Wedding Season
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If you're planning a wedding, you'll hear the term 'wedding season' thrown around all the time. But when exactly is this busy period of nuptials that everyone keeps referring to?

It's important to know when wedding season is when you're wedding planning, because prices for wedding venues and suppliers go up during this peak time. With better weather, longer days and guests more often available to attend, it's no surprise the summer months are popular - and with more demand comes higher rates.

This means if you're looking to score a bargain on your dream venue, it's worth considering a date outside of wedding season. So, when is that?

Below you'll find our compete guide to when wedding season is and when are the off-peak months when you might be able to get your day for cheaper. 


When Is Wedding Season?

Wedding Season
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Wedding season runs from late spring to late autumn, typically from May to October. The peak times for couples to marry during this period are July, August and September. You can find out the most popular wedding dates of 2021 here - all of which fall within those three months - and you can safely assume they'll continue to be the most popular months to marry for years to come.

If you consider how many Saturdays there are during those three months (and Saturday is by far the most popular day of the week to marry), you'll understand why summer Saturdays are in such high demand and why suppliers and venues can charge a privilege for you to marry then.

The benefits to marrying during these months are plentiful: you are more likely to get glorious sunshine (or at least no rain) and it opens up a whole new world of outdoor wedding venues. Many beautiful flowers are in season during this time, meaning they're cheaper to buy, and nature is at its finest as a backdrop during the late spring and summer months. 

The months of July and August cross over with the school holidays in the UK, which also drives the price up. While your guests are more likely to be available for your wedding, hotels, restaurants and other venues have to make sure they aren't losing money by hosting your big day.

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Is Wedding Season the Same Across the World?

Wedding Season
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No, wedding season differs depending on which country you're in. 'Wedding season' usually covers the hottest months of the year when the odds are in your favour for sunshine and warm temperatures. In Australia, for example, wedding season runs over the UK winter from October to April. 

In some year-round destinations like Hawaii or South Africa, you may find there are no real 'off season' periods as you're guaranteed good weather. This doesn't mean there won't be cheaper deals during certain months - especially outside of school holiday times - but it's worth bearing in mind that you're less likely to get a huge deal.

Europe is extremely popular for destination weddings for UK couples. The best months to marry in places like Greece are arguably not during peak wedding season, but in the shoulder months. Days are sunny and long but not oppressively hot, and hotels and resorts are less busy than during the summer holidays. You'll find May, June, September and October to be the best months to marry in Europe.

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What Are 'Off-Season' Months for Weddings?

Wedding Season
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The off-season or off-peak months of the year for weddings are November to April. The deep winter months of January, February and March are the least popular months of the year to marry as they often have the worst weather and the highest chance of snow. 

Not every date during this time is cheaper, of course. There are still high demand days like New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day and during Easter. But in general, there is less interest in wedding dates during these months so you'll be quoted a cheaper price from your venue and suppliers. 

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Can I Get a Cheaper Wedding During Wedding Season?

Wedding Season

Weekend weddings are always going to be pricey, so if you need to stick within a tight budget, you should look to weekdays.

A Monday to Thursday wedding will almost always be cheaper than at the weekend. You'll still pay for the benefit of the summer months' weather, but a wider choice of dates means you can get a more affordable price.

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