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Hair Extensions for Your Wedding: Everything You Need to Know

Curious about getting hair extensions for your wedding? We asked the experts about everything you need to know about wedding hair extensions

A hairstylist applying a hair treatment to a woman's long hair complete with hair extensions in a salon
Vixen & Blush

A hairstylist applying a hair treatment to a woman's long hair complete with hair extensions in a salon
Vixen & Blush

Choosing your wedding hairstyle is a big part of your wedding prep. You might be considering hair extensions for your wedding, whether you want a chic wedding updo or you want your locks to be loose and flowing free.

Wedding hair extensions can do a number of things for your wedding hair - firstly, they can add length, which is great if you have short hair but want to style it up for your big day. 

Secondly, they can add volume, and if you’re a fine haired person (much like this writer!), hair extensions can give your hair more body, allowing you to try a wider range of hairstyles.

Do I Need Hair Extensions for My Wedding?

Now, you might be wondering if you need hair extensions for your wedding - and of course, you don’t need them. You are already wedding ready just as you are! But if you have your heart set on a particular hairstyle, they can help you to achieve it. 

We visited hair extensions specialists Vixen & Blush at their London salon on Oxford Street to find out more about getting hair extensions for your wedding, and put some to the test…

The Best Hair Extensions for Your Wedding

You have a few different options when it comes to wedding hair extensions, and each type has its own benefits. 

Tape Hair Extensions

A back view of a woman's hair before and after tape extensions are applied
Vixen & Blush

These are a more budget friendly option, as they can be reused - allowing you to get more for your money! The extensions are fixed to your own hair with clear strips of tape - the team at Vixen & Blush use their own brand, the London Hair Lab.

This method is great for volume and length, but not so suitable for updos as although the tape is clear, it can be more visible that you have extensions in if your hair is up. 

“I’ve had this style of hair extension before,” says Hitched Editor Zoe Burke. “I have really fine hair and love the extra body it gives. I also loved that I could reuse the extensions - after a couple of months, the adhesive can be dissolved and the extensions moved up in your hair.

“I very rarely tie my hair up, and found the flat style of the tapes comfy for my everyday life - it did take some getting used to though to adjust to having strips of tape in my hair. They’re definitely more noticeable when touching your hair, for example, than bonds or rings.”

Micro Bond Hair Extensions

Before and after of Hitched editor Zoe Burke's hair after micro bond wedding hair extensions were applied
Vixen & Blush

Micro bond hair extensions are better for those with fine hair, according to Vixen & Blush. They are the most discreet form of hair extension, and are suitable for the broadest range of hair types. 

Unlike tapes, the hair can’t be reused, but it is easier to style in a wedding updo as the bonds are much less noticeable in your hair. 

“I have super fine hair,” explains Zoe, “so the Vixen & Blush team recommended that I have a half head of micro bonds. 

“These blended perfectly into my natural hair and gave me the extra volume that I crave! I could easily work a half up half down wedding hairstyle without worrying about hair accessories slipping out, or my hair not holding the style. 

“Compared to the tapes, I did find them a little uncomfortable on the first day and they took some getting used to - but after a couple of days I completely forgot they were there! I’d recommend getting them about two weeks before your wedding so you’ve got time to get used to them.” See the picture above for the before and after!

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

A before and after of a woman's long dark hair with micro ring hair extensions
Vixen & Blush

Micro ring hair extensions are also reusable, allowing you to get more for your money, should you choose them. The hair extensions are fitting to your hair without heat or glue, reducing the risk of hair damage, and are clamped in place with small metal rings.

They are suitable for most hair types, although not for fine hair as you need at least normal or thicker density at the root for the ring to clamp to. They’re also not suitable if you have a metal allergy.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

This is a temporary method of hair extension, and it can be reused many times. This is a great choice if you don’t want the commitment of the other types of hair extensions, but simply want to change up your hairstyle on specific occasions. 

For the best clip in hair extensions for your wedding, Vixen & Blush offer a service where they will colour match, fit, cut and style your clip in hair to ensure it looks as natural as possible. 

How Much Are Wedding Hair Extensions?

There are a few different factors to consider when thinking about how much wedding hair extensions cost. 

Firstly, it will depend on how many you need - for example, if you have fine hair, you might need fewer for a natural, blended look.

At Vixen & Blush, a half head of micro ring or bonded extensions starts from £535, with tapes starting from £275. 

To get an idea of what you’d need to pay for hair extensions for your wedding, it’s best to contact the salon you’re interested in booking with and asking about a consultation. 

Looking After Your Wedding Hair Extensions

You want your hair to be in top condition for your wedding, and most likely for your honeymoon too, so it’s important to care for your wedding hair extensions. 

Tyler Moore, expert stylist at True Live London, explains how to care for your hair extensions. 

Washing Your Hair Extensions

“Once you’ve had your extensions fitted, wait 24 hours after application to wash your hair and always brush hair before shampooing to avoid tangling” advises Tyler. 

“When washing your own hair, always do this standing upright and never in the bath upside down – this helps to avoid any excess weight pulling at your extensions and the root of your hair.”

How to Brush Hair Extensions

Tyler advises that you should: “Use a soft brush when brushing your hair and go gently to ensure you don’t damage or break the bonds. You can hold onto hair while you brush for extra support. Make sure to brush over nano-bond extensions and separate from natural hair to prevent matting at the roots.”

How to Sleep with Hair Extensions?

“Sleeping with your hair down can cause unwanted matting and tangles, so try to stay consistent with keeping hair tied up no matter how tempting it is to let it down!” Says Tyler.

 What Not to Do With Wedding Hair Extensions

In order to ensure your hair extensions remain in their best possible condition, we asked the experts to explain what you should never do:

  • Backcoming - “Never backcomb! This will matt and tangle your hair extensions,” says Tyler.
  • Avoid hot tools - “Keep your heat tools away from bonds or tape because if heat comes into contact, these could melt,” Tyler advises.
  • Buy the right products - “Use a clarifying shampoo for oily hair, or volume shampoo for regular or dry hair. Do not use supermarket quality shampoo,” explain the team at Vixen & Blush.
  • Commit to hair care - “Apply lightweight, good quality conditioner to the ends of your hair only, and use oil on the ends of your hair to protect them when styling,” the Vixen & Blush team recommends.
  • Do not remove them yourself - “Don’t DIY! Always have a hair stylist remove your hair extensions,” cautions Tyler.
  • Remove after three months - “You must not wear your hair extensions for more than three months. After this time, your extensions will have grown out by up to 1.5 inches or more! This can cause both short- and long-term issues,” say the Vixen & Blush team. 

Hair Extensions Q&A with Vixen & Blush

We asked the team at Vixen & Blush to tell us exactly what you need to know when it comes to hair extensions for a wedding…

How long before the wedding should I get my hair extensions?

The best time to have your new hair extensions fitted is two weeks before the wedding day as that is the perfect amount of time to get used to having fuller, longer and healthier-looking hair. 

Hair extensions look their best after being washed and styled several times and there is also plenty of time to get hair trials, or simply enjoy wearing the hair extensions to all of the events around your wedding.

Will I be able to get the exact colour match for my hair?

Yes! At Vixen & Blush we use our special ‘colour-blending technique’ to achieve a perfect colour match with all of the multi-tonal strands that are in your own hair. This process is performed in front of the client and we collaborate fully with each individual client to achieve a flawless colour match.

What length should I choose?

The length of hair to choose should be based on a few considerations. How long is your own hair? To have truly natural-looking results it is often best to only go for very long (to the bra strap, or beyond) when your own hair is to your chin or collar bone. If your own hair is shorter than that, we would always advise that hair extensions are added in and cut into a great style that sits at the collarbone or shoulder.

However, many of our clients don’t ask for a lot of additional length and simply want to add volume, or a little bit of length. But one thing that 100% of our clients request is healthy-looking ends – so this is achievable for everyone, no matter what length is chosen.

I’m happy with the length of my hair – could I use hair extensions to add just volume?

Yes – this is what we do. Nearly half of our clients come to us for volume only. They like their hair, like the colour and the style, but are just frustrated with the ends of their hair being a bit wispy, or their own hair not holding a style very well. Hair extensions are an immediate solution to this common issue.

Do I need to use a special brush or shampoo to take care of my hair extensions?

Yes, but hair extensions are very easy to take care of. The brush we advise our clients to use is a Tangle Teezer. And it is always advised to use a good quality Volume Shampoo. We also offer more in depth maintenance advice and also styling tips so clients feel really confident when they get home!

Will I be able to go in the pool on honeymoon with my hair extensions in?

Yes! There is nothing you can’t do when wearing hair extensions. They really are easy to care for and very durable.

Still thinking about your wedding hair options? Browse our wedding hair stylists on Hitched!