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Ask Elektra: How Do I Get My Boyfriend to Propose?

Hitched's very own Drag-ony Aunt Elektra Fence is here to answer all your wedding planning problems! This month, she explains how to get a ring on your finger...

Hitched Drag-ony Aunt hero image featuring Elektra Fence

Hitched Drag-ony Aunt hero image featuring Elektra Fence

We've teamed up with the fabulous Elektra Fence to be our Hitched Drag-ony Aunt. As Elektra plans her own wedding, she's also on hand to help you with all your wedding planning problems. First up - someone who wants to know how to get her boyfriend to propose. Aunty Elektra is on hand with her best advice...

Dear Aunty Elektra,

I need help with how to get my partner to propose - we’ve been together for nearly ten years now, all our friends are getting married and I’m still waiting for him to pop the question. I want to get married and be a bride and have a lovely wedding!

How do I make it happen? Don’t suggest proposing myself as I’m dreaming of a romantic proposal from him. I need your help!


A wannabe-bride

Dear Wannabe-Bride,

Don’t you worry, Hitched’s one and only Drag-ony Aunt, Aunty Elektra Fence, is here to help

There are three things you need to do to get that ring on your finger, hunny. 

First, you need to create the vibe. Watch romantic films together - I’m thinking Pretty Woman, Love Actually (as it’s nearly Love Actually season!) and Maid in Manhattan. Do lots of loud sighs at all the most romantic moments. Bonus points if you well up at a proposal scene. 

Second, you need to take him shopping. But not just your weekly trip down to Lidl’s, oh no, hun. No Middle of Lidl bargain ring for you. 

You need to plan a shopping route that goes past the fanciest jewellery shop in your town - Lizzie Duke at Argos is the minimum we’re talking here, babes. Stop by the window, gasp dramatically, and point out all the sparklers that you love.

Be clever - point to a range but don’t go below your bare minimum. You want to give him options, but you want it to be acceptable. Best to do this straight after viewing the romantic films.

Finally, if all else fails, here’s Aunt Elektra’s golden tip: when he leaves the room, grab his phone and whisper ‘engagement ring! Proposal! Weddings!’ into it over and over again, as often as you can. 

Phones are always listening hunny, so he’ll be bombarded with ads for engagement rings on his phone and might even believe it was his idea. 

Hope this helps!

Kiss kiss,


Got a question for Aunty Elektra? Keep an eye on our Instagram page for her question box! In the meantime, if you feel like a proposal is imminent, check out our giveaway signs they're about to propose!