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The Wedding Dates You'll Want to Avoid in 2024, 2025 & 2026

Choosing a wedding date is a huge milestone in the wedding planning journey, but how do you know you've picked the right one?

a bride and groom with their heads touching and both looking down on their wedding date

Couples deciding which wedding dates will work for them will know that it can be a bit of a minefield selecting the perfect one. Picking a wedding date to get married on isn't just about choosing a day you'd like to get married this year or next, it's about finding a date that you and your partner love, that works for your timeline and that doesn't clash with anything that'll disrupt your plans. 

Sounds tricky, but the article you've just landed on is about to make choosing a wedding date ten times easier! Here, you'll find advice on how to choose a wedding date, as well as a list of wedding dates in 2024, 2025 and 2026 that are super popular wedding dates, and the dreaded wedding dates to avoid.

From unlucky Friday the 13th and long bank holiday weekends, to big sporting dates and personal clashes, you'll find all of the significant wedding dates in the next few years that you'll either want to nab as quickly as possible, or avoid like the plague. 

But it's all down to personal preference too. For example, public holidays and bank holidays in the UK are sought after dates because of the extended weekend, but they're also likely to cost you more than another weekend in the year. What's more, there are sporting events that have caused trouble for many couples over the years, while some totally embraced it.

The Wedding Dates to Avoid in 2024, 2025 & 2026

Whether it's a dream wedding date or one to avoid, you'll find all the important marriage dates below to help you make your decision - and we even have expert comments and advice from a celebrity psychic who's advised us on the best (and worst!) wedding dates for astrology in 2024, 2025 and 2026. Spiritual couples will want to hear about those! 

How Do You Choose a Wedding Date? 

Setting a date for your wedding is one of the first things to check off the wedding planning to-do list, but one question your likely asking yourself is do you pick a wedding date or a venue first? And how do you choose a wedding date that's right for you?

The short answer is there really are no stark rules when it comes to marriage dates and the best wedding dates to choose, as they will vary from couple to couple. And the answer to choosing a date or venue first is really that it depends.

If you are completely set on a particular wedding date, then of course that will come first, and you will have to find a wedding venue that has that one available.

Usually, couples will view and choose venues they love, and then look at what availability they have that falls into your wedding dates criteria. So if you're not sure which wedding dates you want to go for, we'd recommend narrowing it down using the below questions. 

What year do you want to get married? Do you want to get married this year and do things quickly, or are you looking for next year or the year after? The further away your desired wedding dates are, the more choice you'll have with venues.

What month do you want to get married? Is there a particular season or month you love. Perhaps you're dreaming of a summer wedding or a winter wonderland do. Either way, it's really good to have an idea of the time of year you want.

Do you have any wedding dates or days to avoid? For example, do you absolutely need a wedding date that falls in the summer holidays? Are you adamant that you only want to look at Saturdays? 

Personal Wedding Dates

Couple walking hand in hand at their wedding in front of pal trees
Unsplash / Jakob Owens

If you're wondering how to choose a wedding date that's right for you, why not use personal dates that mean something to you? 

Here are some personal wedding dates you might want to consider for your special day, as well as some you may want to avoid!


Tying the knot on yours and your partner's anniversary is a lovely way to mark the milestone in your relationship, and it also gives you less dates to remember! Couples who have been together a while often end up with so many anniversaries - the day you met, the first date, the date it became official, the engagement, and then the wedding date, too - so why not double up?

One thing to note is that whilst getting married on your anniversary is super significant and sweet, it may not be the same for other people if a big milestone of theirs clashes with yours. You can't determine your wedding date based on avoiding everyone you know and their anniversaries, but consider siblings, parents and any extremely close friends who have recently wed.

Having said that, there are parents and family members out there that would be touched at you choosing to share your marriage dates with them, so if you're considering it, have the conversation.


What better way to celebrate yours or your partner's birthday than walking down the aisle and partying with your friends and family? It'll easily go down in history as the best birthday wedding ever, and is a great way to make your wedding date significant and meaningful. 

It's also worth keeping in mind close family members and friends birthdays when choosing your wedding dates. No one should expect you to not get married on a particular date because it's their birthday - they have one every year after all - but it's something to think about when setting the date.

Sad Personal Dates

While choosing personal wedding dates can be really meaningful and special, you may want to avoid any sad personal dates for you and your family. If there are any anniversaries of people passing away, or particularly sensitive times of year, consider avoiding these when choosing your wedding date, and if it's unavoidable, have a chat with anyone impacted beforehand. 

Unlucky Wedding Dates

If you’re superstitious, you might want to avoid any Friday the 13th dates. There’s nothing to say that getting married on Friday the 13th is actually unlucky, but if you’re someone who’s particularly superstitious, here are all the Friday the 13th dates within the next three years.

Friday 13th Dates in 2024

Friday 13th September

Friday 13th December

Friday 13th Dates in 2025

Friday 13th June

Friday 13th Dates in 2026

Friday 13th February

Friday 13th March

Friday 13th November

Sporting & Local Wedding Dates

Wedding Dates to Avoid

We don’t need to remind you what couples who married on the day of the England’s FIFA World Cup semi-final had to contend with. Guests were watching the match secretly on their phones as the couple walked down the aisle, sneaking out the reception to get a score update, and even pulling a last-minute sickie!

It’s important to know if your potential wedding date could clash with any big sporting events. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t hold your wedding during these dates (many are prime summer Saturdays, after all), but it’s worth bearing in mind you might need to arrange some screening opportunities for sporting fans.

Sporting Wedding Dates in 2024

Sunday 11th February - Super Bowl

February 2nd - March 16th - Rugby Six Nations (hosted in the UK, Ireland, France and Italy)

25th May - FA Cup Final

1st June - UEFA Champions League Final

Friday 14th June to Sunday 14th July - Euros 2024 (hosted in Germany)

July 1st - July 14th  - Wimbledon

Friday 26th July to Sunday 11th August - Summer Olympics

28th August - 8th September - Paralympic Games

Wednesday 28th August to Sunday 8th September - Paralympic Games

Sporting Wedding Dates in 2025

February to March (dates TBC) - Rugby Six Nations (hosted in the UK, Ireland, France and Italy)

February 9th - Super Bowl

April (ends on 1st May) - World Snooker Championship (Sheffield)

May (TBC) - FA Cup Final

June to July (TBC) - Wimbledon

Sporting Wedding Dates in 2026

February to March (TBC) - Rugby Six Nations (hosted in the UK, Ireland, France and Italy)

February 6th - February 22nd - Winter Olympics

March 6th - March 15th - Winter Paralympics

May (TBC) - UEFA Champions League Final

June 11th - July 19th - FIFA World Cup

June to July (TBC) - Wimbledon

Local Wedding Dates to Avoid

It’s also worth noting things that are being planned in your local area, or the area you’re planning on getting married in.

Does the town have an annual festival or carnival that might be worth avoiding? If you’re unsure and want to be on the safe side, contact the local council – they should be able to notify you of anything within the local area that is big enough to cause disruption to your wedding plans.

For example, Pride events - for some, these huge celebrations will really add to the festivity of their day, however logistically, large crowds gathering can cause problems with guests arriving, booking accommodation, and for you and your wedding party to move from place to place on the day.

Here are some Pride events taking place in the UK in 2024 - this isn't the exhaustive list, and dates are subject to change. It's always best to check with your local council. 

Pride Dates in 2024

Birmingham Pride - 25th May

Brighton & Hove Pride - 3rd August

Essex Pride - 22nd June

London Pride - 29th June

Bristol Pride - 29th June

Edinburgh Pride - 29th  June

Bank Holiday & Public Holiday Wedding Dates in 2024

two brides smiling in front of a lake holding a bouquet on their wedding date

Monday 1st January 

New Year’s Day

Tuesday 2nd January

Public Holiday (Scotland)

Friday 1st March

St David’s Day (Wales)

Sunday 10th March

Mother’s Day

Sunday 17th March

St Patrick’s Day

Friday 29th March – Monday 1st April

Good Friday, Easter Weekend, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday

Monday 1st April

April Fools Day

Saturday 4th – Monday 6th May

Early May Bank Holiday Weekend

Saturday 25th – Monday 27th May

Spring Bank Holiday Weekend

Sunday 16th June

Father’s Day

Friday 12th July

Battle of the Boyne (Northern Ireland)

Saturday 3rd – Monday 5th August

Bank Holiday Weekend (Scotland)

Saturday 24th – Monday 26th August

Bank Holiday Weekend

Thursday 31st October


Tuesday 5th November

Guy Fawkes Night

Sunday 10th November

Remembrance Sunday

Thursday 14th November

King Charles' Birthday

Monday 2nd December

St Andrew’s Day Observed (Scotland)

Tuesday 24th, Friday 25th, Saturday 26th December

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day

Tuesday 31st December

New Year’s Eve

Bank Holiday & Public Holiday Wedding Dates in 2025

a bride and groom with their heads touching and both looking down on their wedding date

Wednesday 1st January 

New Year’s Day

Thursday 2nd January

Public Holiday (Scotland)

Saturday 1st March

St David’s Day (Wales)

Monday 17th March

St Patrick’s Day

Sunday 30th March

Mother's Day

Monday 1st April

April Fools Day

Friday 18th April – Monday 21st April

Good Friday, Easter Weekend, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday

Saturday 3rd – Monday 5th May

Early May Bank Holiday Weekend

Saturday 24th – Monday 26th May

Spring Bank Holiday Weekend

Sunday 15th June

Father’s Day

Saturday 12th July

Battle of the Boyne (Northern Ireland)

Monday 14th July

Bank Holiday (Northern Ireland)

Saturday 2nd – Monday 4th August

Bank Holiday Weekend (Scotland)

Saturday 23rd – Monday 25th August

Bank Holiday Weekend

Friday 31st October


Wednesday 5th November

Guy Fawkes Night

Tuesday 11th November

Remembrance Day

Sunday 9th November

Remembrance Sunday

Friday 14th November

King Charles' Birthday

Monday 1st December

St Andrew’s Day Observed (Scotland)

Wednesday 24th, Thursday 25th, Friday 26th December

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day

Wednesday 31st December

New Year’s Eve

Bank Holiday & Public Holiday Wedding Dates in 2026

two groomos holding hands walking through a line of their guests as they throw confetti on their wedding dates

Thursday 1st January 

New Year’s Day

Friday 2nd January

Public Holiday (Scotland)

Sunday 1st March

St David’s Day (Wales)

Tuesday 17th March

St Patrick’s Day

Sunday 15th March

Mother's Day

Wednesday 1st April

April Fools Day

Friday 3rd April – Monday 5th April

Good Friday, Easter Weekend, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday

Saturday 2nd – Monday 4th May

Early May Bank Holiday Weekend

Saturday 23rd – Monday 25th May

Spring Bank Holiday Weekend

Sunday 21st June

Father’s Day

Sunday 12th July

Battle of the Boyne (Northern Ireland)

Monday 13th July

Bank Holiday (Northern Ireland)

Saturday 1st – Monday 5th August

Bank Holiday Weekend (Scotland)

Saturday 29th – Monday 31st August

Bank Holiday Weekend

Saturday 31st October


Thursday 5th November

Guy Fawkes Night

Wednesday 11th November

Remembrance Day

Sunday 8th November

Remembrance Sunday

Saturday 14th November

King Charles' Birthday

Monday 30th November

St Andrew’s Day Observed (Scotland)

Thursday 24th, Friday 25th, Saturday 26th December

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day

Thursday 31st December

New Year’s Eve

Best Wedding Dates According to Astrology

a groom with a neck rose tattoo smiles with his head touching his bride's head on their wedding date

When it comes to the best wedding dates for astrology, there was only one person to ask, and that's celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman. Below she details the best wedding dates for astrology for 2024, 2025 and 2026.

Best Wedding Dates 2024 in Astrology

"February 9th 2024 is a wonderful date for tying the knot as there are so many advantages on that day, and practically no disadvantages," says Inbaal.

"It’s a Friday, which is the day of love and beauty, named for Freya, the Goddess of Love and the date is a new moon, which is the perfect time to start something new – like a marriage for example.

"The new moon on that day is in Aquarius, one of the most faithful signs of the zodiac, which will bless the marriage with fidelity. None of the planets are retrograde on that day, so no parts of the relationship would run into inexplicable struggles and how nice would it be to have Valentine’s together, only five days later, as a married couple?

"The Supermoon on September 18th 2024 will be the most incredible backdrop to the start of your joint life as a married couple. On that day, the full moon is in Pisces, which is a very romantic sign. At the same time, the planet Mars, ruler of passion, is in Cancer, which is an equally romantic sign.

"This means that your dreams and hopes will be the same as your spouse throughout the marriage, and you’ll always keep the passion alive."

Best Wedding Dates 2025 in Astrology

"1st March 2025 is a day with no retrogrades at all," explains Inbaal.

"Each and every planet in the solar system is going direct, which is Astro-speak for saying that, marriages starting on that day will face no surprise challenges, and can smoothly carry on forever. Make it early on in the day though, before Venus, planet of love, goes retrograde. That wedding date is also during Pisces season, which is one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac.

"It is a Saturday, which is a day of Karma, so if you two are meant to be – this is the wedding day for you."

Adding to this, Inbaal told us, "5th November 2025 will have a Supermoon so huge, that your wedding night will feel otherworldly. When a full moon is very close to Earth, we call the phenomenon a Supermoon, and the lunar sphere then appears to be larger and brighter than usual.

"That specific full moon happens to be in the star sign of Taurus, which is a stable and home-loving sign. Those qualities will come in handy during a long and fecund marriage."

Best Wedding Dates 2026 in Astrology

Speaking about 2026 wedding dates, Inbaal says, "3rd January 2026 is a wonderful date for a lifetime of wedded bliss, wealth and luxury. The first Supermoon of the year does not dawdle and appears three days into the new year, and it’s a full Moon in Cancer, which is a super romantic sign.

"More than that though, on that day it’s a full house for Capricorn. The earth sign, which is synonymous with success and abundance, is host to the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars. This means that all elements of personality, communication, love and passion will be blessed by Capricorn’s luxurious presence.

"Another lovely day for saying your ‘I dos' is 21st March 2026. It is the spring equinox, the day of perfect balance between light and dark, and the blessings of that day are those of equality. This will ensure a marriage that is equal for you both. 

"It’s a day of new beginnings, as the longer, warmer days start, and it is just at the end of Pisces season, which is a romantic season. On that day three main planets – Mercury which rules communication, Venus for love and Mars for passion, are all also in Pisces.

"The planet Mercury, which has been in retrograde, causing communication mayhem, turns direct on the 21st and blesses your marriage with good chats and love letters."

Wedding Dates to Avoid According to Astrology

a groom photographed from the back looking at a bride wearing a lace wedding dress on their wedding date

As well as the best wedding dates in astrology, Inbaal also informed us of some dates that spiritual couples may want to avoid. 

2024 Wedding Dates to Avoid in Astrology

Speaking about 2024 astrology wedding dates, Inbaal says, "The solar eclipse of 8 April 2024 is not the best time to get hitched. Eclipses are rare, so the day would be special, but they have also been associated with misfortune in history, so why take the chance?

"In addition, the Sun is in fiery Aries that day. Aries is a fun and frivolous sign, who loves new beginnings. This means that one or both of the newlyweds will be looking for new adventures soon. Not only that, but also Mercury, planet of communication, and Venus, planet of love are in Aries on that day.

"December 6th 2024 is a day full of retrogrades. When a planet appears to be going backwards in the sky, we call that a retrograde. Of course, planets always hurtle forwards not backwards, but from our perch here on earth, it may look different. Luckily, throughout all of 2024, Venus, planet of love, never goes retrograde, but most of the others do.

"On December 6th, Mercury planet of communication is in the middle of a retrograde, so there could be communication issues in the impending marriage. Mars, planet of sex and war is just turning retrograde, bringing flared tempers to the union, and Jupiter, planet of wealth, as well as outer planets Uranus and Neptune are all retrograde – that’s just too many!"

2025 Wedding Dates to Avoid in Astrology

"25th March 2025 brings together a combination of restless energies," explains Inbaal, "and restlessness really isn’t a quality that helps move a marriage forward. On that day, two major planets are in retrograde. Mercury, planet of communication is reversing, so the relationship will struggle with communication. Furthermore Venus, planet of love is reversing too, which means struggles with love.

"Both planets are in Aries, a sign that hates being tied down, and the Sun is in Aries too. To top it all off, the day is Tuesday, which is a fiery day of arguments and disagreements.

"7th September 2025 is a day of a Lunar eclipse. Even though a full moon in Pisces, which is also that day, might be extremely romantic and caring, the eclipse shuffles the deck. Pisces is linked with illusion and delusion, so a couple tying the link on that day could fall victim to daydreams and fantasies instead of spending eternity in reality.

"It is also the day that Uranus, planet of chaos goes retrograde. Who wants chaos on their wedding day?"

2026 Wedding Dates to Avoid in Astrology

"12th August 2026 brings a total eclipse of the Sun and is a date best avoided when tying the knot if you want your marriage to flourish," Inbaal says. "Partial eclipses are frequent, two to five every year, give or take. But a total eclipse is rare and comes around only every 18 months.

"Even though solar eclipses aren’t unlucky, they’ve been associated in the past with secrets and lies. Your wedding day is exactly the wrong day for your past to come crawling into the light, so avoid this eclipse day for your nuptials."

"25th October 2026 brings up a quick combination of situations which you’d want to avoid on your special day. Venus, planet of love and beauty, has gone retrograde a few days earlier and is in secret-loving Scorpio. So Venus is not playing nicely, and on the 25th it is joined by Mercury, planet of love and beauty, which is also in Scorpio.

"The Sun is in Scorpio too, and even though Scorpio is a passionate and caring sign, it’s not the right sign to marry under due to its love of secrecy."

Now you have the dates sorted, it’s time to get your wedding budget in order. Here’s our guide of how to plan a wedding for just £3,000 – and not a penny more!