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30 Best 8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him, Her & Couples

Whether you're buying for your partner, or for a special couple in your life, these 8th wedding anniversary gifts suit both modern and traditional shoppers

A pink linen photo album with a square window for a photo and a name engraved on the front

If your 8th wedding anniversary is fast approaching and you’re looking for 8th wedding anniversary gifts to mark the occasion, you’re about to be spoilt for choice. 

After eight incredible years of marriage, and plenty of wedding anniversary wishes, it's hard to know what anniversary gift to get year after year. 

Whether you're after 8th wedding anniversary gifts in the UK for him, a sweet treat for her, or something to gift a couple, you have two options to choose from. Traditional 8th wedding anniversary gifts are bronze-themed, as eight years marks your bronze wedding anniversary, but if you'd prefer something more modern, linen and lace can also signify almost a decade of marriage. 

8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him, Her & Couples

Whichever option you’re after, we’ve got dozens of brilliant ideas below, from luxe linen bed sheets to copper-coloured keepsakes you’ll treasure forever. Happy anniversary – here’s to the next eight and beyond! 

Traditional 8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

As the traditional 8th wedding anniversary gifts, a bronze inspired gift is a classic way to celebrate eight years of marriage. Bronze is made by tin and copper being mixed together to create a strong finished product and we think that’s a lovely sentiment for your marriage.

Traditional 8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Want to keep things traditional? These are our favourite 8th wedding anniversary gifts in the UK for him.

1. Bronze and Copper Cufflinks – £55, Gracie Collins

Personalised copper cufflinks displaying initials

These bronze initial cufflinks from Gracie Collins make the perfect 8th wedding anniversary gift and can be treasured forever. They can be personalised with your partner’s initials and we love that they are subtle enough that they can be worn day to day as a reminder of your special anniversary.

Expert Take: You can personalise these beautiful cufflinks with your and your partner's initials. We also think they can be treasured as keepsakes for all time. The only downside is that you have to take great care not to lose or damage them.

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2. Hamilton Khaki Mechanical Bronze Watch – £840, Watch Shop

a man has his hand in his pocket and wears a bronze mens watch

Mark your 8th wedding anniversary with a wear-everywhere accessory like this khaki bronze mens watch. It’s a win-win investment, giving a nod to traditional 8th anniversary gifts with its bronze dial alongside the romantic notion of time.

Expert Take: A watch like this just screams timeless style, and it is certain to catch the eyes of your family and friends. If your partner appreciates elegant timepieces and worthy investments, then this would be perfect!

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3. Men's All Bronze Hi-Top Trainers - £82.50, Nike

bronze nike trainers worn by someone standing next to a wall

If your partner is more of a trainers person and less of a fancy watch kind of guy, consider these bronze-coloured Nike trainers. Less out-there than a metallic bronze, the almost gold-like colour gives a nod to bronze without being too literal. 

Expert Take: Trainers are a great 8th wedding anniversary gifts in the UK as it's trendy to dress them both up and down. Your partner could wear these on a London date day out, or to a fancy dinner in the evening. 

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4. Textured Bronze Money Clip - from £23, Harrison Bond

Bronze money clip personalised with initials

Sometimes the smallest presents mean the most when it comes to 8th wedding anniversary gifts. This sweet money clip can be personalised with your initials for a sentimental reminder of the amazing day that took place eight years ago. 

Expert Take: The money clip has a compact size that allows you to store it in a wide range of places. While some tech-savvy couples may consider it a bit antiquated given that we are in the age of digital payments, it is still nonetheless a wonderful keepsake.

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5. PlayStation Metallic Bronze Skin – £14.99, Vinyl Revolution

Bronze PlayStation game console

For a fun gift that will make the gamer in your life smile, this bronze metallic skin from Vinyl Revolution will turn any PlayStation 4 into the perfect 8th anniversary gift.

Expert Take: If you and your partner are looking for more hobbies to occupy your time, then this bronze PlayStation will appeal to you. Of course, if your beloved has never expressed an interest in gaming, you may wish to reconsider. But it's hard to resist that wonderful bronze design... 

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Traditional 8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

For the special lady in your life, consider these bronze 8th wedding anniversary gifts for her - they're some of the best in the UK! 

6. Women's Bronze & White Low Trainers - £140, Veja

a view of the back of bronze and white veja trainers in bronze

How cool are these Veja metallic trainers? This design has a subtle bronze sheen which gives a stylish nod to the 8th wedding anniversary gifts theme. 

The trainers are available in inclusive sizes and can be purchased in UK 2, all the way up to UK 13. 

Expert Take: This style of trainer will elevate any date day look, giving you a more glam feel without the discomfort of wearing heels. 

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7. Bronze Goddess Eau de Parfum For Her - from £70, The Perfume Shop

Estee Lauder fragrance that plays on the bronze theme

It’s a play on the theme, sure – there’s no actual bronze in the bottle - but fragrance is always a lovely 8th wedding anniversary gift to receive. This classic summery scent, with notes of mandarin, bergamot, coconut and vanilla, will transport you right back to that beach honeymoon

Expert Take: It is hard to go wrong with a fragrance - who doesn't want to smell nice, right?

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8. Bronze Silver Festival Clutch – £77.96, Artsyworld Official

A floral-inspired bronze purse

Bronze doesn’t always have to translate literally into metal – you could also opt for a metallic spin, like this floral-inspired Artsyworld Official purse. It’s a genuinely useful buy and one they’ll likely use every day; just the sight of it will make them smile as they tap their Oyster card or pay for their morning coffee.

Expert Take: This vibrant purse takes the bronze theme to the next level, and while its beaded pattern may be a tad on the eye-catching side for some, it nonetheless is a wonderful example of practical luxury for an 8th wedding anniversary present. 

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9. Bronze Round Mirror – £95, The Forest & Co

Charming bronze mirror positioned on a dressing table

This gorgeous bronze mirror from The Forest and Co will be a beautiful 8th wedding anniversary gift for her (or him!) and the perfect addition to any dressing table. The bronze frame also means it’s in-keeping with traditional 8th wedding anniversary gifts.

Expert Take: What could be better than gazing into the mirror with your partner by your side? Not only does this gift provide a practical use, it is also a constant reminder of your love for each other. 

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10. Bronze Verdigris Decorative Pitcher - £49, Ella James

A bronze decorative pitcher

If you’re planning on buying flowers or green foliage, adding a bronze decorative pitcher is a great way to make them particularly 8th anniversary appropriate. While this is perfect for displaying plants, it also works wonderfully as a rustic decoration.  

Expert Take: We absolutely love the versatility of this bronze pitcher, and its material fits in nicely with the 8th-anniversary theme. That said, think about the sort of home aesthetic you're going for. If you have a garden with plenty of rustic adornments, then this will be right up your street.

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Traditional 8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Couples

If you're looking for 8th wedding anniversary gifts to give to a couple close to you, and want to keep things traditional, you'll love these gorgeous bronze products. 

11. Personalised Metallic Soundwave Song Print – £28, Mixpixie

Bronze sound wave photo

It might be their wedding song, or it might be a track that they've both fallen in love with since – maybe it reminds them of their children, or a special trip they made together. Capture that magic on their 8th wedding anniversary with this personalised print, which comes ready to go in the wood-mounted box.

Expert Take: We love the unique and musical nature of this charming gift. It may not suit those who appreciate traditional gifts, but if you are looking for something contemporary and inventive, then this will do the trick.

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12. Bronze Candle Wick Trimmer – £50, L’Objet

Bronze wick trimmer

At first glance, this bronze wick trimmer might not be the sexiest of 8th wedding anniversary gifts, but if the couple are scented candle fans, it’s a sleek bit of kit that they’re bound to appreciate. Gift it with a new jar from their favourite brand (Diptyque, Jo Malone and Byredo are all fairly safe bets) and let them snuggle up together by candlelight.

Expert Take: If the couple likes scented candles, then this bronze wick trimmer would be an apt present to buy. At first glance, it may seem a tad mundane, but when you consider its practical uses, it becomes clear that this trimmer has the potential to be a truly memorable gift. 

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13. Bronze Metal Letter Hooks – £14.95, Letter Room

Bronze coat hook gifts

These bronze metal letter hooks from Letter Room are a perfect daily reminder of a couple's eight happy years together. Get them in both of their initials so they can sit side by side at the front door.

Expert Take: Combining luxury and practicality, these bronze metal letter hooks are gifts that can be used again and again. 

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14. Bronze Wedding Anniversary Card – £3.50, Miss Shelley Designs

A charming anniversary card with elegant fonts

Never underestimate the power of a special card – it shows you have taken thought and time out of your day to think of someone else. If you are looking for the perfect 8th anniversary card then we love this style from Miss Shelley Designs, it comes blank inside so you can write your own sweet message for the couple, or for your partner if you're buying it for them.

Expert Take: Who doesn't love a meaningful anniversary card? It is a simple token to remind someone how much you care about them. 

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Modern 8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Bronze gifts just not your thing? Then linen and lace are the modern alternatives for 8th wedding anniversary gifts. These are delicate fabrics but when looked after they can last a lifetime – much like a marriage.

Modern 8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Does your other half love themselves a bit of linen? If so, these modern 8th wedding anniversary gifts for him are some of the best in the UK - prepare to want everything.

15. Linen Dressing Gown Robe - £109, The Prancing Hare

man sitting on a chair wearing an 8th wedding anniversary gift of a linen dressing gown

There's no sweeter gift than a lovely dressing gown or robe for your partner to relax in, and linen ones have that added feel of luxury. This linen robe from The Prancing Hare is subtle in colour and perfect for someone who doesn't like to wear big bold prints or hues. 

Expert Take: This is a great 8th wedding anniversary gift if you're celebrating the milestone in summer, as the linen fabric will feel light and airy. 

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16. Green Linen Men's Pyjama Set - £50, Savile Row Company

man wearing an 8th wedding anniversary gift of sage green linen pyjamas

If your other half is less of a robe guy and more of a PJs lover, these green linen pyjamas will be a big hit. 

The light fabric, much like the robe, makes this a perfect set to wear in summer, or in cooler months if they're someone who hates being too warm.

Expert Take: If you're looking to add a special touch to your 8th wedding anniversary gift, these pyjamas can be personalised. For just £9.95 extra, you can have a monogram sewn in!

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17. Ecru Casual Linen Men's Shirt - £45, T M Lewin

man facing sideways wearing a ecru coloured linen shirt

What better linen gift is there than a classic linen shirt to add to your love's collection. This short sleeve 8th wedding anniversary gift is the perfect shirt to take them from day to night without needing to change. It's casual enough to wear during the day, especially when it's warm, and smart enough to transcend into dinner time. 

Expert Take: This ecru shade is nice and subtle, but the shirt can also be purchased in light blue, navy or sage green. 

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18. Light Grey Linen Tie – £45, Otaa

a man wearing a beige suit with light blue shirt and grey linen 8th wedding anniversary tie

Linen is a classic fabric that will never date or go out of style. A linen tie in a shade like this universally flattering herringbone grey makes for a truly timeless anniversary gift, whether it gets worn to work on a regular basis or saved for special occasions.

Expert Take: It's always handy to have a nice tie for special occasions, and that's what makes this gift so great. We love the herringbone grey, but it may not be everyone's cup of tea.

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Modern 8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

If you thought those gifts were great, wait until you see how brilliant these 8th wedding anniversary gifts for her are! These UK products all celebrate linen and lace. 

19. Personalised Linen Makeup Bag - £9.99, Hitched Shop

Linen makeup bag with a host of handy utensils

Small enough to toss into a bag or purse but large enough to fit everything they'll need in, this linen makeup bag from the Hitched Shop looks way more expensive than just £10!

Plus, with a few pennies saved you could even fill it with your other half's favourite cosmetics. Now that's a good 8th wedding anniversary gift...

Expert Take: Anything that helps your loved one look and feel amazing is definitely a win, and this linen makeup bag is no exception. 

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20. Navy Linen Pyjama Shorts – £30, The Prancing Hare

Dark blue linen shorts in a lightweight material with a tie waist

Lightweight linen pyjamas are a godsend on hot summer nights – The Prancing Hare makes lovely versions in a range of different colours. These blue shorts have already won our hearts, but we highly recommend browsing the full range for linen bedding and clothing options too.  You may also want to consider a pair of couples pyjamas so you can match?

Expert Take: If your 8th wedding anniversary is in the summer months, we are certain that your partner will appreciate a gift like this. 

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21. Washed Linen Dressing Gown - £34.99, H&M

woman wearing sage green linen dressing gown

H&M is a brilliant destination for nightwear anniversary gifts that are beautiful, but also reasonably priced. This linen dressing gown is stunning; we love the idea of invoking wedding morning memories with the robe, but the sage colourway makes it perfect for everyday wear. 

Expert Take: A linen dressing gown that harkens back to your big day, what's not to love? 

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22. Personalised Lace Gown - £47, Hitched Shop

Model wearing lace gown

If you liked the idea of the wedding gown we reckon you'll fall head over heels for this lace version from the Hitched Shop. Simple, delicate and chic it can be personalised with your partner's initials to make it that extra bit special. 

Expert Take: This lace gown has a touch of je ne sais quoi, and it's beautiful pattern makes it a sight to behold.

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23. Wedding Dress Lace Locket Necklace – £149.38, Ceci Leibovitz

A necklace with a wonderful lace pattern

Wedding and engagement ring aside, this locket necklace might just be the most sentimental bit of jewellery you ever buy. If you don’t want to use a piece of lace from the dress or veil itself, see if you can source a scrap in the same style to carry the theme through.

Expert Take: This delightful necklace is hard to fault, especially given its charming lacy pattern. Trust us, having to take this off is the only negative!

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24. Sterling Silver Flower Lace Bracelet – £18.99, Ni Ni Select

A delightful lace bracelet

Your 8th wedding anniversary will be a special occasion, and we think that this Sterling Silver Flower Lace Bracelet pays homage to that! Just look at the lovely pattern and imagine your partner's face when they see it for the first time. Priceless!

Expert Take: When it comes to lace-inspired jewellery, we think that it'd be hard to top this beautiful bracelet. However, before you buy, think about the sort of jewellery that your other half wears. If they're not into boho-chic accessories, then this may not be for them. 

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25. Artificial Queen Anne Lace Flowers – £5.17, My Garden Seed

Artificial Queen Anne's Lace flowers

An unexpected play on the lace gifting theme could be botanical – think a ‘gold lace’ cactus, or Queen Anne Lace to plant in the garden. If you’re not especially green-fingered, these The My Garden Seed stems are perfect as they’re artificial, meaning they’ll stay looking just as lovely with each passing year.

Expert Take: 8th wedding anniversary gifts like this are great for those who like thinking outside the box. Not only will they complement your garden, they will also become timeless keepsakes that forever remind you of your 8th anniversary. However, if your partner doesn't like faux flowers, it might be best to stay clear. 

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26. Lace Heart Lace Pendant – £115, Lily Gardner

An elegant pendant with a heart-shaped lace centrepiece

The lace featured in this elegant heart pendant by Lily Gardner is made using 19th-century looms in France, making it the ideal pick for lovers of history. Hallmarked with the designer’s name, it’s totally worthy of heirloom status too.

Expert Take: A necklace with this much style and sophistication will go down a treat on the morning of your anniversary.

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Modern 8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Find the perfect 8th wedding anniversary gifts for a special couple who like modernity right here... 

27. French Linen Bedding - from £30, Soak and Sleep

A luxurious bed linen set with neutral colours

The beauty of linen bedding is that the more you use it, the softer it becomes, so it’s a present you’ll enjoy for years. This Soak and Sleep set is of great quality and comes in neutral colours to fit seamlessly into any décor scheme.

Expert Take: Luxurious bedding is a gift that will appeal to just about everyone, so it's very hard to go wrong. All we would say is make sure to pick the right colour - we wouldn't want you to be held responsible for disrupting anyone's bedroom colour scheme.

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28. Personalised Linen Anniversary Ampersand Print – £44, Delightful Living

Floral linen sign with a lovely floral ampersand

This linen print, adorned with your names and wedding date, would make a sweet addition to any gallery wall - you can personalise it to the number of years the couple are celebrating too. The ampersand is a symbol of togetherness, decked out in a fancy renaissance floral pattern.

Expert Take: A gift like this will fill you with pride, especially given its wonderful floral pattern, striking ampersand, and lovely linen material. The only issue is finding the wall space to display it!

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29. Personalised Linen Photograph Album – £32, Stori

A pink linen photo album with a square window for a photo and a name engraved on the front

A clothbound photo album quickly becomes a treasured family heirloom, and we love how this linen version can be personalised. By now, the couple probably already have books filled with wedding photos, so why not use this one to document the smaller but still significant moments that have happened since?

Expert Take: We all know the importance of preserving milestone memories, and gifts like these always go down a treat. Your only problem with this wedding photo album will be deciding on the photos you want it to display! 

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30. Washed Linen Tablecloth – £39.99, H&M Home

h&m grey linen cloth

This linen tablecloth doesn’t just represent an 8th wedding anniversary gift – it represents the couple's precious shared home, more meals at the table together, and inviting more loved ones for dinner parties and drinks aplenty.

Expert Take: Yet another example of practical luxury, however, there may be more personal options for an 8th anniversary gift. 

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