Have you been to a store to choose your wedding invitation and been asked what kind of inserts you want? You’ve also been hearing about the proper etiquette regarding assembling the enclosures and all such talk, which has left you confused as to what are inserts and enclosures.

Well! You’re not the only one. Most people think of a wedding invitation as the main invite for the wedding, little realizing that there are many different inserts that are typically included with wedding invitations. Here’s a brief look at the various types of wedding invitation enclosures (or inserts).

  • Reception Cards

    These are cards inviting people for your reception and mention the day, date, time, and venue of the reception. Such cards are usually used when the reception is at a different venue than the ceremony, and also if you want to invite someone to the ceremony but not the reception.

  • Reply or Response Cards

    These cards enable your guests to reply to the invitation received by them and give you a convenient account of how many people to expect at the wedding. Response cards are accompanied by an addressed envelope with a postage stamp affixed to it.

  • Accommodation Cards

    These cards are included in wedding invitations to out-of-town guests. They can either be cards informing the guests that accommodation has been arranged for them (for very close guests), or can list the name, numbers and other details of places to stay locally.

  • Within the Ribbon Cards

    Such enclosures are also known as Pew Cards and indicate the specific pew where you want special guests to be seated at the ceremony. If a particular area has been marked by ribbons for special guests, you need to enclose ‘within the ribbon’ cards so that ushers know where to seat such guests.

  • At Home Cards

    These cards let guests know when the married couple will return from their honeymoon and where their new residence is going to be.

  • Maps or Direction Cards

    Such types of inserts are once again used for out-of-town guests. It is either a map or specific directions to the ceremony and reception site, as a courtesy to the guests who are not likely to be familiar with the area

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