The 35 Best 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Your Other Half Will Love

Whether you go for the traditional 10th wedding anniversary gift of tin or the modern alternative - diamonds - we have picked out the best gift ideas your other half or the happy couple will adore.

Happy tin years coffee tin

Happy tin years coffee tin

If you're celebrating 10 years of married life, then a big congratulations goes out to you! After a decade of marriage, you are sure to have been through some challenges and have some great memories. Despite knowing each other so well, it’s sometimes difficult to know what to buy each other for your 10-year wedding anniversary.

The traditional 10th wedding anniversary gift is tin. Tin has traditionally been used to store and preserve things, which is why it makes a great pick to honour a decade of love. Luckily, it’s also a fairly easy theme to get on board with; whether you want to pick up a little candle in a tin or buy a sentimental keepsake made from the metal, we have found some of the most inspired options.

If tin isn’t your thing, why not opt for diamond, which is the modern alternative for 10 years. Nobody could say no to a diamond, and these days the variety in diamond jewellery is expanding so much that you can buy all sorts of diamonds for different price points and in different sizes and cuts.

You're sure to find a perfect present for your other half or a special couple you know in our edit of the best 10th wedding anniversary gifts to buy now. 

Tin Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Keep things traditional for your 10th wedding anniversary by choosing a tin-inspired gift. Tin is both strong and flexible – two qualities that will be very important after 10 years of marriage.

1. 10-Year Anniversary Tin Print – £49, The Drifting Bear

Tin print in a photo frame

Celebrate 10 years of marriage by having one of your favourite wedding photographs printed onto aluminium by The Drifting Bear and framed, your other half will love the sentiment and it fits the tin theme perfectly.

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2. Metal Planters – £29.95, Letteroom

Soil mates tin plant pots

These metal planters from Letteroom would be a pretty addition to your garden or your home. If you and your partner are “soilmates” then this makes the ideal gift.

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3. Gold Tin Candle - £3.29, Hitched Shop

Gold tin candle with wreath and initial sticker

A tin gift doesn’t have to cost the earth, and a little candle in a tin can does the job just as well as a pricier option. There are a huge amount of personalised designs available, including this lovely wreath.

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4. Pirantin Tin Anniversary 10 Year Everlasting Rose - £24.99, Amazon

Tin rose

There’s nothing more romantic than a rose, and this one will never die, just like your love! It’s designed specifically for 10th anniversary presents and is made from 100% tin, meaning you’ll have fully committed to the theme.

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5. 10th Wedding Anniversary Tin Heart - £39.95, A Few Home Truths

Framed tin heart

This classy yet unique gift is the perfect mid-range choice that your partner will want to keep forever. The framed piece of tin will be engraved with your initials, giving it a special, personalised touch.

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6. Personalised 10 Reasons I Love You Heart Tin - £13, Oakdene Designs

10 wonderful reasons tin surrounded by hearts

We can’t think of a sweeter, more meaningful way to show your love after 10 years than with this cute little tin. Each of the 10 ‘reasons’ will be personalised and provided by you, and then printed onto delicate little hearts to be opened when appropriate.

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7. Personalised Metal Wallet Insert Card - £18, Metal Moments

Personalised metal tin wallet card

This is a gift that’s perfect for any time of the year or occasion, but it works well for the 10-year tin theme especially. Write out a heartfelt note to your loved one on this metal card, which they can carry with them day in, day out.

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8. Personalised Keyring - £12.99, Tally Mark

Tally tin keyring

An affordable, yet well thought out option, these keyrings can be personalised on the back with initials, dates or a little message. You can also pick one of many colours for the fabric bag it comes in.

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9. I Still Do Personalised Key Ring - from £12.99, Cool Key Rings

I still do personalised key ring

We also love this adorable I Still Do tin key ring that can be personalised with your wedding date. It's a lovely meaningful gift and will remind them of you every time they grab their keys. 

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10. Personalised Anniversary Coffee Tin Gift – £12, Novello

Happy tin years coffee tin

Does your other half love coffee and puns? Then this “Happy Tin Years” personalised coffee pot from Novello will be just perfect for them. If you’re feeling extra kind then you can also buy them a special coffee mug to go with it.

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11. 10th Wedding Anniversary Heart Tin – £31, Delightful Living

Personalised tin box

This personalised 10th wedding anniversary heart tin from Delightful Living will be the perfect place to hold all those special keepsakes. If you buy this tin for your other half then why not fill it with special things like a copy of your wedding invitations, photos of memorable moments and holidays together or tickets to places you have been?

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12. Personalised Tin 10th Wedding Anniversary Campfire Mug - £12.99, Pink Positive Shop

Personalised camping tin mug

Is your partner a fan of outdoor activities? Gift them this personalised tin mug, perfect for sipping hot drinks on their next trip away. It's lightweight and won't smash, making it ideal for camping couples. 

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13. Personalised Tin 10th Wedding Anniversary Print – £39, Alex Ebdon Art

Print of a bird standing on top of a tin

You don’t need to be quite so literal with your tin wedding anniversary gift – this print of a bird standing on top of a tin from Alex Ebdon Art would be a pretty way to celebrate your anniversary. You can even choose from a range of birds and personalise the print with your names.

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14. 10th Wedding Anniversary Baked Bean Tin Cufflinks - £15.95, Jolly Good Creations

Baked bin tin cufflinks

If you love the tin can idea, these baked bean tin cufflinks from Jolly Good Creations are so cute. They come in a luxury white or black box so they look a lot more expensive than they actually are.

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15. Special Dates Metal Print – £35, Delightful Living

Colourful tin anniversary print

This pretty metal print from Delightful Living can be personalised with all those special milestones – like the date you met, when you got engaged and your wedding anniversary. It’s a beautiful reminder to hang in your home – and means when those dates come around, you can have a mini celebration!

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16. Favourite Places Metal Road Sign - £24.95, Auntie Mims

Personalised tin road sign

If you've travelled the world together in the last 10 years, or perhaps if you've lived in several different spots, this tin favourite places metal road sign will mean you never forget those meaningful places. 

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17. 10th Anniversary Tin Family Ornament - £24.99, Amazon

Tin family ornament

Over the last decade, you might have formed a beautiful family with your other half. Get the children involved with this lovely ornament made from 100% pure tin and wood. 

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18. Soundwave Art – from £73.13, Artsy Voiceprint

Tin soundwave print

Whether it’s the soundwaves to a special song or to some meaningful words, this metal soundwave print will be a unique gift for your 10th wedding anniversary. Perhaps you could choose your first dance song or the music you walked down the aisle to?

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Diamond Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The modern alternative for your 10th wedding anniversary is diamonds – and we are more than happy with that! Diamonds are beautiful but also strong and resilient, what a perfect way to celebrate 10 years of marriage.

19. Zap Black Diamond Ring - £350, Zoe & Morgan

Black diamond lighting bolt ring

Forget tradition and opt for a black diamond if your partner doesn’t usually play by the rules. We love this quirky lightning bolt-shaped ring, which is stylish and insanely cool all in one.

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20. Sydney Evan 14ct Gold and Diamond Hummingbird Necklace - £650, the Alkemistry London

Gold and diamond hummingbird necklace

Hummingbirds are an ancient symbol of joy, happiness and good luck. What better way to celebrate a 10th wedding anniversary than to nod to this with the Alkemistry London's delicate diamond hummingbird necklace. They also have matching single earrings available. 

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21. Champagne Diamond Nest Structure Ring - £210, Alex Monroe

Gold diamond ring

Alex Monroe’s charming designs are so distinctive and unlike anything else in the jewellery world. The brand’s diamonds can be costly, but if you pick up a design such as this one, which features a smaller stone, you can pay much less and still obtain some sparkle.

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22. Micro Pavé Triangle Pushpin End - £245, BVLA

Triangle diamond earring stud

For the piercing fan partner, this little stud by BVLA can be worn anywhere in the ear, from the lobe to cartilage areas. It’s subtle, yet its triangular shape makes it a little different and great for those who wouldn’t usually wear a super traditional round or square stud.

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23. 14k Yellow Gold Love U Diamond Bracelet - £1,145, Alison Lou

Love U diamond bracelet

Inspired by the witty world of emojis, designer Alison Lou creates fun and playful pieces that you won't find anywhere else. This diamond bracelet will spell out exactly how you feel about your other half. 

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24. White Gold Double Arrow Diamond Stud - £595, Roxanne First

Claw diamond earring

Roxanne First is an exciting new diamond designer on the jewellery scene, and her stylish designs can be found all over Instagram. Pick up one of these studs for your cool, fashion-forward partner. It also comes in silver and yellow gold.

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25. 18k Rose Gold Chevron Diamond Ring - £495, Fenton

Rose gold and diamond ring

This fabulous design means you can fit your band around the centre stone of another ring or stack them next to each other. You can also request an engraving on the inside of the ring, which is so sweet when gifting for an anniversary. 

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26. 18ct Scalloped Diamond Single Hoop Earring - £275, Maria Tash

Maria Tash hoop earring

Everybody needs a Maria Tash earring in their life, and this rose gold diamond hoop with in 18ct gold is a great 10th anniversary present. It looks wonderful when stacked with other studs and huggies, or chic worn alone.

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27. Emmeline Antique Three Stone Diamond Ring - £2,670, The Vintage Ring Company

10th anniversary gift

Typically styled as an engagement ring, this vintage platinum band with three round brilliant cut diamonds would also work wonderfully as a 10th wedding anniversary gift, especially if you are planning a vow renewal. This ring dates back to the early to mid 20th century and the three stones symbolise the past, present, and future, making it a truly romantic gift to give.  

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28. Precious Diamond Studs - £79, Stellar 79

10th anniversary gifts

You truly can’t go wrong with these dainty, delicate earrings which will suit anyone. They’re made from sterling silver with an 18k gold vermeil, and feature a 1.5mm diamond in the centre to add a touch of sparkle.

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29. Crystal Trillion and Diamond Drop Earrings - £225, Theodora Warre

diamond earrings

These drop earrings prove that sometimes less really is more. Dangling from a gold-plated sterling silver hoop, the inlaid diamond detail is encased in a quartz crystal centre. We love the romantic and feminine style of these earrings. 

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30. White Gold and Diamond Pendant – £400, Goldsmiths

Diamond necklace

If you're looking for a diamond necklace that will be classic and timeless then this gorgeous white gold and diamond design from Goldsmiths is a beautiful choice. The multi stone design adds lots of extra sparkle (and for the more thrifty gift buyer – it’s far cheaper than buying a diamond necklace with one larger stone).

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31. Eclipse 18ct White Gold Diamond Eternity Ring – £1,500, Annoushka

Diamond eternity band

If you haven’t already bought your other half an eternity ring then now could be a perfect time. Celebrate 10 years of marriage with this gorgeous diamond eternity band from Annoushka. Prince William even bought one for Kate to mark the birth of Prince George, which she still wears alongside her sapphire engagement ring.

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32. Rough Diamond Single Stacking Ring – £72.75 each, Embers

Three stacking gold rough diamond rings

For a modern take on the traditional diamond ring, choose these diamond stacking rings from Embers. The rough cut diamonds and organic materials make this the perfect contemporary 10th wedding anniversary gift.

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33. Riva Diamond Hoop Ring – £150, Monica Vinader

Oval diamond ring

This gorgeous diamond ring from Monica Vinader is available in a rose gold, sterling silver or gold finish and the ring shape is influenced by the flowing shape of the Italian Riviera.

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34. Fine Gold Diamond Claw Stud Earrings - £375, Missoma

Gold diamond claw earrings

Add a contemporary spin on the classic solitaire stud earrings with these diamond claw earrings from Missoma. They feature a recycled 14ct solid yellow gold body and three natural white diamonds that are certified to ensure they are conflict-free. 

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35. Rose Gold Skinny Curve Necklace – £495, Monica Vinader

Rose gold and diamond necklace

This gorgeous rose gold and diamond necklace from Monica Vinader can be ordered with a diamond, blue diamond or champagne diamond and is the perfect understated piece of jewellery that can be worn every day.

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