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Engagement Photos: 50 Fun Ideas & Tips to Help You Make The Most of Your Shoot

Need some inspiration for your engagement photos? We've got all of the ideas and tips you'll need to get a set you'll cherish forever.


An engagement photo shoot is a wonderful thing to consider before your wedding for so many reasons. Whether you want to recreate your proposal, get to know your wedding photographer or practise being in front of a camera, having an engagement photo shoot is a fantastic way to express and capture that excitement and elated glow you have in the lead up to your big day. 

You could also use your engagement photos as an excuse to capture shots for creative save-the-dates, wedding décor details or wedding invitations, or to shoot photos to frame and give to your families. And the best part? Most wedding photographers will offer an engagement shoot as part of their wedding photography package. Bingo!


To get you feeling inspired, we've collated 50 engagement photo ideas, ranging from the silly to the romantic and everything in-between, plus all of the tips and trick you'll ever need to absolutely nail your own set. And speaking of nails, it's time to get a fresh manicure so you can show that ring off in all its glory... 


50 Fun Ideas for Your Engagement Photos

All About The Ring


Of course you’re going to want to show off your ring! This shot is an essential part of your set. 

Shoulder to Shoulder


Another embrace that gives you plenty of ways to show off that sparkler.

Champagne Celebration


Raise a glass (or the whole bottle) to give your pictures a true celebratory vibe.

Over The Shoulder


This is such a joyful pose! A photographer you’re super comfortable with can help you find the perfect expression.

Hands Up


An oldie but a goodie – you can’t go wrong with a classic hand-shaped heart.

Take a Twirl

Try a few dance moves in front of the lens – you’ll be amazed at how captivating it can be with the right backdrop.

Read The Signs


Go for a classic ‘I Said Yes!’ or something a bit more adventurous – chalkboards or whiteboards are fab if you want to get creative with words.

Go For Gold


Schedule your photoshoot to coincide with the ‘golden hour’ before the sun sets for stunning (and all natural!) outdoor engagement shoot lighting.

Rise and Fall


Of course, using the sun rise or sun set itself can also make the most incredible environment for your shots, whether you’re on the beach, in the countryside or even using your own garden.    

All Wrapped Up


We love the cosy vibes the classic checked blanket gives this set-up – especially cute if you said yes to an autumn or winter proposal.

Leaf It Out


Another sweet autumnal engagement photo idea is to play with the colours of the leaves of the season. Time to dig out your best plaid shirts…

On The Rocks


Waterside photos can be really beautiful, especially if the spot is really meaningful to you as a couple.

Puppy Love


For couples where the dog is the most important member of the relationship – put them front and centre where they belong.

Feline Fine


Of course, this doesn’t apply exclusively to dogs – any pets can get in on the action, especially if you opt for a shoot at home.

Woodland Wonder


A forest photoshoot can have such a magical, fairytale quality. Source a delicate flower crown for the full effect.

Suited and Booted


Well, if there was ever an excuse to wear your finery, it’s now. The bold statement colour of the dress really take this shot to another level.

Black Magic


Choosing all black outfits can also really amp up the drama, especially when you go as formal as these two.

City Scape 


If you live in (or met in) an amazing city, use the setting to your advantage. The lights of the skyscrapers can be surprisingly romantic.

Awkward AF


Not super comfortable in front of the camera? Lean in to it with tongue-in-cheek ‘awkward’ poses – this couple’s full shoot turned out all the better for it.

Stir The Pot


A kitchen set-up can be really a lovely option for foodie couples; it’s also usually much easier to be relaxed with an at-home shoot.

Pillow Fight


Another playful home engagement shoot idea, albeit with slightly more clean up! This is great if you want to let loose and have fun rather than focus on certain poses.

Say Cheese


You’ll probably get plenty of sweet kissing photos, but don’t forget to capture some smiles as well.

Ride It Out


How genius is the idea of a carousel or fairground as your backdrop? The colours and lights will really make everything pop.

By The Book


The vintage-inspired outfits set off this quaint engagement photoshoot – for a really special picture, choose a book you both love.

Get Cheeky


There’s no rule that says engagement photoshoots have to be 100% serious – if you’re a couple who’s always joking around, let your photographer channel this on film!

Rain or Shine


Regardless of the weather on the day, an umbrella makes a pretty and versatile prop. If you find it hard to smile on cue, a shot like this could be a good way to ease in.

Drop Off


If it does happen to rain, this is an incredible example of how to embrace it – The Notebook, eat your heart out.

Snow Problem


Winter proposals mean one thing – gorgeous Christmas engagement photoshoots! Make the most of all of the twinkly outdoor lights – and if it snows, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Shore Thing


Whether you head in to paddle or stay on the sand, beach engagement shoots are always a good idea.

Rainbow Bright


For couples who aren’t afraid to get a little messy in the name of a great snap. Get the effect with paint powder – it also looks amazing as it flies through the air.

Start Smokin’


Smoke bombs are another colour-rich option that will add amazing wow factor to your photographs. 

Slice of Life


Okay, so this is a cheesy idea, but in the best possible way! The perfect momento for any carb-loving duo.

Go Green


An engagement photoshoot in a garden or greenhouse will always come out gorgeous – the green dress here is a whimsical contrasting touch. 

Pretty in Pink


Speaking of dresses, a pastel colour like this pink ensemble instantly gives a soft, feminine finish.

Hot Air


Balloons are an excellent option to add a wash of colour on a budget – you could also consider helium styles in the shape of letters or numbers.

To The Letter


Along the same lines, using a prop or light of your new shared initial in some of the snaps is always a sweet idea.

Great Gates


Any building with a dramatic entrance or towering cast iron gate instantly looks grand and elegant.

In Bloom


What could be more idyllic than strolling through a flower field with your fiancé? Bonus points if you carry your own bouquet too.

Grunge and Glitter


Jaw-dropping street art is more prevalent than ever these days, and you can use it to your advantage for a completely unique scene.

Wall to Wall


However, you don’t have to go for brights or busy patterns – a plain black or white wall can have just as much impact/

Ain’t No Mountain


As long as your photographer is game to scale it with you, climbing to a scenic spot in your town can create a picture with unquestionable wow factor.  

A Little Lift


Playing with your heights can make a picture more dynamic – but more to the point, this is just super cute.

Step by Step


Whether you're indoors or outdoors, perching on some steps is a great simple pose for a more laid-back, natural feel. 

Back to Back


An ideal pose for couples who don’t feel comfortable cheesing directly into the camera – the finished product is just as dreamy.

Hit The Road


Getting low to the ground gives great angles – just be sure to choose a quiet street and do it safely!

Phone Booth


Old school phone boxes are truly iconic imagery, and add a vibrant pop of colour.

High and Mighty


Shooting from above gives your photographer a prime opportunity to capture your expressions and emotions.

Bridge the Gap


The height, the lights, even the traffic – a stroll over a famous bridge will give you lots of options to work with.

Colourful Confetti


Excellent practice for the big day itself – just do this shot last unless you want your hair to be full of it for the whole series…

Tie The Knot


As props go, it doesn’t get much more on-the-nose – or adorable! –  than this. 

How To Get The Best Engagement Photos

1. Plan the Shoot

All of the best engagement photo shoots are the ones which have been planned out properly. You’ll first want to ask your wedding photographer if they’re willing to do this kind of shoot and whether it can be included as part of your wedding package (and how much it costs if not).

You’ve also got to think about when you want your shoot to take place, in relation to your big day. Deciding what you want to use your engagement photos for will help you make that choice.

If you want to really capture the raw happiness which comes when you first get engaged, book an engagement shoot as soon after your other half pops the question as you can. If you do your engagement shoot early, you could use your engagement photos as part of a formal engagement announcement to friends and family or in your local paper.

Similarly, if you want to incorporate your engagement photos in your save the dates or wedding website, you’ll want to have your engagement photo shoot at the beginning of your wedding planning process.

If you aren’t going to be using the photos in your wedding day, or if you simply want to use the engagement photo shoot as a chance to trial your hair stylist or makeup artist, you can book it in for closer to your wedding date.

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2. Consider the Location

Whether you and your new fiancé or fiancée are homebirds or love to travel the world, location is everything when it comes to making sure your engagement photos are personal and unique. If you’ve got a favourite spot which you often visit together – like a woodland that you walk your dogs in or a cobbled street you dream of living on – you should consider it for the location of your engagement shoot.

Alternatively, how about getting your engagement photos shot on your next holiday (are engagement-moons a thing?) If you’re heading off on holiday, try and find a photographer in the region who could snap some photos for you.

In addition, you should think about a location that fits your wedding colour palette and theme, especially if you want to use your engagement photos for your save the date cards. Engagement photos shot at a stately home if you’re getting married at a barn wedding venue might feel a little jarring. Your photographer will have lots of suggestions if you’re not sure what will look good.

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3. Choose the Best Time of Day

Once you have a location in mind, think about the best time of day to do the shoot and whether your surroundings will be busy. Your photographer will often be able to help you with this. You need to make sure you’re relaxed in the photos, and if you’re stressed about people looking at you or getting in the way, your photos won’t come out as well as they could!

Don’t assume that you need to shoot in the middle of the day when the sun is high in the sky, either. Around midday, the sun can create harsh shadows which need to be counteracted by an artificial flash – not the natural look you’re after.

Sometimes, the best results are achieved when the sun is rising or setting – the light can be beautiful!

4. Think About the Colours

Think about whether you’d like your engagement photos to be in black and white or colour. If they’re in colour, do you want a filter added to really make the palette pop? Black and white photographs are timeless and striking, so you could ask your photographer to edit your pictures in that way. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can use the unique colours of your photo background to find a palette which puts any Instagram filter to shame. Talk to your photographer before your engagement photo shoot to see how they can edit your pictures in a way you love.

You should also think about the colours on your clothes before you head out on your engagement shoot. While matching outfits may be a tad much, you need to make sure the colours you’re wearing complement one another. Opt for solid colours as opposed to patterns which can distract the eye on camera, and try to wear neutral or pastel shades. Keep your jewellery simple, avoiding anything too flashy which will distract from the two of you in your photos.

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5. Consider Props and Pets

An engagement shoot is the perfect time for you and your partner to take centre stage, but if you’re a little bit camera shy, consider adding props or bringing your pets along to take away the intensity.

Pets are a great distraction from nerves, and their unpredictability can make for some gorgeous, natural engagement photos. The same stands for props – if you and your other half have any shared hobbies, you could include them in the shoot to give you something to focus on.

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6. Stay True to Your Personality

If you and your partner have a unique sense of style, don’t be afraid to show it! Similarly, don’t be talked into an engagement photo shoot style which doesn’t feel at all like you.

If you’re a creative couple, consider finding some striking wall art to act as a backdrop for your engagement photos. If you’re lovers of the great outdoors, there’s nowhere better than the countryside for shooting.

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7. Have Fun & Keep It Natural

Unlike your wedding photos, engagement photos don’t have to be taken quite so seriously. The aim of them is to capture your relationship naturally as you have fun and enjoy quality time.

Overall, it’s important to let go, enjoy yourself and try to forget the camera is there! After all, how often do you get to do an engagement shoot?

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The Dos & Don’ts of Engagement Photo Shoots

Do: Make Eye Contact with Your Partner

The shoot is all about your and your other half, so it really helps to make eye contact in order to create a story.

Don’t: Make Eye Contact with the Camera

Making eye contact with the camera can make the photos feel like you’re acting. Experiment with looking away from the camera, at your surroundings and your partner – the photos will look much more natural.

Do: Move Around

Loosen up and get moving – your engagement photos will look much more natural if you shift around rather than standing still in just one pose.

Don’t: Let Your Arms Just Hang

Hold hands, hug or put your arms around each other. Interacting will make you both feel less awkward and make for a more intimate shot. 

Do: Talk to Each Other

Chatting to each other as you have your photo taken is another way to take the pressure off you and also ensure your engagement photos look natural. Keep it positive and light, though – now is not time to moan about that annoying colleague from work!

Don’t: Be Afraid of Looking Silly

Silliness can make for some great, spontaneous photos, which often become the most treasured ones of all. 

Don’t: Be Too Worried About How You Look

If you’re too fixed on how your hair looks or whether your eye make-up is up to scratch, you won’t enjoy yourself. Photos can always be edited afterwards, so don't let an issue like a few stray strands ruin the moment. 

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Now you’ve got your engagement shoot planned, you can start laying down your wedding planning foundations. Check out our ultimate wedding planning checklist which takes you right through from 18 months before your big day to one week to go!