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Save the Date Magnets: 11 Fridge-Worthy Finds

Send a save the date with a twist - save the date magnets make sure that your guests will be thinking about you every time they open their fridge.

Black circular save the date magnet with hand drawn venue attached to a card reading 'put me on your fridge'
Paper and Inc

Black circular save the date magnet with hand drawn venue attached to a card reading 'put me on your fridge'
Paper and Inc

People use their fridges at every time of the day, from getting their morning yoghurt to feasting on midnight snacks, making it the perfect place to keep your save the date! Using a save the date magnet means that each guest will keep the location and date of your wedding at the front of their mind and they can start counting down the days.

Using save the date fridge magnets to remind guests of your wedding date isn't just quirky; it also means that your save the date is far less likely to get lost. Save the date magnets can also serve as a sweet memento of your wedding day once the celebrations are over, doubling up as a unique wedding favour

11 Unique Save The Date Magnets

With all this in mind, it's important to choose a design that you're completely in love with - you want practicality and style, right? No matter what type of ceremony you're planning, you can find plenty of magnetic save the dates to suit your wedding theme and style.

Your save the date is the first step on your wedding stationery checklist so it's the perfect time for you to check out our favourites below.

1. Calendar Save The Date Magnet - Etsy

Wooden calendar save the dates with heart over wedding date

These calendar save the date magnets from Etsy are adorable! The wooden finish makes these magnetic save the dates a lovely keepsake for your guests after your day is through, and the heart placed over the date means that they'll always remember your big day.

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2. Cartoon Save The Date Magnet - The Abstract Bee, £2

Thin save the date magnet tag with cartoon version of couple, their names and date of ceremony

Create your own cartoon alter-egos with these unique creations from The Abstract Bee. These wide grins are an excellent reminder for your guests to keep your date free - even if they're sick of seeing your faces by the end of the celebrations!

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3. Wine Glasses Save The Date Magnet - Natural Gift Store, £4.50

Wooden Save The Date magnet of two wine glasses with vines around the bottom

Whether you're a wine-loving couple or just want to create an atmosphere of celebration, there's no denying that this wine glass save the date magnet from Natural Gift Store is beautiful. Vine leaves and a gorgeous serif font make these the perfect choice for an elegant couple. 

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4. Save The Date Map Magnet - £2, Cute Maps

Four thin and colourful save the date maps on a fridge, decorated with unique icons and locations

The clue's in the name at Cute Maps - this save the date magnet is absolutely adorable. It's a great addition to any fridge thanks to the amazing bespoke designs, and a fab memento, especially for couples planning a dreamy destination wedding. If you haven't decided on a location yet, check out our guide to the best destination wedding locations in the world!

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5. Train Ticket Save The Date Magnet - Of Life & Lemons, £5

Save the date magnet designed like an english train ticket with couple name and wedding date

We love this cute train ticket inspired magnet save the date from Of Life & Lemons – after all, planning a wedding is a journey you embark on together, and marriage is the destination (too cheesy?). This is the perfect reminder for your guests that they need to keep this first class day free. 

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6. Rustic Save The Date Heart Magnet - Etsy, £0.70

Wooden heart shaped save the date magnet on a piece of paper with envelope

These heart-shaped wedding save the date magnets from Etsy are a great way to show your guests that love is the central theme - and at less than £1 - yes, you read that right, they won't break the bank either. The wooden finish is the perfect introduction to a rustic wedding and will look great on any fridge for years to come. 

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7. Classic Book Save The Date Magnet - Feel Good Invitations, £0.99

Blue save the date magnet designed like a vintage book with couple name, wedding date and quote from Jane Eyre

Calling all bookworms! If you love books just as much as you love each other, then why not introduce your ceremony with this book-inspired save the date magnet from Feel Good Invitations? These are especially perfect if you're taking the theme to a whole new level and tying the knot in a library wedding venue

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8. Green and Gold Save The Date Magnet - Vistaprint, £7.19 for 10

Classic design with black serif text, gold border and green and white mistletoe on white background

If you want to opt for a more traditional approach, Vistaprint have a range of more traditional save the date designs that can be made into save the date magnets in the UK. The gold border of this designs gives a sense of luxury, while the subtle mistletoe detail makes this ideal for a winter wedding. It's also the perfect colour palette for a botanical wedding theme

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9. Romantic Autumn Save The Date Magnet - Vistaprint, £7.19 for 10

Black and white drawing of the back of bride and groom sitting on a bench watching a tree lose it's leaves with names and wedding date

This Vistaprint save the date magnet design is for all the old souls and hopeless romantics out there. Here's a glimpse into married life, with a couple watching the seasons change while they remain beside each other. The leaves falling from the trees mean that this is an amazing seasonal introduction to an autumn wedding

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10. Ticket Wooden Save The Date Magnet - Design by Eleven, £1.85

Wooden save the date magnet designed like vintage theatre ticket with couple name, wedding date and location

This wooden ticket magnet from Design by Eleven is a stunning alternative save the date choice – ideal for film themed weddings. The fact it’s made from maple wood makes it hardwearing too – it’s likely to stay on the fridge for a long time, making it perfect for those planning a wedding a few years from now.

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11. Save The Date Bespoke Venue Illustration Magnet - Paper and Inc, £1

Black circular save the date magnet with hand drawn venue attached to a card reading 'put me on your fridge'

Take personalisation of your save the date magnet a step further with an incredible Paper and Inc design featuring a hand drawn image of your luxury wedding venue. Seeing this on the fridge every day is guaranteed to get your guests excited about your venue and your big day. It's also a great pick if you're planning on having illustrated wedding invitations - you could match them up perfectly!

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Can You Post Save the Date Magnets? 

Yes, you can send save the date magnets via post. When inserting them into an envelope, make sure that the magnetic side is facing the back so that guests are greeted with your custom design when they open their envelope. 

Be sure to test out a magnet in your envelopes before you mail them out. You may need to consider stronger paper to cover the magnetic side to avoid your envelope getting stuck to the side of letterboxes!

How to Make Your Own Save the Date Magnets?

If you fancy getting creative yourself, check out this handy tutorial below for advice on making your own save the date magnets:

Fancy checking out some other interesting save the date ideas? Have a look at these unique save the date ideas your guests will love