13 Things That Happen To Every Bride After Getting Engaged

If you've just got engaged, you'll relate to every single one of these feelings - from exciting celebrations to budget-induced panic!


Getting engaged is one of the best feelings in the world: you’re in love, you’ve found the one and you’re both going to spend your lives together. But we’re here to hit you with some universal truths about what happens after you get engaged – the good, the bad, and the Pinterest addiction.


If you’ve just got engaged, you’ll relate to every single one of these 13 emotions you go through after your partner’s popped the question.

1. You Obsess Over The Ring


Firstly, because it’s so gorgeous, and secondly, because it’s probably one of the most expensive things you own and you’re constantly terrified of losing it. Bonus points if you’ve considered buying a decoy ring to keep the real one safe.

2. You Say Goodbye To You Daily Shop-Bought Coffee As You’re Saving For A Wedding Now


You’ve got to make some sacrifices if you’re going to have that prosecco pimping station – and it’s your habit of grabbing a takeaway coffee in the morning that’s the first to go. Hello awful office sludge.

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3. How You Feel When You Call Your Partner ‘Fiancé’ For the First Time Out Loud


For at least a week, you’ll find some way of squeezing it into every conversation. And hell yes, girl, you go for it! You’re engaged!

4. You Get Sick Of Telling Your Proposal Story


Obviously it’s great at first and you’ll have got telling the story down to a fine art, but honestly, by the 100th time, it does become a little wearing.

5. Pinterest Will Become An Addiction


One quick search for “chiavari chairs” and suddenly it’s five hours later, you’ve planned the perfect teepee, marquee and barn weddings, and got three separate aisle runner mood boards. We’re biased, but we would highly recommend following Hitched on Pinterest if you want beautiful wedding ideas. 

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 6. You Become The Nail Salon’s Best Customer


Getting your hands looking picture perfect is a justifiable expense now you’ve got a sparkly new accessory to Instagram once a day minimum.

7. You Get to Ask Your Besties To Be Your Bridesmaids!


There are so many cute ways to pop the maid of honour/bridesmaid question. Just remember, these ladies plan your hen party so pick wisely!

8. Your Face The 50th Time Someone Asks If You’ve Set A Date Yet


Can we just celebrate being engaged for a bit, please?

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 9. You Perfect The Smile And Nod For When Your Neighbour Suggests Their Art Student Nephew Could Be Your Wedding Photographer


“And he DJs on the side – ideal!” said no bride ever.

10. You Go A Little Mad When You Realise You Can Create A Gift List


Of course you don’t need that £299.99 Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer, but if someone’s willing to chip in for it…

11. That Feeling When You Put Down Your First Major Deposit


It’ll probably be for your wedding venue and it’ll probably fill you to the core with budget-induced panic.

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12. The Wedding Planning Stress Will Occasionally Get Too Much


You may start going a little crazy over whether the chair sashes represent “who you are as a couple”. That’s the time to take a step back and remember what the day is all about – celebrating your love for each other. We’ve got a 13-step guide to wedding planning that can help the process go more smoothly.

13. You Realise You Get To Spend The Rest Of Your Life With The Person You Love Most


The wedding is only the start of your happiness.


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