Is this your last Christmas before you get married? Or perhaps you’re newly engaged and super excited about it? Why not give your other half a Christmas card to reflect this? There are even cheeky, tongue-in-cheek options for those who have had to postpone their wedding this year and are therefore engaged for longer than planned.

Whatever your situation is, there are probably more fiancé and fiancée Christmas card options out there than you’d imagine; you don’t have to be married yet to start the niche, targeted card-giving!

We’ve rounded up the very best fiancé and fiancée Christmas cards to inspire you. From personalised designs to funny cards that’ll have you both giggling, they’ll become Christmas keepsakes you will treasure forever, even after the big day has come and gone.

NB: We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy life’s biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

1. Fiancé Christmas Card – £4.95, Rodo Creative


This dark teal and gold foil Christmas card includes an excited ‘eeek’ to show just how excited you are to be spending your first Christmas as an engaged couple. You can also choose to add a simple white envelope or a shimmering gold one.

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2. Yule Do – £3.50, Project Pretty


We love this card from Project Pretty that comes with its very own Christmas pun! This pretty pastel card comes blank inside so you can write your own romantic message and has a beautifully festive kraft envelope.

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3. No Biggie Darling… – £2.50, Paper Knots

Next year be married card

NBD but you’re getting married next year! Play it cool with this fun Christmas card from Paperknots, it’s a cute reminder of a special year you have coming up ahead of you.

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4. To My Fiancé at Christmas – £3.50, Mrs L Cards

Christmas card ideas

Keep things simple and cute with this button detail Christmas card that shows the two of you kissing under the mistletoe. The card is blank inside so you can write your own romantic message.

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5. Merry Christmas Fiancée – £2.90, Darwin Designs

Christmas cards

We love the simplicity of this monochrome card that comes with a brown kraft envelope – the mistletoe gives it a romantic finishing touch and you can write your own message inside.

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6. OMG Next Christmas… – £4.10, Amazon

OMG card

We love just how much excitement your other half will feel when they open this card that simply says “OMG Next Christmas I’ll Be Your Wife”.

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7. To My Fiancée Card – £3.50, Yellowstone Art Boutique

Watercolour christmas card

This pretty watercolour Christmas card shows someone in yellow wellies holding on to a Christmas tree and we think it is super cute. If you make a real event of going to get your tree each year then this will be a lovely nod to that time.

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8. Festive Flurry Christmas Card – £3.50, Allihopa

Mice card

This cute little Christmas card shows two happy mice holding their tails into a heart and comes with a thick kraft envelope. We love it!

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9. Happy Christmas to My Fabulous Fiance – £3.25, Momo and Boo

Christmas cards for your fiance

This festive fiancé card from Momo and Boo is perfect if you are looking for something elegant and simple. The card is dated with the year of your last Christmas as an unmarried couple to make it even more special.

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10. Christmas Poem Card – £2.94, Bitten Gifts


This cute card from Bitten Gifts is simple and has an adorable poem on the front. If you are feeling creative then you could even write your own poem inside as an extra surprise!

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11. Next Christmas I’ll Be Your Wife – £3.55, Here’s To Us


If you have classic and timeless taste, you’ll love this wreath themed Christmas card from Here’s To Us, which says ‘Next Christmas I’ll be your wife’. It’s the perfect choice for a traditional couple.

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12. Personalised Fiancé Christmas Book Card – £16.95, Claire Sowden Design


If the cards above are right up your street, what about the Christmas card book by Claire Sowden Design? It’s a great idea if you’re looking for something extra to add to your Christmas gift idea for your fiancé. You can fill it with the reasons why you love them and can’t wait to marry them – cute!

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13. With Love To My Fiancé – £2.65, Slice of Pie Designs

Christmas cards for your fiance

We love this card from Slice of Pie Designs – it captures the excitement of what’s to come and is customised with the date so you can always remember your first Christmas as an engaged couple.

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14. Your Last Christmas as Miss… – £3.96, Ruby Wren Cards


This personalised card from Ruby Wren Cards is ideal to give to your fiancée if you are getting married the following year. It’s also a cute idea if the maid of honour is looking for a Christmas card for her best friend and is really excited about the upcoming wedding – especially if the bride got you a gorgeous ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ card. You can also choose from a selection of colours, but we must say we’re fans of the festive red.

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15. Arrgh, Next Christmas I’ll Be Your Husband – £2.60, Slice of Pie Designs


Slice of Pie have perfectly summed up the sheer joy (and panic!) of realising you are getting married next year. We love this fun Christmas card and we’re sure your husband- or wife to-be will love it too.

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16. My Fantastic Fiancé – £3.20, Allihopa


If your fiancé is pretty fantastic then the festive season is probably the best time to remind them of it. This fun and colourful card from Allihopa comes blank inside so you can write your very own sentimental message.

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17. To the Best Fiancé Ever – £4.50, A is for Alphabet


We are big fans of Christmas cards in festive red and green and adore this colourful offering from A is for Alphabet. They’re definitely super eye-catching and will look amazing on your mantelpiece during the festive season.

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18. Next Christmas I’ll Be Your Wife – £2, Sarah Burns Prints


We love the elegance and simplicity of this Christmas card from Sarah Burns Prints. You can choose from a range of different messages, including ‘Next Christmas I’ll be your wife’, ‘Next Christmas I’ll be your husband’ and ‘Next Christmas we’ll be married’.

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19. Next Christmas We’ll Be Mr and Mr… – £4.50, Parsy Card Co


This illustrated card from Parsy Card Co is cute, fun and the perfect way to celebrate your last Christmas before you say ‘I do’. We love the cute little characters.

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20. Happy Christmas to the Most Amazing Fiancé – £3.82, A is for Alphabet


This vibrant red and green Christmas card from A is for Alphabet is so much fun and will be a colourful addition to your mantelpiece this Christmas.

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21. Merry Christmas My Deer – £3.50, Allihopa


If you love cards with a fun tongue-in-cheek style, you will love this cute deer themed card from Allihopa which is addressed to ‘my deer’. This retro style card is blank inside so you can fill it with your own special words.

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22. Woohoo! Next Christmas We’ll Be the New… – £3.95, Slice of Pie Designs

Woohoo christmas card

Are you just SO excited to be married? Then Slice of Pie’s ‘Woohoo! Next Christmas we’ll be the new…’ card can sum up your level of excitement perfectly!

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23. Merry Christmas Fiance Card - £3.19, Scribbler

This design by Claire Giles is perfect for letting your person know they are the only one you’re thinking of this festive season.

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24. Fiancé / Fiancée Felt Christmas Card - £7, Alphabet Bespoke Creations

A gorgeous textured felt design, this extra special card comes in a number of glittery shades, from festive red and green to party-friendly gold or silver.

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25. To My Fiancé Christmas Card - £3.50, Yellowstone Art Boutique

The lovely watercolour illustration on this card is charming and enough to make your partner smile. It shows a person peddling away with a Christmas tree on their bike. Adorable.

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26. Merry Christmas To My Favourite Fiance Card - £3, Parsy Card Co

Have a giggle with this cheeky design, which shows a little person with a Santa hat and tongue-in-cheek message. It also comes with a red envelope for an extra festive edge.

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27. Christmas Card for Fiance - £2.94, Creationary

Want to find a card with an extra special personalised edge? With this one you can add your loved one’s name, making it the perfect buy.

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28. Fiancé Christmas Card - £2.95, TwistStationary

Keep it simple with this sophisticated monochrome design, which has a pop of colour in the form of a super cute little heart.

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29. Last Christmas as my Fiance again - £3.99, Paperflore

Had to postpone your wedding this year due to the coronavirus pandemic? This appropriate card is an ideal buy for a touch of cheeky Christmas love.

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30. Fiance Christmas Card - £2.99, BittenGifts

We love this totally customisable card, which you can edit with personalised bullet points. Choose up to five different points, and personalise with your partner’s name.

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