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Emerald Engagement Rings: 23 of the Most Dazzling Designs

Emerald engagement rings are beautiful, glamorous and that little bit alternative. We bring you the best designs on the market, from vintage-inspired to contemporary styles, plus emerald celebrity engagement ring inspiration

Emerald engagement ring with a gold band displayed in a ringbox

Are you looking for the perfect emerald engagement ring? Since emeralds are as elegant as they are eye-catching, they’ve long been a popular stone for engagement rings.

They come in a huge range of styles and cuts, so whether your perfect engagement ring features an emerald cut stone, a rose gold band or a diamond halo, there'll be something to suit. Emeralds also symbolise romantic love in many cultures, making them a suitable choice for that forever ring!

One thing to bear in mind is that emeralds aren't as hard-wearing as diamonds or sapphires, so they’ll need extra care to keep the stone in top condition if you do opt for an emerald engagement ring.

Other than that, emerald engagement rings make for a fashionable yet classic choice, and we can’t get enough. They're also a top pick for A-listers too - we've included celebrity emerald engagement ring designs for inspiration too. 

Whether you want a timeless style or prefer something more contemporary, our edit of the best emerald engagement rings of the moment will help you choose your dream design. So start browsing and get inspired!

If you love the traditional emerald shape but want a traditional diamond, make sure you browse the best emerald-cut engagement rings too!

Emerald and Diamond Engagement Rings

1. Love is All Gold Emerald & Diamond Ring – £2,489, Chupi

Emerald and diamond engagement ring

Flanked by diamonds and with a dazzling emerald at the centre, this elegant ring by Chupi is sure to take your partner’s breath away. The band comes in white or yellow 14-carat gold and is aptly named 'Love is All'. It represents immortal love - very apt for an engagement ring. 

Sizing: Custom

Pros & Cons: Chupi hand pick the most beautiful natural emeralds and oil treat them to bring out their brilliant colour. For this reason, each gemstone is unique and its colour will vary. 

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2. Naava Round Brilliant Emerald Oval Cluster Ring – £524.95, Amazon

Emerald and diamond cluster engagement ring

Crafted from 9 carat white gold and polished for radiant shine, this beautifully crafted engagement ring features a stunning natural emerald. It looks much more expensive than the price tag and it'll arrive quickly if you need the engagement ring pronto. 

Sizing: J-O

Pros & Cons: You might initially be wary about getting an engagement ring from Amazon, but this design proves you can find some treasures on there. Reviews give this ring five stars!

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3. 18-Carat White Gold Diamond Emerald Halo Ring – £1,750, Beaverbrooks

Emerald engagement rings

This emerald ring will be admired by everyone the recipient has the pleasure of showing it off to. It's designed in a halo style, where sparkling diamonds circle the vibrant emerald. The diamond embellished shoulders split into a double row for a unique finish. 

Sizing: J-Q

Pros & Cons: This engagement ring takes inspiration from vintage styles, yet the glamorous sparkles keep it contemporary. It's a great option if you aren't sure on your partner's ring taste. 

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4. Le Vian Honey Gold Emerald and Diamond Ring – £1,750, Ernest Jones

Unusual diamond and emerald engagement ring

On the hunt for a unique engagement ring? Steer away from the traditional styles and get this stunning display of diamonds accented by a vibrant emerald at the centre. The unique arrangement plays with natural and geometric forms for a one-of-a-kind result. 

Sizing: I-S

Pros & Cons: The combination of green and brown gemstones gives a natural and rustic feel to this ring. It's a quirky option that we bet your partner won't have seen before. 

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5. Emerald & Diamond Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring – from £1,204, Etsy

Emerald and diamond engagement ring

Another vintage-inspired design, this beautiful ring from Aadvark Jewellery has an air of Old Hollywood. At this price point, you get baguette-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds that really enhance the central emerald. Choose from yellow, white, rose gold or platinum. 

Sizing: Custom

Pros & Cons: As this ring is made to order, be mindful that it will take at least five weeks to arrive. 

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6. Lab-Grown Oval Emerald & Diamond Engagement Solitaire – from £744, Etsy

Diamond and emerald floral engagement ring

Boho meets glamour in this emerald ring from Etsy, with the central stone surrounded by delicate leaves for a flower effect. It is available in white, rose or yellow gold, and would suit an outdoor proposal perfectly. 

Sizing: Custom

Pros & Cons: The diamond fronds on this gold emerald engagement ring add a gorgeous intricate look to it but be careful that it doesn't snag on delicate clothing. 

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7. Emerald Diamond Halo Ring – £7,426, SHAY

Emerald Engagement Rings

One for the fashion-lover who wants something unique, this ultra-cool ring features baguette-cut diamonds surrounding a large central emerald. It's the band that really makes it stand out; it's a stunning sparkler.

Sizing: 5-8

Pros & Cons: This is one of the more expensive picks, but you can immediately see why! It's superbly crafted and for an investment piece that your partner will wear for a lifetime, it is absolutely worth it. 

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8. Engagement Ring with Emeralds & Diamonds – £855.05, Etsy

Emerald engagement ring with diamonds

This sparkling emerald design by Noöi is just so pretty, with a floral-inspired cluster featuring beautiful white diamonds against an 18-carat gold band. It's a great design if you are looking for something that makes a statement, yet is still dainty. 

Sizing: US3-8

Pros & Cons: As this is a mini cluster style, it is an affordable alternative to a larger design but still gives a decadent look. All diamonds used are conflict-free. 

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9. Colombian Emerald Gold Ring – £7,200, London DE

Gold emerald engagement ring

London DE are the experts when it comes to diamonds and emeralds - this design features a stunning green emerald set on a 18k yellow gold band. The colours balance each other beautifully and make for a timeless ring that will never go out of style. 

Sizing: A-Z

Pros & Cons: Working from their workshops in Hatton Garden, you can guarantee that this emerald engagement ring is a high quality showstopper. 

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Emerald Engagement Rings

10. Solitaire Emerald Ring 18 Carat Gold – from £2,600, Fenton

Solitaire emerald engagement ring

At Fenton, you get the opportunity to customise their styles, choosing your perfect gemstone, cut, size and band metal. We think this emerald-cut emerald design looks seriously elegant - but don't make the stone too big or it'll be easier to accidentally damage.

Sizing: H-O

Pros & Cons: This is a timeless design that will never go out of style. You can pay for it in instalments, or as a one off fee. 

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11. Nine-Carat Yellow Gold Solitaire Pear Cut Emerald Ring – £245, Chisholm Hunter

Pear shaped emerald engagement ring

This pared-back ring is simple and chic, ideal if your partner's personal style steers towards the minimalist. We love the pear-shaped emerald at the centre and the mesmerising verdant colour of the emerald. 

Sizing: I-Q

Pros & Cons: Chisholm Hunter styles are typically glitzy and glamorous so this is a clean and simple addition to the designer. It will look lovely next to a more sparkling wedding band. 

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12. Bands by Adina Emerald Ring – £101.82, Etsy

Emerald engagement rings

Emeralds come in different shades, so if a brighter hue isn't to your taste, look for a softer, sea-green stone. This lovely ring by Bands by Adina is technically an eternity band, but we think it would work beautifully as an engagement ring.

Sizing: US2-16

Pros & Cons: An eternity ring, despite not being a traditional pick, has a beautiful meaning behind it, symbolising that you and your partner will be together forever. 

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13. Raw Stone Stacking Ring – £162, Lily McCallin

Emerald stone stacking engagement ring

Looking for a simple style? This pared-back silver ring by Lily McCallin might just fit the bill. It would also work as a placeholder engagement ring if you’d prefer to choose a ring with your partner after the proposal.

Sizing: Bespoke

Pros & Cons: The hammered band adds interest to this simplistic emerald engagement ring. 

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14. Emerald-Cut Gold Engagement Ring – from £116.28, Etsy

Emerald engagement ring

We love the vintage vibes of this emerald ring from Etsy. The central stone steals the show, while the rose-gold band adds an elegant touch, and don't get us started on the sparkling embellishments. Pick from sterling silver, white, rose or yellow gold. 

Sizing: Custom

Pros & Cons: This is a super pretty design that looks a lot more expensive than its price tag. Moissanite is a beautiful and affordable alternative to diamonds. 

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15. Personalised Sterling Silver & Emerald Ring – from £87.70, Etsy

Yellow gold-plated band with a circular emerald

Prefer an affordable gold-plated band for your engagement ring? This elegant emerald ring from Etsy is stunning, and we think the emerald looks wonderful against the gold. The band is 925K sterling silver with 24K gold plating with a stunning natural emerald. 


Sizing: 000US - 16US

Pros & Cons: This budget-friendly ring can be personalised to have a silver, yellow, or rose gold band. 

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16. Gold Oval Natural Emerald Ring – £290, Marina Mura Jewellery

Natural emerald engagement ring

This contemporary design by Marina Mura Jewellery is great if your partner likes simple styles. The natural emerald at the centre provides a bit of glitter, but in a minimalist and unfussy way. It's a really wearable pick making it perfect for an engagement ring. 

Sizing: M

Pros & Cons: The natural Zambian emerald will catch the light from all angles, changing colour depending on where you are looking. 

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17. Wouters & Hendrix 18-Carat Yellow Gold Emerald & Pearl Ring – £643, Farfetch

Pearl and emerald engagement ring

If you'd prefer an engagement ring that has an emerald element, rather than having the stone as the star of the show, this gold ring is a very chic option. The emerald pairs well with the freshwater pearl and reminds us of Ariana Grande's celebrity engagement ring.

Sizing: EU50 & 54

Pros & Cons: Not only will the large pearl stand out from the crowd, the chain link style band will too! It has a smooth inner to ensure a comfortable fit. 

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18. Yellow Gold Emerald Band – from £1,840.93, Etsy

An opulent ring with emeralds and a yellow gold band

We love Vidar Jewellery's elegant accessories. Billed as a wedding ring, this emerald-studded piece would also be a stylish engagement ring. We just love how the eye-catching emeralds and yellow gold band give it a vintage aesthetic. 

Sizing: US3-13

Pros & Cons: You can choose from lab-grown or natural emeralds so you can find the perfect emerald engagement ring to suit your budget. 

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19. 14-Carat Rose Gold Natural Emerald & Pearl Trilogy Ring – £442.60, Etsy

Emerald engagement rings

Gems of London are a family-run business that handcrafts their stunning designs. As well as offering a bespoke service, they have some seriously lovely ready-to-wear pieces, like this fairy-tale emerald ring. The combination of emerald, pearl accents and a rose gold band is glorious - however, for a different look, you can also get the band in yellow gold, white gold or platinum.

Sizing: US4-12.5

Pros & Cons: There are lots of details to this ring, and that's why we love it. Each time you look at it, you find another gorgeous feature to fall in love with. 

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Celebrity Emerald Engagement Rings for Inspiration

20. Megan Fox 

Megan Fox's emerald engagement ring

Megan Fox's fiancé MGK designed this bespoke diamond and emerald engagement ring with jeweller Stephen Webster. It represents both of their birthstones so if you and your partner were born in April or May this could be a lovely idea for your own proposal. 

21. Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Leigh-Anne Pinnock's emerald engagement ring

Leigh-Anne Pinnock's diamond and emerald engagement ring is estimated to have cost £40,000! The glitzy design features a rose gold band and a show stopping centre stone. 

22. Victoria Beckham 

Victoria Beckham's emerald engagement ring
Getty Images/Pascal Le Segretain

One of Victoria Beckham's fifteen engagement rings, (yes, fifteen!) is a cushion-cut emerald which sits inside a sculptural diamond band. It was the 7th one she received and was given to her in 2007. 

23. Halle Berry

Halle Berry's emerald engagement ring
Getty Images / Vera Anderson

Back in 2012, French actor Olivier Martinez proposed to Halle Berry with an emerald and gold band engagement ring. It has a unique art deco style which you can easily emulate with your own engagement ring pick. 

Are Emeralds Good for Engagement Rings?

"Emeralds are durable and also incredibly beautiful, making them a suitable choice for any couple seeking to include colour within their engagement ring," says Philip Spencer, founder of London DE.

Their bright, verdant hue means they are instantly eye-catching and pair wonderfully with sparkling diamonds. They also work well with different metal types, making them incredibly versatile for a coloured gemstone. 

What Does an Emerald Engagement Ring Mean?

Not only are emeralds the birthstone of May, Phillip points out that, "they are commonly thought to symbolize truth and love, making them a fitting and meaningful gemstone choice for any engagement ring."

"Some psychologists have pointed out that the colour emerald green is associated with the ability to give and receive love and have stated that it can have a calming and balancing effect - factors that lend themselves to a happy and lasting marriage! The colour emerald green is also a colour that has been linked for centuries to ideas of revitalization and rebirth, so it can be said that an emerald ring is a brilliant way to mark a proposal, as you commit your life to each other and should be a chance for revitalization as you enter into a new stage of your relationship."

Are Emerald Engagement Rings Bad Luck?

Although there are traditions that say emeralds are bad luck, it is said that the Aztecs regarded emeralds as holy, with their green colouring emitting a love of nature and harmony of the earth. In many cultures green actually symbolises good luck! 

Are Emeralds Too Soft for an Engagement Ring?

Emeralds measure 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, a scale used to determine the durability of stone, making them a more fragile cut. "Emeralds are softer than a sapphire which ranks nine and diamonds which rank 10, so although they are comparatively a hard gemstone, it is important that you choose s stone with little inclusions that is set well, ideally in a bezel setting," explains Phillip. 

"Emeralds might take a little more care than a diamond, ruby or sapphire, but with proper care and by choosing a gemstone with little inclusions in a good setting you can be confident that an emerald can be worn daily without any issues."

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