Getting Married in Ibiza

Planning a wedding in Ibiza? We asked some Ibiza based wedding planners for their top tips for wedding planning on the White Isle


Ibiza is a massively popular destination for weddings abroad. If you’re planning a wedding in Ibiza then you’ve come to the right place — we caught up with some Ibizan wedding experts to find out more about marrying in Ibiza.


Vikki from EATIBIZA, a catering and Ibiza wedding planning service, answers your Ibiza wedding FAQs:

Where do I begin when planning a wedding in Ibiza?

Picking a date and a venue are the first things I would recommend to a couple when sourcing their dream wedding in Ibiza.

Do I need a wedding planner for my Ibiza wedding?

If you choose to marry at our wedding venue, Elixir, then the wedding planning service is complimentary. However, if your chosen wedding venue doesn’t include a wedding planner then hiring one is a great idea.

What is the best way to source suppliers for a wedding in Ibiza?

The internet is a great source of information when it comes to finding wedding suppliers in Ibiza, so get Googling! Word-of-mouth recommendations are also important, as a lot of people on the island can recommend good suppliers. For example, at Elixir we have a recommended list of suppliers that covers everything, even non-venue related suppliers such as hair and make-up artists.

What do I need to consider when choosing a venue for our Ibiza wedding?

You should consider the views, the ‘wow factor’, the style of the venue, the food and whether guests have to stay there too. It can be a pain arranging to fill rooms with guests in a specific villa or hotel just so you can get married there. You should also consider the wedding planning service and support given by the venue — will they help on the day with the set up, and how long does it take them to respond to your emails. It’ll drive you crazy working remotely with someone who only replies every two weeks!


Candi from Ibiza Wedding Shop, a one-stop destination for planning your wedding, explains the different ways you can get married in Ibiza…

“There are basically three ways for non-residents to marry in Ibiza. The first step is to decide how you want to get married.

“You can have a legally binding Catholic wedding ceremony in Ibiza, in the Roman Catholic church. There are lots of charming white washed churches here, all with their own quaint character, and there are local English speaking Catholic priests who can conduct the ceremony and mass.

“If you’re not a Catholic, you can still have a Christian blessing. This is with the interdenominational English speaking church, and you need to have done the legal bit in the UK before your Ibiza wedding blessing.

“Finally, you can have a ‘symbolic’ ceremony, which could take place on a beach view terrace, at a restaurant, a private villa, in a hotel garden etc. The ceremony would be conducted by a non-clergy symbolic host, with the legal bit taking place in your home country either before or after your Ibiza wedding ceremony.”


If you still have questions about having a wedding in Ibiza, make sure you check out the Ibiza wedding thread in our forums and chat to other Ibiza brides!