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It is traditional at British weddings to hire a toastmaster to control and conduct your wedding day. A toastmaster can keep your day in order; from the arrival of your guests, to announcing the wedding breakfast, the speeches and more.

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Garry Smith - Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies
Garry Smith - Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies
Garry Smith is a professional, energetic, and friendly toastmaster based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Garry's toastmaster role in the modern age is quite different from that formal style which many couples imagine and he can be best described as a personal assistant, co-ordinator, gopher, ... Read more

About Toastmasters

If you plan on having a toastmaster present at your wedding, ensure that you’re happy with their style and presence before committing to putting down a deposit. Toastmasters vary in terms of the services they provide, so if you are considering hiring a toastmaster to help control and keep your wedding day running smoothly, make sure you’re fully aware of what they can provide in their package. A wedding toastmaster can relieve a lot of the stresses and pressures that you may be feeling during the lead up to your wedding day. By hiring a toastmaster should be able to relax a little bit more and enjoy the best day of your life without any worries.