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30+ Best Coloured Engagement Rings

From classic stones to contemporary gems, we've compiled a technicolour treasure trove of the 31 best coloured engagement rings whatever your style or budget

Coloured engagement rings scattered on a table

If you're planning to propose, picking the right engagement ring can be a pretty daunting task. Thankfully, we're on hand to make this exciting decision a lot easier. As well as your partner's preferred style and taste, an important factor to consider are engagement ring trends and coloured engagement rings should definitely be on your radar.

Laura Lambert, founder of jewellery brand Fenton says, "It's been a few years of reflection for many of us, with the desire of re-focus on what really matters. The idea of the 'traditional diamond engagement ring' has been replaced with something more unique, fun and individualistic that really bring meaning to your forever piece. Be it choosing your birthstone, favourite colour or bespoke design!"

That's not to say a colourful engagement ring will go out of style. "Colour is forever something that lifts us from a period of greyness and it isn't different when it comes to choosing our perfect ring," Laura adds. In fact, celebrity engagement rings have favoured coloured stones for years. From the Duchess of Cambridge's iconic blue sapphire engagement ring to Katy Perry's playful ruby sparkler, different coloured engagement rings are unique yet timeless. 

Ready to start the search? Whether it's chic yellow coloured diamond engagement rings, pretty peridot or elegant emerald you've taken a shine to, get inspired with our round-up of the 31 best coloured engagement rings that are guaranteed to be just as popular in years to come. 

31 Unique Coloured Engagement Rings

1. Teresa 22k Yellow Gold Vermeil Green Amethyst and Oro Verde Engagement Ring - £475, Dinny Hall

Green amethyst coloured stone engagement ring

Crafted from 22k yellow gold, green amethyst and oro verde, this engagement ring by Dinny Hall is a beautiful and affordable option for a proposal. The trilogy arrangement keeps the style classic, while the colours ensure this is a stand-out piece. 

Sizing: K-O

Pros & Cons: As this design is a cocktail style ring it features larger stones that will create a big impact. That doesn't mean it will look bulky as the dainty band balances it out. 

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2. Star Cushion Ruby 18kt Yellow Gold Engagement Ring - from £3,150, Fenton

Star cushion cut ruby coloured engagement ring

Fenton are a winner when it comes to engagement rings as their styles are easily customisable to suit your partner's taste. We love this ruby star engagement ring but you can opt for a number of designs including garland, vintage and solitaire. 

Sizing: H-O

Pros & Cons: This is a timeless design that will never go out of style. You can pay for it in instalments if the price tag isn't quite within your budget. 

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3. Emerald and Diamond Ivy Scroll Engagement Ring - from £529, Angara

Green emerald and diamond engagement ring with an ornate rose gold band with swirls

Not only are the rings available at Angara gorgeous, you have the option to choose the gemstone quality grade, metal type and carat weight to suit your budget and style. Plus, you can even get the engagement ring engraved for free! How charming would that be on this green emerald and diamond beauty?

Sizing: F-Z+2

Pros & Cons: Your partner won't know where to look when they cast their eyes on this gorgeous coloured engagement ring - there are so many fabulous features. We adore the unusual swirl rose gold band for those who are fans of intricate jewellery. 

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4. 9ct White Gold Aquamarine & Diamond Pear Engagement Ring - £799, Ernest Jones

Pear cut aquamarine halo engagement ring

Aquamarine is an unique choice for an engagement ring, but a stunning one at that! This pear cut gemstone is set with a halo of diamonds creating a design that wouldn't look out of place in a Disney film. See even more halo engagement rings here. 

Sizing: I-S

Pros & Cons: This ring is only available in white gold but we think that pairs perfectly with the diamonds and icy blue aquamarine. 

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5. Ruby Three Stone Halo Engagement Ring - £155, Ruby & Oscar

Ruby three stone engagement rings with diamonds

Ruby is an excellent choice for everyday wear as it is one of the hardest and most durable gemstones. It's also the birthstone for July so if your partner's birthday falls then, this three stone ruby ring by Ruby & Oscar will make a lovely sentiment. 

Sizing: J-R

Pros & Cons: Be mindful that this engagement ring is on the bigger side as it has a layered setting. It'll shout 'I'm engaged!' which some couples will be huge fans of. 

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6. Yellow Sapphire 18kt Yellow Gold Eternity Band - £545, Fenton

Rose gold eternity band adorned with yellow sapphires and diamonds

An eternity band with smaller gems like this ring by Fenton can have just as much impact as a larger singular stone. Rose gold is an on-trend pick, plus it pairs perfectly with yellow sapphires. While this isn't technically an engagement ring, it would work really well as one for a bride who prefers something more subtle.

Sizing: H.5

Pros & Cons: This ring doesn't come in many sizes but you could speak to a jeweller about getting it resized. 

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7. Peridot & Diamond Desire Engagement Ring in 9ct White Gold - £99, QP Jewellers

Silver peridot and diamond engagement ring

There's something about a vibrant peridot engagement ring that has us dreaming of destination proposals in sunny climes. This design by QP Jewellers is a really affordable option and features an impressive peridot stone that was mined in Arizona.  

Sizing: H-Z

Pros & Cons: Peridot is a unique coloured gemstone choice making it perfect if you know your partner would want an engagement ring not many people have. For less than £100, it's a brilliantly affordable engagement ring

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8. 9ct Rose Gold Morganite Diamond Engagement Ring - £495, Chisholm Hunter

Rose gold and morganite diamond engagement ring with halo

Is your partner obsessed with all things rose gold? With a 9ct rose gold band holding a rose gold oval morganite stone that's surrounded by sparkling diamonds, this engagement ring by Chisholm Hunter will be their dream come true!

Sizing: I-Q

Pros & Cons: Chisholm Hunter are known for their glitzy designs and this engagement ring ticks that box and more. If you prefer a cooler tone, switch the rose gold to white. 

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9. 18ct Rubellite & Diamond Engagement Jacket Ring  - £7,800, Annoushka

Rubellite engagement ring with a diamond encrusted ring jacket in yellow gold

We've fallen in love with Annoushka's Love & Commitment collection featuring gorgeous pieces that can be worn alone, or stacked alongside each other in countless combinations. One of our favourites has got to be this striking design that includes two stunning rings - a rubellite engagement ring nestled between a diamond encrusted ring jacket. 

Sizing: I-S

Pros & Cons: Although this is one of the more expensive picks in our edit, if you remove the diamond encrusted ring jacket it'll look just as fabulous and cost less. 

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10. 18ct Morganite & Diamond Engagement Ring  - £2,900, Annoushka

Morganite and diamond engagement ring with three stones

If you're after something a little more understated, the central ring from the above Annoushka design can also be purchased alone. We're huge fans of this morganite style, but you can choose from different coloured gemstones to suit your taste. Take a look at our other morganite engagement rings for inspiration. 

Sizing: K-P

Pros & Cons: Morganite is a lovely pick if you want to go for a coloured stone but don't want anything too dramatic. In some glances it almost looks like a diamond itself! 

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11. Garden Party Zinnia Mint Kyanite Ring  - £120, Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery 

Rectangle-cut green kyanite ring with white, rectangle gems on either side and small circle gems on the yellow gold band

This mint kyanite and diamond engagement ring by Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery looks as fresh as it sounds. The radiant-cut gemstone is a classic design, and it'll look so dainty and delicate on your partner's finger. 

Sizing: XS-XL

Pros & Cons: This effortlessly elegant ring will stack beautifully with other rings. What's more, mint kyanite is a stunning gemstone colour you don't often see. 

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12. Rose Quartz Nudo Classic Engagement Ring  - £3,350, Pomellato

Rose quartz and diamond rose gold engagement ring

Italian jewellery house Pomellato has earned a cult following due to their unmistakable and easy-to-wear pieces. This feminine rose quartz stone pairs wonderfully with the brown diamond encrusted white gold band and will look oh-so-pretty. 

Sizing: 48-60

Pros & Cons: The rounded band will ensure a comfortable everyday wear. It'll also sparkle from all angles thanks to the diamond adorned band. 

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13. Garnet and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring  - £1,989, Blue Nile

Garnet and diamond halo engagement ring

An alternative to ruby is a fiery garnet gemstone. The birthstone of January, this dark red beauty is a lot more affordable and just as stunning! We adore this engagement ring by Blue Nile - it's a real showstopper. 

Sizing: J.5-N.5

Pros & Cons: If your partner was born in January and you pop the question with this ring, they'll be seriously impressed. It's a little darker than traditional ruby and we love its orange tone. 

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14. Veto Emerald Open Petal in 18k Yellow Gold Engagement Ring  - £2,995, Lark & Berry

Green emerald engagement ring with open setting and leaf details

When we say sustainable jewellery brand Lark & Berry's designs are unique, playful and drop dead gorgeous, we mean it! You won't have seen anything quite like this diamond and emerald petal engagement ring and we bet your partner won't have either. 

Sizing: H.5-V.5

Pros & Cons: All the gemstones used are cultured, meaning no animals or humans are displaced in the process. It's certainly not a traditional pick, but it sure is sensational and contemporary couples will agree.

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15. Suzanne Kalan Gold Fireworks Multi-Stone Ring  - £1,155, Liberty

Coloured stone engagement ring rainbow gemstones

An explosion of colour, this ring by Suzanne Kalan is a rainbow of glittering gemstones. Featuring seven baguette cut gems and four diamonds, jewellery doesn't come much brighter than this! As far as different coloured engagement rings go, this one pretty much ticks every shade. 

Sizing: 5-7.5

Pros & Cons: If you know your partner loves colourful but can't decide on which, this ring does the job for you. The diamonds break up the colourful gemstones allowing them each to shine individually. 

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16. Mini Mae West 18k Gold Fine Green Tourmaline Engagement Ring  - £3,300, Dinny Hall

Green tourmaline and baguette cut diamond gold engagement ring

Handmade in England, the Mini Mae West engagement ring by Dinny Hall is set with an octagon cut green tourmaline stone and baguette cut diamonds. The 18k yellow gold band works wonderfully against the gemstones and, for less than £3,500, it's a great deal. 

Sizing: L & M

Pros & Cons: Colourful engagement rings don't mean you have to steer clear of tradition - there is a vintage style to this ring that we love. Dinny Hall offer a selection of wedding band that will pair perfectly with this ring. 

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17. Flower Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring  - from £3,225.03, Etsy

Flower sapphire centre and diamond petals engagement ring

Flower engagement rings are having a major moment - they're sweet, pretty and unique. We love the orange sapphire in the centre of this ring and the petals carved from white diamonds. It is available in yellow, white or rose gold. 

Sizing: US2-8

Pros & Cons: This is one of the most romantic colourful engagement rings picks. The diamond petals will help it shimmer and shine when it catches the light. 

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18. Ruth Tomlinson Green & Blue Sapphire Cluster Band – £980, Fortnum & Mason

Coloured engagement ring

Some couples want a sparkling white stone, but others want colour, and lots of it. If that’s the case and a coloured engagement ring is right up your street, we’d suggest this unconventional Ruth Tomlinson ring, with four pastel-coloured sapphires sat side by side. 

Sizing: L

Pros & Cons: This engagement ring is only available in one size but it is the most common ring size. It can also potentially be re-sized at a jewellers. 

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19. 9ct Gold Ruby And Diamond Cluster Ring - £499, F. Hinds

best engagement rings

This beautiful ruby and diamond ring is reminiscent of Princess Eugenie's gorgeous coral-coloured halo engagement ring. The illusion set diamonds look larger than they are, creating a really sparkling eye-catcher. For those who want a durable coloured stone, ruby is a fantastic choice.

Sizing: J-S

Pros & Cons: This engagement ring has matching accessories available which would make a lovely wedding anniversary gift in years to come. 

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20. Solitaire Amethyst Split Shank Ring – £169, Angara

To push your budget further, consider swapping a diamond for another semi-precious stone. This pretty design from Angara features a split shank band with an oval-cut amethyst taking centre stage. You can add free engraving onto this ring which will give it even more of a luxury look. 

Sizing: F-Z+2

Pros & Cons: We love Angara for how versatile it is to all budgets - choose your gemstone quality, carat weight and metal type to find a price right for you. It's a lovely pick if your partner is a fan of coloured engagement rings

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21. Quartz and Diamond Ring – £165, Amazon

Rose quartz and diamond cheap engagement ring

How stunning is this rose quartz ring surrounded by a halo of diamonds? The pretty pink stone gives a warm glow and suits the rose gold band beautifully. Rose gold caught your eye? You'll find even more rose gold engagement ring designs here. 

Sizing: L.5-Q

Pros & Cons: You might initially be put off ordering your engagement ring from Amazon but we're here to tell you there are some lovely, high quality options on there for an affordable price. The reviews state that this ring was gorgeous when it arrived. 

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22. Blue and White Sapphire Engagement Ring – £225, Amelia May

Blue and white sapphire engagement ring

This blue and white sapphire ring from Amelia May is a brilliant option if you’re shopping for an engagement ring on a budget. An oval blue sapphire is nestled between two white sapphires and set on a nine-carat gold band – it's incredibly elegant and unique.

Sizing: A-S

Pros & Cons: The skinny band style means it'll fit perfectly next to a wedding ring. It's perfect for everyday wear due to its delicate dimensions. 

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23. Nine-Carat Gold and Amethyst Guinevere Ring – £615, Alison Moore Designs

Amethyst affordable engagement ring

For an affordable engagement ring that stands out from the crowd, this nine-carat gold and amethyst Guinevere ring from Alison Moore Designs is a beautiful choice. An elegant emerald-cut amethyst sits in a four-claw setting on a textured 9ct gold band - a dream come true for anyone who definitely doesn't want a ring that looks like everyone else's. 

Sizing: H-W

Pros & Cons: You can have this ring engraved with a personalised message for a romantic touch. Each ring is handmade so will be unique. 

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24. White Gold and Sapphire Engagement Ring – £500, Caroline Brook

White gold and sapphire engagement ring

Need something even more outside of the (ring) box? Forgo the traditional polished band and solitaire diamond – this white gold rustic style ring is cast from a twig with a glistening blue sapphire as the centre stone. Nature loving couples, this one's for you. 

Sizing: H-S

Pros & Cons: Caroline Brook's designs are instantly recognisable. You can choose from several stones such as garnet, ruby and topaz but some will have an additional fee. 

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25. Emerald-Cut Gold Engagement Ring – from £122.35, Etsy

Emerald engagement ring

We love the vintage vibes of this emerald ring from Etsy. The central stone steals the show, while the rose-gold band adds an elegant touch, and don't get us started on the sparkling embellishments. Pick from sterling silver, white, rose or yellow gold. 

Sizing: Custom

Pros & Cons: This is a super pretty design that looks a lot more expensive than its price tag. Moissanite is a beautiful and affordable alternative to diamonds. 

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26. 'Cyra' Oval Sapphire And Diamond Engagement Ring – £1,098, Anvil and Ivy Jewellery

Diamond and sapphire three stone engagement ring

We adore this delicate engagement ring from Anvil and Ivy Jewellery. It draws inspiration from antique jewellery but with a fresh approach. Using a modern rub-over technique to set the stones, the ring is made to be durable. 

Sizing: J-Q

Pros & Cons: This diamond and sapphire engagement ring is made with ethically sourced diamonds and recycled gold, making it perfect for the environmentally and socially conscious couple.

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27. Blue Sapphire Art Deco Ring – £667.31, Etsy

Art deco-style sapphire ring with diamonds

Looking for a vintage ring to pop the question with? This glittering array of sapphires and diamonds might just do the trick. It has a sense of timeless sophistication and is a one-of-a-kind beauty; perfect to help you show your partner just how much marrying them would mean to you.

Sizing: US2-16

Pros & Cons: We can see this engagement ring fitting into a Christmas proposal perfectly - it reminds us of a twinkling snowflake. 

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28. Sapphire Engagement Ring with Tanzanite and Multi-Coloured Sapphires - from £2,180.74, Etsy

Multi-coloured sapphire engagement rings

If your partner loves colour then they are bound to be excited about this unique dazzler by William White on Etsy. The sapphire in the centre is perfectly accented by an array of smaller gems in a vivid palette. A piece of artwork for your love! 

Sizing: Custom 

Pros & Cons: This engagement ring won't be to everyone's taste as it is pretty quirky, but for those who want a coloured engagement ring, this could be the one. 

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29. Oval Cut Sapphire Engagement Ring – from £405.62, Etsy

Oval cut sapphire engagement ring

Pink sapphires are undeniably pretty and glamorous but you can amp up the glitz level by opting for this decadent engagement ring. You can choose from yellow, white or rose gold, but we reckon the warm tone of this rose gold example pairs perfectly with the pink stone. 

Sizing: US3-12

Pros & Cons: This ring will sparkle from all angles - be mindful that the setting doesn't snag on clothing. 

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30. 9ct Yellow Gold Ruby Half Eternity Ring - £520, Goldsmiths

Ruby eternity engagement ring

Have you considered an eternity design for your engagement ring? It has beautiful meaning behind it, symbolising that you and your partner will be together forever, and it looks amazing as well. This style from Goldsmiths features seven sparkling rubies on a yellow gold band. 

Sizing: A-Z

Pros & Cons: Part of the Goldsmiths By Request collection, each piece is ordered directly and made bespoke to each order. It'll be completely unique to you! 

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31. Three Stone Amethyst & Ruby Ring - £1,805.40, Blue Nile

Ruby and amethyst engagement rin

Ruby and amethysts are gorgeous companions - as you can see by this beautiful Blue Nile engagement ring. The gradient of pinks to purples, finished with a warm rose gold band, looks truly heavenly. 

Sizing: J1/2-L1/2

Pros & Cons: This pretty design will stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons - the cut, colour and finish is superb. 

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What Colour Are Engagement Rings?

Traditionally, engagement rings feature diamonds, but there is no rule to say what colour your engagement ring should be. You could choose a gemstone colour that reflects your partner's favourite colour or their birthstone. The choice is completely up to you! 

Can Engagement Rings Have Coloured Stones?

Absolutely - in fact, colourful engagement rings are becoming a really popular choice with couples as people look to steer from tradition and pick a style that nods to them instead. You don't have to have a coloured gem as your central stone, we love the idea of having a diamond flanked by a flash of colour. 

What Colour Engagement Ring Should I Choose?

With ruby, emerald, sapphire and more coloured stone engagement rings available, it can be hard to know which one to go for. If you partner already wears jewellery, take a look if any of their pieces feature specific colours so you can choose a matching or complementary shade.

If the green gems caught your eye, you're going to want to check out our list of the most dazzling emerald engagement ring designs