The Wedding Shop Reveal The Top 10 Gift List Must-Haves

If you've wondered where to start with your gift list, our experts have the answer! These 10 amazing items deserve a top spot on your list


After months of seating plans and late RSVPS, choosing your gift list is the fun part of wedding planning!


Traditionally it’s a chance for you and your partner to build up your new home and get some gorgeous luxuries you wouldn’t normally splash out on.


But gift lists are evolving and there’s so many amazing options – from honeymoon funds to cool experience days and unique artwork – that you might not even know about.

We asked The Wedding Shop to reveal the top 10 gift list must-haves that your guests will love to give and will be a treat to receive.

1. One-of-a-Kind Artwork


Artwork is a great way to add some self-expression and personality into your home. Either choose a piece you have already fallen in love with or let the experts at our exclusive art partner Rise Art guide you through choosing the perfect work for you. There are endless options and something to suit all tastes – art really is the gift for everyone.

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2. Extraordinary Experiences


Add unforgettable experiences to your gift list so you can create memories that will last a lifetime. From luxurious spa days to adrenaline filled adventure days, do more of the things you love with experience days and trips from the wonderful Truly Experiences – exclusively available at The Wedding Shop.

3. Game-Changing Kitchen Gadgets


Even if you’re not the most accomplished in the kitchen, there is still a gadget out there that can help improve your skills or at least make your lives a little easier in the kitchen department. The state-of-the-art coffee machine, the multipurpose blender or just a new kettle that doesn’t leak; a kitchen gadget is not always something you would necessarily get around to buying yourselves, so why not fulfil your culinary desires via your gift list?

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4. Timeless Over Trendy


Don’t overlook the need for timeless gifts that can mark the start of your newly married life together and will help build the foundation for your future together. That large casserole dish that you currently don’t have space for will be a lifesaver when you host your first family Christmas. You won’t regret picking gifts that will stand the test of time and that you will cherish in years to come.

5. Toast-Worthy Glassware


Getting married is such an exciting time and there is lots of celebrating to be done with family and friends. Making sure you are well stocked on suitable glasses to propose a toast whenever people pop in is crucial. Regardless of your favourite tipple, treating yourself to a glassware upgrade is well worth it, ensuring your drinks are served in the glasses they deserve.

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6. Statement Style


Think big! Don’t feel that your list should just be limited to small ‘gift’ sized home accessories. Using the handy Group Gifting feature at The Wedding Shop means that it couldn’t be easier to add larger furniture pieces that your guests can contribute as much as they wish towards.

Accent chairs are the most ideal item as they are not specifically for one room, but can look great in any room of the house – perfect if you are yet to settle into your forever home.

7. Bright Ideas


A huge home trend right now is using different lighting styles to create the perfect atmosphere in any room. Why not put lamps in the spotlight on your gift list and transform your home with a real style statement?

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8. Everyday Luxuries


Your gift list is the perfect opportunity to upgrade and update those everyday essentials that may have been overlooked for a few years. Luxurious bedding and quality towels are not to be sniffed at and investing in quality everyday items makes each day of your married life together that little bit special.

9. Cash Contributions


Guests like to know they are contributing to something special and personal to you, so if you choose to add cash funds to your list, be specific. If you’re planning a trip of lifetime, why not add your personalised travel itinerary to your list? If you have been desperate to landscape your garden, but never had the spare cash to do it, your guests will love to see their money going towards something they know you are really going to benefit from.

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10. Gifts That Keep Giving


Looking for something a little different that goes beyond a one-off gift? The Wedding Shop’s range of weekly or monthly subscriptions are just the thing. From weekly fresh flowers delivered to your door or a selection of fine wines every month, find something that you can both enjoy over and over again.


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