Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses: How to Master the Trend

See how you can perfect the mismatched bridesmaid dresses trend and have all your best girls dressed in gorgeous gowns that suit their style


If the thought of dressing your best girls in identical matching outfits makes you shudder then the mismatched bridesmaid dress trend could be for you. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses can save you a lot of dress hunting struggles, particularly if your maids are all different shapes and sizes.


And you don’t need to worry about your guests not being able to identify the bridal party because there are endless beautiful options that will complement each other without feeling too uniform.

So once you have chosen your maids and asked “Will you be my bridesmaid?“, you can take a look at some ways you can mix and match your bridesmaid dresses, from mixing colours to using different fabric.

Mismatched Fabrics

A mix of fabrics and colours can be a tricky art to master but if you do it right then it can look stunning. It’s a great way to celebrate each bridesmaids’ individuality.

These silver bridesmaid dresses are designed by Kelsey Rose, and it’s a perfect demonstration to show how you can use one uniform shade but in a mix of fabrics – each bridesmaid is able to show off her signature style but the single shade makes it easy to identify your bridal party. 


Mismatched Shapes

Choosing a dress in one shade or tone but in a variety of styles and silhouettes is a great option if you have bridesmaids with varying body types. If one of your maids loves a strapless dress and another can’t bear the thought of going out without any kind of sleeve, then mismatched dress shapes could be your answer.

Although black isn’t a traditional bridesmaid dress shade, we have been drawn in by these super-glam black bridesmaid dresses from Sorella Vita. The gentle ombre style softens this formal look and can add some grown up glam to your day – ideal if you have chosen a glamorous wedding venue.


If you like the idea of some symmetry in your bridal party then these gorgeous gowns from Ronald Joyce are perfect – each maid will be wearing a stunning floor length dress but with a slightly different neckline.


Mismatched Lengths 

For a simple way of mixing up your bridesmaids’ look, consider the same dress in different lengths. Perhaps the maid of honour could wear a full length gown while the bridesmaids wear shorter tea-length dresses? Or mix and match with half your maids in long and half wearing shorter dresses.

The Goddess dress from Coast is available in a range of colours – from deep navy to delicate mint, so you should be able to find a style to suit you. We love these vibrant purple bridesmaid dresses from the range.


If you are a big fan of cobalt blue bridesmaid dresses then this strapless style could be exactly what you have been searching for – mix and match your maids by having half in the longer style and half in short.


Mismatched Colours 

The art to having bridesmaids in varying colours is to pick one set tone – whether that’s pretty pastel tones, jewel tones or bright and bold shades. Take a look at some of our favourite styles.

These gorgeous multi-way gowns from Kelsey Rose can be tied in a variety of ways meaning the same dress can have lots of different looks. If you are planning a spring wedding then these pretty pastel tones will complement your big day beautifully.


If you want to add a bit of sparkle to your wedding then consider metallic bridesmaid dresses. If you don’t want one uniform shade then choose these Alfred Angelo gowns and mix gold bridesmaid dresses in with silver and rose gold.


Real Bridesmaids in Mismatched Dresses

Take a look at how some of real bridesmaids rocked the mismatched bridesmaid dress trend for even more inspiration.

This gorgeous group of bridesmaids are giving us serious squad goals! We love their gorgeous gowns that are identical in style and in a palette of delicate cool tones. 


Image credit: The Wild Boar

If you are planning a wedding in late summer or autumn then slate grey and purple is a beautiful colour palette – just take a look at this gorgeous photo from Mar Hall Golf and Spa.


Image credit: Mar Hall Golf and Spa

The styling of these gorgeous maids is perfect for a spring wedding and the giant balloons make for a great photo opportunity – photographed beautifully by Andy Bennett Photography


Image credit: Andy Bennett Photography


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