28. Ornate Garnet Floral Ring – £34, Regal Rose

Garnet floral temporary engagement ring

An oval cut garnet gemstone between four floral details set with crystals – few proposal rings are as dreamily unusual as this one from Regal Rose. It's also available in silver if you know your sweetheart likes a cool-toned metal. It's also perfect if your intended has an eye for Gothic-inspired styles.

Sizing: XXS-XXL

Pros & Cons: This ring is made from sterling silver and is nickel-free, ideal if you're concerned about allergies. It's hand-finished in the brand's London studio so you can feel assured that you're getting something special.

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29. Estée Lalonde Unity Ring – £65, Daisy London

Textured unity proposal engagement ring

For those who want to keep things sweet and simple, we'd suggest this Unity ring from Daisy London. The name alone gives it just the right symbolism for an occasion of this nature. It's also available in silver, in case there's any preference for colour.

Sizing: XS-XL

Pros & Cons: The understated style of this placeholder ring makes it the perfect accessory for the engagement and wedding rings to come. Plus, the brand is certified carbon positive - each ring is made from recycled silver and is responsibly produced. With every order, Daisy London will remove the equivalent of 10 small plastic bottles from the ocean; what's not to love?

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30. Utopia Gold Ring – £35, Aleyolé Jewelry

Hand wearing a gold ring with two pear-cut pink stones on the ring finger

Not everyone covets a diamond, even when it comes to a temporary ring. Aleyolé Jewelry's incredibly well-priced Utopia ring comes with pink-hued zirconia stones, which adds a romantic touch to the modern band.

Sizing: 10, 12, 14, 16

Pros & Cons: This is a gold-plated ring, made with sterling silver, so there are certain steps you'll have to take to make sure the plating doesn't get damaged and expose the silver underneath. Your ring will come with a pouch or case to protect the ring when you're not wearing it.

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31. Sterling Silver Petite Gemstone Birthstone Ring – £27, Holly Blake

Hand with two small sterling silver rings, one with a diamond and one with a red stone.

If you're planning to propose near your partner's birthday it would be a lovely idea to pop the question with a birthstone ring. This pick from Holly Blake is crafted from polished sterling silver and a rose-cut semi-precious gemstone. 

Sizing: XS-L

Pros & Cons: It'll be easy to keep your placeholder ring looking its best, with some simple silver polishing cloths. Care instructions, as well as a pouch and box, are provided to help with this.

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32. 1.20 Ct Cushion Cut Diamond Ring – £55, Sterling Fine Jewels

Interior of a grey ring box holding a rose gold band with a cushion-cut diamond, with two smaller pear-cut diamonds on either side.

Get the sparkle of a diamond at a fraction of the price with this cushion-cut proposal ring. This ring is made with lab-grown diamonds, which helps to keep the cost down. The pear-cut stones on either side of the centre diamond add a touch of Art Deco-esque glamour, so it's sure to make an impression.

Sizing: H-Z

Pros & Cons: Some reviews mention the ring running big, so take care when you're figuring out your sizing at home. As this is a handmade temporary engagement ring, the seller is open to talking about customisation, as well as changing the colour of the metal - the sterling silver core can be plated with yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold.

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33. Gold Ring with White Stone Gold – £44, Thomas Sabo

Gold and white stone temporary engagement ring

You can't go wrong with a classic style. This gold-plated temporary engagement ring from Thomas Sabo is more understated than our earlier pick from the brand, but it's every bit as lovely. This ring comes in both gold-plated and simple sterling silver.

Sizing: 48-58

Pros & Cons: This ring has various delicate touches that make an impression, from the sparkling cubic zirconia stone to the simple prong setting. It also comes with free jewellery packaging, perfect if you want to make the ring feel even more special.

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34. Rose Gold Baguette-Cut Ring - £56.99, Helenis Jewelry

Pink velvet ring box with a rose gold ring inside, with a baguette-cut cubic zirconia stone in the centre surrounded by an Art Deco-inspired halo.

Can you propose without a ring? Yes! Your proposal doesn't have to include an engagement ring (temporary or otherwise) to be magical, but when there are options as show-stopping as this, it's easy to see the appeal of the tradition. We get major Gatsby vibes when we see this stunning ring from Helenis Jewelry. A timeless ring like this will be worn again and again, even after you've replaced it with the permanent engagement ring. 

Sizing: J½-T½

Pros & Cons: This handmade placeholder ring comes from a UK-based small business. It's nickel free, so it won't irritate any allergies. The band is rose gold plating over 925 sterling silver, so take care when washing your hands or using soaps, as it can affect the finish.

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