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35 of the Prettiest Peony Bouquet Ideas

Not only do peony bouquets represent a happy marriage and good health, this beautiful bloom complements every kind of wedding. To give you some inspiration for the big day, here's our edit of 35 perfect peony bouquet ideas

Boho style peony bouquet

According to our guide to flowers and their meanings, peonies represent a happy life, happy marriage, good health and prosperity – everything you could wish for as you begin your new journey with your partner.

They also just so happen to be one of the most versatile and Instagramable flowers around, with incredible colours and varieties available. From the traditional common peony and the rustic wild peony, to the pretty Chinese peony, you're sure to find a bloom that'll work with your wedding theme and style.

These beauties look fabulous as a peony only bouquet, but they can also be paired with pretty much any flower to accommodate for your budget. Simply pop a few accent peonies amongst budget friendly flowers such as daisies or baby's-breath and you'll have an instantly upgraded bouquet. 

If you’ve decided to have this popular blossom in your wedding flowers, then read on for some inspiration and expert advice to consider when choosing peony bouquets. 


When Are Peonies in Season?

Pink peony bouquet

We spoke to Kim from The Flower House Studio who revealed when the peak time to buy peony bouquets is: “May to July is the time when peonies are in season. I think peonies absolutely scream ‘English summer wedding’ and they are a lovely flower choice for a wedding in the warmer months.”

Mixing the peonies with other summer wedding flowers is a great way to add more scent and colour to your bouquet. However, peonies can certainly suit a winter wedding too, as long as you find a florist who is able to source them at this time of year.

Are Peonies Expensive?

In terms of cost, remember that the number of peonies you have in your bouquet will depend on how much of your budget you have allocated to your wedding flowers. “A bouquet filled with lots of peonies can be expensive as the florist has to make sure that each bloom is as perfect as possible,” warns Kim. “They can be temperamental and slow to open.”

That’s not to say that a few well-placed peonies can’t make the same statement. The big and bold peonies in a bouquet will immediately draw the eye in!

What Peony Colours Can You Get?

“There are so many colours to choose from now, so there is probably a peony to go with most colour schemes,” explains Kim. “The coral ones in particular can be as big as a plate! For a beautiful scent, choose the white ‘Duchesse de Nemours’ peonies.”

Don’t be scared to go for darker coloured peony bouquets either. A deep pink-red arrangement screams romance and is the perfect bouquet for a timeless wedding day. 

Pretty Peony Bouquet Inspiration

1. Bright Peony Bouquet

Bright peony bouquet

We're starting our round up of peony bouquets with a showstopper. Large, full peonies in bright shades of pink and purple, vibrant sunflowers and yellow snapdragons, make for a cheerful bunch of buds that are bound to put a smile on your face.

2. Sunset Peony Bouquet

Sunset shades peony bouquet

Coral hues and sunset shades of orange and peach are always a great choice for weddings abroad. Sprigs of greenery inject a fresh feel and finish the look off. 

3. Wildflower Peony Bouquet

Wildflower peony bouquet

This soft wildflower arrangement has us dreaming of a rustic wedding at sun down, with matching flowers in your hair or button hole and a romantic meadow to wonder through...

4. Vintage Pastel Peony Bouquet

Pastel peony bouquet

Creamy hues of cornflower blue and dusty rose tinted peonies are giving us all the vintage vibes. We're obsessed with the tiny details that have gone into this bouquet, from the white satin ribbon to the subtle sprigs of lavender that we can almost smell through the screen.

5. Pink & Yellow Peony Bouquet

Pink and yellow peony bouqet

Fluffy, pale pink British peonies are a popular choice for bouquets. Combine that with bubble gum coloured closed peonies and pops of bright yellow buds for a colour clashing bouquet that'll contrast perfectly if you're wearing white.

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6. Violet Peony Bouquet

Violet peony bouquet

We love the rich colour palette used in this peony bouquet. If you're not afraid to go bold, lilac peonies, vibrant violet and shocks of orange roses create a gorgeous statement. 

7. Peony Bouquet With Sunflowers

Sunflower peony bouquet

Any bouquet that includes sunflowers instantly elevates it to summery heights and this pick is no exception. Peach peonies and pale dahlias provide a much welcomed softness to the otherwise loud sunflowers.

8. Peony Bouquet With Sweet Peas

Sweet pea peony bouquet

Sweet peas are fragrant, romantic and soft which is why they make a lovely addition to a peony bouquet. If you're opting for large, hot pink peonies with orange centres you'll really want to show them off and sweet peas won't steal any limelight. 

9. Classic Peony Bouquet

Classic peony bouquet

Classic pink roses and peonies are always a romantic and pretty pick. This refined choice of florals and traditional greenery will pair perfectly with any wedding theme. 

10. Festive Peony Bouquet

Festive peony bouquet

Dark plum peonies and burgundy hues are simply a match made in heaven for a festive celebration. The light florals add a softness to this deep bouquet and keep it wedding ready.

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11. Red & White Peony Bouquet

Red & white peony bouquet

Red and white is an unexpected colour combination for a wedding, but we love it all the same. The fresh white florals create a beautiful base for sultry crimson peonies to nestle amongst. 

12. Autumn Peony Bouquet

Autumn peony bouquet

This gorgeous bouquet that combines red berries, ferns, orange roses and fuchsia peonies looks like it was just picked up from the forest floor. If you're planning a woodland wedding ceremony or an autumn celebration these blooms are ideal. 

13. Peony Bouquet With Ferns

Fern peony bouquet

If you adore the whimsical look of fresh ferns this arrangement is sure to please. We're especially loving the placement of the evergreen plant along the front of the bouquet so it trails down this bride's dress perfectly. 

14. Pink Peony Bouquet

Pink peony bouquet

When you think of peonies the colour that typically comes to mind is pink. From pretty pastels and sorbet shades to dusky mauves and baby blush, this bouquet has them all. Plus, it has an added edge of thistles which would be a great nod to Scotland if you're getting married there!

15. Peony Bouquet With Succulents 

Succulent peony bouquet

Adding succulents into your peony bouquet is a great way to provide texture and colour to an otherwise simple arrangement. We love the idea of having succulents on your wedding tables too to tie the whole look together. 

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16. Summer Peony Bouquet

Summer peony bouquet

As peony season falls from May-July they're a real winner for a wedding in the warmer months. A smattering of purple buds and a few ombre leaves and you have yourself a bouquet that screams quintessentially English garden wedding.

16. Extravagant Peony Bouquet

Extravagant peony bouquet

From the decadent king protea to the pink peonies and soft pops of blue, this bunch of flowers is definitely not understated. Plus, the multicoloured ribbon ends match this bouquet perfectly and add even more interest to this groom's bouquet.

17. Peony Bouquet With Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus peony bouquet

As popular as peonies are for wedding flowers, eucalyptus is too! The gorgeous round leaves almost create a halo around this bouquet that looks truly heavenly. 

18. Peony Bouquet With Greenery

Greenery peony bouquet

 Going minimal on the flowers means you can afford to go bigger with greenery. This bouquet uses only a few accent florals like peonies and roses, fleshing them out with sprigs of gorgeous green.

19. Orange Peony Bouquet

Orange peony bouquet

Dreamy shades of tangerine and happy hues of yellow are a playful colour palette that'll look lovely in your wedding photographs. We especially love how the bridesmaids at this wedding wore marigold dresses to match the flowers.

20. Simple Peony Bouquet

Simple peony bouquet

Barely-there pink and egg shell white peonies are sometimes all you need in your bouquet. Feminine and chic, this bunch of blooms oozes sophistication. 

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21. Peony Bouquet With Daisies 

Daisy peony bouquet

Made from the very best flowers from the flower market, The Happy Blossoms are making gorgeous bunches of 10 pink peonies with 3 stems of daisies, each wrapped in rustic ribbon. 

22. Bohemian Peony Bouquet

Bohemian peony bouquet

Cascading ferns and burgundy tones create a charming bouquet that boho couples will adore. The longer stems and textured leaves add dimension without being too much. 

23. Peony Bouquet With Orchids

Orchid peony bouquet

Love the look of orchids but don't know what to pair them with? Peonies are a wonderful match for this luxurious looking flower. You could even pop a few cheese plant or banana leaves into this bouquet for a tropical touch. 

24. Trailing Peony Bouquet

Trailing peony bouquet

Mirror a floor length wedding dress with a trailing waterfall of peonies and greenery. This bouquet is spectacular and keeps the blooms from looking simple. 

25. Glamorous Peony Bouquet

Glamourous rhinestone peony bouquet

Adorned with diamonds and nestled in netting, this peony bouquet is glamorous and feminine. It's so impressive that your guests won't even notice that the flowers are faux...

26. Blue Peony Bouquet

Blue peony bouquet

Crisp and refreshing, this beautiful blue bouquet is an unique choice that'll guarantee to turn heads as you walk down the aisle. This would make a delightful edition for a snow covered wedding day. 

27. Closed Peony Bouquet

Closed peony bouquet

As well as multiple colours and varieties of peonies to pick from, you've also got the option of deciding on how open your peonies are. These supersized, closed peonies will work well with a simple wedding outfit.

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28. Fresh Peony Bouquet

Fresh peony bouquet

A refreshing mix of pale green hydrangea and ivory peonies will blend seamlessly into a chic wedding with white accents and are the perfect example that sometimes less is more.

29. Ombre Peony Bouquet

Ombre peony bouquet

Playing with colours can be a simple way of taking your peony bouquet to the next level. Supersized rouge peonies blending into hot pink blooms and ending in a fresh white finish? We've fallen in love.

30. Rustic Peony Bouquet

Rustic peony bouquet

Create a rustically romantic arrangement by tying your peonies together with brown twine. Add in wild roses and white sweet peas and your barn wedding day bouquet will be complete. 

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31. Seasonal Peony Bouquet

Bright and seasonal peony bouquet

The Happy Blossoms are also making fresh bunches of seasonal blossoms, so if you're getting married in the summer months and are after peonies we bet they'll be included. 

32. Colour Pop Peony Bouquet

Colour pop peony bouquet

So, we know you can match your wedding dress to your bouquet, but how about paiting your nails to the colour of your peonies too? With a pop of fuchsia in this beautiful bouquet this bride has done just that and it looks amazing!

33. White Peony Bouquet

White peony bouquet

Neutral peonies are heavenly and couldn't look any more wedding appropriate if they tried. We say go for this bouquet if your opting for a feathered or a lace wedding dress to mimic the white floral ruffles.

34. Tropical Peony Bouquet

Tropical peony bouquet

Destination weddings call for a fabulous bouquet to match! This bride has gone for a muted palette of pink peonies, a cheese plant leaf and a white flamingo flower but if you wanted to add a pop of colour consider using bird of paradise. 

35. Spring Peony Bouquet

Spring peony bouquet

Getting hitched in spring? We're huge fans of pale blues and soft pinks for a wedding in this season!

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