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Wedding Underwear: What to Wear Under a Wedding Dress & Where to Buy It

From shapewear advice from the experts at Gossard to which styles of wedding underwear suit which bra shapes - our guide has everything you need to know about what to wear under a wedding dress.

Two women wearing white Boux Avenue wedding underwear sets in white lace
Boux Avenue

Two women wearing white Boux Avenue wedding underwear sets in white lace
Boux Avenue

Choosing your wedding dress is a huge milestone to tick off your wedding planning checklist, but where do you even start when it comes to wedding underwear?

No, we’re not talking about the sultry lace wedding lingerie you slip onto in the evening - no one wants to wear that all day, can you imagine the discomfort! We’re talking about the trusted bra and knickers or bodysuit you choose to wear underneath your wedding dress. 

When it comes to deciding what underwear to wear under your wedding dress, there are a few factors to consider. Once you’ve chosen your wedding dress, you can then start to browse undergarments that will be suitable to wear underneath your gown.

After your wedding dress appointment, you should know for certain whether or not you need a bra, if there are any sheer panels on your wedding dress and what kind of neckline it has. All of these things play a huge role in choosing the perfect wedding underwear. 

If you're unsure, you can always ask when you're buying your wedding dress - your bridal stylist will be able to give you expert advice tailored to suit your choice of dress and support needs!

Wedding Underwear: What to Wear Under a Wedding Dress

Woman opening a box with wedding underwear
Pexels / Cottonbro

Our guide to finding the best wedding underwear for you will give you an idea of what underwear and bras are best paired with which style of wedding dress, the important things you need to consider and where you can go to buy your wedding underwear. 

As well as that, we also have advice on what to wear to your wedding dress appointment and your wedding dress fitting - you’d be surprised at just how important underwear is on these two occasions! 

To help us guide you through the process of choosing what underwear to wear underneath a wedding dress and to your wedding dress fittings and appointments, we’ve enlisted the expert advice from Gemma Birtwistle, Design and Creative Manager at Gossard. 

What to Wear Under a Wedding Dress

Image of wedding dress and lace triangle bra on the wooden floor
Pexels / Rachel Claire

When it comes to deciding what to wear under a wedding dress, it will always depend on the kind of wedding dress you’ve chosen and what kind of body shape you have.

A lot of wedding dresses will have built in support around the bust area and many will have a corset or lining that will have you feeling comfortable enough to refrain from wearing a bra or undergarments - but this won’t be the case for everyone.

The neckline of your wedding dress will also impact the style of wedding underwear you have, no-one wants bra straps hanging out of a stunning sweetheart neckline. The fabric will also be a deciding factor. Some fabrics hide underwear lines better than others, and wedding dresses with sheer parts will require nude or multiway underwear so nothing is on show.

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What to Wear Under a Strapless Wedding Dress

If you don’t feel supported enough in your strapless wedding dress to go braless, you’ll need a strapless or multiway bra.

Gossard’s Gemma Birtwistle advises: “A strapless or off the shoulder dress will require a strapless or multiway bra, but note that most strapless bras often come with straps which you can arrange according to the style of your dress.

"This gives more flexibility for brides wearing a one shoulder or asymmetric wedding dress.”

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What to Wear Under a Sheer Wedding Dress

Choosing underwear for a sheer or illusion wedding dress will depend on where the sheer panels or illusion aspect of the dress is. Wedding underwear is traditionally white, ivory or nude anyway, but the specific colour choice when wearing a sheer or sexy wedding dress is key to creating that illusion.

Gemma says, “If your wedding dress is sheer in any way, consider a smooth, seamless underwear set that matches as close to your skin tone as possible. You want to aim for an almost-invisible finish to maintain the illusion.”

What to Wear Under a Plunge Neckline Wedding Dress

If your wedding dress has a plunging neckline, it will likely come with built-in support.

For brides who want more support, look for a plunge bra which veers lower than generic bra shapes. If your plunge is significantly low, consider using tape or asking your seamstress to sew in bra cups or extra support within your dress.

This is something that can be easily done in most wedding dresses but you will need to allow extra time for alterations and potentially an inch of space to add a cup if you require padding. 

What to Wear Under a Short Wedding Dress

If you’re opting for a short wedding dress, ensure any wedding shapewear or undergarments don’t fall below your hemline. Some nearlyweds will want to wear shapewear underneath their wedding dress and often these come with bottoms which fall just above the knee. Buying a shorter one or having these taken up will help in hiding any undergarments. 

Expert Tip: Get Properly Measured!

Gemma shares her top tip for buying underwear for under your wedding dress, “Much like beauty comes from within, confidence comes from what you wear underneath your wedding dress! Surprisingly most women are wearing the incorrect size bra!

"Wearing the correct bra size can enhance your natural shape, improve your posture and create a gorgeous silhouette as well as fully supporting you throughout your wedding day. Whatever style you choose to go for, a correct fitting bra is essential to avoid any distractions or discomfort during the day.”

You heard it here guys, get properly fitted - and not just for your wedding, for every day. 

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What Underwear to Wear to a Wedding Dress Appointment

Woman unboxing her wedding underwear
Pexels / Cottonbro

When shopping for a wedding dress, you’ll want underwear that’s comfortable but that will also make you feel amazing. Opt for a bra and knicker set that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

If you have one, we’d advise going for a multi-way bra or one with detachable straps so you can have a go at trying on strapless and one shoulder wedding dresses both with and without a bra. It’s also important to keep an open mind about how much underwear you’ll actually need on your wedding day.

Those who have never gone a day without wearing a bra often surprise themselves at how secure and comfortable they actually feel in a wedding dress without a bra on. Wedding dresses are not like regular dresses and can adequately support brides with a much larger bust, as well as those with smaller boobs and plus size brides. Going braless isn’t for everyone, but don’t rule it out. 

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What Underwear to Wear to a Wedding Dress Fitting?

It’s absolutely paramount that the undergarments you wear to your wedding dress fitting are similar, if not the ones you’ll be wearing on the big day. If you are unsure about which wedding underwear you’ll be wearing, use your wedding dress fitting as a chance to try out the different styles you have and make a decision there.

This is super important because the last thing you need on the morning of your wedding day is to realise your strapless bra comes up higher than your wedding dress, or the sheer panel in your dress shows your shapewear.

Often you will have more than one wedding dress fitting, especially if you are having alterations done, so you’ll have a few opportunities to double check. 

Where to Buy Wedding Underwear?

Now you have a better idea of what it is you’re looking for, it’s time to buy that all-important wedding underwear. We’ve listed some of our favourite places to buy wedding underwear for you to browse through. 


Two models showcasing two of Bravissimo's wedding underwear to wear under a wedding dress in nude and strapless

Bravissimo have an excellent range of both bridal lingerie and wedding underwear, along with virtual bra fittings and a wedding underwear guide of their own.

They offer seamless sets and multiway bras perfect for unusual wedding dress necklines and have also launched a range of boob-lift stickers which support fuller busts as well as brides with smaller boobs. Their sizing is inclusive and their range of plus size wedding lingerie is both vast and absolutely gorgeous.

Sizing: 28D - 48L

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Two Gossard wedding underwear sets in nude with balconette and T-shirt fits

Gossard underwear is completely wedding-worthy.

Their famous lace designs give wedding underwear a sexy, lingerie feel without anyone feeling uncomfortable and as experts in their field, they also offer amazing insight on self-measuring and information on sister sizing in case the bra you’ve fallen in love with is out of stock.

Their collections range from sexy lace to supportive slips and they have a number of multi-way garments that offer flexibility for nearlyweds. 

Sizing: 30A - 44G

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Two women wearing M&S shapewear in different skin tone shades

M&S are known for their excellent underwear and offer bra fittings in almost all of their stores, supporting women across the UK in finding their perfect fit.

As well as having an amazing offering of supportive and inclusive underwear, they also offer amazing wedding shapewear ranging from long-line shorts and plunging bodysuits to all-in-ones and high-waisted knickers.

Their range of shades makes finding a match for a nude or sheer wedding dress easier for brides with darker skin tones easier and their seamless range will create that barely-there look to help maintain the illusion.

Sizing: 28A - 44K

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Boux Avenue

Two women wearing white Boux Avenue wedding underwear sets in white lace

Boux Avenue have such a fun and playful range of underwear and lingerie, but their undergarments offer support for nearlyweds on a practical level too.

Their bras are as comfortable and supportive as they are beautiful and their sizes are inclusive with a specific range available for brides with a large bust. They also have an amazing range of swimwear so you can get your honeymoon outfits at the same time!

Sizing: 28A - 40G

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Now you have your underwear sorted, it's time to get the shoes! We have a range or pearl wedding shoes, ballerina flats and designer wedding heels for you to choose between.