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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Relationship Timeline: What Would Their Wedding Look Like?

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are totally loved up - but is the Eras Tour singer engaged to the Kansas City Chief star? We've got all the details on their relationship so far

Taylor Swift kissing Travis Kelce at a Kansas City Chiefs game

Even if you’re not a Swiftie, most people will know that Taylor Swift is over halfway through her iconic Eras tour. You might also know that the pop sensation is totally loved-up with her American football star boyfriend, Travis Kelce - and the adorable couple is showing no signs of cooling off. And who knows, maybe these two will be on the list of celebrity weddings to watch out for in 2024

In the past, Taylor has spilled the tea on her ex-boyfriends with her fans through her music. And lyrics from her new album, The Tortured Poets Department, drop multiple references to the idea of getting married. Fans - including us - have been listening to the entire set list of her Eras Tour hunting for clues on which song is about Travis Kelce...

So, as the two have been dating for almost a year, we're dying to know - are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce engaged yet? While there’s been no formal announcement in the press, fans are excited for the day Taylor reveals that Travis “knelt to the ground and pulled a ring”…

In the meantime, we just couldn’t resist planning Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's dream wedding! We love planning weddings for celebrities, so we looked at the best celebrity wedding venues, dresses and vendors to put together a wedding worthy of the Queen of Pop. But before we spill those details, let’s go back in time to when the couple first met. 

Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s Complete Relationship Timeline

Can’t get enough of this adorable duo? Neither can we. So, we've broken down their entire relationship timeline. 

Use the links below to find the answer to your burning Taylor and Travis relationship question.

How Did Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Meet?

While the pair seem inseparable now, their relationship only goes back to July of 2023, when the NFL football star attended Taylor’s Eras Tour show at the Arrowhead Stadium, where he plays football for the Kansas City Chiefs. 

The sports superstar was seen watching the show from his private box, and even exchanging friendship bracelets with fellow Swifties. He had actually planned to give a friendship bracelet to Taylor Swift herself, except this one had a special twist - it included his phone number.

However, much to Travis’s disappointment, the pair didn’t link up after the show. But if you're wondering when Travis Kelce did mention Taylor Swift for the first time, it was actually on his podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce. The football star even shared that he was “a little butthurt that I didn’t get to hand her one of the bracelets I made for her”. Adorable!

Fast forward to November of that year, and Kelce happily reveals to WSJ Magazine that Taylor eventually contacted him herself, thanks to a mutual friend “playing Cupid”.

While no-one is sure exactly who that friend is, some possible candidates include the Top Gun 2 actor Miles Teller, Taylor’s backup dancer Kameron Saunders, NLF broadcaster Erin Andrews, Kansas City Chiefs superfan Jason Sudeikis, or American football quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. 

Whoever the matchmaker was, the two finally met in person on a dinner date in New York. Since then, the sparks have been flying as Taylor was spotted publicly cheering on Kelce at his Kansas City Chiefs football game in 2023. Soon after, Swift revealed in an interview with Time magazine that they were, in fact, a couple. 

In October, the pair even made an impromptu appearance on Saturday Night Live, before being photographed holding hands after leaving the venue. 

Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Engaged?

Travis Kelce in his football kit with his arm around Taylor Swift in the middle of the stadium

Ever since Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were seen at the Super Bowl together, everyone's been asking "did Travis Kelce propose to Taylor Swift?".

As far as we know, Taylor Swift has never been engaged before. Even so, fans love discovering easter eggs in the pop star’s albums that hint to marriage and engagement rings, as it feels like a glimpse into the celebrity’s private life. And it's got us wondering, is Taylor Swift engaged to Travis Kelce?

Travis Kelce has also reportedly never been engaged, and he seems completely head over heels with his current popstar girlfriend. But, will the ultimate golden retriever boyfriend pop the question any time soon? Possibly!

On Friday 31st of May, Travis made headlines when he performed at the 2024 Big Slick Celebrity Weekend. During a sketch with Jason Sudeikis, the American actor and comedian asked Kelce if he had plans to propose to Taylor Swift anytime soon. And, instead of saying no, Kelce just smiled and dodged the question. Suspicious? We think so! 

So, while there is no confirmation just yet about whether the Kansas City player has put a ring on Swift’s finger yet, we think it could be just around the corner. 

Who is Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift performing on stage during her Eras tour in a sparkly silver bodysuit

Taylor Swift is an American singer-songwriter and an international pop sensation, who will go down in history as one of the greatest artists of our time. 

Born in Pennsylvania, Taylor moved with her family to Tennessee at the age of 14 to chase a career in country music. It was a decision that soon paid off, as she secured a songwriting deal and a record deal with two major labels.

Throughout her career, she’s created iconic albums such as Fearless, Speak Now, Red, 1989, Reputation, Lover and Midnights. After making headlines for re-recording some of her most famous albums to gain ownership over the masters of her back catalogue, Swift then went on to release her 11th studio album called The Tortured Poets Department

Fans, known as Swifties, adore Taylor’s music for her poetic lyrics and sense of storytelling, as well as loving the singer herself. Her songs have become famous for containing secrets and hints about her famous love life, which often feature references to her celebrity ex-boyfriends such as Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, Matty Healy, and Joe Alwyn. 

Having sold over 200 million records globally, Taylor Swift is one of the best-selling musicians of our time, and holds the title as the most streamed woman on Spotify. She was also the Times Person of the Year in 2023, in addition to receiving many other notable awards and heaps of critical acclaim. 

Who is Travis Kelce?

Travis Kelce smiling at the camera during an interview

Travis Kelce is famous in his own right as a sportsman, but next to Taylor Swift, a lot of fans were left asking “who is Travis Kelce?”. Well, let us tell you!

Born in Ohio, Travis Kelce is a world famous tight end in the National Football League - known as the NFL. If you're wondering who does Travis Kelce play for, it's the Kansas City Chiefs. He’s helped the team to win three Super Bowls over the past four years, and he’s celebrated as a determined and professional athlete. 

Travis Kelce's ex-girlfriend is the fashion influencer, Kayla Nicole. The pair were together on-and-off from 2017 to 2022, before officially breaking up for good.

So, while sports fans know him as a great American football player, Swifties know him as Taylor’s boyfriend, and also the man that is rumoured to have kicked off the “golden retriever boyfriend” trend on TikTok. What’s a golden retriever boyfriend, we hear you ask?

Typically, it’s a guy that is supportive, excitable and loving - all the qualities of a friendly pup, that conveniently make a wonderful boyfriend too. Taylor, we approve!

Outside of American football, Kelce has also appeared in and hosted different television and radio shows, like Saturday Night Live. He also has a podcast with his brother called New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, where they talk about life in the league as it unfolds.

Is Travis Kelce On Tour With Taylor Swift? 

Many fans of the Taylor Travis relationship were concerned that due to the length of the popstar's Eras tour and the distance between the pair, we could have a Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce breakup on our hands. But rest assured, the lovebirds still seem very happy!

By now, Taylor is well and truly into the second half of her 18-month long Eras tour, and the question on everyone’s lips has been “is Travis on tour with Taylor?”. Unfortunately, due to Travis’s commitments to the Kansas City Chiefs, he hasn’t been able to be with Taylor all the time on her worldwide trip. 

However, they have been spotted together whenever they are able to find the time, so we have no doubt that the couple is thriving despite their long-distance arrangements. In mid-May, they were photographed in Italy. And before that, Travis had travelled to Paris for her last Eras Tour show in that city. 

After their brief holiday, Taylor travelled to Stockholm for her weekend show, and Travis returned to Kansas City. Next on Taylor’s list is Edinburgh, so let’s wait to see if Travis makes an appearance in Scotland’s capital city!

Hitched Predicts: Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s Wedding

There are plenty of celebrity weddings on our radar this year, and if Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce decide to tie the knot, it would certainly be top of our newsfeed. But even if we are the last to hear about it, we couldn't help but dream about what the wedding between the Tortured Poets Department artist and the Kansas City Chiefs star would look like. So, we planned their perfect wedding!

Keep reading to reveal our wedding predictions for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. 

The Venue: Shoreditch Studios, Hackney

An underground exposed brick wedding venue covered in fairy lights and dried flowers, with a bride, groom and all their wedding guests

For our fantasy to work, we should pretend that this all-American couple would be tying the knot in the UK. And this isn’t outside the realm of possibility, as we know from Taylor’s hit song “London Boy”, that she’s a big fan of England’s capital city.

Of course, we know now that this song was heavily inspired by her ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn, but we hope that their breakup hasn’t changed the way Swift feels about our beloved London. 

In the song, Taylor sings, “please show me Hackney” multiple times throughout her chorus. So, you know what Taylor? You're wish is our command! We think Taylor and Travis would have the wedding of their dreams at Shoreditch Studios, nestled in the heart of Hackney. 

The spacious East London space is one of our favourite wedding venues in London, and boasts two large rooms within a warehouse, as well as features like exposed brick, falling fairylights and a railway arch for a chic, urban setting. Plus, the venue is often used as a setting for high fashion photography, so it’s no stranger to celebrities.

Taylor Swift is famous for her relaxed, playful vibe, and we can’t quite picture her having a formal, big white wedding. That’s why we think this cool and stripped back party venue would suit her and her football playing fiancé perfectly. 

  • Pricing: From £7,200
  • Capacity: 90-170

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Entertainment: Lucky Voice Pop-Up Karaoke Booth

Three party guests singing into a microphone inside a karaoke booth

It wouldn’t be Taylor Swift’s wedding without guests screaming the lyrics to “Love Story” at the top of their lungs. That’s why we think the Eras Tour popstar’s wedding wouldn’t be complete without the Lucky Voice Pop-Up Karaoke Booth.

Karaoke is a brilliant way to entertain your wedding guests, as it gives everyone the opportunity to live out their superstar fantasies for a night. 

Based in West London, this service prides itself for being karaoke on wheels, able to travel far and wide to give every guest a chance to sing their heart out. With over 13 years of experience in wedding entertainment, the Lucky Voice Karaoke Booth comes equipped with over 10,000 karaoke anthems from throughout the decades.

And it’s likely that Taylor’s work makes up a fair chunk of that playlist…

  • Pricing: From £1,400
  • Deals: Couples tying the knot on Monday, Tuesdays or Wednesdays can enjoy an exclusive discount! 

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Wedding Dress: Catherine Deane

Tall blonde model in a white, bustier bridal jumpsuit

Fans have often speculated over what Taylor Swift’s wedding dress would look like, and the singer-songwriter sent Swifties wild in the music video for her song “I Bet You Think About Me”, when she appeared in a large, organza wedding gown. 

As gorgeous as Taylor would look in a big white dress, she’s become famous for rocking a sparkly jumpsuit or a stunning two piece on the red carpet or during her shows. That’s why her wedding wouldn’t be complete without an evening look, and this strapless, white jumpsuit with a sweetheart neckline from London-based bridal boutique, Catherine Deane, is right up her street. 

Of course, Swift will probably rock multiple looks throughout the night, but if you also love the idea of a modern two-piece or a sleek jumpsuit for your big day, this East London boutique could be the one for you.

  • Pricing: POA

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Wedding Catering: The Bo-Ho Catering Co

A table spread at a wedding of different foods like ham, dips, skewers and small plates

After a little bit of digging, we've discovered that Taylor and Travis are big foodies. While the popstar's favourite meal is chicken tenders, the football star's dish of choice is seafood. So, we're thinking a good old fashioned barbecue could go down very well on their big day.

That's why we've chosen the Bo-Ho Catering Co. as their food vendor, as it specialises in creating delicious, indulgent wedding packages including barbecues, street-food and hog roasts - perfect for our all-American couple.

After all, a barbecue at a wedding is always a good idea!

Based in Sheffield, this vendor travels all over the country to provide incredible dining experiences for both intimate and grand events. Focused on good, honest food - we think it aligns with Taylor and Travis's values perfectly. 

  • Pricing: From £800
  • Capacity: 20-400

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Wedding Flowers: A F M E N A

three bridesmaids in bronze dresses holding cream bouquets of hydrangeas and roses

Finding out exactly what Taylor Swift's favourite flowers are is quite a challenging task, as she likes so many. However, roses have previously appeared in her album artwork and her music videos, so they are definitely on the list for a Swift-inspired wedding.

There are also reports that the Eras Tour singer loves hydrangeas, so we're envisioning a blend of both flowers in her perfect bouquet. 

That's why we've chosen A F M E N A as the ideal florist for this celebrity wedding. Also based in East London, this vendor travels all over the home counties to deliver gorgeous fresh flowers to nearlyweds.

The team prides itself on its sustainability values, and also its unusual and unconventional take on wedding floristry, which we think suits Taylor's quirky personality perfectly.

From striking arrangements to tropical foliage, A F M E N A knows how to add a unique twist to your special day. 

  • Pricing: From £1,000

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So there you have it - our predictions for the day that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce get married. For more celebrity wedding insights, check out what we think Tom Holland and Zendaya's wedding would look like.