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23 Unique Wedding Cheesecakes for Cool Couples

Swap out the traditional wedding cake for a creative cheesecake alternative. Playful, pretty and, most importantly, delicious, we've got all the wedding cheesecake inspiration you'll need...

Baked wedding cheesecake with chocolate and flowers

From the soppy speeches to the smiling snapshots, wedding days are full of cheese. So, we think it's an excellent idea to add even more into the equation with a not-so-traditional wedding cheesecake. 

The ideal way to offer a new take on a sweet treat after your wedding meal, they're unique, fun and a real crowd pleaser. Plus, you can easily style them to suite your taste and wedding theme. From chic designs with flowers and fruit to rich flavours with chocolate and sauces, the possibilities are endless. 

If you don't have a sweet tooth at all, wheels of cheese are a grate (sorry), option and they look amazing if you're having a rustic wedding. Or, if you don't eat dairy there are lots of savoury and sweet vegan cheesecake alternatives.

To give you some inspiration, we've rounded up 23 mouthwatering wedding cheesecake ideas that you won't be able to resist. 


1.Multi-Flavoured Wedding Cheesecake

Multi flavoured cheesecake wedding cake with flowers

What's better than one flavour of cheesecake? Three, of course! Packed full of fruit and adorned with fresh flowers, this wedding cheesecake will keep all your guests happy and solve any difficult flavour picking decisions.

2. Eton Mess Wedding Cheesecake

Eton mess wedding cheesecake

Pleesecakes deliver dreamy cheesecakes from their HQ in Surrey and the flavours they offer are out of this world. We love the sound of Eton Mess but there's also banoffee, pick 'n' mix, raspberry Nutella, Kinder overload and more!

3. Celebration Cheese Wheel 

Cheese wheel wedding cake

Expert cheesemongers Paxton & Whitfield have an amazing collection of celebration cheese cakes made from fresh artisan cheeses. Able to cater for 15-200 guests, you can guarantee your friends and family won't go hungry if you opt for this. 

4. Fig & Honey Wedding Cheesecake

Fig and honey cheesecake wedding cake

Honey and fig are a match made in heaven, and the flavour combination is made even better when combined with a vanilla cheesecake. The succulent sauce looks seriously tempting and the fresh fruit photographs beautifully.

5. Ice Cream Wedding Cheesecake

Ice cream cheesecake wedding cake with pink flowers

This cheesecake uses frozen berries in the mixture to give it a creamy, ice cream consistency. It's smooth, refreshing and the burst berries give it a pretty pink hue.

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6. Mini Wedding Cheesecakes

Mini cheesecakes wedding dessert

Individual desserts are excellent if you're planning an intimate celebration. It'll mean your wedding cheesecakes won't go to waste and give a relaxed feel to your dessert table.

7. Rustic Cheese Wedding Cake

Rustic cheese wedding cake with sunflowers and fruit

A rustic cheese wheel wedding cake will look wonderful placed on a wooden board at a barn wedding. Simply decorate the layers with fruit, leave a few crackers out and watch your guests' faces light up.

8. Tiered Wedding Cheesecake

Tiered strawberry wedding cheesecake

This tiered wedding cheesecake from the English Cheesecake Company will make a big statement as a dessert table centrepiece. Available in three, four or five tiers, you'll also receive a free silver cake stand to create this clever floating cake illusion. 

9. Textured Wedding Cheesecake

Textured wedding cheesecake

Add some interest to your wedding cheesecake with playful textures. This cheesecake features fruit slices and nuts that also double up as an indicator of what flavour each tier is.

10. Layered Wedding Cheesecake with Fresh Flowers

Bride and groom cutting a wedding cheesecake

Stylist Alex Carl had this decadent cheesecake at her chic wedding in Copenhagen. Decorated with fresh flowers, the layers of pink, green and cream pair perfectly together. 

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11. Chocolate Drip Wedding Cheesecake


Drip wedding cakes are the trend that has totally taken over and a smattering of chocolate will take your wedding cheesecake to the next level. 

12. Vegan Rose Wedding Cheesecake

Vegan rose wedding cheesecake

Pink dragon fruit and rose combine in this creamy cashew cheesecake to create a stunning ombre effect. Made with coconut oil, it'll taste super tropical making it ideal for a destination do.

13. Baked Wedding Cheesecake

Baked cheesecake wedding cake with flowers and fruit

Keep it classic with a baked vanilla cheesecake decorated with a drizzle of chocolate sauce and red berries, topped off with gorgeous pink roses. It's a fail-safe combination!

14. Vegan Salted Caramel Wedding Cheesecake

Vegan salted caramel wedding cheesecake

This wedding cheesecake is adorned with frozen blackberries, nuts and seeds and dripping with luxurious salted caramel sauce. It's a beautiful masterpiece that'll feel right at home if you're having an autumn wedding. 

15. Raspberry Wedding Cheesecake

Raspberry wedding cheesecake

Adding hot pink raspberries and compote over the top of your wedding cheesecake is a great way to incorporate a splash of colour into your dessert and make it truly wedding-worthy.

16. Summer Fruit Wedding Cheesecake

Summer fruit wedding cheesecake

A delicious hybrid between a pie and a cheesecake, this summer dessert is bursting with peaches, strawberries and raspberries. We reckon it'll look lovely if your colour palette is pastels.

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17. Funfetti Wedding Cheesecake

Funfetti wedding cheesecake

If you thought a wedding cheesecake was fun, try adding sprinkles to the mixture and white Oreos on top to create the ultimate party confectionary. This idea is seriously sweet!

18. Edible Flowers Wedding Cheesecake

Edible flowers wedding cheesecake

Decorating a stark white wedding cheesecake with contrasting bright edible flowers is simple yet highly effective. We love the way it looks soft, feminine and romantic.

19. Blackberry Wedding Cheesecake

Blackberry wedding cheesecake

No winter wedding should be complete without a festive blackberry wedding cheesecake. We love how this cake has used frozen berries, but you could dust a smattering of icing sugar over fresh berries to create a similar effect.

20. Blueberry Wedding Cheesecake

Blueberry wedding cheesecake

This bright blue wedding cheesecake is a work of art! Ideal for contemporary couples, it looks almost to good to eat! We said almost...

21. Labelled Cheese Wedding Cake

Labelled cheese wedding cake

Although you might be a cheese expert who knows their Gouda from their Gruyere, some of your guests might not. Make things a little easier by labelling the cheese levels with black and white signs. Not only are they practical, they look pretty too.

22. Simple Wedding Cheesecake

Simple wedding cheesecake

The great thing about a wedding cheesecake is that it can afford to be simple. Just add a few sprigs of greenery or a couple of blooms that match your bouquet and you'll have a lovely design.

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23. White Lindt Wedding Cheesecake

White Lindt wedding cheesecake

Give a nod to a traditional white wedding cake by incorporating white Lindt into your bake. Seriously sweet and oh-so glamorous, this wedding cheesecake by Desserts Delivered Bakery is what dreams are made of.

Just because you're having a wedding cheesecake doesn't mean you don't need a fabulous wedding cake topper! Here are our favourite wedding cake toppers to shop now.