His and Hers Pyjamas

Whether you’re looking for a cute Christmas gift for a couple, a present for your newly-engaged friends or something fun for your other half, matching his and hers pyjamas are a gift that will always raise a smile and create some serious #couplegoals.

Cosy nights in watching Netflix can have the cute factor upped by wearing matching PJs with your partner. And these days, there are plenty of great options to choose from. Whether you want something that’s suitable all-year round, a summery short and t-shirt duo or some fun Christmas jammies, you’ll be able to find the perfect set.

Start browsing our favourite his and hers pyjamas available online and on the high street and get cosy!

Cute His and Hers Pyjamas

1. Personalised Cotton Family Pyjamas – £95, Not On The High Street

Family pyjamas

These soft cotton pyjamas come in sizes and colours to suit the whole family, so why not get cosy for a night in your matching PJs? The super soft cotton has a luxury feel, plus you have the option of personalising each set with the owner’s initials – an absolute must!

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2. Tembo Pyjamas – £160, PJ Pan

Model wearing elephant print pyjamas

For every pair purchased of these fun elephant print pyjamas, PJ Pan will donate £10 to Tusk Trust - an organisation that invests in the future of Africa by protecting wildlife, supporting communities and promoting education. You can also buy the matching women's set

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3. His and Hers Pyjamas – £30, Lovelei

His and her matching grey short pyjamas

Don't want to get too hot at night? These super soft his and her short pyjamas will ensure you won't have to stick one leg out of the duvet. We love how you can personalise the date and surname on this pair.

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4. Couple Avocado Pyjamas – £34.89, Etsy

Couple wearing avocado pyjamas

If you and your partner enjoy tucking into avocado on toast at breakfast, what better way to do so than while wearing these cute pyjamas! They're available in a range of sizes from XXS - 5XL.

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5. Matching Couples Pyjamas – £62.43, Etsy

Couple holding hands in matching pyjamas

We're obsessed with the stylish design on these his and her pyjamas from Posy Sleep Co. They'd be lovely to pop on while you're getting ready on your wedding day or for lounging around the house.

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6. Linen Couple Pyjamas – £194.11, Etsy

Couple wearing green linen pyjamas

Cool couples, you need these chic matching pyjamas in your life. Crafted from super soft olive green linen they're not only totally on trend, they'll keep you cool in the warmer months too.

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7. Moustache and Lipstick Pyjamas – £19.99, Amazon

Mr and mrs tshirts

If you know that you and your other half just couldn’t agree on what pyjamas to wear, then you could compromise by just wearing matching t-shirts. It’s also a less matchy-matchy option if your other half is resisting the cute couple vibe you’re after.

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8. King and Queen Pyjamas – £60, Etsy

King and queen pyjamas

If you have found the king to your queen then these checkered pyjamas would be the perfect fun take on this. Using the king and queen signs from a pack of cards, it’s a subtle nod to his and hers pyjamas.

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9. Big Spoon and Little Spoon Pyjamas – £14.99, Etsy

Big spoon and little spoon grey tee

Are you a couple who love to spoon? Then these big spoon and little spoon pyjamas are pretty much made for you.

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10. Romantic Couples’ Pyjamas – £55, Etsy

Romantic pyjamas

These matching his and hers pyjamas are ideal if you are looking to buy a romantic and thoughtful gift for your partner. The top of the pyjamas includes a heart and arrow and can be personalised with your initials and wedding date. They could also be perfect for your cotton wedding anniversary.

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11. I Don't Do Matching Sweatshirts – £42, Etsy

Funny matching couple pyjamas

For a humorous take on matching pyjamas look to these funny sweatshirts from Holly and Fred. Even if your partner isn't a fan of cute couple outfits, they won't be able to resist wearing these. 

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12. Monochrome Pyjamas Set – £54, Not On The High Street

hubby and wifey pyjamas

This top and shorts combo makes these PJs an ideal gift for a couple going on a honeymoon in a hot country. The monochrome style is fun and stops them being too matchy-matchy.

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13. Her Duke His Duchess Pyjamas – £55, Etsy

Duke and Duchess couples pyjamas

While you and your other half snuggle on the sofa watching the latest series of Bridgerton put on these Duke and Duchess pyjamas and play the part. They have a comfy elasticated waistband so you can scoff all the popcorn you like!

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14. Mr and Mrs Pyjamas – £45, Etsy

Mr and mrs pjamas shorts

These Mr and Mrs pyjamas would be a great unusual wedding gift if you are looking for something a little bit different. We love that they can be personalised and the happy couple could take them on their honeymoon.

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15. He Snores, She’s a Duvet Thief Pyjamas – £45, Not On The High Street

couple pjs

If he wakes you up with his snoring or she is always stealing the duvet in the middle of the night then these adorable matching PJs are especially for you. Make fun of your partner and buy this as a funny gift.

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16. Slumber Party Pyjamas – £52.08, Etsy

his and hers pyjamas

These cosy matching pyjamas are super comfy and also remind you both just how easy it is to be happy in each others company. We love the pretty pastel shades and they are perfect for relaxing nights in at home.

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17. Personalised Matching Pyjamas – £55, Etsy

Mr and mrs pjyamas

These simple and stylish matching PJs can be personalised with the name of the couple and the year they said ‘I do’. If you are looking for an unusual wedding gift that is totally unique then this could be the perfect choice.

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18. Together Forever Pyjamas – £50, Etsy

matchig pjs

These soft cotton pyjamas have to be seen together to get the full message, which is a cute detail. If you are about to celebrate your second wedding anniversary – cotton – then these tartan and navy matching pyjamas would be a fun choice.

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19. Striped Pyjamas Couple Set - from £41.28, Etsy

Striped couples pyjamas

Matching PJs can absolutely be sophisticated and classy; case in point, these lovely satin striped classic pyjamas, which will be a joy to wear.

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20. Couple Jammies - from £41.80, Etsy

Cloud couple pyjamas

We can’t get enough of these grey marl jammies, which are printed with cute clouds and dinosaurs. And not a Christmas reference in sight!

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His and Hers Christmas Pyjamas

21. First Christmas Sweatshirt Tops – £40, Lovelei

First Christmas sweatshirt tops

Whether you're wearing these 'First Christmas as a Hubby & Wifey sweatshirts' while decorating the tree, or keeping cosy by the fire, they'll look adorable! You can even get away with wearing them out of the house...

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22. Couples Matching Christmas Pyjamas – from £15.50, Etsy

Couple with dog in matching tartan pyjamas

You can't beat a pair of red and black checked jammies on Christmas and we adore this long sleeved option from Lace On The Beach. They even come with a matching onesie for a baby or toddler. 

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23. Couples Christmas Pyjamas – from £9.95, Etsy

All I want for Christmas is you matching pyjamas

In the wise words of the Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey, if all you want for Christmas is your partner then these adorable pyjamas will be right up your street. Available in seven different font colours including rose gold and silver, they're simple yet seriously sweet. 

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24. Penguin Pyjamas – £55, Etsy

Christmas couple pyjamas

Couples’ pyjamas seem to be everywhere in the run up to Christmas. If you are looking for some fun festive PJs then these cute matching penguin pyjamas could be perfect. Penguins mate for life so we also like the sentimental meaning behind this design.

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25. Thanksgiving Couples Pyjamas - £19.24, Etsy

She is my sweet potato couples pyjamas

Celebrating Thanksgiving this year? Here at Hitched we love a pun and can't get enough of these sweet potato tops. They'd make a lovely gift to give a comedic couple. 

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26. Family Christmas Pyjamas - from £26.09, Etsy

Family in matching Christmas pyjamas

Get the whole crew together with these family Christmas pyjamas from Blush Bride Co. You can choose from long trousers or shorts, varying shades of plaid and can even get them embroidered with everyone's names. 

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27. Matching Love Christmas Pyjamas - £9, B&M

Striped Christmas pyjamas

B&M offers up a whole range of affordable and fun his and her pyjamas but our favourite has got to be this love set. Available in sizes S-XL and with a candy stripe design, pj's don't come much more festive than these! 

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28. Couples Pyjamas Polar Bear - £60, Not On The High Street

Polar bear couples pyjamas

We can’t get over the cuteness levels of these polar bear jammies, which come in a matching drawstring bag to keep them safe when you’re not wearing them.

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29. Couple Pyjamas For Christmas - £55.81, Etsy

Couple wearing striped pyjamas

We love a good striped pair of PJs, and these are not just for Christmas. You can also get them in kid’s sizes if you have a family to match with too!

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