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22 Magical Morganite Engagement Rings

Spied the dazzling pink gem on Pinterest and want to know more? We've answered all your morganite questions below, plus we've handpicked our favourite morganite ring designs

Morganite and diamond engagement ring

If you’ve been gazing at engagement rings as much as we have on Pinterest, you’ve probably come across morganite engagement rings. While this stone certainly looks pretty and makes for a seriously impressive engagement ring centrepiece, you may have found yourself wondering what it is exactly.

To demystify the newest stone on the engagement ring block and to help you decide if morganite is the gem for you, we’ve put together this guide detailing where it comes from, the shades it can be found in and how much morganite you’re likely to get for your money. Hint: it’s probably a lot more than you think!

Plus, we've rounded up our top 22 favourite morganite engagement rings available in the shops right now. From morganite and diamond engagement rings, to rose gold morganite engagement rings and white gold morganite engagement rings, there is a style to suit all budgets and tastes. 

The Best Morganite Engagement Rings to Buy Now

1. Morganite Plaza Diamond Ring – £4,380, Brilliant Earth 

Decadent morganite and diamond engagement ring

The engagement ring collection at Brilliant Earth is so out of this world that we had a hard time picking our favourite morganite engagement ring. This design is a little bit unique featuring eight carre-cut diamonds which creates a modern silhouette. 

Sizing: US3-9

Pros & Cons: The round peach morganite stone contrasts beautifully against the angular diamonds. It is one of the more expensive pieces, but it is an investment that your partner will cherish for a lifetime. 

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2. Ariel Leaf Morganite Diamond and Gold Engagement Ring – £445, Caroline Brook

Morganite engagement ring

This Ariel engagement ring by Caroline Brook is inspired by nature and fairy tale folklore. It features a trailing leaf and autumn berries set with a little diamond. Available in rose, white or yellow gold, it's a lovely ring to go for at an outdoor proposal

Sizing: J-S

Pros & Cons: This is an ideal design if you are looking for a morganite and diamond engagement ring but you don't want the diamond to draw too much attention away from the morganite. The gemstones are on the smaller side so will look super dainty on their finger. 

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3. Morganite and Rose Gold Diamond Ring – £1,450, Kate Smith Jewellery

Morganite ring

This magnificent solitaire ring from Kate Smith Jewellery features a blush-pink morganite stone on a rose gold band embellished with lovely patterning and brilliant cut diamonds. It's the sort of piece that we're sure will look great on any hand. 

Sizing: Custom

Pros & Cons: The band has been dotted with diamonds in a really clever and unique way that we bet you won't have seen before. It's not a traditional engagement ring design but it is perfect for contemporary couples. 

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4. Pear Morganite Yellow Gold Solitaire Ring – £255, Myia Bonner

Morganite engagement ring

If you're looking for a minimalist design that's sure to dazzle, we think that this pear morganite ring might be just the thing for you. It features a demi-fine, dusty pink pear shaped morganite solitaire stone with a nine-carat yellow gold band. 

Sizing: E-Q

Pros & Cons: A morganite engagement ring with no other gemstones really allows the star of the show to shine! It won't be as glitzy as some designs, which those who love an understated look will appreciate. 

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5. Le Vian Strawberry Gold Morganite and Diamond Ring – £1,499, Ernest Jones

Le Vian Strawberry Gold Morganite and Diamond Ring

Experience that perfect fine-luxury look with this exquisite Le Vian ring from Ernest Jones. A peach morganite stone sits on a 14-carat rose gold band embellished with stunning diamonds. Halo engagement rings are a really popular choice and this morganite engagement ring shows why! 

Sizing: I-S

Pros & Cons: One review stated that they hadn't thought of switching silver or platinum for rose gold but this rose gold morganite engagement ring changed their mind. Ernest Jones often have sales so you might be able to nab it for less than its original price tag. 

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6. Morganite Gold Ring – £620, Anthony Blakeney 

Gold morganite engagement ring

This unique morganite engagement ring by Anthony Blakeney is handmade and designed to allow light to flow through the morganite gemstone. It'll look stunning whether you opt for yellow, white or rose gold and can easily be stacked next to a wedding band thanks to the slim design. 

Sizing: I-T

Pros & Cons: A rounded band ensures a comfortable fit - crucial if this is a ring that will be worn everyday. The setting style is a fun twist on a traditional prong design. 

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7. Sols Morganite and Diamond Ring – £950, Amulette


This beautifully textured Sols ring from Amulette is handmade with care and designed to give you that perfect golden sparkle. The hammered band gives a shimmer without the need for additional gemstones that can often up the price of an engagement ring. Available in white, yellow or rose gold. 

Sizing: L-S

Pros & Cons: This is a bespoke item that is made to order so ensure you leave at least four weeks before the planned proposal date. 

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8. Rose Gold Morganite and Diamond Ring – £750, Ernest Jones

Morganite engagement ring

This striking nine-carat rose gold ring, set with an oval-cut morganite stone and surrounded by a halo of glittering diamonds, really makes a statement. It's a contemporary look we love, and we're sure you will too. It'll sparkle from all angles! 

Sizing: K-O

Pros & Cons: This morganite and diamond engagement ring is a great price, costing less than £800. One review states that it sparkles without looking tacky. 

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9. Alena Nine-Carat Rose Gold Pink Morganite Boho Ring – £150, Amelia May 

Rose gold morganite engagement ring

If you're a lover of the quirky and tend to eschew tradition then this boho ring from Amelia May might just be the ring for you. Set in rose gold with four prongs, this simple design ensures all the attention is on that stunning pink stone. 

Sizing: A-Z

Pros & Cons: This morganite engagement ring has a rustic feel to it which might make your partner feel a little less concerned about damaging or knocking it from everyday use. 

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10. Morganite Sol Diamond Ring – £1,715, Brilliant Earth 

Morganite and diamond engagement ring with blue gemstones

Another stand-out design from Brilliant Earth is this snowflake inspired engagement ring. If you are popping the question with a Christmas proposal, this is the ring to do it with! The blue alexandrite gemstones give it a fresh and fun finish. 

Sizing: US3-9

Pros & Cons: You can get this ring in rose or yellow gold too but we think the icy platinum or white gold band works the best. The tapered band is a subtle detail but it adds to the elegance of this ring. 

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11. Morganite Petal Ring – £130, Lee Renee

Morganite engagement ring

This morganite petal ring by Lee Renee proves that timeless beauty doesn't have to cost a fortune. The elegant yet simple design is perfect for everyday wear. It is available in rose or yellow gold and sterling silver. 

Sizing: F-Q

Pros & Cons: The morganite on this ring is highly faceted which means it has lots of angles for even more sparkle when it catches the light. It's a small gemstone but this feature means it will still stand-out. 

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12. Gold Pear Shape Morganite Solitaire Ring – from £515.46, Etsy

Pear shaped gold morganite engagement ring

Your one-of-a-kind love story deserves a unique and special engagement ring, and we think that this custom solitaire ring by Rosea Jewels may be just the thing you've been looking for. It's a minimalist design that's big on style, and it's available in 14 or 18-carat gold. 

Sizing: US3-11.5

Pros & Cons: This ring arrives in a luxury velvet engagement ring box so some of the hard work is done for you. The gold band is bold but it compliments the morganite beautifully. 

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13. Morganite and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring – £295, Etsy

Morganite and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

This peachy-pink morganite gemstone, surrounded by a halo of diamonds, is our idea of the perfect combination. The hexagonal setting gives it a vintage feel which you don't often find with a morganite engagement ring. The ideal twist of contemporary and classic. 

Sizing: M-O

Pros & Cons: A rose gold morganite engagement ring is a warm and pretty choice. It's a great price for an art nouveau inspired piece. 

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14. Oval Morganite Vintage Style Ring with Diamond Accents – £1,180, Angara

Vintage morganite engagement ring

This captivating ring from Angara is a vintage dream. It features an oval morganite gemstone and a scalloped prong setting. The diamond accents add to the sparkle of this ring that exudes old-world charm.

Sizing: F-Z+2

Pros & Cons: There are so many unique features on this ring that we are sure your partner won't have seen anything like it before. It is a slim design making it easy for a wedding band to slot alongside it. 

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15. Agape Offset Trillion Morganite Boho Ring – £250, Amelia May

Boho morganite engagement ring

This boho beauty by Amelia May boasts a pink triangular stone and an asymmetric design that's timeless, yet modern. We adore the way the morganite has been offset to give it a unique edge over similar designs. Available in rose or yellow gold. 

Sizing: A-S

Pros & Cons: A thin band on an engagement ring will look dainty and is the ideal choice if your partner wears lots of other rings as it is easily stackable. 

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16. Nine-Carat Rose Gold Morganite and Diamond Pave Rectangle Ring – £489.95, Joshua James

Rose gold morganite engagement ring

If you've been eyeing up elongated designs, might we suggest this morganite beauty from Joshua James? The cushion cut centre stone is surrounded by tiny diamonds in a rectangular halo that will flatter fingers - yes, please!

Sizing: L-Q

Pros & Cons: This is the perfect pick for embracing warm pink hues. It is best suited for those who love feminine and glamorous designs. 

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17. Pear Shaped Morganite Diamond Halo Engagement Ring – £623.15, Etsy

Pear shaped morganite engagement ring

This morganite and diamond halo engagement ring is handcrafted in yellow, rose, or white gold for the perfect timeless look. If you look closely you will see that the diamond halo is on a lower level to the morganite which gives sparkle, without detracting from the centre stone. 

Sizing: US3-13

Pros & Cons: This ring will make a statement as it sits elevated on the finger. The delicate band balances this out beautifully so you don't have to worry about it looking bulky. 

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18. Nine-Carat Rose Gold Morganite and Diamond Ring – £395, Etsy

Flower morganite engagement ring

Love is in full bloom with this beautiful ring by Christine Alexander GB. It features a round cut morganite stone in a flower-shaped head, complete with diamond accents. Combing a floral style with a peach morganite is stunning! 

Sizing: J-Q

Pros & Cons: This engagement ring is a rose gold lovers dream come true. It is certainly a pretty style that is best suited for those who like dainty designs. 

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19. Claw-Set Round Morganite Cocktail Ring – £1,769, Angara

Statement morganite engagement ring

This gorgeous ring from Angara features a large morganite stone that will stop people in their tracks. The solitaire peach morganite sits in an elegantly cut setting that adds a bit of extra detail. As with all Angara rings, you can customise the carat weight, gemstone quality and metal type to fit within your budget. 

Sizing: F-Z+2

Pros & Cons: This engagement ring proves that sometimes simplicity is best. It'll wow without the need for extra gemstones which means you might be able to opt for an even bigger morganite to match your price point. 

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20. Textured Silver and Gold Matilda Morganite Ring – £225, Alison Moore Designs 

Silver morganite engagement ring

This beautiful Matilda ring, made in Alison Moore's Orkney Island workshop, is part of their Storybook collection and features a lovely pale pink gemstone and a leather-like texture on the band, reminiscent of the well-worn pages of a children's storybook. 

Sizing: H-U

Pros & Cons: After your partner has seen this ring, you might want to explain the meaning behind it - it's a really thoughtful option if your partner is a big lover of books. 

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21. White Gold Morganite Diamond Pear Ring – £699, Ernest Jones

Pear shaped halo morganite engagement ring

A perfect piece for any hand, this glistening white gold ring features a pear cut morganite stone, a sparkling diamond halo, and diamonds on the shoulders to complete the look. A white gold morganite engagement ring is glamorous and chic. 

Sizing: I-S

Pros & Cons: Some reviews state that the morganite is darker in person which means it'll contrast perfectly against the white gold band and diamonds. 

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22. Morganite & Diamond Halo Ring – £1,950, Astley Clarke 

Rose gold halo morganite engagement ring

Stuck on which engagement ring to go for? This beauty from Astley Clarke is a fail-safe option as it ticks a lot of boxes. Sparkle? Check. Stylish? Yep! It is also great value for money, costing less than £2,000 for a high quality morganite and diamond engagement ring. 

Sizing: H-P

Pros & Cons: If you need some guidance, Astley Clarke offers an excellent consultation over the phone so you can be sure to have found the one. It features a bezel setting for a secure finish. 

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Is Morganite a Good Engagement Ring?

If you're looking for a unique engagement ring, morganite is a really popular choice. Sarah Howson, Product Development Manager for Astley Clarke says it is the perfect alternative to a diamond! 

"Morganite is a beautiful stone with a soft pink hue. It is a wonderful choice for an engagement ring as it is attuned to the heart chakra and is believed to bring healing, compassion and promise to those who wear it. It is long associated with love and attraction and said to encourage compassionate conversation and unconditional love making sure your relationship is nurturing. Some believe morganite can also reduce stress and anxiety whilst increasing patience and productivity. "

Are Morganite Engagement Rings Tacky?

Morganite engagement rings aren't tacky at all, in fact there are celebrity engagement rings that feature this gorgeous gemstone. Take Lilly Collins - her celebrity engagement ring was a novel take on traditional diamond with a morganite centre stone. 

If you are worried that a morganite engagement ring may look tacky, opt for a minimalistic style with a yellow or white gold band. 

What is Morganite Made From?

Morganite is made from a pink to orange-pink mineral called beryl. Emeralds and aquamarines are also formed from beryl of different shades.

Where is Morganite Found?

It was discovered in Madagascar in 1910 by the chief gemologist at Tiffany & Co. and the personal gemologist of banker, J.P. Morgan. The stone was named after Morgan, a keen gem collector, and fast became a popular stone.

These days the majority of the morganite market comes from Brazil, Afghanistan, Mozambique and Namibia, according to the Gemological Institute of America. If you want more gem stone facts, check out our history of diamonds!

What Colours Does Morganite Come In?

Morganite comes in a range of pink and coral tones, with many gems available in pale shades and higher value stones boasting a stronger pink shade. Although stronger shades are considered top quality, it’s totally up to you which shade you prefer and, if you’re happy with a pastel colour, you may just get yourself a bargain.

How Big is Morganite?

Morganite crystals weighing as much as 10kg have been found in Brazil – so you’ll definitely be able to find a gem big enough!

How Much Does Morganite Cost?

As morganite frequently occurs in larger crystals, you won’t pay an awful lot more for small increases in size as you would with a diamond. In fact, when it comes to morganite, colour is much more important and a small, dark coloured stone could work out more expensive than a larger, paler gem.

Still, morganite is definitely the more purse-friendly choice. A perfect comparison is this 0.70 carat high-quality morganite solitaire set in 9 carat yellow gold from Angara vs this mid-quality diamond solitaire of a similar carat weight set in 9 carat yellow gold, also from Angara. The morganite ring comes in at £863 and the diamond version would set you back just shy of £1,000 more, at £1,862.

Is Morganite Durable Enough For an Engagement Ring?

Yes! Morganites are hardy and durable stones, making them a perfect diamond alternative for engagement rings.

"Morganite is a 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs scale so not quite as hard as a diamond but with the proper care makes an excellent alternative. The Astley Clarke morganite and diamond halo ring features a morganite centre stone surrounded by a halo of diamonds which continue down the shoulders of the band. This gives the stone extra protection against daily wear and tear," explains Sarah. 

How to Clean a Morganite Engagement Ring?

We have an excellent guide that explains how to clean your engagement ring at home using a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water.

Want it done professionally? "At Astley Clarke we offer a free ultrasound cleaning service in our flagship store in Seven Dials, West London," recommends Sarah. 

Where Can I Buy a Morganite Ring?

Morganite beauties can be found everywhere from high street jewellers such as Ernest Jones to Not on the High Street and Etsy. You can also buy loose morganite stones from retailers such as Brilliant Earth and have your own design crafted. 

If you're looking for the perfect engagement ring on a budget, check out the best affordable engagement rings