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Rose Bouquets for Weddings: 33 Romantic Ideas

Hailed as the most romantic of flowers, a rose bridal bouquet is the perfect choice for your special day. Here’s everything you need to know, plus lots of inspirational ideas

It’s easy to see why roses are one of the most popular wedding flowers. Not only do they look stunning at any time of year, they also symbolise love, passion and romance – pretty much everything you could wish for on your wedding day!
"Roses have always been evocative of romance; the scent, the shades, the ruffles - they truly have it all!" explains Whitney Brombery Hawkins, founder of luxury flower delivery service FLOWERBX
"So, it comes as no surprise that they are a go-to for many in wedding bouquets. In single-variety bunches, they offer an undisputed elegance that holds an air of truly effortless beauty, mirroring exactly how every bride or groom desires to feel on their special day."
Despite being a traditional and classic choice, there are countless ways to have rock this flower in a fresh, stylish and unique way. Inspired to include these flowers in your wedding day look? We have 33 rose wedding bouquet ideas plus spoke to expert florists to find out everything you need to know about rose bouquets.

Red Rose Wedding Bouquet

1. Winter Wedding Rose Bouquet

Bride and groom with a red rose wedding bouquet

Looking for a winter wedding bouquet? Red is a colour typically associated with the festive season which is why deep red roses work so well for weddings in the colder months. The cascading leaves on this arrangement from Hanako Flower Shop make a dramatic statement.  

2. Contrasting Colours

Red rose wedding bouquet with daisies

Contrasting rich red roses against dainty daisies is a unique and beautiful wedding bouquet idea. We love the berries nestled within the arrangement from Julie Cambridge Floral Design as they'll shine like jewels when photographed. 

3. Rustic Rouge

Bride and groom with a red and white rose wedding bouquet

For a rustic wedding bouquet that has a vintage feel to it, consider including red roses among sage green foliage such as eucalyptus leaves. It has a lovely laid back vibe to it, especially when tied with matching ribbons. We love this one by The Little Flower Hut.

4. Sunset Shades

Red and peach rose autumn wedding bouquet with berries

Red roses lend themselves perfectly to an autumnal wedding bouquet bursting with sunset shades. The yellow craspedia and peach roses alongside create a gorgeous ombre effect in this autumnal rose wedding bouquet from Wildflower Studio

5. Classic Rose Bouquet

Trailing red rose and white rose wedding bouquet

This red rose wedding bouquet by Amberlilys is classic and sophisticated. The trailing tendrils of greenery give it a modern update but the traditional flower choice keeps it traditional. We love how this bride has matched the burgundy hues to her wedding jacket.

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6. Classic Red Rose Bouquet

Simple red rose wedding bouquet

If you loved the vibe of Kourtney Kardashian's wedding, then you need red roses on your must-have list. Keep it simple with this beautiful bunch of blooms by Gladys Doris that features garden, tea and budding red roses. 

White Rose Wedding Bouquet

7. Chic Minimalism 

Simple white rose wedding bouquet

Sometimes all you need is a pared back wedding bouquet consisting of fresh white roses, like this one from Floral Art Devon. We can see this looking spectacular with an elegant white wedding suit or a simple slip dress.

8. Fresh Foliage

White rose and greenery wedding bouquet

White and green is a really popular wedding colour theme and this posy by Sonning Flowers is perfect for it! If your party are wearing green bridesmaid dresses this floral arrangement will complement them wonderfully.

9. Neutral Mix


All white wedding bouquet with roses

This white rose wedding bouquet by Coombe Bissett Blooms features varying neutral shades, from fluffy cloud-coloured peonies to off-white poppies and ivory buds. It'll work with all kinds of wedding venues as it is super versatile. 

10. Playful Textures 

White rose wedding bouquet with winter berries and leaves

A brilliant way of adding interest to your wedding bouquet without having to include lots of different flowers is by mixing up your textures. Think smooth eucalyptus leaves, bumpy berries and velvety fronds like this one from Leaf Flowers.

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11. White Waterfall

White rose and greenery wedding bouquet

To create a cascading white rose wedding bouquet focus the roses in the centre of the arrangement and surround them with smaller buds and berries. Then, layer foliage such as ivy and eucalyptus around the edge and let it trail downwards - like in this arrangement from Big Little Things

12. Baby's Breath Halo

White rose and baby's breath wedding bouquet

Baby's breath is a brilliant filler flower and it looks lovely alongside white roses. The dainty buds won't take away from the main flowers but will add depth to the arrangement - how beautiful is this rose bouquet from Flowers by Izzy

13. Feathery Florals

White rose and gold wedding bouquet

Give your white rose wedding bouquet a rustic makeover by incorporating whimsical sprigs of wheat and feathery fronds. It would suit a wedding in a wildflower meadow perfectly. 

14. Scent-sational 

White rose wedding bouquet with lavender and daisies

This spring wedding bouquet by White GDN Flowers features white roses, daisies and lavender - not only does it look fabulous, it'll smell amazing too! You can preserve these wedding flowers easily and have them as a keepsake for years to come.  

15. White Wonderland

White rose and pinecone festive wedding bouquet

Top off your winter wedding look by holding this enchanting bunch of frosted flowers by Cloud Hill Flowers. From the crisp white roses to the snow tipped pinecones, it is magical. 

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16. Touch of Pink

Cream and white rose wedding bouquet with foliage

A pop of pink hidden among white roses and lots of greenery is a clever way to add colour to your wedding bouquet. It's subtle, yet effective! We love this rose bouquet by The Flower Cottage.

17. Something Silver

White and silver rose wedding bouquet

An arrangement like this is a fail-safe option for those who aren't sure what to go for. The white roses in this bouquet by Luna Rose Floral Design pair perfectly with the glints of silver and the greenery adds interest and height. 

18. Stylish Pick

Bride holding a chic white rose wedding bouquet

Modern couples will adore this offering by Emma Cox Floristry which features trendy pampas grass, white roses, orchids and anthurium. It has all the blooms you would typically see in a colourful wedding bouquet, but with a monochrome makeover. 

Pink Rose Wedding Bouquet 

19. Candyfloss Crush

Pink rose wedding bouquet

A soft pink rose wedding bouquet is a romantic choice and will suit a country house wedding venue to a tee. Even better if it has a quaint rose garden that you can match your blooms to! We love this Sonning Flowers creation.

20. Petal Power

Pink rose and peony wedding bouquet with greenery

There are many different varieties of pink roses and you don't have to stick to just one. Combining a mix of petal patterns and colours will make for a fresh bouquet that will take everyone's breath away. This rose bouquet from Kelly Atwood Floral Designs is perfect.

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21. Dusky Vintage

Dusky pink rose wedding bouquet

Planning a vintage wedding? Dusky pink roses are ideal for your wedding bouquet as they have such an old-school feel to them. Just imagine this arrangement by Flowers By Eve with a gorgeous 1920s wedding dress.

22. Little & Large

Pink rose wedding bouquet with hints of orange

As well as contrasting colours with pink and orange roses, this wedding bouquet uses different sizes too. The open blooms in this rose wedding bouquet by Polly's Garden look lovely against the delicate smaller buds and mean the arrangement doesn't look overbearing. 

23. Sherbet Florals

Peach rose wedding bouquet

Powdery pinks, apricots, pale blue and creamy white all wrapped up in a gorgeous wedding bouquet? Yes, please! This sweet bunch by Wild Flowers of Harrogate is a winner.

24. Ruffled Edges

Pink and purple rose wedding bouquet

If you're sticking to classic pink roses for your wedding bouquet, why not add interest by accompanying them with textured flowers? The ruffled petals on these blooms arranged by The Wild Garden Florist are fabulous. 

25. Elegant Glam

Glam pink rose wedding bouquet

These hot pink roses by Magnolia Florist will make a glamorous statement - especially when paired with a rhinestone adornment. We love how it has been fastened onto the delicate leaves. 

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26. Pretty Posy

Delicate pink rose wedding bouquet

A posy of single stemmed pink roses looks delicate and beautiful, like this one from Flowers and Such. We adore how the green stems are visible - just remember to remove any sharp thorns!

27. Highlighter Hue

Pink rose modern wedding bouquet

For a festival wedding ready bouquet, consider this bright beauty by Juniper Hill Flowers. It's a super fun option and we bet your wedding guests won't have seen anything quite like it before. 

28. Fern Fun

Bride holding a rustic pink rose wedding bouquet

This pink rose wedding bouquet is ideal for a chic couple. The sage green eucalyptus leaves and feathery fern fronds look dreamy next to dusky pink roses.

29. Classic Beauty

Pink rose and greenery wedding bouquet

Roses are a traditional flower so if you want to stick to that theme, a simple wedding bouquet with baby's breath, greenery and delicate white buds could be for you, like this one from Wildflower Studio

30. Pink Takeover

Pretty pink rose wedding bouquet

Embrace a pink wedding theme with a rose wedding bouquet bursting with this lovely colour. This arrangement from Amberlilys features an array of shades, from bubble gum to blush. 

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31. Sweet & Neat

Pink and white rose wedding bouquet

Your wedding bouquet doesn't have to have a rustic finish, in fact, a clean shape like this one is fresh and beautiful. The addition of white roses among the pink give it a lift and lighten the look. 

32. Peach Perfection

Peach pink rose wedding bouquet

One of our favourite pink rose shades is peach. It's a more understated pick than brighter alternatives but it won't look any less fabulous - be inspired by this peach rose bouquet by Florry Wedding Flowers

33. Woodland Roses

Pink rose dried autumnal wedding bouquet

Pink roses work wonderfully for autumn too! Pop them next to dried foliage and you'll have a wedding bouquet that will suit a woodland wedding venue perfectly. 

When Are Roses in Season?

Another reason why roses are so popular for wedding bouquets is that they are pretty much always in season, which makes them very easy for your florist to source.

We spoke to Michaella Wood from House of Blooms to find out more: “A great thing about roses is that most varieties are available all year round – there are literally hundreds of types with so many different stem lengths and colours that would complement any colour scheme.

“In terms of cost, the mainstream roses that are produced and grown in large quantities are generally cheaper in price.”

What Do Roses Symbolise?

Roses are the epitome of love, although the various colours do have further meanings – with red being the most passionate of course.

“Roses are the ultimate romantic flower,” explains Louise, owner of Louise Avery Flowers. “The language of flowers tells us that red roses symbolise passion, white roses mean innocence whilst pink roses represent admiration, grace, gladness and joy – an ideal combination of emotions for a wedding.”

If you’re going for a more vibrant bouquet of yellow and orange roses, you’ll also be pleased to hear that yellow roses symbolise care and friendship, whilst orange roses bring passion and energy.

Take a look at our guide to wedding flower meanings if you want to find out what other types of blooms symbolise. 

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Rose Bouquet?

“The texture, colour, flower head size and scent are all factors to consider when choosing roses for your bridal bouquet,” suggests Michaella. “Your florist will help you find the perfect option to complement your colour scheme, as well as the look and feel of your wedding day”.

As Michaella explains, the theme and style of your day and your wedding outfit should determine which type of rose you go for. For example, if you’re inspired to have a vintage bridal bouquet then amnesia roses would be perfect, as the faded purple look gives a dreamy, old-fashioned vibe. 

Michaella also has tips for those going for a classic wedding look: “A hand tied bouquet made up of one rose type, such as the garden variety, creates a really romantic look.

“Alternatively, using additional flowers and accents as fillers alongside your roses can highlight your colour scheme in a way that’s not too overpowering.”

Types of Roses for Your Wedding Bouquet

When it comes to choosing a type of rose for your bouquet, you’ll be absolutely amazed at the versatility and how much choice there is.

“The different types of roses all give different shapes and textures,” says Michaella. “There are also multi-shade varieties, such as David Austin roses (which are produced by specialist growers) and various garden rose types – these are multi-layered and often look more beautiful the longer you have them. For these type of roses, your florist will probably order them at least a few days before your wedding to give them time to open up to their full, gorgeous potential.”

As mentioned before, amnesia roses would be perfect for a vintage style wedding. Eye catching roses in soft shades of pink and red would look lovely at a summer wedding – such as the two toned ‘Madame A. Meilland’, the classically shaped ‘Queen Elizabeth’ and the peony-esque David Austin Rose.

Colours of Roses for Your Wedding Bouquet

Whatever your colour scheme and no matter what time of year you’re tying the knot, there’s a rose colour to suit your big day.

“The rose family is huge. It offers an unbelievably large range of colours and one of the biggest shade spectrums in the flower world,” says Louise. “Roses in soft champagne, oyster, apricot and peach shades can be sourced, as well as deep wine reds and almost every hue of pink.”

“From a florist’s point of view, it is important to see what colour scheme has been chosen by the couple for the bridesmaids and décor,” explains Jenny, the owner of Flower Barn. “This is so that we can colour match the appropriate rose for your wedding."

If you’re looking for summer wedding flower ideas, then a bouquet filled with roses in pastel shades of cream and pink would fit right in with the season thanks to its soft, pastel tones. Fancy something a bit more dramatic for an autumn or winter wedding? A passionate posy of red roses would be a show stopping accompaniment.

Size of Roses for Your Bridal Bouquet

Mixing different rose sizes in your bouquet is a great way to add more depth and texture to it. Spray roses, which are smaller than their counterparts, would be excellent fillers for a bouquet filled with bigger roses or other flowers – this would be also be a great wedding budget hack as they are fairly cheap to buy. 

Louise explains more about different rose sizes and what to consider: “Roses are available as large, medium or small flower heads, plus there are the beautiful and delicate miniature spray roses of course. Tighter roses are better for a more formal look, whilst open roses are (literally) more relaxed and informal.”

“The weight of your bouquet should also be a consideration,” continues Louise. “Your florist should advise you that anyone who opts for large rose bouquets may find that they can be quite heavy to hold. Roses have woody stems and can be quite heavy in a large quantity, especially the large head varieties.”

Rose Fragrances

“Fragrance is mostly, though not exclusively, found in English garden roses,” explains Louise. “There is nothing quite like the scent of a rose to add a third dimension to your bridal bouquet.”

If you’re not keen on a strong rose scent, opt for the smaller garden ones, rambling roses or shrub roses instead. If you don't have scented flowers, you can always go for a rose scent with your wedding perfume!

How to Make a Paper Rose Wedding Bouquet?

Colourful paper rose wedding bouquet

If you're feeling creative, a paper rose wedding bouquet is a fun and effective alternative to fresh blooms. Check out our handy guide on how to make paper flowers for your wedding, or florists such as Paper Bouquets specialise in stunning paper floral pieces.  

What Other Flowers Can I Include in My Rose Bouquet?

Because roses are incredibly versatile when it comes to size and colour, there are so many floral combinations you could include in your bouquet.

Louise recommends looking for seasonal wedding flowers when adding other elements to rose bouquets: “Celebrate the time of year by adding seasonal flowers, herbs and foliage – such as pussy-willow and catkins in the spring or seed pods and berries for an autumn wedding.” 

Another popular type of wedding flower which would look gorgeous amongst an arrangement of roses would be peonies, which are mostly available in the summer months. Take a look at our guide to peony wedding bouquets for more inspiration on how to combine the two.

How Do I Keep my Rose Bouquet in Good Condition?

Once you’ve picked out the perfect rose bouquet, you’ll need to know how to store and take care of it – Michaella explains: “Once your florist delivers your rose bouquet, they will tell you how to keep it fresh. It’s best to keep it in a cool room if possible and in water as well, without getting any ribbon wet.

“On the big day once you’re ready to hold your bouquet, dab off the stems with a tea towel so you don’t get water on your outfit. As long as your florist has properly conditioned and fed the flowers before your wedding, your bouquet should easily last all day.”

How Many Roses Do I Need for a Wedding Bouquet?

"Everyone has different ideals when it comes to the size of the bouquet they carry on their wedding day, so the answer is - as many as you like!" explains Whitney Brombery Hawkins from FLOWERBX.
"The number of roses needed depends on factors like the size of their individual flower heads and the overall desired aesthetic, but a single variety hand-tied bunch would ordinarily contain between 10 and 20 stems."

How Much is a Rose Wedding Bouquet?

In general, roses are a fairly affordable flower, however Whitney explains that their costs can vary depending on the quality of flowers used and time of year.
"It is always best to seek out a florist that you would like to work with, then enquire about individual costs. At FLOWERBX, we have recently launched a brand-new consultation service to help couples get to grips with these kinds of questions! Weddings by FLOWERBX offers everything you’ll need to perfect your wedding flowers, from bouquets and buttonholes to grand installations and table arrangements."

How to Dry a Rose Wedding Bouquet?

Dried wedding bouquets are long-lasting and effortlessly chic so if you are considering drying your rose wedding bouquet the good news is that it is simple to do at home.

Tie the stems together and hang them upside down for a few weeks in a dry, warm place like an airing cupboard or over a radiator. They'll keep their colour, yet stay formed for years to come.

Take a look at our guide to preserving your wedding flowers for even more ideas!