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How to Choose a Timeless Vintage Bridal Bouquet

Give an ode to eras gone by with a classic vintage inspired bouquet - read on to find out what to look for when choosing your flowers

If you’ve chosen your perfect vintage wedding dress, then you need a stunning bouquet to match. There are lots of different ways to nail the retro theme with a vintage bridal bouquet – it’s also a great trend for laidback brides as the look doesn’t have to be immaculate.

“Vintage isn’t a perfect look,” says Sarah Williams, the owner of The Flower Bird. “Whatever flowers you choose, they should be put together quite loosely to give a more natural look.”

For more inspiration and tips on what to choose, read on for our guide to vintage bridal bouquets.

Romantic Roses

“I think there are two types of vintage: colourful is one and then there’s soft, subtle and muted colours which give a very feminine, almost luxurious look,” explains Sarah. “Types of roses such as garden, David Austin, amnesia, menthe and faith roses will all give that beautiful, gentle feel of bygone days.

“Some of these types will give off a lovely scent too. Your florist should time the roses so that they are perfectly open for your wedding day, which is an important look for the vintage trend.”

We love this gorgeous amnesia rose bouquet that was put together by Sarah – the long, slightly unkempt stems add to the vintage vibe.


Image credit: Miss Gen Photography

This posy wedding bouquet would be a stunning option for a vintage themed wedding in a rustic location. The faded colour of the roses gives the bouquet a beautifully timeless look.


Image credit: Benjamin Stuart Photography

This vintage bridal bouquet from Hampshire based supplier Moutan makes quite the style statement. Highlight the pink and purple tones of the roses with by choosing bridesmaid dresses in similar hues for your best girls.


London based florist Rhubarb and Bramley have added cream roses and lavender to this amnesia rose bouquet which gives it a summery touch. Pair your bridal bouquet with a rose flower crown to give the look even more vintage appeal – check out our guide to making your own wedding flower crown.


“The way vintage bridal bouquets are bound or tied will add to the trend,” suggests Sarah. “Tie with lace, velvet or old ribbon from an antique market to personalise your bouquet. You could even add an old family brooch or mother of pearl buttons to the binding. These little touches will instantly add that vintage feel.”

This bouquet from Floral Studio Events has been tied with lace and finished off with pearl pins to complete the classic look. 


Dark and Dramatic

To make a statement with your bouquet, add an injection of drama and glamour by opting for deep red roses and other darker blooms. These flowers work best when paired with natural foliage to stop the dark colours overpowering your bridal look. Lacy gowns and gothic wedding dresses go really well with vintage bridal bouquets like this one from The Flower Bird.


Image credit: Miss Gen Photography

Or how about this impressive bouquet for a gothic influenced vintage look? The subtle addition of small black flowers adds just a touch of drama.


Hair and make up by Elle Au Naturel; Image by Miss Gen Photography

Pretty Peonies

Vintage bouquets don’t just have to be filled with roses – peonies will also create a timeless look. As with roses, make sure that your florist times putting together a peony wedding bouquet so that the blooms are nicely open for your wedding day.


Image credit: AI Weddings

Peach and pink toned peonies are a gorgeous look, especially when paired with lightly coloured foliage like this bouquet from florist Annie May. The nude ribbon at the handle complements the blooms and the vintage theme.


Buttons and Brooches

If you’re looking for alternative bridal bouquets that you can treasure long after your wedding day, then how about opting for this cute button bouquet from Not on the High Street? A button bouquet really is a timeless vintage look – as it will never die!


Image credit: Beaubuttons at Not on the High Street

A bouquet covered in brooches is the perfect way to nail vintage glamour – like this pearl covered one from Elsa Rose Boutique. A bouquet that features a handed down pocket watch, locket or brooch is a great way to honour a special family member at your wedding.


Delightful Daisies

“Another way to do vintage flowers is to go for a colourful, freshly picked look,” explains Sarah. “Think daisies, delphinium, larkspur, sweet peas, foxgloves, mint, scented geranium leaves and brighter coloured garden roses.

“This look is more suited to the summer and your florist should be able to source British grown flowers, which lend themselves perfectly to this look.”

These bouquets show that daisies of any size are a stunning addition to a vintage bouquet. Check out our edit of stunning summer wedding flowers if you need more inspiration.


Flowers by (left to right) Acer Florist and Vanilla Rose

Bold and Beautiful

As Sarah mentions above, a brightly coloured bouquet of flowers is another way to nail the vintage trend. This arrangement from White Lilac Flowers is so pretty to look at with its rainbow coloured assortment of flowers. Garden roses and daisies add that essential ‘freshly picked’ look.


Elegant Embellishment

Forget any preconceptions you have about artificial flowers – if you saw Lucy and Matthew’s real wedding you’ll have noticed the bride’s stunning bouquet of red foam flowers studded with pearls. The flowers beautifully complemented Lucy’s 1950s inspired look and the polka dot bridesmaid dresses.


Image credit: JLR Photography

Adding some sparkle to a bouquet gives instant vintage appeal. This pink and cream rose arrangement from Louise Avery Flowers has been transformed by the silver and pearl embellishment.



We’re seriously impressed by this rustic style bouquet from The Great British Florist. This large arrangement is full of natural foliage intertwined with romantic ivory roses. The long ribbon gives a stylish and unfinished look.


This organic style of bouquet is perfect if you’re tying the knot at a rustic wedding venue. The relaxed arrangement of foliage, white flowers and pink satin ribbon combines to create the perfect timeless look.


Image credit: Sarah Hanham Photography

If you want to keep your bridal bouquet relatively fuss free and minimalistic, then opt for a simple yet pretty gypsophila one. This arrangement from a wedding at Trenderway Farm would take you back to summer days gone by.


If your bridesmaids will also be having retro inspired bouquets, choose from our selection of vintage bridesmaid dresses which would follow the theme.