Save the Date Magnets – Our Favourite Ideas

Want to send save the date magnets to your friends and family? We've got our favourite themed, custom and DIY magnet ideas!

From first thing in the morning to last thing at night, people use their fridges. It makes sense then to send save the date magnets that your guests can pop on the fridge so they’re regularly reminded of your wedding date – and it’s a totally unusual form of wedding stationery.

We’ve picked out some of our favourite magnetic save the dates, but if you’re looking for other ideas, make sure you check out our list of unique save the date ideas.

Themed Save the Date Magnets

Let your guests know what to expect by sending them a save the date that hints to what kind of wedding theme you’re going to have. We’ve picked out some of our favourites below.


If you’re planning a rustic style wedding, these magnets based on tree slices are the perfect choice.


Image credit: jessharringtondesign on Etsy


Quirky couples putting together a fun carnival themed wedding will love this save the date magnet.


Image credit: jessharringtondesign on Etsy


Brides and grooms who love their music have to send out this record style magnets to all their guests.


Image credit: jessharringtondesign on Etsy


A beachy seaside themed wedding needs save the dates to match. The cute shell motif on this one is perfect!


Image credit: jessharringtondesign on Etsy


Reflect the time of year your wedding is taking place by choosing a seasonal inspired magnet. This one is perfect for autumn weddings, but consider snowflakes for a winter wedding, bright flowers for summer and daffodils for spring.


Image credit: WeddingSavetheDates on Etsy


We love this cute train ticket inspired magnet – after all, planning a wedding is a journey you embark on together, and marriage is the destination (too cheesy?).


Image credit: Of Life & Lemons at Not on the High Street


This wooden ticket magnet is a unique choice – ideal for film themed weddings. The fact it’s made from wood makes it hardwearing too – it’s likely to stay on the fridge for a long time.


Image credit: Laser Made Designs at Not on the High Street

Custom Save the Date Magnets

Remind everyone who’s wedding it is they’re waiting for by personalising your magnets with pictures of your face! Cheerz can do a range of magnets to suit your needs, either as small squares or in strips. It’s great if you are both big fans of Instagram as you can use pictures straight from there.


Simple Save the Date Magnets

If you don’t fancy the idea of your faces being on the fridge or you don’t want to give too much away about your wedding theme, choose a magnet with a simple design that doesn’t reveal your wedding plans. We’ve listed some lovely ones to inspire you below.


This black and white magnet is stylish, and the chalkboard style is very fashionable but it doesn’t give anything away!


Image credit: Peardrop Avenue at Not on the High Street


Keep it to the point by choosing a magnet that just features key words. You can pick from a variety of colours so it could match your colour scheme if you wanted, or you can give nothing away with a sleek black and white design.


Image credit: Contemporary Invitations at Not on the High Street


This circular magnet is simple but still has a lot of visual impact! It’ll stand out on your friends’ fridges and there’s no way they can forget the date as it takes centre stage.


Image credit: Batemandesigns at Not on the High Street

Polka Dot

Simple doesn’t have to be boring! This design features pretty polka dots and comes on a cute card, but it still doesn’t give the game away when it comes to what you’re planning.


Image credit: Orange Blossom Design at Not on the High Street


This wooden design is really classic – and we’re not just saying that because it says ‘Hitched’ on it!


Image credit: Sweet Pea Design at Not on the High Street


This grey design is sleek and stylish and comes beautifully displayed on a card. You can customise lots of details including the style of font, the motif and the colour.


Image credit: Pink Biscuits at Not on the High Street

DIY Save the Date Magnets

If you’re feeling super creative and none of the magnets above appeal to you, why not try making your own? We found this easy to follow tutorial that will guide you through the process of making DIY save the date magnets – we love the suggestion of getting all your bridesmaids round for a girls’ night in to help!

You can see there’s plenty of choice when it comes to picking save the date magnets, but if you feel like you want to get even more creative when it comes to sending out save the dates, make sure you browse our list of over 40 different unique save the date ideas!

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