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7th Wedding Anniversary: 27 Gift Ideas for Your Copper & Wool Anniversary

Copper or wool? That’s the choice if you’re looking for a traditional seventh wedding anniversary gift for your spouse – and we’ve got some truly gorgeous inspiration for you.

Personalised copper cufflinks

If you’re looking for a traditional 7 year anniversary gift idea that'll really wow your other half, you’ve come to the right place. 

The 7th year of marriage is often regarded as the hardest – apparently the ‘seven-year itch’ is a very real phenomenon for many – but you and your partner have made it there, and that’s an amazing reason to celebrate. 

Convention dictates that for your seven-year milestone, copper and wool are the most appropriate wedding anniversary presents; copper, because it represents prosperity, good luck and good fortune – all essential ingredients in any partnership – and wool for its connotations of comfort and security. 

Alternatively, the contemporary take on a 7 years wedding anniversary gift is a desk set (yes, you did read that correctly). And while we know it sounds a bit random, there are some genuinely lovely options that would make for a present they can really treasure, so don’t rule it out (stationery pun intended) as an option just yet.

Here are 27 suggestions for all budgets and personalities, but if you're in need of some speedy shopping, we've picked out the most popular products that you can shop now:

7 Year Anniversary Gifts Traditional and Modern

Copper Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Keep things traditional with your seven year wedding anniversary gift by giving a present made from copper. Copper is said to traditionally represent prosperity, good luck and good fortune and we think this is a lovely meaning for a traditional seven years anniversary gift.

1. The Velvetiser Copper Edition – £99.95, Hotel Chocolat

Copper edition of the Hotel Chocolat velvetiser

Is it just us, or is it serendipitous that Hotel Chocolat’s iconic Velvetiser hot chocolate maker comes in a copper edition? You can add 10 servings of hot chocolate in a range of flavours to get you started – if this isn’t the sweetest seventh wedding anniversary gift ever, we don’t know what is. 

We put the Velvetiser to the test and found it made frothy, delicious hot chocolate quickly and easily. All you have to do is pour your chosen sachet of chocolate flakes into the machine, along with milk, press the button and all the hard work is done for you. It makes for a really thoughtful present as it'll save the recipient money on buying fancy drinks from cafes as they can whip professional-style beverages up at home. 

Delivery Time: £3.95 for three to five days

Pros & Cons: We aren't the only ones to rate this gadget highly - it has over 1,500 five-star reviews, with one person describing it as a 'game-changer'. 

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2. Samuel Groves 4-Ply Copper Frying Pan – from £90, John Lewis

Copper pan with salmon and vegetables

If you’re the type of couple who spends hours in the kitchen together cooking up a storm, some quality pans should shoot straight to the top of your to-buy list. This copper pan from John Lewis is an investment you’ll use every single day and will look great on the hob while you’re whipping up an anniversary feast. 

Not only does the copper look super stylish, it has a practical use too - it conducts heat excellently and distributes heat for even cooking. 

Delivery Time: Free four weeks

Pros & Cons: This pan is available in three different sizes to meet all your needs. It will heat up to 170 degrees which is great for cooking, but be mindful when handling. 

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3. Copper Champagne Stopper – £6.39, Amazon

copper champagne stopper

The key to making this gift a success is obviously to present it with a special bottle – perhaps you can even track down the Champagne you sipped on your big day. When you’re in celebration mode, you might not find you actually need to use the stopper before it empties, but it’ll come in handy someday, we promise. 

One review states that, 'It's fairly slimline, so fits in the fridge easily too," plus, "It keeps the fizz in really well - a bottle of bubbly was as fizzy two days later as when I opened it."

Delivery Time: Free three days

Pros & Cons: Finished with a luxe copper colourway, your bottle of bubbly will look amazing even when the wine is 'on hold'. It's designed to fit most tops but we recommend checking before you buy the accompanying bottle. 

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4. Copper Rivet Distillery Dockyard Gin – £25.94, Amazon

Copper gin

The Copper Rivet Distillery is based in Kent and crafts its spirits through a unique handmade copper still, hence the (highly appropriate) name. A bottle of its dry, citrussy Dockyard Gin would made an appropriate gift for any G&T lover on such a special occasion – "It has a really complex flavour and the subtle scent is really enticing. I also very much like the bottle - looks nice on the counter," says one shopper.  

With hints of orange, lemon and elderflower, it's the ideal tipple to enjoy over ice with lemonade or soda on a warm summer evening. If you incorporated gin into your wedding cocktails, this one's for you. 

Delivery Time: Free three days

Pros & Cons: As the ingredients for this gin are sourced locally from Kentish fields before being distilled in Chatham, there is quality and consistency in every drop. If pink gin’s more their thing, there’s also a strawberry version.

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5. Copper Cu 100ml Fragrance – £32, Ted Baker

Black bottle of Ted Baker fragrance

Another clever twist on copper in the classic sense, Ted Baker’s zingy Cu fragrance is a great alternative to finding a present made of the metal itself. It’s an infectiously uplifting mix of grapefruit, bergamot, greenery and pepper, and comes in a sleek jacket that’ll take pride of place on any bathroom shelf. 

When we gave this fragrance a spritz we were initially hit with a peppery scent that was smooth and spicy. Throughout the day the citrus notes came through for a light and fresh fragrance. We find that a perfume makes for an excellent gift as it is not always something your partner would want to invest in so treating them to a luxury aftershave will be really appreciated. 

Delivery Time: £3.95 for three to five days

Pros & Cons: This scent works wonderfully for both the day and evening and is a sleek size for using on-the-go. 

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6. NARS Copper Voyageur Eyeshadow Palette – £28, Cult Beauty

Copper NARS eyeshadow palette

If your partner is an aspiring MUA (or just loves a touch of luxe in their make-up bag), make a beeline for the NARS copper collection. This quad contains a selection of shimmering copper, pale gold and brown shades which can be softly swiped on for everyday glam, or vamped up for a more intense evening look – like your anniversary date night, for example. 

"I really needed a smaller palette for travelling and I'm quite picky with eyeshadows - mainly because I'm rubbish at doing makeup so I need something that blends easily! This definitely delivers and I love the shades," says a reviewer. 

Delivery Time: £3.95 for two to three days

Pros & Cons: This eyeshadow palette is compact meaning it can easily be popped in a bag for on-the-go touch ups. The mix of matte and shimmer shades easily takes you from day to night without the need of using two separate products. The beauty of bronze tones is that they make any eye colour pop!

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7. Personalised Copper Cufflinks – £45, Gracie Collins

Personalised copper cufflinks

Minimal doesn’t have to mean boring, as these copper cufflinks prove. The elegant design will fit any style of shirt and give a subtle nod to the copper theme without feeling over-the-top. They can be personalised with your partner's initials and each design is handmade so will be completely unique to you. 

"Great anniversary present, unique and good quality." says one happy shopper. 

Delivery Time: Free five days

Pros & Cons: You can also buy these in bronze which would make a lovely 8th wedding anniversary gift - there's no such thing as planning too far in advance! 

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8. Copper Circle Print – £6.96, Etsy

Minimal Copper Circles Art Print

Artwork for your joint gallery wall? Always a good idea in our books – and we’re smitten with this contemporary marble and copper piece. This is a great last minute gift as it can be instantly downloaded - all you have to do is print at home, take the file to a printing shop or upload to an online printing service. 

Delivery Time: Instant download

Pros & Cons: This print doesn't come with a frame but that gives you the opportunity to go all out with the copper concept by adding a frame with a coordinating brushed metallic finish. 

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9. Copper Plant Mister – £12.96, Glenstocken Herb and Plant Co

Copper plant mister

Proud parents to plant babies will be thrilled with this mister, which is designed to give a hit of moisture to thirsty succulents, orchids and houseplants without overwhelming them. You could even give it to your recipient with a new plant for their collection – a literal, thoughtful translation of watching your love grow together. 

Delivery Time: Free five days

Pros & Cons: We love that you can keep this mister out on the side when not in use as it's so pretty! It may drip a little when filled with water so avoid leaving it on wooden surfaces where it could mark. 

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10. Sky Fish Stainless Steel Copper Wine Glasses – £42.99, Amazon

Copper decorative tumbler

Introducing the talking point for every dinner party the pair of you throw together from now on – how unusual and unique are these wine glasses? The intricate and authentic baroque engravings help make any home feel like a palace and you'll be hard pressed to find a design like this anywhere else.

One customer said, "I bought these for my wife as a anniversary gift. They are stunning, easy to clean and really are nice to hold and drink from."

Delivery Time: Free three days

Pros & Cons: They are made of stainless steel which is ultra-durable and shatterproof - ideal for using indoors or outdoors. 

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11. Bubbly Pop Scented Candle – £58, Jonathan Adler

Copper Jonathan Alder candle

The copper casing is just the start of why this candle makes a great anniversary gift; Jonathan Adler describes it as smelling like ‘New Year’s Eve, silk-satin sheets, a million bucks’, or in other words, just the thing to light to mark a major milestone.

The actual fragrance is a delicious mix of pink grapefruit, raspberry, cassis, violet and rose - perfect for those who love sweet and fruity fragrances. 

Delivery Time: £7.95 for seven to ten days

Pros & Cons: The candle formula is a soy and paraffin blend for a cleaner and stronger scent reach. It has a burn time of 40 hours but once it's burned down you can also reuse the jar as a vase or pot.  

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12. Tally Mark Keychain – from £12.99, Etsy

Copper tally chart engraved keychain

How romantic is this copper tally mark keychain from Etsy? It perfectly suits the copper theme and can be personalised with your initials and date to make it even more special. We love how adorable the old-school tally mark is and think it's ideal if you're looking for a subtle nod to your anniversary if your partner prefers pared back sentiments. 

"Such a great keychain! This was a gift a year ago and my husband liked it so much he asked for one to mark seven years this year!" explains one customer. 

Delivery Time: 90p for five days

Pros & Cons: This keyring is available as a matching pair so you can get yourself a gift at the same time. It may get a little scratched over time but that will only add to the rustic look and feel it already has.

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13. Industrial Copper Lamp – from £80, Etsy

Industrial style copper lamp

Add some industrial style to your home with this stylish copper lamp from Etsy. It will be a beautiful addition to your home and will look gorgeous sat on your bedside table or in your lounge as a constant reminder of your seven years together. 

You can choose to have the lamp included which we think is a great option as it means the recipient can use it straight away. 

Delivery Time: £5 for one to two weeks

Pros & Cons: Over time the natural oxidization of the copper will age the item to develop a more industrial and aged appearance but if you wish to maintain the bright copper style, regular polishing will keep it shiny. 

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14. Real Copper Photo Frame – £33.18, Etsy

Industrial style copper frame

If you are looking for a perfect accent piece for your industrial décor, this vintage-style copper frame is a must. The frame is hand-polished and sealed to prevent tarnish, plus it's double-sided so could display two photos. 

Twine is also included so that you can hang your photos from the frame in the most beautifully rustic way. 

Delivery Time: £24.56 for four to five days shipping

Pros & Cons: It can be disassembled for easy storage (and wrapping!) which does mean some light assembly is required but that won't take long.

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15. Personalised Copper Cocktail Shaker – £24, Hitched Shop

Copper cocktail shaker

This personalised copper cocktail shaker from the Hitched Shop is so pretty and can be used again and again as a reminder of your special anniversary. If you want to give this gift some extra sentimental meaning then include a bottle of your favourite tipple. 

If you're looking for something a little more unusual, it also comes in a playful pineapple design

Delivery Time: £19.95 for two weeks shipping

Pros & Cons: It can be engraved with their initial which is a really thoughtful touch. You might want to gift the matching glasses too so they can have the matching set. 

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16. Hand Painted Copper Dinosaur Planter – £22.50, Dingading Terrariums

Dinosaur shaped copper planters

What do you get the person who literally has everything? Copper dinosaur plant pots of course! These cute copper planters will be a completely unexpected gift and are a great talking point for your home.

There are different dinosaurs to pick from, from T-Rex to Stegosaurus. 

Delivery Time: Free four days

Pros & Cons: If your partner doesn't have a green thumb, there is the option to choose an air plant which need hardly any attention! Or, if gardening is their thing, consider choosing a money plant. 

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17. Personalised Silver and Copper Ring – £35, Songs of Ink and Steel

Silver and copper spinner ring

No matter what year of marriage you're celebrating, a piece of jewellery will always go down well. This ring has been given a traditional seven year wedding anniversary gift upgrade, featuring a central band that spins on a hammered sterling silver band. 

Spinning rings as often referred to as worry rings and have been used for centuries to relieve anxiety and calm the mind; their repetitive spinning motion is instantly relaxing. It's a thoughtful gift idea if your partner has been feeling stressed. 

Delivery Time: Free three weeks

Pros & Cons: This piece can be engraved with up to 30 characters on the inside and they can also use your own handwriting making it super sentimental. 

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Wool Anniversary Gifts

Said to represent the comfort and warmth you feel in your marriage after seven years together, a wool gift will be a cosy gift and you have plenty of ways to get creative.

18. Knit Your Own Giant Blanket – £115, Lauren Aston Designs

Coloured chunky knit blankets on a lilac table

We are obsessed with this chunky knit blanket kit. If you want to give your partner a gift you have put time and effort into then knit this DIY blanket yourself and give them the completed product.

If your knitting skills aren’t up to scratch and your other half is the creative one then gift them the DIY set so they can create something extra special. There's 30 colours to choose from, including candyfloss pink, aquamarine and mint, so you're bound to find their favourite in there. 

Delivery Time: Free ten days

Pros & Cons: One review says, "This product was a great find. The instructions were easy to follow and the colour as expected." It's suited even for beginner knitters! 

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19. Pretty Useful Circle Scarf – £25.95, Seasalt Cornwall 

Model wearing a blue wool scarf

Romantic country walks, rainy commutes, crisp autumn days – a good wool scarf will see them through it all. Seasalt’s Pretty Useful scarves are 90 per cent wool and 10 per cent silk, meaning that they’re lightweight enough to snuggle up in as the seasons rotate.

This was confirmed by a customer who said, "Love this scarf. It is light and easy to wear even on a warm day."

Delivery Time: £3.50 for three to five days

Pros & Cons: This vibrant blue will elevate any outfit without being too in your face. There are other colours available, however, should your partner prefer a more neutral shade. 

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20. Lambswool Turtleneck Jumper – £29.90, Uniqlo

Cream wool turtleneck jumper

It’s almost outrageous that most Uniqlo knitwear comes in at less than £30, as it feels much more expensive – this jumper, with a choice of dozens of shades, is womenswear, but they have a great selection for men as well.

Go the extra mile by folding your purchase neatly and popping it in a special presentation box. 

Delivery Time: £3.95 for three to five days

Sizing: XXS-XXL

Pros & Cons: This versatile piece is a great option if you're not too sure on your partner's clothing size - it doesn't matter if you go one size above or below what they would normally opt for as reviews state it has a boxy fit. 

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21. Nyborg Berber-Style Wool Rug – £300, La Redoute

Wool rug

A rug is a roll of the dice if you’re not sure of their interiors style, but if you know they’ve been lusting after Instagram’s Berber rug trend forever (and to be honest, that’s most of us), this gift will make their year.

Whether you roll it out in the bedroom, living room or any other space in your shared home, it’ll remind you of your anniversary every time you feel the fringing under your feet. Plus, it's available in three different sizes so can fit into multiple spaces. 

Delivery Time: Free seven to ten days

Pros & Cons: The fibrous wool is thick and soft under foot but it may pile during the first week of using - after this, the excess fibres can simply be removed with a vacuum.  

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22. Anniversary Wool Gift Set – £104, Atlantic Blankets

Wool blanket in a gift box with a bar of chocolate

Sometimes, if you're tight for time, a gift set can be a lifesaver. This wool gift set provides the perfect excuse to snuggle up for your anniversary as it includes a gorgeous herringbone weave wool blanket, and a caramel sea salt chocolate bar for you to tuck into. 

It's also beautifully presented in a gift box with a card, so that part has been done for you too! 

Delivery Time: Free two days

Pros & Cons: You won't be able to choose the colour of the blanket but it comes in a wonderful neutral shade of grey that will fit into all interiors. 

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23. Personalised Wool Anniversary Rose – £34, Little Foundry

Wool flowers in a glass vase

Flowers are a classic wedding anniversary gift and we adore this fun twist on the tradition. These handmade crotchet roses are adorable and unlike their fresh counterparts, will last a lifetime! You can pick from red, white, pink or grey blooms and they can be gift wrapped in a glass vase with a personalised wooden tag. 

Delivery Time: Free three days

Pros & Cons: If you wanted to nod to the copper anniversary theme too, their is a special edition cream rose with a copper thread weave. 

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Desk Set Anniversary Gifts

Stationery lovers rejoice! The modern seven year wedding anniversary gift is a desk set. If you have a serious stationery addict for a spouse then forget the copper and wool and gift them with a cute desk set.

24. Leather Mini Desk Set – £59, Ginger Rose

Leather desk set

This leather desk set from Ginger Rose is timeless and will be a stylish and sophisticated addition to any desk – even better it can be personalised so you can add a name or a romantic note for your loved one.

There are two different shades of brown to choose from and a number of fonts so you can get creative. 

Delivery Time: Free five days

Pros & Cons: It is crafted from high quality leather - as this is a natural material the colour and texture of each desk set may vary. 

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25. Wooden Desk Tidy – £24.95, MijMoj Design

Personalised wooden desk tidy

This wooden desk tidy is perfect for both desk bits and bobs as well as makeup brushes and nail files. Personalise with your partner’s name for an extra special touch - this is a great feature if they share a desk in an office and want to know which stationery is theirs. 

The contemporary design would also work for storing makeup brushes too! 

Delivery Time: Free five days

Pros & Cons: We love the Scandi-chic style of this desk tidy - it's modern and very on trend. 

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26. Daily Planner Desk Pad – £7.95, Martha Brook

Daily planner desk pad

Martha Brook stationery is up their with the best - their pieces are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional and affordable. If your partner loves to be organised (or, needs a little help in that department), this daily planner desk pad is perfect. It has a section on self-care, with tick boxes for water intake and a mood tracker, plus a schedule and priorities list.

"Cute idea to keep someone's working day on track - it's good quality pad and great to use," says one customer. 

Delivery Time: 95p for two days

Pros & Cons: You can add a luxury gold pen to your order. Together with the desk pad, it will look amazing on their desk even when not being used. 

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27. Personalised Desk Organiser – £27.50, Sophia Victoria Joy

Personalised wooden paper holder

If their desk is always scattered with post-it notes, lists and papers, this desk tidy will keep them all in one place. It's a simple yet effective design that can also be personalised with a special message or funny quote. Every time they look at it they'll be reminded of you and your anniversary. 

Delivery Time: Free two days

Pros & Cons: This is a practical gift but can easily be made sentimental by printing out your favourite photo of the two of you and popping it in the tidy before you gift. 

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What is the 7 Year Anniversary Gift?

After seven years married, the traditional anniversary gift given is copper to represent durability, love and protection.

"Copper is a really versatile theme so there are lots of options that you can go for when shopping for a traditional seven year wedding anniversary gift," says Zoe Burke, Editor of Hitched. "Home accessories, jewellery, makeup and kitchenware are popular choices."

You could also go down the more modern route by presenting a gift made from wool. Symbolic of warmth and comfort, if your wedding anniversary falls in the colder months, it's a great excuse to gift some cosy clothing or a blanket to snuggle up under. 

Prefer something practical? A desk set or organiser is a contemporary seven year wedding anniversary gift - they can often be personalised as well for a sentimental touch. 

If you are looking for romantic ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary then also don’t miss our favourite date night ideas