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20 Funny Wedding Cake Toppers to Entertain Your Guests

Add some fun to your wedding cake with a funny wedding cake topper. Start browsing a selection of choices that will make you chuckle

Funny wedding cake topper depicting a friends themed clapper board reading 'the one where pilar & jeff get married'

If you and your partner are considered the jokers of your group, then a unique wedding cake topper that has comedy value is a great way to grab your guests’ attention and show off your personalities. 

Whether you're after a subtle in-joke reference, life-like figures or something totally quirky and unique, there's a wealth of funny wedding cake toppers to choose from - in fact it took us quite some time to narrow down our edit to just 20 of the very best. 

Whether you both have a long-running joke, a gaming habit or you just simply want to celebrate your weirdness, check out these funny wedding cake toppers that we’ve rounded up – we challenge you not to have a chuckle.

20 Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

1. He Put a Ring on It – £16.99, Funky Laser

If, like us, you get over excited at the prospect of all things wedding and engagement related (or just feel the need to embrace your inner Beyonce), then this fun cake topper would save you from screaming it out loud on your actual wedding day.

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 2. Lobsters Cake Topper – £25, The Letter Loft

Are you both major Friends fans? Us too! This simple wire cake topper will give a subtle nod to the show and is available in a gold, silver or copper finish.

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3. Mr and Mrs Darth Vader – from £17.88, Special Designs For You

Here’s another brilliant wedding cake topper for a pair of movie buffs. This Star Wars cake topper would be ideal if you’re both fans of the franchise and want to keep your wedding light-hearted.

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4. Motorbike Wedding Cake Topper – £16.99, Amazon

If you or your partner are motorbike fans then this romantic motorbike kiss cake topper will be a fun nod to that, plus it can be personalised with your both of your names too.

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5. At Last Wedding Cake Topper – £16.99, Funky Laser

Are you one of those couples who spent years and years engaged before walking down the aisle? Poke fun at your long engagement with this ‘At Last’ cake topper – available in over 30 different colour choices.

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6. The One Where They Get Married – £15.55, Thee Cake Top Shop

Another cake topper that is made for Friends fans! Take your Friends theme to the extreme with this fun cake topper that is written in the style of the episode names.

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7. Finally Cake Topper – £14.95, Here’s To Us

This elegant ‘Finally’ cake topper is a fun choice for couples who had a long relationship before getting engaged. If you are one of those couples then you can make a joke to your friends and family – finally they will stop asking when you are getting married!

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8. Say Cheese Cake Topper – £25, The Letter Loft Cheese cake topper

Are you having a cheese wedding cake? Then this wire ‘Say Cheese’ topper is exactly what you need to complete your cake. We love that it’s fun but subtle so won’t detract from your overall wedding theme.

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9. F-ing Finally Wedding Cake Topper – £5.75, Happily Ever Krafter Co.

F-ing Finally Topper

Wedding delayed by the pandemic? This funny wedding cake topper will make your guests see the funny side!

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10. About Time Cake Topper – £5.60, Happily Ever Krafter Co.

About Time Topper

Another cake topper that’s perfect for post-lockdown nuptials or just those that have been engaged for a long time. We love the glittering finish.

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11. Mutual Weirdness Forever Cake Topper – £5.50, Kurious Katie Designs Mutual Weirdness Cake Topper

Do you consider yourselves a pair of weirdos? There’s absolutely no judgment from us! In fact, we think this silver glitter cake topper is just the thing.

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12. For Like Ever Cake Topper – £16.99, Funky Laser

For Like Ever Topper

This pink For Like Ever topper is giving us major Clueless vibes! Available in an enormous range of colours including glitter, holographic and pearl styles, this topper can be adapted to fit any colour scheme.

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13. The Hunt Is Over Wedding Cake Topper – £16.99, Funky Laser

Hunt is Over Topper

Finding your perfect match can certainly feel like a hunt, which is why we think this topper will induce many knowing chuckles from guests. Available in a wide range of colours, you can make this design your own.

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14. Sh*t Just Got Real Cake Topper – £5.60, Happily Ever Krafter Co.

Got Real Topper

This cake topper is guaranteed to get guests giggling! It comes in a range of colours and finishes including glitter and holograph, so you can make it really stand out.

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Gaming and Game Over Wedding Cake Toppers

15. Handmade Cake Topper – from £17.88, My Wedding Favor Shop

Gaming couples, this one's for you! This personalised cake topper is ideal for those who love to game together and it's also a great choice for couples wishing to involve their pets in the wedding. It comes in a range of finishes, including rustic wood. 

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16. Personalised Game Over Topper – £16.50, Bijou Cake Toppers

Game Over Wedding Cake Topper

Are you or your spouse-to-be a bit of a gaming addict? Your guests will find this game over cake topper hilarious! It can be personalised to feature either a PS4 or an Xbox and five games of your choice.

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17. Gaming Funny Wedding Cake Topper – From £12.99, Simply Acrylic Design

Gaming Wedding Cake Topper

Another one for the game lovers out there! This topper is specifically for game-loving grooms and their wives. It comes in a range of colours and finishes and Simply Acrylic Design offer a bespoke service, giving you the chance to personalise your topper.

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Funny Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Toppers

18. Dancing Couple Cake – £10, Ardere Designs

If you and your partner were literally jumping for joy when you got engaged, then why not capture that feeling forever with this cake topper? It’s a fun way to show your guests you are ready to get the party started.

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19. Winter Skiing Porcelain Wedding Cake Topper – £59.99. Wedding Star

Skiing Topper

If you love to hit the slopes together, we reckon this winter skiing wedding cake topper is the perfect pick. You can choose the hair colour of both figures making them personal to you.

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 20. Drunk Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper – £75, Tailor Made Toppers

Drunk Bride and Groom Toppers

These funny custom made wedding toppers will get guests giggling. You can have the figures made in your wedding attire, with your hairstyles and even holding your favourite tipple!

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If you love this selection of funny wedding cake toppers, then don’t forget to browse our edit of alternative wedding cakes for something quirky to place them on.