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The Best Hair Curlers for Honeymoon, Hen Do & Wedding Hair

From budget to blowout, these hair curlers have stood the test of the Hitched experts and our verdicts are officially in. Here's your guide to the best UK hair curlers.

A range of the best hair curlers in the UK tried and tested by Hitched

A range of the best hair curlers in the UK tried and tested by Hitched

Whether it’s for your engagement party, wedding day, hen party, honeymoon or UK minimoon, who doesn’t love an effortless curly hair look? Not everyone can afford the luxury of a wedding hair stylist for all of these occasions, and now you don't have to as we have tried and tested the best hair curlers in the UK that you can use in the comfort of your own home. 

Ever wondered what the best curlers for short hair are? Not sure which curlers for long hair will do the trick? Want to guarantee yourself some natural, beach waves or know if that automatic hair curler is actually worth the money?

Luckily for you, the Hitched team have spent weeks trying and testing out the best hair curlers in the UK from the top hair brands and have put together our totally honest reviews. From cordless hair curlers which are genuinely worth splashing the cash for, to the latest automatic hair curlers that make curling your hair super easy, we’ve tried them all, and the verdicts are in. 

The Best UK Hair Curlers for Honeymoon, Hen Do & Wedding Hair

To ensure we’ve covered all the bases, we’ve split our hair curler reviews into sections. Got short hair and looking for the best curler? Tired of ringlet curls when all you want is a hair curler for beachy waves? Our line-up features the best UK hair curlers, as well as top tips from the Hitched team and honest reviews you can genuinely trust. We’ve got your back - now it’s time to get ready to shop…

The Best Cordless Hair Curlers

A few years ago, this wouldn't even be a section, but thank god it is! When testing out the best cordless wavers, BaByliss was our go-to brand. They have recently launched a Cordless 9000 Pro range which includes the three tools below, along with straighteners and a clamp wand. Are they the best cordless hair curlers? Read on to find out. 

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BaByliss Cordless Hot Brush - £180

BaByliss Cordless Hot Brush Best Curler

The BaByliss Cordless Hot Brush is both a curling brush and curling wand - hence the name! The barrel is 30mm wide to give users that big bouncy look and it has three heat settings between 160 - 180 degrees. The tool charges in just three hours and will last up to 40 minutes cordless.

Abi, Marketing Director at Hitched says, “I must confess I’m not the best at styling hair so I found this took a bit challenging at first. A bit of practise and a few YouTube videos later, I ended up with a lovely bouncy blow dry effect which lasted all day and night. My hair also felt really shiny.

"As well as the bouncy blow dry look, I also used the BaByliss Hot Brush to flick my ends out for a sleeker look. It actually smoothed out that annoying flick you get when you have a bob like me. The fact you can get two different styles from one tool is a great bonus for me.

"I have a shoulder length bob so I was amazed that this worked on my short (and very thick) hair - though I do think it would look even better on someone with longer hair than mine and anyone with layers will be able to create an even more amazing look by flicking out each length.”

Heat Temperatures: Three - from 160°C to 180°C

Pros & Cons: Abi says, “It heats up really quickly and is so lightweight compared to other cordless products I have used. The barrel feels comfortable to hold and the brush had a strong and tight grip on my hair which made it easy to curl.

"This would be difficult to use without a heat protection glove (make sure you use yours!), and if you have any kind of knot in your hair it will catch so make sure you brush through properly first.”

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BaByliss Cordless Curling Wand - £180

BaByliss Cordless Curler Best Cordless Curler UK

The BaByliss Cordless Curling Wand is not your average curling wand. Firstly, it’s cordless, which is a *huge* pro in itself and comes with a heat protective storage case which means the minute you’re done styling those amazing beach waves - which this is perfect for, by the way - you can pop it in its case and be on your way.

The whole point of a cordless wand is to ensure it travels well and is ready to use anywhere which is why we’re certain BaByliss have hit the nail on the head with this range. The barrel is a smidge smaller than the Cordless Hot Brush at 28mm.

Our Commerce Writer Lucy says, “I was sceptical about using a cordless curling wand as I wasn’t sure how much heat it would be able to retain and whether I would achieve long lasting curls - this tool has me converted! The wand is super easy to charge using a magnetic charging point and comes with two plug types meaning you can take it on a hen do abroad.

"The barrel is on the shorter side which makes it a little trickier to use if you have long hair, however it comes with a heat proof glove which resolves this issue. The wand heated up quickly and resulted in loose, natural waves in 15 minutes.

"I loved the handy storage case it came with as it makes it so easy to transport for quick hair touch-ups on the go when you don’t have access to electricity. The perfect companion for a festival hen-do!”

Heat Temperatures: Three - from 160°C to 180°C

Pros & Cons: Lucy says, “The cordless feature gives flexibility which allows you to easily curl from all angles and not have to worry about an annoying wire, which is especially useful when styling the front sections of hair.

"If your styler hasn’t been used for 5 mins it shuts down. It comes with a heat proof mat but I found as this was not made from rubber this wasn’t the most reliable when using the highest temperature.”

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BaByliss Cordless Waver - £180

BaByliss Cordless Waver Best Hair Curler

Third on our list of the best cordless hair curlers is the BaByliss Cordless Waver. It’s no surprise there’s a multiple barrel waver in this pro range as beachy waves are having a serious moment right now. Though these triple barrel curlers are larger to use, all BaByliss Cordless tools come with a heat protection mat, storage case to make using them easier, and a styling glove so you can save yourself money on accessories.

Chloe, the Marketing Manager at Hitched says, “I love the fact that this hair curler is cordless. Triple barrel hair curlers are usually really clunky and heavy, and although this isn’t the most dainty of hair curlers, it’s much lighter and slimmer than others I’ve seen. It’s a really simple tool to use to wave your hair so even hair curling novices can have a go.

"I found this worked much better on my medium length, medium thickness hair the day after washing it. When I used it on my freshly washed hair it didn’t last as long.”

Heat Temperatures: Three - from 160°C to 180°C

Pros & Cons: Chloe says, “I can’t emphasise enough how easy it was to use - which is rare when it comes to more complex hair curlers like this. The cordless feature is beyond helpful as you don’t have to worry about wires getting mixed up and worked perfectly for me when I used this on a hen party in Ibiza.

"I would recommend letting the curls cool down before brushing them through to avoid a frizzy look.”

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The Best Hair Curlers for Long Hair

To ensure you are using the best hair curler for long hair, the barrel needs to be long enough and if you're after a loose wave, you want to secure a thick, wide barrel. Our top three hair curlers for short hair offer a range of styles and techniques giving you plenty of choice and honest tips.

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Cloud Nine Waving Wand - £139

Best Long Hair Curler Cloud Nine Waving Wand

Cloud Nine developed their waving wand for mid to long hair in the hopes of a more natural wave as opposed to the curl that other tools achieve. The barrel is a whopping 38mm - much larger than most curling wand irons and it heats up in just 20 seconds - almost half the heating time that Cloud nine’s other tools take.

Rima, the Deputy Editor at Hitched says: “The Cloud Nine Waving Wand works absolute wonders with my long, thick hair. When using a smaller barrel to curl my hair, I tend to end up with a finished look that is much curlier than I’m after. My hair is coarse and doesn’t drop much so because of that, I need the initial curl to be nice and loose, not tight and curly.

"The curling wand has a stand to stop it from burning surfaces and, like with all Cloud Nine wands, it comes with a heat protective glove I can use while curling. There are four heat settings, but I find that I only ever use the hottest one. If you had long hair that was finer, or wanted to top up your curls the next day the lower heat settings may come in handy.

"I think this is well worth the £139 price tag for the pure fact that the barrel is wide enough for long hair - I love it! It also comes with a case and the actual handle has a pull out stand so you can stand the wand up and don’t have to worry about burning your carpets or surfaces - I’m seriously guilty of that!”

Heat Temperatures: Three - from 100°C to 200°C

Pros & Cons: Rima says, “The barrel size is super thick, making it perfect for waving long hair and it heats up in just 20 seconds. It is slightly heavier than other curling wands out there but that’s to be expected considering the size. Due to the thickness of the barrel, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone with hair at shoulder length or above.”

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Remington PROluxe You Adaptive Hot Brush - £69.99

Remington Pro Luxe Adaptive Styling Brush

The hot brush is back and we’re so happy about it. The Remington PROluxe You Adaptive Hot Brush is a more affordable comparative to the BaByliss Cordless Hot Brush. It has a larger barrel, making it better for longer hair and those who want a big, bouncy blow dry look. The barrel is coated with Advanced Diamond Ceramic which should glide through your hair and leave it looking soft and smooth.

Our Marketing Coordinator Hannah says, “Though there are multiple heat settings, the Remington Hot Brush auto-adapts the heat to your hair type so there’s no need to fiddle around with settings. It only took about a minute to heat up and I worked on 2-3inch sections across my head - I have very thick, long hair so I tend to use smaller sections to ensure the curl is secure.

"Continuously twisting the hot brush as it curled my hair, I ended up with an amazing faux-blow dry bounce and the best bit? No fly-aways in sight. What made this even better was the non-heated grip at the top of the brush - holding onto this made the twisting process so much easier.

"My top tip would be to ensure your hair is completely tangle free before using it as small tangles snag pretty hard on the thick plastic bristles. Overall, I ended up with a fabulous Jennifer Anniston style blow dry look without having to use a blow dry brush or rollers. It’s perfect for people who love the blow out look but aren’t confident with the round-brush-meets-hair-dryer technique.”

Heat Temperatures: Three - from 160°C to 180°C

Pros & Cons: Hannah says, “This created the perfect 90’s bouncy blow dry and added so much volume to my already super thick hair. I’m not sure people with fine hair would get as much of a lift or as much volume as I did.”

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Remington Pro Luxe Heated Rollers - £53


Remington pro luxe heated rollers in a box

Heated rollers aren’t a thing of the past - trust us on this one. If you’re looking for some of the best curlers for long hair, or for a faux-blow dry look without having to battle with a round brush, these could be the at home curlers for you. Our Hitched reviewer says, “This heated roller set comes with 12 medium thick barrels and 8 thinner barrels, all kept neatly inside a pretty heated box and all with handy clips to keep hair rollers in place.

Our Marketing Coordinator Hannah says, "Once plugged in, the Remington Heated Rollers Set automatically starts heating up, there isn’t a switch to turn it on and off so you should always keep an eye out and make sure to unplug directly from the socket. The handbook recommended up to 5 minutes to heat the curlers up fully. I’d recommend using this curling method if you have a lot of time to get ready. I’m someone who likes to spend my day relaxing and getting ready leisurely so it suits me.

"Once the rollers were ready, I worked on my hair in 2-3 inch sections starting from the bottom with the larger barrels and working my way up to the crown with the smaller ones. Once the roller is out of the heated box, you have to work quickly, rolling it up towards your root to avoid heat loss and then clip it in to secure.

"This took some time as sometimes the hair sections were too thick and didn’t wrap to my hair well which meant I had a little hair left over once all barrels were used.  The handbook recommends leaving the hair in rollers for 10 minutes before unravelling but I kept them in for closer to half an hour. I unravelled the barrels slowly to leave a bouncy blow dry look which looked great!”

Heat Temperatures: One (not specified)

Pros & Cons: Hannah says, “Even though my hair looked amazing, it did drop as it’s so thick so I’d recommend keeping the rollers in for even longer if you have thick hair, maybe 45 minutes to an hour to let them cool down fully. They are comfortable so you could do some odd jobs while they’re in. I love the fact that there are two different sizes and really did achieve that classic bouncy roller look. 

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The Best Hair Curlers for Short Hair

When reviewing the best curlers for short hair, we considered a lot of different factors including burn risk, length of barrel and how easy they are to use. As well as these three beauties, it's worth noting that most of the brands featured also sell extra thin curling wands if you have short hair and want a really tight curl. 

Cloud Nine Curling Wand - £139

Cloud Nine Best Hair Curler

Unlike the waving wand, the Cloud Nine Curling Wand is much better suited to short and medium length hair due to the smaller barrel and lighter weight. The curling wand, like all Cloud Nine curling products is made with Kinder Styling Technology so you can rest assured your hair won’t frazzle. The heat settings reach a maximum of 175°C for gorgeous styling at lower temperatures - this helps to avoid any unnecessary heat damage.

Our Commerce Writer Lucy says, “The Cloud Nine Curling Wand left me with soft, bouncy curls that looked very natural. A feature I loved was the long cord (2.7m to be exact) as this meant I could plug it in and move around the room.

"It also has a temperature control setting so it goes into hibernation mode after 30 minutes, perfect if you’re like me and panic, thinking “Did I switch the curlers off?” every time you leave the house. It is suited to all hair lengths as it has a short barrel that still worked well with my medium hair, but in my opinion it’s one of the best hair curlers for short hair too.

"I would recommend the highest heat setting if you have straight hair and want your curls to last.”

Heat Temperatures: Three - From 125°C - 175°C

Pros & Cons: Lucy says, “The tool was really quick to heat up and has a mineral-infused barrel that locks in moisture. Although it does come with a heat glove, the mesh material meant I still had to be careful.”

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Paul Mitchell Neuro Unclipped Small Styling Cone - £81.40

Paul Mitchell Neuro Unclipped Small Styling Cone

The Paul Mitchell Neuro Unclipped Styling Cone is one of the best curlers for short hair because of the way the wand tapers off at the end. The barrel starts at 1.25” and tapers down to 0.75” meaning that those with shorter hair can still get a nice tight (or beachy!) curl at different ends of the wand.

It heats to a maximum of 230°C giving you a professional curl and has a smart sensor microchip for extra fast heat recovery - no burnt carpets or fingers over here. Our Designer Lucy says, “I am an amateur when it comes to hair styling products and I found this so easy to use. It took me just ten minutes to style my thick bob hair so it’s amazing if you’re in a rush or don’t like to spend ages getting ready.

"For beachier waves, I curled the hair under the wand and spread it out, and for tighter, more defined ringlets, I curled over and used the smaller end of the barrel. The temperature was easily adjustable and there’s a digital screen where you can monitor the heat. I used it at 180°C and they lasted for a whole night out. The cord is nice and long so it wasn’t restrictive when I was getting ready and moving around.”

Heat Temperatures: Multiple - up to 230°C

Pros & Cons: Lucy says, “Although this is amazing for short hair, the wand is quite long and could be tricky to use if you have shorter arms. The short hair curler comes with a bag to keep it in which is so helpful for storage but there was a fair amount of unnecessary plastic packaging which felt wasteful.”

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DryBar 3 Day Bender Digital Curling Iron - £129

Best Rotating Curler DryBar

DryBar are known for their Ionic Technology hair tools and we got to try out the DryBar 3 Day Bender Digital Curling Iron

Zoe, Editor at Hitched says, “The DryBar 3 Day Bender iron is a great hair curler for short hair because it has a clamp that I used to secure the end of my hair and then twisted it up to curl to the root. Often when I curl my short hair I find myself burning my hand on the wand as I try to get as close to the root as possible - this wasn’t an issue with the DryBar 3 Day Bender.

"The curling wand heated up in just under a minute and created a gorgeous beachy wave look. To get this, I left out 2cm of hair at the end which really helps to guarantee the beachy wave. If you want tighter ringlets and curls, try and secure all hair in the clamp before twisting. Another amazing feature is that the top half of the DryBar curling iron rotates separately to the rest of the iron so twisting it is SO easy”

Heat Temperatures: Multiple - up to 230°C

Pros & Cons: Zoe says, “The rotating handle makes curling with this tool so super easy and the digital screen means you are always aware of which heat setting you are using. This hair curler is perfect for all hair lengths, not just short!”

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The The Best Hair Curlers for Beach Waves

Out with ringlet curls and in with the natural wave. Want to know what the UK has to offer in terms of the best curlers for beach waves? We have a GHD classic along with a surprising bundle entry that really hit the spot when it comes to beachy, flowing waves. 

GHD Classic Wave Wand - £139

Best Beach Wave Curler GHD Classic Wave Wand

Guaranteeing users the classic beach wave is the GHD Classic Wave Wand. The barrel is oval shaped instead of rounded, meaning you get a much more natural beachy wave as opposed to a structured, bouncy curl. The barrel is 38mm-26mm depending on which way you turn it and curls hair in under 8 seconds.

Anna, our Social Media Manager says, “I love wearing my long hair in natural waves and think that the GHD Classic Wave Wand is a great curler for beach waves. The art of this hair curler is all in the technique. My top tip would be to position the barrel in line with your head so it lays almost flat and then curl. This will ensure that your curls sit flat at the top of the root and become wavier further down.

"I am a stickler for forgetting to turn curling tools off so I love the fact that this beachy hair curler has a sleep mode which is activated after half an hour. The waves lasted all day on my medium length hair.

"I would recommend this tool to people looking for a hair curler for long hair as well as anyone who wants a natural curl look as opposed to one which is tighter and bouncier. If you have highlights or balayage it will really highlight the tones in your hair.”

Heat Temperatures: One - 230°C

Pros & Cons: Anna says, “It did take a bit of practise to get the overall look right and for kinks not to appear, but once you master it you will have effortless looking beach waves. It suits longer hair much more than shorter hair as with short hair you won’t benefit from the deep barrel.”

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Beauty Works Waver and Professional Styler Bundle - £139.98

Best Beach Wave Curling Bundle BeautyWorks

For the ultimate beach look and feel, we’d highly recommend opting for a hair curling bundle like the Beauty Works Waver and Professional Styler Bundle. The set comes with a triple-barreled hair waver and an extra-long curling wand, both of which are amazing hair curlers for beach waves. Hitched Editor Zoe says, “The Professional Styler Bundle from Beauty Works is a winner for me.

"I have medium length hair and love wearing it in beachy, natural-looking curls. The triple-barrel hair waver is great for getting those beach waves but it’s a pretty heavy and large piece of equipment. I have medium length hair and it was a little tricky to manoeuvre it, but I can’t pretend the finished look wasn’t incredible. Anyone with long hair will absolutely love that styler!

"Moving onto the extra long curling wand - where do I begin? The long barrel means that even people with super longhair will be able to guarantee that gorgeous curl. To achieve the natural, beachy waves I love so much, I curled all of my hair using the wand, waited to ensure it had cooled down and set, and then brushed it through with a wide tooth comb. I actually ended up lending this to my sister for her wedding hair trial too and the stylist loved it so much she went out and bought her own!

"Not to blow my own trumpet or anything, but I looked amazing and got so many compliments. Both curlers heat up in 60 seconds and come with a carry case and protective glove.”

Heat Temperatures: Multiple - from 80°C to 220°C

Pros & Cons: Zoe says, “As I mentioned, the triple-barrelled curler is a bit large and heavy for someone who doesn’t have super long hair - there’s a burn risk for sure - but for less than £150, I think this styling bundle is well worth the money and I can’t say enough good things about the extra long curling wand.”

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The Best Automatic Hair Curlers

Do automatic hair curlers really work? Are they dangerous? Are they worth the money? Consider your hair curling questions answered as we give you our three best automatic hair curlers and the honest reviews to match.

Revamp Progloss Automatic Rotating Hair Curler - £89.99

Progloss ReVamp Best Automatic Hair Curler UK

Automatic hair curlers are somewhat of a TikTok phenomenon and had us all questioning, are they really that good? Would your hair get caught? How does it do that? Luckily for us, our Editor got to try out Revamp’s Progloss Automatic Rotating Hair Curler on her mid-length, fine hair - and it’s safe to say she was pretty impressed. Zoe says, “This product is a complete game changer!

I love a curled hairstyle, but I don’t often do them because of the time it takes - even with fine hair like mine, to sit and section out your hair and ensure even curls…it just takes more time than I can spare these days. However, the Revamp Progloss Hollywood Curl Automatic Rotating Hair Curler has changed both my life AND my hair.

"I can do my whole head with even, bouncy curls in under ten minutes, and it lasts all evening too. I took this on my sister’s hen do, and had a queue of girls wanting to use it before we went out. I styled my sister’s hair with it for the day, and it lasted her from first thing in the morning, to last thing at night - and we spent all day outside exploring Dublin, before ending the night in a club.

"I can’t lie, I was a bit daunted when I first opened it and I did think, ‘Oh goodness, am I putting my hair in here, never to see it again?’ But once I got past that fear, I couldn’t believe how easy it was and I’ve used it for every single outing since. The fact you can also curl to the left and right is brilliant, as I always like to curl my hair away from my face (it’s a much more flattering look!), so you can ensure both sides curl away.

"I honestly can’t recommend it enough, especially if, like me, you just cannot get on with the curling wands or master the art of curling with straighteners.”

Heat Temperatures: Four - from 150°C to 210°C

Pros & Cons: Zoe says, “It’s honestly so easy to use, and gives long lasting curls - although it can be a bit nerve-wracking the first time you put your hair into it. It comes with a heat proof rubber mat too, which is helpful.

"They also shut off automatically after 30 mins, so you don’t have to worry about whether you’ve left them on, and they rotate left and right so you are guaranteed balanced, even curls.”

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Beach Automatic Waver - Approx £130

Best Rotating Curler BeachWaverStyler

The Beach Waver was a huge phenomenon Stateside with our favourite Disney queen Ashley Tisdale strongly endorsing it - and that girl has great hair! The Dyson Airwrap may have some competition in the curling department because this automatic hair curler is seriously easy to use. Rima, Deputy Editor at Hitched says, “The Beach Waver is a revelation to the world of automatic hair curling.

"It’s such a simple concept, when you see it you wonder why no one else has done it before. The curling wand has a very small clamp at the bottom where you pop the end of your hair section. You then simply flick one of the two buttons (there’s a left and a right), depending on which direction you want your curl, and the barrel then rotates for you.

"For a beachier curl, I left about an inch of hair hanging outside of the clip, but it could easily do a tight curl look as well if that’s what you’re going for.”

Heat Temperatures: Multiple - from 150°C to 230°C

Pros & Cons: Rima says, “Something I struggle with all the time is the fact my hair is long and thick and barrels are often a bit short or a bit thin for my hair. The Beach Waver can be purchased in so many different lengths and widths but I’d recommend watching reviews before you choose which one is best for you - there are loads on YouTube.”

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Dyson Airwrap (Long Barrel Edition) - £499

Dyson Airwrap best automated curler

We’ve got the Dyson Airwrap in the ‘Best Automatic Hair Curler’ section, but let’s be real, it could go anywhere in this edit. It’s simply sensational. The Dyson Airwrap is such a versatile hair styling tool, but here we’re going to focus on the feature that shot it to fame, the automatic hair curling barrels.

Rima, Deputy Editor at Hitched says, “I’ve been waiting to try the Dyson Airwrap for a while now, but I was sceptical about any hair styling tool taming the beast that is my long, frizzy Arabic hair. All the reviews said to have your hair as close to dry as possible to get the best results and I would completely second that statement.

"Because my hair is thick, I used the straightening brush to dry my hair before attempting to curl. The Airwrap is so easy to use, and I really mean that. All you have to do is section a piece of your hair and hold it near the barrel and it literally curls it for you. I was worried it would catch or pull individual hairs but it didn’t.

"The overall look was amazing, I ended up with the bouncy blow dry of dreams. I did still have fly-aways, but as I said, my hair is staticky and frizz-prone so I’m fairly certain if an almost £500 styler can’t solve that, nothing can. My mum also tried this tool and, unlike me, she has fine medium length hair. It looked unbelievable! It was so beachy and gorgeous.” 

Heat Temperatures: Three - two with hot air and one with cold.

Pros & Cons: Rima says, “The pros are endless with this tool. In terms of ease and functionality, there is no con for the Dyson Airwrap. As I mentioned, my hair is very thick and long so I prefer to wear it in sleeker, beachier waves and the Dyson Airwrap doesn’t give me that kind of look.

"My hair doesn’t drop, it will keep a style until it’s washed again, so the finished look was curlier than I usually go for and doesn’t solve my frizz issue - but that's a personal preference - I really cannot fault the functionality and ease of this product - it's incredible”

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