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19 Beautiful Moonstone Engagement Rings for Alternative Couples

Not into traditional engagement rings? Take a different approach and browse these gorgeous moonstone engagement rings, perfect for contemporary couples

Moonstone and diamond engagement ring

Finding the perfect engagement ring is a minefield in itself, and one of the biggest decisions when choosing the one is which route to go down. A moonstone engagement ring is said to represent new beginnings, making them perfect for a romantic proposal! Moonstones are also said to boost positivity and compassion, meaning they’re a truly lovely choice.

The really great thing about moonstone engagement rings is that they’re just that little bit different and if you’re a less traditional bride or groom, a moonstone may offer an alternative route to go down. Worlds away from a classic, traditional cut diamond, the moonstone is quirky, fun, and outside the box. But that doesn't mean you can't incorporate diamonds into your special accessory - our edit includes lots of moonstone and diamond engagement rings too.

Better yet, the stone is often fairly affordable, meaning they’re an amazing option if affordability is a key requirement. From oval moonstone engagement rings to eternity styles and picks that would work as a moonstone wedding ring, we’ve picked out some of the most beautiful moonstone engagement rings to suit all sorts of tastes and budgets.

Moonstone and Diamond Engagement Rings

1. Moonstone Ring With Diamond Halo – £2,080, Angara

Moonstone halo engagement ring

Inspired by Princess Diana's beautiful engagement ring, this piece from Angara features an oval moonstone surrounded by a halo of diamonds. You can choose your gemstone quality, carat weight and metal type making it a totally customisable ring to suit your budget. 

Sizing: F-Z.5

Pros & Cons: A halo diamond ring is a traditional style but this piece has been given a unique upgrade with moonstone. It's the ideal combination of classic and contemporary so it will suit a wide range of tastes. 

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2. Pear Moonstone Engagement Ring – £1,254.40, Etsy

Moonstone and diamond engagement ring

Whether you go for a white, rose or yellow gold band, this beautiful design will impress. There is so much attention to detail with this style, from the delicate diamond crown, to the leaf adorned band. These features don't take away from the gorgeous centre stone - they showcase it wonderfully. 

Sizing: US3-12

Pros & Cons: The moonstone in this engagement ring has a subtle flash of blue which changes colour in the light. It gives it a fresh look which we think pairs well with white gold. 

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3. Oval Moonstone Ring With Diamond Accents – £1,100, Angara

Vintage moonstone engagement ring

We also adore this vintage-style moonstone engagement ring from Angara. The dazzling diamond leaf detailing adds an elegant touch and makes it unlike any ring your partner will have seen before. Like all Angara designs, you can customise the carat weight, gemstone quality and metal type to suit your budget. 

Sizing: F-Z+2

Pros & Cons: Angara offer free engravings on every ring so you personalise your accessory with a special date or message. The prong setting isn't as delicate as some designs, but this adds edge to the overall look. 

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4. Moonstone Engagement Ring – £877.99, Capucinne

Square halo moonstone engagement ring

Halo engagement rings are a popular choice and this moonstone piece with a halo of diamonds is a real bargain at just under £900. It'll catch the light wonderfully and will never go out of style. If you know your partner loves all things glitz and glam, this is the engagement moonstone ring for them. 

Sizing: US2-13

Pros & Cons: You don't often find a moonstone cut into a baguette shape so this is a really unique buy. It won't be as sparkly as a diamond, but the encrusted band and halo makes up for that! 

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5. Estelle Moonstone & Diamond Ring – £800, Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery

Moonstone and diamond engagement ring

The moonstone in this engagement ring by Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery is spectacular. Part of their 'Written in the Stars' collection, it was designed by the brand's founder Carrie Dennahy and crafted in India from ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. We can't believe it's only £800!

Sizing: I-Z

Pros & Cons: You can add a personal engraving to this ring, plus it will come packaged in a celestial foiled gift bag. It is also available in white gold, but we love how warm the above ring looks. 

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6. Moonstone Vintage Engagement Ring – £380.62, Etsy

Vintage moonstone and diamond engagement ring

Moonstones lend themselves perfectly to a delicate and dainty design - this vintage style ring is flanked by a trio of diamonds on either side of the central moonstone which adds to its elegance. It's ideal for those who want something understated and sophisticated. 

Sizing: US3-9

Pros & Cons: This ring is handmade to order so you know it'll fit your partner's finger like a glove. For this reason, allow at least four weeks delivery time. 

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7. Moonstone Sterling Silver Ring – £69.49, Etsy

Diamond shaped moonstone and diamond engagement ring

Take your moonstone engagement ring to the next level with this set from Etsy. It's an unbelievable steal and will make an big statement thanks to the gorgeous stacking ring that is adorned with diamonds. You can purchase this ring as a single accessory but we think the set is sensational. 

Sizing: US5-10

Pros & Cons: As this design is so intricate, be mindful of the wedding ring you opt for. A style that is simple and sleek will work best. 

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Moonstone Engagement Rings

8. Lori Ring – £670, Dinny Hall

Gold moonstone engagement ring

The Lori ring by Dinny Hall showcases moonstone at its finest. Simply cut, it's ideal for an engagement ring as it looks seriously luxurious, yet the singular stone means it's understated enough to be worn everyday. 

Sizing: K & M

Pros & Cons: As much as we adore the moonstone in this ring, it is the double claw setting that sets it apart from the rest and creates a super luxe look. The low-set gemstone means you might have to opt for a thicker wedding band in order for it to be seen. 

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9. Triple Rainbow Moonstone Ring – £44, Wanderlust Jewellery 

Triple moonstone engagement ring

If you're after a something a little more unique, this triple moonstone ring by Wanderlust Jewellery could be it. Featuring one large moonstone and two smaller teardrop cabochon moonstones with ornate swirl details, it'll make a stylish statement. 

Sizing: J & M

Pros & Cons: As the moonstone here has a blue tinge to it, it's a lovely nod to the teardrop design. We're big fans of the intricate setting, but be mindful that it doesn't catch on any clothing. 

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10. Peach Moonstone Ring – £46.80, Etsy

Peach moonstone engagement ring

Moonstones don't have to be milky white, they also come in shades of pink too. This 14k gold peach moonstone ring has an ultra thin band making it ideal for stacking next to a wedding ring. All rings are handmade to order and one-of-a-kind. 

Sizing: US3-11.5

Pros & Cons: This ring is crafted from a thick layer of gold that is welded to a brass core so you get a luxe look for a lot less money. It's also stronger than typical gold plating so will last a lifetime. 

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11. 14k Rose Gold Moonstone Engagement Ring – £356.12, Etsy

Rose gold moonstone engagement ring

Another gloriously coloured moonstone is this grey tinged gem. It compliments the rose gold band perfectly and the unusual design will stand out from the crowd. If you want a thicker band that is available, plus it will arrive in a pretty engagement ring box.  

Sizing: US4-12

Pros & Cons: If your partner isn't a fan of sparkles, this moonstone engagement ring is still special without being over the top. Keep it shiny by polishing monthly. 

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12. Moonstone Roz Ring – £3,691 Catbird

Gold moonstone engagement ring

Catbird craft their rings using ancient goldsmithing techniques making each piece completely different from the last. The Roz ring features a stunning cabochon moonstone from India surrounded by 22k gold. It would make a sensational men's engagement ring

Sizing: US4-10

Pros & Cons: As this moonstone engagement ring is made in New York it might take a little longer to arrive but once it does it'll become a special heirloom. 

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13. Misella Pear Moonstone Engagement Ring With Tanzanite – £668.99, Capucinne

Pear moonstone engagement ring

This pear shaped engagement ring is flanked by two pretty tanzanite gems giving a gorgeous lilac glow. The rose gold band adds a delicate touch and brings the whole piece together. If purple is your partner's favourite colour, you don't have to look any further!  

Sizing: 2-13

Pros & Cons: This moonstone engagement ring has over 4,500 reviews with some stating that it is sturdy yet delicate. It's a lovely idea if you are on the hunt for a coloured engagement ring

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14. Vintage Moonstone Engagement Ring – from £384.91, Etsy

Vintage moonstone engagement ring with leaf details

An incredibly unique design, this vintage moonstone ring is inspired by nature and intricately shaped to look like a rose and its leaves. It comes in a number of metals, including rose and yellow gold. If you're planning an outdoor proposal, this is a winner. 

Sizing: Made to Order

Pros & Cons: This ring has over 2,500 amazing reviews with one couple commenting that it is the ring of dreams. It's a fancy design with lots of intricate details so looks even better close-up. 

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15. Siren Stacking Ring – £80, Monica Vinader

Gold and moonstone engagement ring

Easily recognised as a Monica Vinader piece, this lovely stacking ring is available in silver, rose gold or 18ct gold plated vermeil on sterling silver. It is ideal for fashion-forward couples who are looking for something a little bit different than the traditional engagement ring. 

Sizing: I-S

Pros & Cons: This affordable buy will fit into all kinds of budgets as it is less than £100, but if you were looking to spend a little more on your engagement ring, it would work wonderfully as a temporary proposal ring

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16. Stilla Triple Moonstone Yellow Gold Ring – £110, Astley Clarke 

Yellow gold triple moonstone engagement ring

This beauty from Astley Clarke is similar to the moonstone engagement ring above but it features three gorgeous gems instead. It will look amazing when stacked against other jewellery but it also stands out alone. 

Sizing: J-R

Pros & Cons: Astley Clarke has a feature where you can drop a hint to your partner by sending them an email with the ring you have your eye on - if you don't mind it not being a surprise it's a great idea!

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17. Odele 9ct Rose Gold Marquise Moonstone Ring – £155, Amelia May 

Rose gold marquise moonstone engagement ring

Opting for a marquise cut moonstone gives this gem a glamorous and elegant feel. We adore how this centre stone is paired with a rose gold band but you can also opt for yellow gold should you prefer. It's a dainty and classic design. 

Sizing: A-Z

Pros & Cons: No idea what engagement ring your partner would love? A simple style like this is a fail-safe option. As this accessory is handmade, every piece will be completely unique. 

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18. Moonstone Gold Plated Eternity Ring – £79.95, Rochejewels

Gold eternity moonstone ring

This piece would work just as well as a moonstone wedding ring as it would as an engagement ring. It is in the style of an eternity band so has lovely meaning to it - you and your partner will be together forever. 

Sizing: N

Pros & Cons: This isn't a traditional pick but it proves that you don't have to go classic. As the light passes through the moonstones it'll sparkle and shine. 

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19. 14K Gold Vermeil Lunar Moonstone Ring – £100, Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery

  Moonstone engagement ring with zig-zag gold band

Instead of going for a twist with your gemstone, why not switch up the band it sits upon instead? This fabulous ring from Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery is part of the Zoe Sugg collection and we're obsessed. It's a style that is bound to impress. 

Sizing: XS-XXL

Pros & Cons: Bang on the £100 price mark, this is an affordable moonstone engagement ring that still looks luxe. The wave band is a simple yet effective style. 

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Are Moonstones Good For Engagement Rings?

Marking your engagement with a moonstone ring is a lovely idea and not just because they are a much more affordable option than diamonds! Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery features lots of pieces with this beautiful gemstone. 

Founder and designer behind the brand Carrie Dennahy says: "Moonstone is a symbol of new beginnings making it the perfect stone for an engagement ring! It is known to bring calm, peace and tranquillity to your everyday life. Moonstone shines a beautiful iridescent pink/blue hue in the light making it both eye catching and easy to wear". 

Is Moonstone Durable Enough For an Engagement Ring?

As an engagement ring is likely to be worn everyday, you'll need to ensure it features a gemstone that is hardy and won't wear. "Moonstone isn't as durable as a diamond but still measures 6.5 on the Mohs scale and so when treated with love and care it will still last a lifetime," Carrie explains. 

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