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Wedding Table Numbers: 47 Unique Ideas

Help guests find their seats and complete the look of your wedding reception with these original wedding table number ideas. There's something to suit all themes and we've even included some easy DIY options

Book page wedding table number

Making sure everyone is seated where they should be for your wedding reception is one thing that you don't want to be worrying about on the big day. If you've got your wedding table plan sorted, (or if not, we have a seriously handy wedding table planner tool), you're still going to need wedding table numbers to avoid any confusion.

Practical doesn't have to mean they can't look pretty, so we've compiled a list of 47 creative wedding table number ideas to give you some inspiration. There's trendy terrazzo styles, eco-friendly bottles, plus a whole host of DIY options if you're feeling crafty. Yes, you can even make a wedding table number out of an old brick and some chalk, and it'll look gorgeous!

Don't believe us? Keep scrolling to check this brilliant idea out and lots more. 


1. Terrazzo Wedding Table Number 

Terrazzo wedding table number

Hailing from Italy, terrazzo is a material made up from chippings of marble, granite, quartz, shell and glass resulting in a speckled, unique design. Jump on the terrazzo trend by having your wedding table numbers printed on a stylish slab. 

2. Wooden Block Wedding Table Number

Wooden wedding table number

This wooden block wedding table number with white writing would be the perfect fit for a barn wedding. Using square wood blocks and painting on the numbers would be a great DIY project. 

3. Tree Slice Wedding Table Number

Tree slice wedding table number

If you're decking out woodland wedding tables a rustic tree slice would work wonderfully. You can pick up natural wooden slices from Hobbycraft for as little as £5 for 8 and paint on the white numbers yourself - chic and affordable!

4. Copper Wire Wedding Table Number

Copper wedding table number

Delicate and dainty, a copper wire table number nestled among flowers will let your guests know where they are sitting without taking away from the floral centrepiece itself. These ones from Le Rustic Chic are available in a whole host of different colours to match your theme. 

5. Mirror Wedding Table Number

Mirror wedding table number

Glamorous couples will adore a mirrored wedding table number. Not only will they look gorgeous, they'll actually create the illusion of a larger room too. If you want to go down the DIY route, charity shops often sell bargain second hand mirrors which you can write on with a glass marker pen

6. Rose Gold Wedding Table Number

Pink wedding table number

Clear acrylic combines with rose gold mirroring to create these stunning wedding table numbers from Z Create Design. They almost look as if they are floating on their own, creating a lovely ethereal effect. 

6. Twine Wedding Table Number

Twine wedding table number

If you're having a rustic wedding, ensure your wedding table numbers don't clash with the décor by considering brown twine decorations. They'll blend right in but still make a big enough of a statement to ensure your guests don't miss them. 

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7. Crocodile Clip Paper Wedding Table Number

Crocodile clip paper table number

Simple wedding table numbers can be just as effective as larger, more intricate options. We love the sleek look of this crocodile clip holding a monochrome print - available to download here!

8. Copper Foil & Black Paper Wedding Table Number

Copper foil and black paper wedding table number

Switch up traditional white or ivory card wedding table numbers by opting for a darker hue instead. The copper lettering contrasts beautifully next to the black card and adds a touch of glamour to the table. 

9. Wine Bottle Card Holder Wedding Table Number

Wine bottle card holder wedding table number

This set of 10 wine bottle table numbers from Party Delights costs less than £2 so you'll have more money for booze! As well as a beautiful table number print, if you look closely there's a little message written on the card saying 'drink for love'. Don't mind if we do...

10. Couple Photograph Wedding Table Number

Photograph wedding table number

Having picture frames as your wedding table numbers is a really sweet and personal touch. You could have a funny photo of you and your partner, a recent image or even a cute throwback if you've known each other a long time. The possibilities are endless! 

11. Pet Photograph Wedding Table Number

Pet photograph wedding table number

If your pet is the second love of your life you won't be able to resist having them as the shining star in the centre of your wedding tables. Cue lots of oohing and aahing from your guests while they find their seats. 

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12. Tile Wedding Table Number

Tile wedding table number

Have you seen a more beautiful wedding table number than this gorgeous printed tile? It reminds us of walking down pretty mosaiced paths in sunny climes and would be brilliant if you're planning a destination do. 

13. Light Bulb Wedding Table Number

Light bulb wedding table number

How about considering this bright idea (sorry) and having a light bulb as your wedding table number? You could even have them light up if you're planning an evening reception in order to create a lovely soft ambience. 

14. Crystal Wedding Table Number

Crystal wedding table number

You've probably seen celestial-themed weddings all over Pinterest and crystal table numbers are so fitting if that's what you're planning. They'll look fabulous on the day but also make a lovely ornament to keep in your home after the wedding. 

15. Plant Pot Wedding Table Number

Plant pot wedding table number

Plant pots are a great way to include colour on your wedding tables if you're not a fan of floral arrangements. We love the idea of having a fragrant herb as the centrepiece - just imagine your reception area smelling of fresh mint! 

16. Festive Wedding Table Number

Festive wedding table number

Gold accents add a special touch to winter wedding décor. We're obsessed with the sweet festive illustrations on this wedding table number card that slots perfectly into a metallic frame. 

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17. Dried Flower Frame Wedding Table Number

Dried flower frame wedding table number

Another gorgeous rustic option - we love this simple, sweet and delicate design. If you want to dry the flowers yourself, place parchment paper between the pages of a heavy book and lay down your chosen flowers. Add more weight on top of the book to press the flowers down and leave for two to four weeks.

18. Eucalyptus Wedding Table Number

Eucalyptus wedding table number

Illustrative designs look so elegant on wedding table numbers and we adore the way this drawing of a eucalyptus stem contrasts against the crisp white card. 

19. Perspex Hexagon Wedding Table Number

Perspex hexagon wedding table number

This geometric acrylic wedding table number is a little more unique than a square or circular shape, plus a splash of pink will add a beautiful touch to your wedding day and catch every guest's eye. 

20. Modern Wedding Table Number

Modern wedding table number

Make your wedding tables modern and stylish by choosing monochrome lettering and a simple design on the wedding table numbers. This set up with black feathers and bronzed candlesticks is seriously glam if you're after inspiration!  

21. Wooden Cut Out Wedding Table Number

Wooden cut out wedding table number

Sometimes less is more, and this wooden cut out wedding table number is just the ticket if you're after something simple and stylish. You could even jazz it up by adding glitter or coloured paint to match your colour scheme. 

22. Map Wedding Table Number

Map wedding table number

Perhaps you're having a destination wedding, or maybe you and your partner have a special place together that you want to nod to on your special day? Map wedding table numbers can have so many different meanings and they'll all add a sweet and personal touch to the day.

23. Embroidered Wedding Table Number

Embroidered wedding table number

If you're a dab hand at sewing, or perhaps you know a family member or friend who is, an embroidered wedding table number is an excellent idea. This example has been stitched onto fabulous feathered fabric but even plain cloth would work. 

24. Wood & Gold Wedding Table Number

Wood and gold wedding table number

Incorporating natural materials such as wood into your wedding décor can add a really romantic touch to the day. This wood and gold wedding table number is rustic while still having a modern feel to it.  

25. Message in a Bottle Wedding Table Number

Message in a bottle wedding table number

We can't think of a better addition to a beach wedding than message in a bottle wedding table numbers! You could even leave little pads of paper and pens on the the table for your guests to write their very own messages to leave in the bottle for you to read after the special day.  

26. Gin Bottle Wedding Table Number

Gin bottle wedding table number

Re-using old bottles for your wedding table numbers is an easy and eco-friendly idea that also looks gorgeous. Bombay Sapphire gin bottles are brilliant thanks to their vibrant blue hue but you could drink your way through whatever tipple takes your fancy in order to make them. 

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27. Stone Triangle Wedding Table Number

Stone triangle wedding table number

With the help of elegant white calligraphy this stone triangle has been transformed into a stylish wedding table number. The wooden board it's placed on completes the look. 

28. Blue Watercolour Wedding Table Number

Blue watercolour wedding table number

There's something so stunning about incorporating a wash of watercolour into your wedding table décor. This example uses blue to emulate ocean waves but we think green, pink or lilac would look lovely too. 

29. Copper Pipe Wedding Table Number

Copper pipe wedding table number

We love how this copper pipe wedding table number complements the surrounding neutral décor. It would work just as well at a warehouse wedding venue as it would at a country house wedding.

30. Candlestick Wedding Table Number

Candlestick wedding table number

When deciding on your wedding table number you need to ensure you opt for a design that's as practical as it is pretty. After all, they're there so your guests know where to sit! A long candlestick offers just that as it will peek over the top of any other table decoration you might have. 

31. Cork Holder Wedding Table Number

Cork wedding table number

The key to affordable wedding decorations is making use of what's around you! This simple wedding table number is only three corks tied together with a piece of brown string holding a hand-drawn card, yet it looks really beautiful. 

32. Wine Bottle Wedding Table Number

Wine bottle wedding table number

A multi-purpose wedding table number is a stroke of genius. These wine bottles double up as fabulous water vases to hold floral decorations as well as letting your guests know who will be seated on which table. 

33. Cotton Paper Wedding Table Number

Cotton paper wedding table number

Cotton paper is a soft alternative to stark white card and an old type face inked on creates a brilliant effect. We've even got a guide to calligraphy if you fancy doing the lettering yourself. 

34. Brown Flag Wedding Table Number

Brown flag wedding table number

If you're having rustic bunting adorning the ceilings on your big day you can match them to these rustic brown paper flag wedding table numbers. They're available from Ginger Ray at only £7.99 for 12 and include both the card and the wooden stick. 

35. Gold Frame Wedding Table Number

Gold frame wedding table number

This wedding table number just oozes glitz and glamour. Intricate and luxe, they'll take your wedding table décor to the next level. Plus, you can even re-purpose the frames after the wedding by popping photographs from the day in them. 

36. Glass Dome Wedding Table Number

Glass dome wedding table number

Did somebody say Beauty & The Beast? Disney lovers look no further, this glass dome wedding table number idea is romantic and gives a subtle nod to that magical movie. 

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37. Book Page Wedding Table Number

Book page wedding table number

Book worms will adore this sweet wedding table number that looks like it's literally been ripped from the pages of a fairy tale. We think it would be a lovely idea to use pages from a romantic novel such as The Notebook. 

38. Brick Wedding Table Number

Brick wedding table number

You really can find wedding décor inspiration from the most unexpected of places and this red brick proves it! With a simple chalk number written onto it, it's rustic, cool and contemporary. Plus, if you're having your tables outside it'll make sure the table cloths don't get blown by the wind.

39. Slate Wedding Table Number

Slate wedding table number

Slate is a stylish alternative to brick that creates a modern effect. It would look lovely if you're getting hitched in an area with a lot of natural slate surroundings or on a shingle beach. 

40. Glitter Wedding Table Number

Glitter wedding table number

This rose gold glitter wedding table number from Ginger Ray definitely makes an impact. Big, bold and beautiful, your wedding guests won't be unsure of where to sit if you opt for these.

41. Laser Cut Floral Wedding Table Number

Laser cut wedding table number

Clear acrylic makes for an understated wedding table number that will fit with any colour scheme. We love the floral laser cut patterns on this example.

42. Notebook Wedding Table Number

Notebook wedding table number

Save money on a guest book and use a notebook as your wedding table numbers! Super easy to make yourself and a lovely keepsake after the wedding day. 

43. Sail Boat Wedding Table Number

Sail boat wedding table number

If you're getting married on a boat, these sailing wedding table numbers will surely appeal! They're so unique and will be a brilliant talking point for guests.

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44. Textured Plank Wedding Table Number

Textured plank wedding table number

Experimenting with different textures is a great way to add interest to your wedding tables. This rough wooden plank contrasts wonderfully against the smooth lettering creating a chic look.

45. Lace Coaster Wedding Table Number

Lace coaster wedding table number

Lace and weddings are a classic combination, and this frill effect coaster wedding table number is subtle yet effective. It pairs perfectly placed on top of the rustic books. 

46. Vintage Wedding Table Number

Vintage wedding table number

It really is the little details that'll bring your wedding décor together and this mini block table number will be the cherry on top if you're planning a vintage-themed wedding day. 

47. Hummingbird Wedding Table Number

Hummingbird wedding table number

This playful hummingbird wedding table number idea is so sweet and something we've never seen before! If you're having children at the wedding, we guarantee they'll love these.

Now you've done the fun part, it's time to get down to business with our easy guide on how to arrange your wedding tables.