7 Things That Will Probably Go Wrong on Your Wedding Day

From boozy guests to social media fails, these are the things most likely to go wrong on your big day!


Couples can spend months and often years organising the perfect wedding day – with each detail thought out and planned to a tee – but no matter how prepared you are, there are certain aspects of the day that are bound to go awry.


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Here are the seven things most likely to go wrong at pretty much every wedding, but fear not – if these happen to you, you’ll be having far too much fun on the wedding day to even care!

1. Someone Will be Sick


Whether it’s you, your other half or any member if your bridal party, someone will get struck down with a nasty cough or cold (that will almost certainly erupt during the ‘lawful impediment’ bit) and there’s absolutely nothing that can be done about it.

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2. Children Will Play Up


It seemed like such a good idea for you to ask your adorable little niece to sprinkle rose petals down the aisle, but now little-miss-attitude is standing at the door of the church, screaming at the top of her lungs and shredding her flower crown into little pieces – not quite what you had in mind.

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3. You’ll Spot a Typo on the Invitations


It doesn’t matter how many times your proof-read those bad boys, they’ll be something wrong on the invite – just make sure it’s not the postcode that all your guests will be popping in their Sat Navs or the date – now that would be a disaster!

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4. Someone Will Have Too Much to Drink


For some people, a wedding is little more than an eight-hour drinking session (we know, how dare they!) so don’t be surprised if some of your guests get a little on the merry side. Prepare for lots of sweaty bear hugs with beer being slopped down your back – oh and tears, there’s always a few tears when wine is involved.

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5. People Will be Late


At least one of your guests will come strolling into your big day, mid-ceremony and mutter something about the traffic. “No one cares Uncle Jeff – just sit down already!”

6. The Weather Will Stress You Out


Wishing for sunshine? You can almost guarantee that heavens above have other plans – get ready for a great gust of wind to carry your veil far off into your venue’s grounds during your photos, and don’t forget the rain that will most definitely pay you a visit, too!

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7. Something Will Go Wrong With the Transport


Rented a vintage car to take you from your ceremony to your reception? Or maybe an awesome double decker bus to take all your guests? There’s a high probability you’ll end up stood on the side of the A34 and eventually arrive at your party in a VW Golf.

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Before you have a total breakdown, remember these things are all minor and you probably won’t even notice them on the day! If you’r feelnig overwhelmed, be sure to read our guide to managing wedding stress – it’ll really help…