Oval Engagement Rings: 19 of the Most Beautiful Settings We’ve Ever Seen

Take a look at our favourite oval engagement rings, featuring all kinds of styles - from diamond three gem settings to unique coloured stones!

Oval engagement rings

If you already know you want an oval engagement ring then it’s worth having a little browse of the different styles and sizes.


Knowing your preferred shape for the main stone is a great place to start, and with that in mind you can now start working out things like whether you’d like shoulder detailing or if you’d prefer a single precious oval-shaped gem, or if you think you might favour gold, silver or platinum when it comes to the band.

When picking between the oval engagement rings below it’s worth having a little think about your wedding band at the same time too. If you’re going to go for a simple knife-edge band then you might like a similar style for your wedding band, and with an oval shaped stone you could consider a specially-shaped wedding band that will curve round the stone, so that they sit snugly together on your ring finger.

Whatever you choose it’ll be the most precious piece of jewellery you own so make sure, if you’re picking it yourself with your partner, that you take your time, try on lots of styles and have fun finding ‘the one’.

Here are some of our favourite oval engagement rings.

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Trilogy Ring – very.co.uk

This stunning three-stone ring is actually made from moissanite, which makes it more affordable than a similar size of diamond ring. These beautiful sparkly stones are made from a rare mineral and have the same clear, colourless look as diamonds.

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Oval Diamond and Baguette Ring – The Cut London

This stunning vintage-looking ring is made by Gee Woods, who makes bespoke designs for couples. We love this oval setting with the baguette sides for its classic look that will never go out of style, a real modern-heirloom piece. Because Gee Wood’s rings are made individually for each couple they can be set in any kind of precious metal, and you can tweak the stone size and shapes to suit your budget and taste.

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Three Stone with Tapered Baguette Shoulders – Steven Stone

For a sparkly finish you can’t beat this brilliantly bright three-stone diamond ring from Steven Stone. The tapered Baguette shoulders slim down the band beautifully for an elegant finish, and help the main stone really stand out for added wow-factor.

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Classic Plain Halo – Steven Stone

If you’re a little magpie and can’t get enough of all that glitters, then a halo setting could be perfect for you. The band of little diamonds set around your main stone will add a twinkling frame (AKA, a halo), for real impact. The metal choice on this ring can be tailored to your preference, and you can choose the size of your diamond too.

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Labradorite Rose Cut Ring – Lee Renee

If you’re not sure a diamond’s for you then you could consider going down the Labradorite route. These stunning stones are known for their huge variation in colour, and often throw up grey and white marble-like patterns. They’re translucent, so don’t reflect as much light as a diamond or similar precious stone, but are beautiful in their simplicity.

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Emerald Trilogy Ring – Amazon

Do you love the idea of a coloured stone? This stunning three stone piece could be perfect for you. Set with four claws, the main stone is a rich emerald, giving it a vintage feel. Flanked by two diamonds this gorgeous ring looks almost antique, which means it’s less likely to date over the years – a classic choice.

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Oval with Trefoil Detail – Cred Jewellery

The star of this stunning oval engagement ring is an ethically sourced diamond, so not only will you know you’re getting a beautiful piece, you also know you’re getting something that has been properly procured. The cluster of three diamonds either side of the main stone give a gorgeous antique look, for a piece that you’ll surely treasure for years to come.

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Three Stone with Pear Shape Shoulders – Steven Stone

Set in white gold, this stunning ring combines elements from modern and classic design for a gorgeous hybrid look. We love the white gold for its up-to-date feel, while the pear shaped sides give the overall look a slightly retro feel (in the best kind of way).

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Rose Gold Morganite – Goldsmiths

Make a statement by choosing a ring that goes against tradition with this incredible pale pink and rose-gold combination. Morganite is a semi-precious rare stone that makes a great alternative to diamonds for colour-lovers. Emphasising the central stone, this oval engagement ring is set in rose gold, for a really warm glow – the perfect thing for any pink fan.

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Sapphire and Diamond Ring – The Cut London

Michelle Oh designs bespoke rings for couples, and also has a collection of ready-to-wear pieces in her East London studio shop. This striking dark sapphire ring will ensure you stand out from the crowd, and is definitely something a bit different (which we love). The white diamond side-stones are pear cut to elongate the design, giving it an elegant finish.

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Emerald and Diamond Cluster Ring – Goldsmiths

Looking just like a starburst, this statement ring is ideal for the girl who likes to make a real entrance. The gorgeous diamonds surrounding the central emerald ensure you’ve got the best of both worlds – a coloured stone and some serious bling. We love the clarity of colours in this piece, and think it would be beautiful paired with a super simple wedding ring.

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Luminous Diamond Bridal Set – Amazon

Even the name of this beauty lets you know it’s a classy choice. The delicately detailed shoulders add a whole lot of sparkle without taking away from the main, central stone. We love the white gold setting too, a really classic choice of metal that will withstand the test of time in the style-stakes. Buying your wedding band with your engagement ring is the perfect way to make sure the styles match.

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Rose Gold Morganite Halo Ring – Chupi

We can’t get enough of these subtle rose-coloured stones, and Irish ring designer Chupi has set this one in the perfect surround. Framed in a circle of white diamonds with a rose gold band the whole package here is made for someone that likes to make an impact with their jewellery, a real one-of-a-kind design.

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Green Sapphire Ring – Not On The High Street

Having a coloured ring will always make you stand out, and we love the simplicity of this design, showcasing the oval shaped stone perfectly. The emerald is such a rich green colour that contrasts beautifully with the yellow gold. We think this would be perfect with a plain gold band for a modern, simple set.

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Moissanite Engagement Ring – Not On The High Street

We’re always keen on getting more bang for our buck and this stand-out stone is actually a moissanite rather than a diamond. With that choice you’ll get a larger size, when compared with a diamond, but still get that sparklingly clear finish. The simple four claws let the star of the show really shine, giving the oval shape full impact.

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Leaf Ring – Steven Stone

If you’re after a unique oval engagement ring then we think this little chap could be the one. With the leaf-shaped diamond sides surrounding the main central stone, it has a botanical vibe and really individual look. Steven Stone offer a bespoke service, so you can alter the metal type and diamond size depending on what you’re looking for.

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The Bacall Ring – Queensmith

This showstopper is the epitome of big bling, and we love it. The only way we’ve found to make a diamond ring even better is to add more diamonds and this one has a good handful of the goods. With a sparkly halo around the striking middle stone this is a ring that’s made to be noticed.

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Opal and Diamond Three Stone Ring – Goldsmiths

For anyone who is looking for something a little bit individual this opal is pastel perfection. We love that it still has a couple of twinkly diamonds either side for a classic slant, yet is completely different to most engagement ring designs.

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Aquamarine Gold Ring – Not On The High Street

There’s something so beautiful about simplicity, which is why we can’t get enough of this striking aquamarine engagement ring. Set into gold it has an ethereal quality which would suit a free-spirit. The clean lines would pair perfectly with a plain yellow gold band, for a gorgeous full set.

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