Wedding Table Plan Inspiration and Advice

Wedding table plans can be tricky - we have lots of beautiful table plans to inspire you and advice on how to make yours stress-free


After your beautiful ceremony and the delicious wedding canapés welcome drinks, the first thing your guests will see as they walk into your reception is the wedding table plan. It’s probably the one thing you’ve spent the most time and stress on too! We’ve got some unique wedding table plan ideas to inspire you, as well as a few golden rules and tips to help make organising your seating plan a breeze.


Vintage Table Plans

Are you searching for vintage wedding ideas? Consider a beautiful vintage table plan to add to your wedding theme.

Bunting is a popular way give a wedding a vintage feel. This cute table plan from Nessa Noelle Wedding Stationery has lots of adorable mini-bunting.


We also love this table plan from To Have and To Hold which has floral bunting and matching floral backing on each of the table lists.


Hip Hip Hooray has a choice of pretty, vintage style table plans – we love the delicate pastel colour palettes of these designs and the eye-catching florals.



Have you got the perfect 1920s style wedding dress? Match your gown to your table plan by choosing this elegant creation from Russet and Gray.


If you want a more retro feel to your table plan, this design from Tatty Lashes Handcrafted Stationery has a cool, retro feel.


Rustic Table Plans

Found your ideal rustic wedding venue? Enhance your wedding theme by choosing a rustic style table plan too.

Kraft card and twine are a winning combo for rustic weddings – this table plan from Eaton Cards and Stationery is simple but undeniably rustic.


We love the combination of lace detailing and the brown card on this table plan from Hip Hip Hooray – it’s so elegant.


If you want something a little different to kraft card and twine, a blackboard style table plan has a rustic feeling but looks a little more refined. ByBlossom Wedding Stationery has some beautiful designs to inspire you.



We are obsessed with this table plan from The Wedding of My Dreams – wooden pallets are seriously rustic and your guests can just turn the labels over to find out where they’re sitting.


Glamorous Table Plans

We have to say, we love a bit of glamour here at Hitched. If you’ve picked out a glamorous wedding venue, you need to have a seriously stylish table plan to match.

This beautiful design from Angels Creations is ideal if you love all things glamorous – you can repurpose the mirror after the big day and use it in your home.


We can’t tear our eyes away from the beautiful floral background on this table plan from Claryce Design – if you love this, browse our round up of floral wedding ideas.


If you want real flowers, be inspired by this striking table plan that is surrounded by fresh flowers. We strongly recommend getting a matching flower wall, in the style of Kim and Kanye.


Image credit: Nicola Milns Photography

Is your big day full of glitter wedding ideas? If so you’ll love this shimmery table plan from ConfettiDesignsCo, which features beautiful gold and rose gold frames.


Do you have a long guest list and need a big table plan? If so, let this table plan snapped at Fulham Palace inspire you. The folding partition has lots of space and looks seriously stunning.


Have you got a stately home wedding venue complete with elegant chandeliers? Match the details with this table plan – a laser cut wooden chandelier by Paperbird Design.


Give your wedding a super-luxe feel with a personalised table plan – this one from Tatty Lashes Handcrafted Stationery features a drawing of the couple’s wedding venue.


A beautiful mirror displayed on a grand looking stand can add glamour to the proceedings. Be inspired by this table plan, seen at The Embankment – just make sure you use your best handwriting.


Simple Table Plans

Sometimes less is more, and if you have lots of elaborate wedding details a more straightforward table plan may be the best choice.

Grey is really having a moment and it works with so many other colours, making it a really versatile choice. This table plan from ByBlossom Wedding Stationery is simple but seriously stylish.


If you don’t have a defined wedding theme, this design from Hip Hip Hooray could be ideal. It’s a subtle colour palette and the geometric design will work with anything.


Another Hip Hip Hooray creation – this table plan could be done if a different colour if the shade is too bold for you, but we love the subtle detail around the edges.


Plain white can be really effective – as you can see from this To Have and To Hold table plan. Add a picture of yourselves in the middle to personalise it, or dress it up with a gold coloured frame.


You can keep the detail on your table plan simple if you have a fancy frame – and once the wedding is over you can reuse the frame for a wedding photo. Be inspired by this table plan, spotted at Willington Lodge.


Neutral tones with a hint of glitter are straightforward and simple, but have serious impact. We think this table plan from WonderlandInvites is so beautiful.


Festival Table Plans

Here at Hitched we love a festival style wedding – they’re so much fun and allow for lots of creativity.

How gorgeous is this festival inspired wedding table plan from Seb and Charlie Design and Illustration? It’s perfect for music lovers.


If the bride is the kind of person to have a festival hen party and loves rocking out, this design from WedFest could tick all the right boxes.


Beach Table Plans

Do you like to be beside the seaside? If you’ve got the perfect seaside wedding venue for your big day, match it with a beach wedding theme.

Dreams to Reality Ltd have a pretty pink table plan with a subtle beach hut theme – why not name your tables after some amazing beaches you’ve visited?


For a more obvious take on the beach trend, we love this beautiful blue table plan by Sally Rose Studio Bespoke Stationery and Floral Design.


Unusual Table Plans

It’s important that your table plan catches the eye of your guests the minute they walk in – by choosing an unusual table plan you can guarantee this.

This tree shaped plan from ConnieAndJoan is ideal for grabbing everyone’s attention, and is the perfect choice if you have a large capacity wedding venue with lots of tables to fill.


This cute design from Millbank and Kent Contemporary Wedding Stationery is displayed across a vintage trunk and features quirky moustache detailing.


Another fun and out-there design by Millbank and Kent is this repurposed bicycle wheel adorned with flowers. It’s a great way to include one of your passions in your décor, if you’re fond of cycling.


We love all things unique, and this table plan by Seb and Charlie Illustration and Design features a personalised drawing of the happy couple and some of their passions.


If you have the perfect unusual London wedding venue, you need the quirky, London-themed table plan to match! This tube themed plan from ZarasWeddingShop is perfect.

Table Plan Etiquette

It can be so confusing trying to sort out your table plan, even if you have a fairly straightforward situation. Curveballs such as divorced parents, family feuds and friends who are former couples can add to the stress. But there are ways around this…

Table Plan Options

– You could axe the table plan completely – this is an option if you’re a laidback couple that don’t mind where your guests sit, or if you’re having an informal, buffet style meal.

– You could assign your guests to specific tables, but not worry about the seating. This way they can choose who they sit by on the table.

– Or go traditional – the traditional wedding table plan involves everyone having a table assigned to them, and a seat at that table marked out with a place card.

The Top Table

The traditional top table is usually a long table at the head of the room, with the bride and groom at the centre, surrounded by key members of the wedding party. The standard format is as follows:

Maid of Honour – Father of the Groom – Mother of the Bride – Groom – Bride – Father of the Bride – Mother of the Groom – Best Man

For some couples though, this option isn’t always the best. You could always have a sweetheart table, which is just for the bride and groom. This option is best if you have a difficult situation when it comes to parents, or have chosen not to have a maid of honour or a best man.


Image credit: Holly Cadogan Flowers

If you have divorced, widowed or remarried parents, it can make setting up the top table difficult. You could choose to just share the top table with the maid of honour and best man to avoid awkward family politics, and have your parents ‘host’ their own tables – this works especially well if they have remarried.

Table Plan Tips

Don’t be afraid to mix up your tables – try to have it so everyone knows at least one other person but add in some new ones to encourage mingling.

Resist the urge to have a ‘singles table’ – it’s awkward, unfair and quite obvious. If you want to do some match-making, maybe wait until after the dinner-wine has been consumed and everyone’s a little more relaxed.

Sit your closest friends and family on tables nearest to the top table – it’s polite and means then can easily hear the speeches and toasts.

Do a rough draft of your table plan, and start it early on in the process – use sticky notes to start as these can easily be moved as your RSVPs come in and your dynamics change.

Give a paper copy of your plan to your venue, especially if you have a range of menu options so the catering staff know which order is going where.


Don’t be afraid to have fun with your table plan – we’ve got 50 wedding table name ideas to inspire you.