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20 Unique Wedding Table Plan Ideas & Themes

Wedding table plans can be tricky, but we’ve got plenty of beautiful table plans to inspire you and make the whole process a little less stressful

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a gold foil and white wedding table planner with guests names in alphabetical order in a dimly lit room

Creating your wedding table plan is a task that splits couples - some love the idea of organising everyone's seats, and others dread it, but one thing all couples can agree on is how fun it is to browse wedding table plan ideas

Because once the hard work of deciding who will sit where (with the help of the Hitched table plan tool) is done, the fun bit can begin. 

When it comes to choosing table plan ideas, wedding venues, themes and colour schemes will play a huge role in your decision. You'll want your wedding table plan ideas and themes to match the look and feel of the rest of your decor and stationery, so nailing the right design is crucial. 

As well as being gorgeous to look at and unique - if that's what you're after - seating plan ideas also need to serve the practical purpose of telling everyone where they should go. 

Wedding Table Plan Ideas & Themes for Every Kind of Celebration

If you're looking for table planner ideas that perfectly balance the aesthetics with the practicalities, you've come to the right place. 

Here you will find several of our favourite table plan wedding ideas including unique themes and ones you can make yourself! 

1. Wedding Table Plan Ideas With Photography

 a wedding seating plan with white background, black simple font writing and a large black and white photograph of the couple on the left hand side

If chic and stylish is your wedding theme, consider wedding table plan ideas which include black and white photography like this design by Ivy Gold Stationery.

The minimalist font and monochrome colour scheme means the picture remains the star of the show here, and we particularly love this idea if you had an engagement shoot or caught the proposal on camera.

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2. Wedding Table Plan With Special Pictures

a light wooden frame with eight pictures of a couple travelling and their guests names under each one

Did you and your partner bond over your love of jetting off to new and exciting locations? If so, wedding table plan ideas and themes around travel are perfectly suited to you. 

Ivy Gold Stationery have created a really cute wedding seating plan here using pictures of the couple in different locations they've travelled to. The table numbers and font have been kept simple so it doesn't complicate things for the guest, but each picture acts as a great conversation starter for your guests once they are seated. 

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3. Themed Chest Wedding Table Plan 

a mustard yellow velvet chest with pumpkins and dried leaves inside and table plan lists

How adorable is this seating plan display by Miai Events Planner?

If you're looking for themed table plan ideas, wedding chests like this are a great shout. This particular one is perfect for couples planning rustic weddings around Halloween, but you could theme the chest with anything you like and display the table names on cards for your guests to look at at their leisure.

We can imagine this themed for a Christmas wedding with baubles and tinsel everywhere, or a summer table plan chest bursting with flowers and greenery. 

If you're wondering how to make wedding table plan ideas yourself, this is definitely one you can recreate and DIY. 

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4. Find Your Name Table Plan Idea

an industrial style cake with black and white assorted tassels hanging from it with numbers and guests names on them

Another one of our favourite table plan wedding ideas that is super creative is this set up by Ivy White

Here, each guest has to find their name tag which is printed on a tassel label, and on the label is the table number they have been allocated.

Not only does this add an interactive element to seating plan ideas, but it's great for couples who want to allocate tables to their guests, but don't necessarily want a rigid seat allocation. Guests will have a table number to sit at, but how they arrange themselves on that table is up to them. 

This works perfectly for social groups and all-adult weddings in particular. 

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5. Unique Newspaper Table Plan Theme

a wedding newspaper with a wedding table plan printed on the back

The Occasional Press are a wedding stationery company who create unique and bespoke wedding newspapers for couples getting married. Whether it's a newspaper invitation or an on-the-day newspaper you go for, your guests are bound to be surprised!

This particular paper was created to be handed out to guests on the day and has the seating plan and table allocation written inside. Each guest gets a copy at the wedding and can use it to find out where they're seated. As well as being one of our favourite table plan ideas, this also doubles up as a unique wedding favour that everyone can take home with them. 

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6. Personalised Caricature Table Plan Design

a fun wedding table plan idea with round tables and guests faces in caricatures around each table

Couples looking for super fun and personalised wedding table plan ideas and themes will love this caricature seating plan by Standout Stationery.

Just imagine how touched your guests will feel to know that you've gone to such effort to have them represented on your seating plan. 

It'll act as a great talking point for everyone attending, guarantee some laughs and makes for an excellent keepsake for the happy couple after the wedding, 

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7. Retro Pink Table Plan Display

retro themed wedding table plan with bean shaped pink pieces of card with table names and guest names printed on them in front of a brick wall

Funky and retro wedding themes are all the rage these days, and if you're planning on embracing them at your wedding, this Miai Events Planner design is ideal for you. 

The wire board that this wedding table plan is presented on adds an industrial feel to the overall look, as does the brick wall. We can picture seating plan ideas like this in a warehouse wedding venue, and love how bright the colours are that have been used. Anyone else got this Chicago song in their head now?

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8. Alphabetical Gold Foil Table Plan

a gold foil and white wedding table planner with guests names in alphabetical order in a dimly lit room

Yes, we're sharing more table plan ideas for weddings from Ivy White because they're all so brilliant, and there are a number of genius takeaways from this particular design. 

The first is the gold foiling, which is always a good idea! The next is the unique layout of the names. Instead of having the seating plan broken down by table, the couple have decided to list all of their guests' names alphabetically with their assigned table number next to their name.

Much like the cool tassel idea, this works for couples who want their guests to sit at a particular table, but aren't so fussed about where - however you could still have an idea like this and be specific about where you want people to sit by using place card names. 

As far as your guests are concerned, this is actually a much easier way for people to find their names, and could lead to less build up around the table plan with everyone trying to find which list their name is in. Clever! 

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9. Minimalist Script Wedding Table Plan

a plain white board with black writing detailing 10 tables of guests and pampas grass next to it

Not all wedding table plan ideas need themes, as proved by Wonder Wedding Stationery's script collection showcased here.

There's something really pretty about how simple the template is. The pretty cursive font and monochrome colour scheme would really suit a modern wedding theme, we reckon. 

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10. Animal Themed Wedding Table Plan Ideas

a wedding table plan idea with illustrations of game birds for each table

Calling all animal lovers - here's some wedding table plan ideas and themes to get you excited. Sophie Botsford Stationery has used her expert illustration skills to create a wedding seating plan themed around game birds. 

Whilst this couple decided to name their tables after their favourite birds and have them illustrated for them, the idea can be recreated for any animal group or breed you like. Perhaps you're planning to have dogs at your wedding and want to name your tables after your favourite breeds, or you're getting married at a farm wedding venue and want to represent each of the animals they have there. 

Whatever you choose, the hand-drawn illustrations really help to bring the theme to life.

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11. Rustic Wedding Table Plan Theme With Flowers

a rustic chest with bottles of single flowers on top and labels with table details hanging from each one

As far as table plan wedding ideas go, this is one of the most simple ones to recreate yourself, however it's one of the smartest of all. 

Fior d'Amore Wedding in Italy had the genius idea to use single flower vases to hang the couple's table seating plan cards on - and the best part? Once everyone has taken their seats, the vases can then be used as simple table centrepiece decorations. We love a multi-purpose piece of décor and it's one you can definitely create yourself if you're into DIY. 

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12. Mirrored Table Plan Idea

a plain mirror with pieces of paper stuck to it that list the names of guests that are sitting at each table

Mirror mirror on the wall, what are the best wedding table plan ideas of all? Ones with mirrors of course!

Another really simple idea that's easy to recreate yourself is to present your wedding seating plan cards on a large mirror like Ivy Gold Stationery have done here. 

The best thing about this idea is that you can tailor it to almost any theme depending on the style of mirror you choose. Modern, sleek weddings can have a simple mirror, nuptials in grand luxury wedding venues can use antique mirrors and so on.

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13. Mirrored Writing Table Plan Idea

an antique mirror stood up against a tree surrounded by fairy lights which has a table plan written on it in white pen

Another of our wedding table plan ideas that involves mirrors was inspired by this Camilla Boniek Events display.

Camilla and her team decided to display the wedding seating plan by writing it on an antique mirror and the idea works so perfectly at this romantic outdoor Italian wedding. 

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14. Table Plan Design With Dried Flowers

a pastel pink table plan with cursive writing and dried flowers above each table name

This seating plan idea by Say it With Print is pretty enough on its own, but the dried pampas grass flowers add a three-dimensional element to it that makes it really stand it. 

The texture of the dried flowers and wax stamps works so well for a bohemian wedding theme and you could have matching seals on your wedding invitations to complete the look. 

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15. Transparent Table Plan Design With Calligraphy

a see through table plan with white cursive writing on it

We love a bit of wedding calligraphy and even more so when it's used to create wedding table plan ideas and themes. 

Design Inspired by You have used acrylic calligraphy to create a timeless and luxurious seating plan which exudes elegance.

On a practical level, this also works really well for couples getting married in small wedding venues. The transparent board allows guests to see straight through it, so smaller rooms aren't broken up by big, clunky signs. 

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16. Wedding Cake Table Plan Theme

an illustrated wedding table plan with different slices of cake above each table number and name

Here, we have another example of how you can use hand-drawn illustrations to elevate your wedding table plan ideas. Sophie Botsford Stationery has created the most adorable cake-themed seating plan for one of her couples, with each table represented by an illustration of a particular style of cake.

Not only is this so fitting for a wedding, but it's also a great way to share your favourite sweet treats with your guests.

Go one step further and serve each cake to each table, so the lemon drizzle table gets slices of that and so on.

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17. Travel Themed Wedding Table Plan Idea

a travel themed wedding table plan with a rose gold map of the world in the middle

Instead of using pictures of yourselves to represent your love of travelling, consider using Wonder Wedding Stationery's travel collection as inspiration.

They have incorporated a rose gold world map into the middle of their seating plan and although the tables have numbers in this template, you could very easily rename each table after somewhere you've been together.

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18. Minimalist Frosted Acrylic Table Plan Design

a frosted glass acrylic set of wedding stationery including a table plan idea

We absolutely love the frosted look on Inketch Ltd's acrylic stationery sets and the table plan here is one of our favourite picks from the collection.

Having a translucent background allows you to stick to white fonts without it being difficult to read, and without you having to incorporate lots of different colours. 

We also like the way that the table names are written vertically next to each list of names. It's different and a really modern way to lay out your plan. 

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19. Simple Celestial Wedding Table Plan Theme

black and white simple celestial themed table plan ide

We're huge fans of celestial wedding themes, and we particularly love celestial wedding stationery, so it'll come as no surprise that we've included this design in our edit. 

Ivy Gold Stationery have used small stars to decorate this chic seating plan, and they look adorable, but what we love most is the way that they have laid out long banqueting seating arrangements. 

Many wedding seating plan ideas are landscape, but having it made vertically works so well for those super-sociable long tables. 

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20. Rustic Botanical Table Plan With Greenery

a rustic wedding table plan with banquet style tables

Another great way to showcase a banquet-style table layout is this design by Otto & Nibs. The line separates guests on either side, showing people exactly where they need to sit, and the slightly-aged paper really adds to the rustic theme.

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How to Make Wedding Table Plan Ideas Yourself? 

When it comes to creating your wedding table plan, the first thing you need to do, before deciding on any designs or visuals, is create your seating plan. 

Deciding who is going to be sitting where, how many tables you're going to have and what shape they're going to be is the most important part of the process. Without knowing this, how can you possibly ask someone to design your seating plan?

The Hitched table planner has everything you need to plan and finalise your seating plan.

Once this is done, you can take ideas from the inspiration above and decide on a look and feel for your own. 

We'd always recommend asking your wedding stationery supplier (or approaching one if you didn't have one for your invites) to work on this with you. Professional stationers and designers will be able to take your ideas, theme and colour scheme and create something that perfectly matches what you're visualising in your head! 

Once your table plan is complete, you need to think about other signs you're hoping to have, like a welcome sign and unplugged wedding sign, as it's always nice to have everything matching. 

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