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Zoe Hague & Danny Rae: Everything We Know About Their Wedding

Curious about Zoe Hague and Danny Rae's wedding plans? Here's everything we know about their wedding, including how they met and got engaged

Influencer Zoe Hague and her partner Danny Rae

Influencer Zoe Hague is set to tie the knot with her long term military fiancé Danny Rae this weekend. Here’s what we know so far about their upcoming nuptials: 

Following their romantic Lake District proposal in 2022, fans have been eagerly anticipating the day that Zoe Hague and Danny Rae say I do. Excitement has been brewing over the last two years, with Zoe Hague revealing occasional hints about her big day on her YouTube channel. 

But now the wait is finally over, and all eyes are on Zoe Hague and her partner Danny Rae, as they are finally getting hitched this weekend. 

And with sister Molly Mae Hague as bridesmaid, this has every chance of being the wedding of the year! Stay tuned as we reveal all the juicy details we currently know about their fast approaching wedding. But first, let's delve deeper into the blossoming pair’s relationship so far. 

Who is Zoe Hague? 

Influencer Zoe Hague wearing a white lace dress posing in front of a white background

Zoe Ellen Hague is a 28-year-old social media personality and avid fitness enthusiast from Hertfordshire, England. Although she may be recognised by most as the sister of Love Island star Molly Mae Hague, it’s clear when you look into their career history that the two couldn’t be more different! 

Whilst Molly was making a name of herself as a reality TV star in 2019, Zoe was serving in the British Army Medical Corps, where she was dedicated to managing the health needs of soldiers. 

Although she did have some great times in her military role, Zoe unfortunately felt as though her full potential wasn’t being seen and consequently grew less passionate about her position, leading her to leave in 2023 to focus on her social media career.

She has since built a hefty Instagram following of over 400K, and has become committed to creating relatable, motivational lifestyle, fitness and fashion content that her dedicated followers just absolutely love. It seems that an apt for social media certainly runs in the family!

Who is Danny Rae? 

So now you know a bit more about Zoe Hague, let's discuss her dreamy husband to be! Danny Rae is a personal trainer and armored corp in the British Army, who is also quite the Instagram personality with 15K followers. He has featured in several of his fiancé Zoe Hague’s vlogs, and can be characterized by his outgoing, playful and energetic personality, as well as his undeniable passion for all things fitness. Naturally, all things considered, he is the perfect match for our girl Zoe Hague! 

How Did Zoe Hague and Danny Rae Meet? 

Danny Rae proposing to Zoe Hague in climbing gear on top of a hillside as she cries and covers her mouth in shock

According to Zoe’s ‘Q&A with my fiancé’ video that she uploaded back in 2022, Zoe Hague and Danny Rae’s love story first began when they were both working in the British Army together. Although the two were working in the same camp for three years, they were not in the same regiment, causing a delay in them meeting for the first time as Danny was always away on course as an armored corp. 

They actually met as they both worked in and out of the same gym as personal trainers, leading Zoe to follow Danny on the running app Strava, with Danny quickly deciding to follow back! 

Soon enough, Zoe and Danny finally met up in person at a pub with both of their friends, and after hitting it off Danny had the very wild idea of running back to camp. 

According to Zoe, she decided to bite the bullet and join him on the spontaneous run because she fancied him and wanted to impress him with her quick pace. Although it didn’t quite go as she had planned, being in her going-out get-up, her big dangly earrings and Louis Vuitton bag were both flying around here, there and everywhere! After that, the rest is history, and it seems that this loved up pair have been truly inseparable ever since. 

How Did Zoe Hague’s Boyfriend Propose? 

If you thought that the story of how they met was adorable, just wait until you find out how Danny Rae proposed to Zoe Hague! Sneakily, Danny actually tricked his fiancée into thinking they were going wild camping.

As an outdoorsy couple, Zoe never thought anything of this, so she didn’t have any suspicions. Little did she know, instead of wild camping, he actually had a surprise trip at a spa resort planned According to Danny, heavily laden with all of the required camping gear, the couple took to the hills to get to their spot. 

Eight hard miles later, on top of Seat Sandal, he proposed, and of course, Zoe said yes! 

Zoe Hague and Danny Rae’s Wedding Plans

Now for the exciting bit that you’ve all been waiting for, what do we know so far about Zoe Hague and Danny Rae’s wedding that is taking place this weekend? 

After two years of planning, the wait is finally over, and everyone is eagerly anticipating the wedding set to steal the show this season. But what do Danny Rae and Zoe Hague have planned for their big day? Keep reading to find out what’s in store for their upcoming wedding! 

According to Zoe Hague and Danny Rae’s Q&A video posted shortly after their engagement in 2022, the pair have always been set on a summer wedding, which is why they’ve decided on this July as the month that they tie the knot.

In a Youtube video that Zoe Hague posted on the 30th June featuring her fiancé Danny Rae, she spilled the all important deets about her fast approaching wedding and the busy planning process leading up to the big day. 

Although the couple didn’t have many disagreements when planning, in the video, Zoe reveals that she initially wasn’t opposed to the idea of an Italian elopement, however due to Danny’s strong belief that weddings are a family affair, they swiftly decided against this idea and opted for a big wedding instead. We don’t blame them, after all, a wedding is the one day that you can have all of the people you adore all together to celebrate your love! 

And that is exactly what they’ve decided to do. For the ceremony, the couple will have 100 guests present, with 30 guests joining for the evening celebrations. In a recent interview, Zoe revealed that she has opted for a child-free wedding, as she feels that all of her guests should be able to let their hair down on her special day. 

The Venue

Straight after the pair got engaged, Zoe Hague and Danny Rae began their hunt for the perfect wedding venue. They always knew that they wanted to get married in the Lake District purely because they both love it so much and it means so much to them, but for peace of mind, they decided to look at various other places in the lakes just to be sure.

It’s safe to say that their breaths were taken away when they viewed their venue that they ended up choosing, and according to the video it was definitely the view that sold it for them. They just instantly knew that it was ‘the one’!

When the question came up about whether there will be tears during the ceremony, both parties immediately said yes! Although Danny has said he isn’t overthinking it too much, he admittedly has a ‘100% success rate at crying at weddings’ so we have no doubt that the waterworks will be turned on during the highly anticipated first look! 

The Dress

When it came to embarking on the journey of finding the perfect dress, Zoe Hague decided to take her mum and sister along, as not only are they the closest people to her, she knew that they would both be honest with her during the all-important process! With the groom Danny and his seven guards of honor planning to wear his army uniform, we are predicting that the dress will be a striking, standout gown that will take every guest’s breath away.

After being asked about his dress predictions for his fiancé in her recent video, Danny said that he thinks Zoe will wear a strapless dress, purely because Zoe has recently been terrified of the risk of any tanlines! As well as thinking it might be white (shocker!) he also thinks that it will be a figure hugging silhouette with sleeves. I suppose we will just have to wait and see! 

The Honeymoon

Zoe Hague and Danny Rae have confirmed that they will be honeymooning after, but surprisingly not straight after! As Danny still works in the British Army, he will need to return to work swiftly on the Tuesday after their wedding, so the pair’s honeymoon plans will have to wait until mid-August. Both Zoe and Danny are keeping very tight-lipped about their honeymoon location, however one thing they revealed is that it’s ‘very them.’ 

Although we don’t know exactly where they will be jetting off to yet, we are sure the pair will make the most of this precious time together. We can’t wait to see the photos of newlyweds Zoe Hague and Danny Rae on their honeymoon! 

So there you have it, that is everything we know about the upcoming Zoe Hague and Danny Rae wedding taking place this weekend. We are so excited to see photos of them celebrating their love for each other on their special day, and we wish them a lifetime of happiness!